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Found 1 result

  1. Time to seriously update my navy project by making an all new post that will hopefully be better than the old one that was kept barely together with rolls of duct-tape and WD-40. Kerbal Navy Shipyard Reloaded The KNS has been designing and building ships for over a year now. Our catalog has included, Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, and a whole host of other ships. Over that time we have taken a huge effort to try and come up with the most economical designs (reduced part-count) possible while still producing interesting and good to look at designs. We wanted to up our standards high and keep our catalogues a little more clear and clean, we also had a lot of our ship disabled due to unknown issues, we didn't want that broken stuff hanging around. EDIT: Tough they may be broken, some of the old designs where just too good to let go and not showcase here. Including our fully built designs, we have now started an initiative to promote other shipyards to design their own ships by using fully built hulls towed from our shipyards to their dry-docks so that they can be equipped with pretty-much whatever they can come-up with. Yes, now you can make your own ships using my tried and tested hulls that have all the necessary engines and action-groups all figured out. Basically, the KNS is an ongoing project to create an entire fleet of ships from the smallest gunboat to the largest aircraft-carriers and battleships. So far, the fleet is pretty complete, but there are still plenty of ship types to build, and plenty of eras from witch to build them. The range of ships in this project goes all the way from the "pre-dreadnaught era" to WWI, WWII, all the way to the most modern ships. The ships are mostly based on real life designs, or are mix-em-ups of real life ships, but they are almost never just straight-up replicas of them. Recently my aim was to bring the part-count's of ships as low as possible, but these days im trying to bring some extra detail back. I still try to keep part-counts relatively low to allow the ships to be used in naval battles without them turning into a lag-fest. A big plan that never came to be Some of you may be able to remember the little scenarios i made with my ships and aircraft...well, i had a plan that would have brought those to a whole new level. I have always loved playing all the different PvE scenario battles in WoWs, and i wanted to do something similar to that using the new mission-builder. There would have been a multitude of different scenarios, including: search and rescue, naval combat, convoy escort, patrol missions...that sort of thing, but unfortunately i found out pretty early on that the mission builder is a little too limited for that. I may still try to do something similar to that, but it will require some bit of movie magic. I actually already have an idea for a little search and rescue/escort mission that i may try to do, tough it will require some enemy ships/aircraft to be made first (most of my stuff i based on USN ships. It would be nice for the enemy ships to be IJN based). List of ships and aircraft A list of all the ships and aircraft currently added and their types to help you find them a little easier. Ships: (if a ship has the "OLD" tag it means it's from the old KNS post and is probably broken, so no download links.) Aircraft carrier K.S.S Midway (OLD) Aircraft carrier K.S.S Freedom (OLD) Aircraft carrier K.S.S Fogue (OLD) Sea-plane-tender K.S.S Fine island. Anti-Air cruiser K.S.S FlySwat Anti-Air Hydrofoil K.S.S Stingray Battleship K.S.S Fissouri Battleship K.S.S Fuko (OLD) Battleship K.S.S Bongo Cruiser K.S.S PepsiKola Cruiser K.S.S Avenger II (OLD) cruiser K.S.S Avenger (OLD) destroyer K.S.S Krucible (OLD) Destroyer K.S.S Klemson Frigate K.S.S Kilimanjaro Gunboat SeaShark (OLD) KSTRB class assault boat Medical ship K.S.S Von Kerman River class PT-boat (OLD) Submarine K-256 SeaWolf (OLD) Hovercraft KHC-85 (OLD) H.M.S Nelson replica K.S.S Nelson (OLD) U.S.S Indianapolis replica K.S.S Kerbopolis (OLD) IJN Kongo replica K.S.S Bongo II (OLD) Research ship S.S Blue Typhoon Aircraft: Carrier based fighter Fought F4U Corsair Carrier based fighter KF-101 Gladiator Carrier based fighter KF-18 Wasp Carrier based dive bomber KDB-2 Helldiver Carrier based torpedo bomber KTB-17 Avenger. Land based attacker KF-102 FireBird Land based AWACS Aircraft K-3 Sentry List of mods used in this project Note: All decals