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Found 1 result

  1. Im now resolute in making a full blown attempt at trying to update and maintain the Civilian population mod. The Primary issue being I have no formal knowledge of C# (although i have begun learning as of recent).I have no formal knowledge of the expansive KSP.API. Without your guy's help i'm probably going to meet some sort of wall. Regardless, im forced to piece together a puzzle by engineering missing pieces without formal knowledge of what pieces are missing in the first place. I have been using the resources provided by the community in order to aid myself in fixing this thing up, but i seem to be falling short in terms of where to go when it comes to debugging whats actually inhibiting the mod from working at 100%. I will continue to formulate where i can look, but as far as code is concerned i'm at a loss as to what may or may not be completely broken or functional, though with my current knowledge of C# i am able to read the code with some confidence. With my IDE's and proper references i can know that it at least will build the .DLL Successfully, its moreso a problem of will ksp read the code properly, as i have heard there is a lack of inherent debugging you can do in ksp. One thing i do know is that the original author's of the mod were setting up a GUI and have the ultimate framework in place for doing so, i cannot thank them enough for doing this as it gives me a firm foundation to continue growing a GUI from this and doesn't force me to reference other mods to find relevant classes to call from the API. though, it may be good for me to study the API in a little more depth to formulate a mental dictionary on where to find certain classes. If anything, help and guidance would just be the greatest. Every little bit counts as i'm sort of unorthodoxally approaching modding. Outline: Add Animated suspension in the small habitat so that way you can ferry Civs from one location to another without having to facilitate their resources, it will require 12,2 EC/s/4 Civs Replace life support handling with TacLS life support handling (because they use NASA's math on real consumption rates) Forcefully make kerbals grow over a period of time to facilitate population growth from low populations.(use "realistic" population growth functions, be it as simple as an exponential or a complex algorithm)(Recommendations welcome!) Balance mod to make more sense when using mods like interstellar and EL, which are complimentary in nature.(Recommendations welcome!) Balance mod to where larger objects are encouraged over smaller ones for habitation but larger objects increase dramatically in mass per tier. (small, Medium, large) Add Variable start location compatibility and realistic sol config as i plan for it to be based on distance. Current math kerbin = x, moon = x/10, Minmus = x/50, where x is CivilianDockGrowthRate. New math: CivilianDockGrowthRate/Megameter from starting body. Realistic sol will multiply the denominator by 10. Any Feedback i can get in terms of balancing is invaluable so keep it coming my way! Known Issues: Current Progress & End of day Reports: Special thanks: @DStaal @BetaguyGZT @JPLRepo Thanks for Stopping by! Stop by often for updates under Outline. Release Thread: [Here]