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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I was looking through the rockets in the VAB, and when I stumbled upon the Kerbal X, it had the Mk1-2 command pod. However, the Mk1-2 is not in any of the tabs in the basic section. Is there a way to reactivate these parts? I want to use them for other projects, since the Mk1-3's IVA doesn't look very good in my opinion, and I want the old Mk1 command pod texture too.
  2. Hello! Got a problem today on fresh reinstall of KSP 1.1.3 (1289), which I was able to solve myself - but I think I must publish so that someone encountering it will spare himself the time. Symptoms: Parachutes refuse to work. Any parachutes. Attached to any capsule. Anywhere. Be it stock KerbalX, or MK1 dropped from height. The Aerodynamics overlay shows them not working at all. It became so crazy, that I designed a high altitude rocket-plane just to show how crazy the situation is. Here is a scenario to reproduce the problem, nothing extraordinary: 1) Installed KSP - did not start it yet! (important) 2) Installed Module Manager (2.6.25, current), Kerbal Engineer Redux (1.1.1, current) and Docking Port Alignment Indicator (6.4, current) 3) Started KSP I have tried to remove: - Unity3d settings directory in /home/ - physics.cfg and settings.cfg I have tried to restart the game and sandbox mode. I have played around with vsync on/off and physics settings. To no avail. Solution! 1) Remove the game completely 2) Install it again 3) Run KSP before adding any other mods 4) After at least one run - add the mods. Now the parachutes suddenly WORK. It looks like one of these three mods corrupts parachutes data or does something that leads to that - if KSP never run before.
  3. First post here on the forum, had a bug and couldn't lurk any more! I love KSP, I've been playing since .20. Any how, on to the bug. Windows 7 64 bit Hardware: Intel i5 @3.4 Ghz 8 GB Ram NVidia GTX 670 2 GB KSP V1.1.3.1289 (x64) In the MK1-2 capsule the windows are gray/blocked out. You can see a glimmer of the sky around the edges of the window as you look around but you can't see out. The MK1-2 capsule is the only one effected. I checked in 32 bit and 64 bit and it made no difference. I deleted local data through steam and re-downloaded. I tried in an un-modded install and modded, made no difference. What is going on here?
  4. Greetings! I would like to share my creations with you. My goal is to develop a multifunctional and cool rocket-system for 3 Kerbals. Therefore every model is based around the Mk1-2 Command Pod . The Ariane-5 is my favorite real-world vehicle and serves as template. The 2nd stage is powerful enough to transport my 3 Kerbals into a Minimus-Orbit and back......safely Till now i only changed the length of my 1st and 2nd stage fuel-tanks according to the extra payload. The whole production line of rockets has a main fuel-tank and fairing-diameter of 2,8 m. It may not be the most efficient design but i try to improve it with every new version. Mods: So here are 3 of my projects: [Mission KTV-A 001] first test of the KTV-system IVA flight rendezvous with abandoned KSS to test docking-systems searching for potato chips on the KSS [Mission KTV-D Minimus] first KTV-mission to another celestial body testing various tank-sizes doing "science" IVA FTW!!! [Mission KTV-F 1] building an Sentinel-5P replica tested new fully automated staging [SmartParts ;)] deployment of 2 low-orbit communication-satellites rendezvous with Kentinel-5 maintenance service on Kentinel-5 getting home Cheers! Jester