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Found 1 result

  1. KSP version making history 1.8.0 Breaking ground 1.3.0 Windows 10 Pro x64 1909 (OS BUILD 18363.418) Steam version System: MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RE i7 8750H 16Gb GTX 1060 6Gb i thought an issue i was having was due too a file corruption or something. but after running verify on ksp, the issue still is present. I am not running any mods, so that is ruled out as a cause as well. only addition to base KSP I have are the two DLC so what is the issue? well... using the mk.3 cockpit causes all lights not to come on/off when you try and toggle them with the interface or by pressing the 'o' key. also using the cockpit causes the whole craft to bounce up and down like it's doing a jig (dance). also when you look at the properties for the cockpit, the option where the option that should say toggle lights should be, it says say only toggle. the lights will also not come on for the cockpit. you can still manually toggle the lights for other parts (landing gear, spot lights, etc.) however. I checked the landing gear properties while the craft was 'dancing' and there was no weight stress being registered during the bouncing. also the bouncing disappears when the mk. 3 cockpit is removed from the craft. the light toggle buttons also work on other cockpits. This seems to be a major bug. I hope it gets fixed soon. images: logs:!AouWDY3RtbYPgfkOiRq4TifhBQ_BAw