from all the crafts will be removed before release, so you don't need a mod for those. I use Nebula Decals to add them. Tutorials/instructions While i get the tutorial videos/missions figured out, here's some basic instructions: Getting to water: Big ships: The best way to get to water safely is to put the main engines and your right side turning engines to full, once you reach a speed of about 10m/s, turn your main engines off and just wait till the ship is off the runway, then it's just a matter of slowly crawling to the water. Small ships: For small ships that use control surfaces for turning, the procedure is pretty-much still the same, tough this time you have to go a bit faster to get some air around those rudders. REALLY IMPORTANT EDIT: To make going into the water a little easier, i have now started to "pre-rotate" my ships by grabbing the root-part and rotating the entire ship, so that then i only have to go forwards to end up in the water. However, it seems that this rotation of the ships seems to affect the length and width specs. Ship controls: Big ships: Action-group 1: main engines (forward). Action-Group 2: right side turning engines (turning left). Action-Group 3: left side turning engines (turning right). Small ships: For small ships, it should just be press space-bar and use WASD to control. Tips and tricks for carrier operations From when i started the KNS project, i have built 7 aircraft-carriers, and have gotten a good amount of experience on carrier operations. The first and the most unfortunate thing is elevators. Because of an issue with Infernal Robotics, all IR parts tend to "sink" a little everytime you go to the hangar and back for example. Because of this aircraft elevators in all of my carriers have an unfortunately short lifespan. Another unfortunate thing has to do with the flight decks. Small gaps tend to form into the flight decks of my carriers. For medium and up landing-gears they don't matter, but small landing-gears tend to fall into these gaps. If your small landing-gears fall into gaps in the flight decks or you find yourself in a situation that you cant turn around normally, just retract you gears, put one of your engines on reverse and voila (works for the twin-engined fighters i have), you can turn on the spot. Just make sure you don't put a single large drop-tank or something like that under your fuselage or it will become more difficult to turn. For single engined aircraft, turning on the spot is sometimes possible by first retracting all gears, then deploying one of the main gears, this should make the wingtip a pivot-point and the aircraft should turn when you apply a bit of power. Takeoff and landing on my carrier happens just like it does on the KSC runway, the only difference is length and width of the runway. Dry-dock The dry-dock is where we build our ships, it's also where we store the ready made hulls so that they can quickly be delivered to the correct customers. We also have warehouses full of naval guns of different types, rangefinders,AA-guns...and many other ship systems. NOTE: a lot of this stuff is from the ill-fated Königsberg replica, some are custom, and some are from my half-scaled ships, so don't expect a consistent scale. NOTE: Names for the hulls are not based on their size/scale, their named after the ships they came from. Also, all the hulls are crafts, not sub-assemblies. Download link for full ship-building package (includes every hull and sub-assembly): ship-building Naval guns (main, secondary and AA) Gun-control systems Aircraft handling equipment Misc stuff Hulls Design office The design office is where we design our own ships and eventually show them off to all our potential customers. Aircraft carriers Battleships Light/Heavy/AA-Cruisers (basically WW2 and before) Missile destroyers/cruisers/frigates (basically more modern ships) Submersibles Support-ships (cargo/transport ships, refuelling/munitions transport ships,medical ships) Small ships (gunboats, mine-layers, landing crafts) Destroyers (the torpedo launching ones, not the modern missile ships) 3 old WWII replicas *CLASSIFIED* Air-Arm As our Air-Arms aircraft' where later released with ships, it didn't make much sense anymore to keep it separate. Carrier aircraft AWACS/AEW aircraft Other ground based aircraft Helicopters And there it is for you, a nice little restart to the ever-growing navy project. I hope you enjoy it . Oh, and be sure to follow as a ton of stuff is going to be coming here, old and new.