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Found 26 results

  1. Johnster_Space_Program

    Mun Exploration Part 1 - Kurveyor 1

    So this is my first mission. It is also the first part in a series of parts that will be in a mission pack. In the first part of many in the munar exploration mission pack, your goal is to land the kurveyor 1 probe (currently in munar orbit) at a specific place on the mun. Good Luck! Download Links: Its a beginner skill mission, and its very easy. Post images of you doing the mission below! Part 2 is coming soon.
  2. Hello people of the internet! I have decided to do a set of 'stories' based upon missions I, or others have done. In here I will watch through every mission and provide the kind of communications you may hear between mission control and the crew on the ship. I'll try and make it as accurate as possible and hopefully add some pictures to show you the sort of thing that goes on. Let me know if its a good idea and check out some of my other posts too! Link to my first proposed scenario
  3. Drakenex

    Real Space: The Missions

    REAL SPACE: THE MISSIONS “The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space - each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision.” ― Randall Munroe Pop Chart Labs Join us, @DiscoSlelge, @HooHungLow and me in a journey trough the history of man's space exploration!! This is a series about real space exploration missions complemented with their history, objectives and details about the boosters who launched them. Missions from the past, present and future are planned, always trying to be accurate but without exhausting details, and also keeping stock-alike aesthetics. Guide: Chapter 1 LEO communications - the TDRS Network Mars and Phobos observation - Phobos 2 Operation Paperclip: The German Connection
  4. Hello, I have placed a lot of relay networks around the Kerbin system but I would like to move them all above my current missions in the tracking station instead of the sporadic placement of them in between my other missions (e.g. my space station). Is that possible?
  5. LushChicken

    Ideas for rockets

    I am having trouble thinking up rocket designs this thread is about giving design to the community and help people if they are stuck (like if they can’t get to a planet.) no real rules at this point in time but I will make some up in the near future. You can post wacky rockets or really cool planes, SSTO, really weird missions and stuff like that. Everyone is welcome. Be nice. If you what to tell a community if you made a mod you can post the link in the thread. Most importantly have fun
  6. LuciferZ25

    Kerbin Military expeditions

    Can someone help me spawn military vehicles controlled by AI in random locations so as to create a military campaign? The idea is to place military units like mission markers n u need to engage them there.
  7. Well I had been playing with BdAc for quite sometime and I thought if we could spawn military vehicles with their engines on ,we could simply have a military campaign. So can anyone help me here? PS. Don't be rude like steam. I've been an explorer for a 2yr now n now I wish military expeditions.
  8. Hey KSP fam, I posted this on the making history missions forum as a request, but seeing as this forum is meant for such things I thought I'd post this here. To cut a lot of re-posts (was collaborating with someone however he hasn't posted in a few weeks, and I don't have much time to create this on my own), I'll link to the original request on my own and on the following post I will link my contributions to the project. Original Thread:
  9. Finally after the landing of the Orion lander that's done by Bob , and Bill who also had big role , because he was in the main module in orbit . The team want's to go back home , but unfortunetly of course , Bill forgot something , not knowing what he forgot he heads home thinking that everything is okay until he encounters a catastrophic problem . Download I hope you enjoy the mission, and please if you have any feedback tell me.
  10. I have installed the new Making History expansion, but once I click on the Missions button, there are no missions to play. There were before though... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Jeb, The Lonely Kerbonaut

    Your hardest missions

    I want to know what was your hardest mission in KSP. An mission in that something not planned happened, and that have great chances of gone wrong, but in the end you managed to fulfill it sucessfully. My hardest mission was an probe that i sended to Eve, the Kernera 2. I not prepared the probe to make an aerocapture to orbit Eve, so i braked with an engine. I orbited Eve, but i wanted to low pretty much the orbit to get an safe athimospheric entry. But i overestimated the amount of fuel nedded, and i didn't have enough fuel to low my orbit. So i lowered my periapsis to below Eve's athimosphere, and started to aerobrake to low my orbit. But this operation was pretty long. I make at least 30 passages by the athimophere, and this number didn't was bigger because of 2 time warp bugs that lowered my apoapsis of 78.000 km to 20.000 km. And besides that, all the ablator of the heat shield of the probe gone during the entries, so i had to rotate desesperally the probe during the final entry, to dissipate the heat. But the final reentry was a sucess. The ship fulfilled his mission of land in one of the Eve's oceans (but very close to a island), and i gathered many science points with the entries. And you, what was you hardest mission in KSP?
  12. Having spent days now trying to get golds on the newly added missions, I am frustrated. I understand the mission logic, but obviously not the actual calculations. I dissect the mission initially in the builder, going through the nodes and taking note of the score additions and modifications and what I need to get those, and also what to avoid. I some cases I feel I have a 'perfect' run, however, when the finally tally comes it seems to make no sense compared to what it should. The final scoring needs to be MUCH CLEARER, especially with missed objectives that you thought you achieved. Can someone please tell me how to get the official answer? Because emailing support goes does no good. I wanted to start creating my own missions to finally recreate some of the classic challenges of the forums, but I am extremely discouraged.
  13. The Acapello 15 mission is neither completed nor failed if you splashdown on Kerbin instead of land on ground. If you finish the mission in water, the "splashed down" node does not lead to a "mission complete" or mission fail node. Instead it leads (for some reason) to a 5 minute timer node. At this point the player has no idea what's going on. There's no message, and if you recover vessel, the KSC is all disabled and nothing works. Either splashing down should be a fail or a success but it shouldn't leave the mission stuck in limbo.
  14. As I understand it, the new Mission Builder in Making History allows for making missions that require mods. I suggest making a sub-forum to the Making History Missions forum dedicated to missions that require mods. This way it would be easier to find missions suited for a vanilla game or a modded game to suit your install.
  15. See title. I was thinking it would be handy to have a subforum specifically for sharing missions, akin to the Spacecraft Exchange. Thoughts?
  16. Hello! I think it might be a great idea to introduce a different way of dispatching missions in KSP. What we've got now are a couple of missions that are dependable on our progress throughout the game and as soon as we lunch more difficult missions we are forced to travel great distances. Moreover it is hard to focus on one planet and then move to the other as missions available are requiring us to travel to many different places. For example we move to Duna and next missions will be about Eve etc. I think it would be great if we could have a seperations for missions; for example we can have 5 for Kerbin 5 for Mun 5 for Minimus 5 for Duna 5 for Gilly etc. you get the idea. I believe it could make our exploration more fun and also will leave us with possibility to go where we really want to and also will not leave us with some useless rocket or plane projects that were useful for Kerbin/Mun but we cannot use them because we have many missions focusing on other planets. I think having more missions that could be seperated to different tabs (just like the way or a similar way we have in Research and Development archieve) would be a much better way to distribute missions to players as I personally miss some trivial missions that I could find in the beginning and every time I want to do some of these I start a new career. Also as we discover new planets and get some science points and discover new parts I think it could be great to have an opportunity to use them on more trivial missions around Kerbin. So, what do you think?
  17. Spaceman17

    CST-100 missions

    well, welcome to my series of missions of the CST-100 pod: i will use that capsule to bring people and resources, to my space station, and for some more missions the first of all: CST-1, fuel deliver to the space station: launching the pod once in orbit going closer to the station docked, it looks like soyouz fuel transfering morning, let's get this back undock after burning to get home crossing upper atmosfere going to landing like russian progress, this pod is designed to smash in the ground, so don't worry about this i have seen crash site now, this succesfull mission goes to the landing /crash missions map the red spots are crashings, of cargo missions, and green spots, none right now, are landings. the yellow spots are the crashings of crew missions well, i hope you liked and if you want to see more, just say that you like, or give like, also everyone are able to give feedback, so i can perform it
  18. *Não Postei Isso nos Forums "KSP Fan Works" e "Mission Reports" pq eu Pouco Entendo Inglês o Progama Mimas e o Primeiro Progama da Agencia Federal AeroEspacial de Encélado (A.F.A.E.E) ,Orgão Perteçente ao Governo da Replúbica Democratica Federativa de Encélado o Progama Foi Iniciado Pela Missão Mimas I e o Objetivo e Chegar a Orbita de Kerbin e Preparar os Kerbals Para Uma Missão até a Mun e Talvez Até Outros Planetas,o Nome do Progama Vem do Nome da Lua de Saturno Com o Mesmo Nome (e Que Parece com a Estrela da Morte ) Lista das Missões do Progama Mimas Verde:Missões Sucedidas Vermelho:Missões Fracassadas Amarelo:Missões Prontas Pra Lançar Cinza:Missões Cançeladas Azul:Missões Futuras ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mimas I (Colidiu Com o Solo) [Relatorio:Falhas na Desaclopagem dos Estagios,e Paraquedas Destruido na Reentrada] Intregantes da Mimas I:Mariana Kerman(Criada Atravez do Mod Kustom Kerbals) Mimas II (Atrazada) [o KSP tava travando] Mimas II Mimas IV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bandeira de Encélado(Nome Também Baseado em Uma lua de Saturno) Fotos: Mimas I
  19. gamersvers

    what next?

    i have done plenty of successful mun missions and have had plenty of successful mun return missions I've even been to minmus multiple times but i dont know what to do now i know how to go between planets ( I landed on duna once and also sent a probe into eves orbit but never returned) and was just wondering where to go with the game next and any tips for landers and returning.
  20. A while back I turned down a couple of rescue missions, but now I find I need to increase my astronaut numbers, but I haven't had a rescue contract in ages. Is there any way to get the game to produce more reaches at Mission Control?
  21. I'm doing this contract to put a probe in to orbit, the orbit looks pretty much perfect to me ( i know the periapsis and apoapsis are a bit off , thats becasue i was trying to find the problem before my fuel ran out). It says the inclination should be 154.7 degrees in the contract but mechjeb says it is 25 degrees or so, and honestly i don't know what that really means. Do i need the probe to be going in the opposite direction or something?
  22. Hey all! I'm here creating this new thread because now that I finally have multiple missions running at the same time I feel like I need a place to link them all (for me and for you guys). So, here we go! The Call of The Void. This is the second part of The Beginning of a Space Program. It's hopefully going to continue where the last story left Kerbin off, and hopefully I will go to many different worlds with this one. Light it up-A trip to Laythe and Back. Light It Up was originally created when I wanted to do a practice mission to Laythe of deploying a station and landing on the surface in 1.1.3. I then thought: Heck! Let's make a video out of it. The music fit the video very well, I like that it's fast. I can safely say that this is my best one yet. The beginning of a space program. This mission report is about the development of a space program (originally called DMSP) from small probes to the future of space exploration. I try to update it as much as possible and I really do love writing it, I'm sticking with it for a while. It's so Classic-A trip around the Mün. Well, I made this video because a) I wanted to use the song Classic somewhere and b) I wanted a few views and a new video. I had no expectation that it would end up on Video Wednesdays. Messing with the Mun, Mucking with the Mun, and Taking on Tylo. Taking on Tylo is the real jewel out of these. Check it out. Old Stuff (plenty of stuff here).
  23. Download: Download from Spacedock Licence: Mission Based R&D is licenced under the MIT licence Description: This is the successor to my old little mod. The objective is to reduce the grind on career mode. I do this by nullifying the science points and making tech nodes ulockable by completing missions. Each node of the tech tree has a mission that unlocks it when you complete it. The missions themselves are simple, go somewhere and perform a certain experiment, the recovery method is specified in the mission. To balance this, the missions are organized in tiers (8 tiers), with each tier making you go further away from KSC and Kerbin. Some missions might be very difficult if not impossible without certain technologies (having completed other missions first), however I made sure that needed tech should be available when a mission shows up. Also it is possible to complete multiple missions in a single flight. Since missions were designed based on tiers you should try to complete all or most of the missions of a tier before doing the next one, although missions can become available as soon as the requisite tech has been unlocked. All the missions can be cancelled with little concequence, they will appear again. They can only be done once for obvious reasons. Unlike MBR&D1 there is no custom tech tree, so mods that add parts should be fully compatible, however any new science parts will be pretty much useless, you can still use them and read their reports if you like. Any mods that modify the tech tree are incompatible. New tech nodes will have pretty much no way of being unlocked. I might add support for CTT in the future. Maybe. Also, due to the workings of this mod scientists are pretty much useless, as their function (boost SP output) won't work. They can still reset materials bays and such, but that is not very useful now. Also the laboratory part has lost its function of generating SP, so it's useless now as well. Finally, there are sources of SP I just couldn't remove, so you will earn SP over time, however, since all tech nodes cost 9999 SP it shouldn't be possible to unlock them. So, if you're planning to play carrer without a modded tech tree and don't feel like grinding SP to progress you should try this mod. Required mods: Contract Configurator Module Manager
  24. Now that summer is upon us, and the end of school is nigh, I might be starting up my previously promised (If anybody saw that) STS style mission series, maybe(Depends on my schedule IRL). Just a set of mission reports detailing some as-accurate-as-I-can-get replica 80's and 90's Space Shuttle missions, as well as a few alt-universe ones. I might drop some craft files as well, if I get requests for them. You can follow along, or you can not, I'm just trying this out. It seems a shame for me to put a lot of time and effort into my stupidly detailed craft if only I get to see and use them. This may go somewhere and get popular it may not, I'll just try it and see if people like it. See you on launch day! A taste of what's to come. (STS-41B if you're wondering, and you probably aren't)
  25. KerbalCorgi

    Kerbal Freeplay: Missions

    Hello! This is my thread for my main KSP projects, and here, you'll find all sorts of KSP stuff. These are all my own creations, and I hope you enjoy! KerbalCorgi