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Found 1 result

  1. For a long time i've been trying to build a working SSTO. Once again i tried, not with much hope (if i couldn't build one out of Mk I parts why would i be able to build one out of Mk IV parts?). But i actually did succeed. The plane is going to be used to transport Kerbals and small pieces of cargo between Laythe and a ship thats gonna fly them out to my Jool spacestation. But since i've never been good at building spaceplanes, i've got a problem. If you drain the planes fuel completely its CoM will be in the back of the CoL, if you keep the two front parts filled, it'll still be in front, but that is not the purpose. I´m sure that most of my problem is all the engines in the back of the plane. I'm asking all the pro SSTO builders (Mark Thrimm looking at you) to help me, either by giving me suggestions about what to do, or even better if somebody would download the craft and then re build the wings and engines. The only that i dont want to change is the fuselage itself. (Please move this post if its posted in the wrong place) Thank you! Craft file: