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Found 211 results

  1. Vulcan rocket Vulcan This is the next generation rocket from ULA Includes: Tanks for Centaur and ACES A main tank BE-4 first stage engine RL-10 second stage engine inflatable heatshield parafoil fairings interstages Pictures: Problems: Do not make the lower engine fairing the first part of the craft, I don't know why but the BE-4 won't be able to gimbal. Download: SpaceDock Curse License: All Rights Reserved Thanks to Snjo for the FireSpitter plugin (Texture Swapping) feedback is welcome and do not forget to report bugs.
  2. Download Here (1.3 is most recent update) EVE is bundled, but be sure to check EVE page for updates as i dont expect to update this more often then every few weeks. And for those of you that want to run this with OPM, check out the following (you may need to use V1.2 with that since 1.3 has massive changes and im not aware this pack was updated for 1.3): Banner will be updated in time, i have more pressing things to do right now (like add a few features i really really want to get in this mod). Pics: Features: *Minimalistic design and lack of scatterer requirement (feel free to run it alongside this mod if you like to, just isnt required for this to look good) allows this to run on potato computers. *All planets but Gilly and Bop have atmospheric scatter or glow effects rendered via EVE cloud layers. Colors are generally highly saturated to give a more sci-fi universe feel compared to the more white and washed out realistic style used in most other mods. *Kerbin, Duna, Eve, and Laythe have light volumetric clouds. They are a good balance between thickness and performance, should not cause any real lag. *Most airless bodies have fog/dust effects. Color choice is fairly varied, with some planets having highly colorful fog while others use a more greyish color. Duna has dust storms and Eeloo has blizzards. Particle density is kept to an absolute minimum to keep performance up. While i cannot speak for everyone, my mid range laptop is capable of handling this mod as well as 2 1000 part warships in low orbit around any planet. *Lite edition has no clouds and does not come with the respective textures (use this if you want more performance or prefer to not have clouds like stock scatterer would). Changelog: V-1.3 *Huge overhaul of Kerbin, Duna, and Laythe. Completely redone textures (cloud maps, detail textures, particle textures). Detail textures are vastly improved with 2 of em being 4096x4096 to allow a good variety of cloud styles within a single layer without creating obvious tiling issues. *Brand new particle sprites for all planets with a bit more focus on overall quality. *More varied particle maps which makes each planet have a different thickness and level of particle coverage, no more reusing the same detail textures for half the planets. *Many other alterations too minor to bother mentioning, try it out to find out. V-1.2 *New custom cloud maps in 4096x2048 (8192x4096 for Kerbin), unique to every planet. Styles vary from purely sci-fi to semi-realistic depending on the planet for variety's sake. *Three new higher resolution detail textures which are both high res and do not give tiling issues when viewed from far away. Currently textures are for cumulus, cirrus, and a sci-fi one. *Seven new particle textures. Three are for clouds, all of which are wispy in nature and optimized to look good with very low particle density. Four are for the surface effects which vary from some particulates floating around to full blown dust storms. *Few minor color adjustments to improve looks with the new cloud textures. V-1.1 *Improved detail textures. *Minor changes to atmosphere and glow colors. V-1.0 *Initial release. Planned: *Lava eruptions on hold until i can figure out how to mod EVE source code to actually support glowing volumetric particles (you can only make the 2d cloud layer glow sofar using "Minlight" but there is no such thing *Asteroid belt (no collisions sadly) around Dres and or bop. *Something for gilly (ideas are welcome, cant think of anything id like to do there right now). *Requests are welcome (although i may have to say no if it cant be physically done or will end up being a performance concern). Support: For suggestions and issues please post in this thread. I play tested this for 2 days, but there is always the possibility i missed something (or could change something for the better). Also, for all EVE related bugs or questions please go to the EVE thread and do not post here. I repeat, i will not be troubleshooting EVE itself on this thread, just stuff related to my effects pack. Check the readme in the files for credits and licensing information.
  3. Kerbal Science Innovation Creat 30/06/2017 This is a science mod which use the science of today and the science of the future, for the moment it is in Progress.(create by a french ) Version : 1.4.1 Change log : Download From Space dock Curse forge AtomicFountain (Caesium 133) Imgur : Atomic fountain(Caesium 133) Description : An atomic fountain is a cloud of atoms that is tossed upwards by lasers in the Earth's gravitational field. If it were visible, it would resemble the water in a fountain. While weightless in the toss, the atoms are measured to set the frequency of an atomic clock. Dark matter collector Imgur : Dark Matter Collector Description : This is a dark matter collector. Dark matter sensor Imgur : Dark matter sensor Description : Dark matter has never been directly observed; however its existence would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations. The name refers to the fact that it does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Although dark matter has not been directly observed, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects such as the motions of visible matter, gravitational lensing, its influence on the universe's large-scale structure, on galaxies, and its effects on the cosmic microwave background. Gravity waves sensor Imgur : Gravity waves sensor Description : This part detect the change of the gravity of a planet with the modulation of the gravity waves. Can only fonction in a polar orbit at 90% of the sphere of influence (Ex : for kerbin you need to be at 90% of her sphere of influence; 76 000 Km) and can fonction only around a planete and the sun (kerbol) 3 new part are in works Thanks to TheRagingIrishman artwhaley steedcrugeon Aelfhe1m for the plugin of the gravity waves sensor. Licence: Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 3.0 France.
  4. Fala galera tudo bom? Fiz um vídeo (gigante) explicando como instalar alguns dos mods mais famosos de visual no jogo e como configurar algumas coisas para que rode suave em alguns PCs mais fracos. Aqui está o link para o vídeo! Muito obrigado a quem der uma olhada.
  5. URL: FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  6. Hi guys! I'm NISSKEPCSIM, and I'm relatively new to modding, as I only started on the 9th of July - so the logical progression would be to start a large-scale Tantares expansion mod, right? Q & A: Q: What is "Notantares Space Industries?" A: "Notantares Space Industries" is a mod intended to expand upon the extremely diverse and popular mod Tantares (Much like CONTARES does), including spacecraft and/or rockets that are not included in the main mod (eg: The "Big Soyuz," etc.), as well as various other additions. It is designed to be completely independant from Tantares, so that those who aren't using it can still use the Notantares Space Industries series of mods. Notantares is designed to be released in a series of "mini-packs," much like SXT used to have its own mini-packs, so that those who only want a specific selection of parts can just download those parts. However, it is, most importantly, not Tantares! Q: Can you add X, Y, and Z into the game? A: Thanks for the suggestion! I'd love to expand the mod, but, for now, I'd like to focus on finishing the "Big Soyuz" parts. Q: Can you add IVAs? A: Currently, I have absolutely no experience with IVAs, so I'd prefer to finish the "Big Soyuz" parts first, fully modelled, textured, and imported into the game, and only then focus on IVAs after I've got most of the hard work done. Mini-packs: Big Soyuz "Big Khleb." DESCRIPTION: "Big Khleb" is an advanced crew transportation spacecraft capable of holding up to 6 kerbonauts, and is unlockable in the mid-to-late tech tree. It is designed to be able to support its crew for long-duration missions to space stations or to assist in lunar expeditions. It shall be designed with its own set of 0.9375m ungendered docking ports, so that those who do not use Tantares can still use the "Big Khleb." Whatever your needs, the "Big Khleb" can fulfil them! STATUS: [WIP] Not ready for release. CURRENTLY INCLUDES: N/A. DOWNLOAD: Unavailable. DEPENDENCIES: Modulemanager by @sarbian (Included). FUTURE PLANS: Adding the decoupler, heat shield, parachutes, docking ports, solar panels, IVAs, and a different version of the SM to replicate the "Zarya" spacecraft (In that order). LICENSE: GNU General Public License v3.0. CREDIT: Special thanks to @Beale and @passinglurker for allowing me to modify one of their texture sheets. ---------- BDB-Compatible Gemini Paraglider DESCRIPTION: This early-to-mid tech tree wonder is designed to be used with the Bluedog Design Bureau Gemini, but it has a degree of modularity that allows it to be used by any capsule. It can be deployed instead of a parachute, and allows a capsule to glide to down to a landing in a dried-up lake bed or a runway, like and aircraft! STATUS: 1.2.*, 1.3 compatible. CURRENTLY INCLUDES: YL-HG-MW Gemini Paraglider. DOWNLOAD: Grab it on Github. DEPENDENCIES: Modulemanager by @sarbian, RetractableLiftingSurface by @linuxgurugamer (Included). FUTURE PLANS: Adding landing gear, probably after the first build of the "Big Khleb" is released. LICENSE: GNU General Public License v3.0. CREDIT: Special thanks to @CobaltWolf for allowing me to use/modify one of his texture sheets. A special thanks to a host of modders who helped me to perfect the paraglider's aero, including but not limited to: @Pak, @steedcrugeon, @TheRagingIrishman, and @Angel-125. ATTACHMENT INSTRUCTIONS (IMPORTANT!) ---------- LV-T33 "Cormorant" Cryogenic Engine. DESCRIPTION: This little, 1.25 metre, cryogenic upper stage engine was the first part I ever made, and, though it looks ugly as hell and like a pre-0.18 engine part, I'm proud of it, so I've decided to put the download up here for everyone to use! STATUS: 1.2.*, 1.3 Compatible. STATS: Mass: 0.35t. Max thrust (ASL): 53.951 Kn. Max thrust (Vac): 79.0 Kn. ISP: 280 (ASL), 410 (Vac). Gimbal range: 1.25°. Lqd Hydrogen: 48.612/sec. Oxidizer: 3.241/sec. CURRENTLY INCLUDES: LV-T33 "Cormorant" Cryogenic Engine. DOWNLOAD: Grab it on Github. DEPENDENCIES: Community Resource Pack by @RoverDude, Modulemanager by @sarbian (Included). FUTURE PLANS: I have no plans for this; It is my first mod part, and I have no intention of expanding upon it. LICENSE: GNU General Public License v3.0.
  7. After tons of researching, Kerbal scientists finally invented some powerful nuclear bombs, but somehow they came up with an idea that is using them to go to space. Basically this challenge is just blasting yourself to the air. I accidentally got 2500m/s while playing with these bombs. So here is the rules: Challenge--> Go to space with a nuclear blast RULES 1. No cheating of course. Please submit at least an pic to imgur with descriptions below, or you can record an video if possible. 2. BDA is needed to complete the challenge. All the add-ons is allowed. (North Kerbin Weaponries etc.) 3. You must carry a bomb on your ship. You can do anything else to improve it. 4. Get to space (above 70000). You can have engines on the ship, but you need to detonate a bomb and ride on the shockwave first. 5. Carry at least 1 Kerbal. Send them back to home happy and alive. ADVANCE CHALLENGES 10 mach (3400m/s) - (blank) Get to orbit - (blank) Get to mun - (blank) Get to other planets - (blank) LEADERBOARD Highest speed - (blank) Highest attitude - (blank) Highest G force - (blank) Sorry for bad English. Not native.
  8. Full Image Gallery This is a stockalike parts mod that allows you to create Soviet rockets and spacecraft. The parts are made with the "Lego" frame of mind. They all go together to make a certain craft, but are flexible enough to be used in any other design. Thanks to @DiscoSlelge for the wonderful vectors. Old Tantares Old TantaresLV FAQ Q. Where are the IVAs? A. A great deal of time and effort required that I sadly do not have. Manned capsules will aim to have IVAs, but larger station parts will have to make-do with placeholders. Q. Why does the Soyuz seat only two? A. It was the case for a long time, but it now seats three! Q. Why are the rockets overpowered? A. They are balanced against stock parts, as to not be intentionally useless. See here for a better experience courtesy of @pap1723. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  9. After 1 year of stopped development... Welcome to the Development thread of Other_Worlds Reboot. Other_Worlds was a star and planet pack that started out 2 years ago as my first ever ksp mod. This time, with the knowledge that I've aquired through out the years, I'm going to redo this pack! Most of the stuff here is WIP, but I'll be posting images about the redone planets and other information. I'll sometimes be streaming on twitch in the process of creating the planets. Status: Heightmaps Status: 8/11 Colormaps Status: 9/12 Configuration Files Status: 0/13 Clouds Pack Status: 0/5 Scatterer Configuration Status: 0/5 Final Touches: ??? Overall Progress: 17/46 (36.96%) LATEST NEWS: > Prima are Secunda, the last bodies to be retextured, have been done. > Niko has been redone maintaining the old style. > Redid Crons. Situable to changes. > Created the texture for Nienna and rebooted Kevari (No more pizzas) > Redone Disole destroying the old style and creating a brand new one > Redone Pequar maintaining old style > Troni and Vassa have both recived a major overhaul when compared to their originals. WIP Images: Original Other_Worlds Forum Threads: Original Forum Thread [1.3] Revamped Clouds Thread [1.3, contains mod] Helping Pals: themaster402 - Cloud pack
  10. Hello everyone! Inspired by the XenonISRU mod, made by @Xyphos, I've decided to make a simple CFG file that adds the ability to make Xenon Gas, Solid Fuel and Ablator to all ISRU units in the game. The config file just steals the Monoprop making MODULE, and copies it a few times. In theory, it works with mods too (I've tested it with the Stockalike Mining Extension mod made by @SuicidalInsanity). Implementing other resources (Community Resource Pack) is a possibility for the future. License-wise, you are all free to do anything with it. Download here!
  11. [1.2.0] KSP KeepFit - A Kerbal In-mission Fitness Degradation and Gee Loading Addon TLDR; A plugin to track kerbal fitness levels and impact their G-tolerance as a result of spending years bunged up in tiny capsules. Summary of Features - All Kerbals have a fitness level - Each capsule has a defined 'activity level' defining the comfort, room, and built-in fitness capabilities for crew in flight. - All Kerbals are now subscribed to a regime of calistheni caliths ... workouts whilst not on missions to recover their fitness levels. - All Kerbals fitness levels go up or down based on their opportunities for exercise (not just active vessel). - In-flight display of Kerbals fitness levels and Gee loading - Kerbals in active vessel are affected by their current Gee loading - Separate tracking of short and longer term Gee loading (1 and 5 seconds, and 1 and 5 minute aggregates), with lower tolerances for longer term Gee overload - Fitness levels impact Gee tolerance - Visible warning if crew experience dangerous Gee loading - Excessive Gee May cause Untimely Death of crew! - Per save configuration settings - Enable or disable KeepFit without removing addon - Crew fitness levels, settings, and Gee data saved in main game persistence file - revert friendly! - 'WimpMode' to turn Fatal Gee into G-Loss of Consciousness (currently notification only). - Truly Ugly full roster view in Tracking Station and VAB/SPH - Uncounted undetected bugs! - Special extra bonus for using Habitat Pack, as Porkworks Centrifuge part is currently the only part configured by default to bestow EXERCISE on crew on missions How to add the KeepFit part module to your parts Whilst KeepFit makes a wild stab in the dark at choosing a reasonable fitness level to apply to crewed parts, you probably want to add your own configs for your favourite parts if you feel they shouldn't be assumed to be 'cramped' (by default all crewed parts are cramped, as per the Mercury quote 'You didn't so much get into it as wear it' (though dammit I can't find the original quote now). Using modulemanager scripts, you add the module which allows the activity level to be defined for a part, which then goes to affect how quickly your crew's fitness degrades. See below for an example. All you have to do is create a .cfg file, and replace the named parts in the example with the part name (from the part.cfg file, not its name in the parts list in the editor), and choose an activity level for strActivityLevel from the available :- CRAMPED COMFY NEUTRAL EXERCISING // slightly better @PART[mk2LanderCabin] { MODULE { name = KeepFitPartModule strActivityLevel = COMFY } } // even more palatable @PART[cupola] { MODULE { name = KeepFitPartModule strActivityLevel = NEUTRAL } } Download from :- - SpaceDock - GitHub Release Source and Legal Notices Source code on GitHub This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC . If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin . Changes : - Merged fixes for assembly loading/parsing, and additional configs from Kerbas-ad-astra - many thanks. - Rebuilt for KSP 1.2.0 - Many additional part configs courtesy of Kerbas-ad-astra. Many thanks. - Reworked config window for more sane value editing, and to allow editing of baseline Gee tolerance levels. - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1.3 - Didn't fix gender issue on Gee message - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1.2 - Release build - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1 release. - Fixed issue with old windows remaining after switching scene (may also have held onto other resources as a result!) - Debug build - extra logspam for debugging/error reporting uses. - Rebuilt and fixed up for KSP 1.1 prerelease. - Added configs for CrewTubes 1.25m airlock and 2.5m airlock stock parts (I can't even remember!) - contributed with thanks by Fraz! - Added configs for HGR, AIES, CX parts, kindly contributed by @Fraz86, @EvilMurk, @Kerbas-ad-astra - Fixed (again) dupe of OKS_Habring in config - Fixed window spam issue where multiple instances of windows would appear when clicking a button for a window which is already open. - Interopability between KeepFit and GeeEffects mod, courtesy of SerTheGreat, many thanks - Merged in blk2007 addition of missing KeepFit config for the Akademy. - Rebuilt against KSP 1.0.5 - Rebuilt on 1.0.4 and updated compatibility in version info - Removed applauncher detector code (for testing purposes, shouldn't have been released) - Recompiled for KSP 1.0.3 - Fixed bug causing CLS not to be properly detected, and exceptions thrown when using CLS support. - Added optional support for ConnectedLivingSpace - if CLS is installed, config can be set so that Kerbals are assumed to have access to the 'best' location for ActivityLevel in the space that is accessible to them according to CLS. - Switched applauncher icon to DDS. - Added activity level description to VAB/SPH parts browser - Added extra toggle to config - useBestPartOnVessel - if set to true KeepFit assumes Kerbals can go to the best location on the vessel to keepfit. - Fixed persistence bug which was resulting in vessels losing their components activity levels - Added excellent configs for 1.0 stock additions, NearFuture and Stockalike Station Parts contributed by @FRaz86. - Shortened the partmodule context menu label. - Included profession in crew roster ui.[/LIST] - Fixed Gee effects kerbal killer being enabled even when KeepFit has not been enabled for the game save! (I killed Jeb in *my own* career game!) - 1.0.2 Compatibility rebuild, no other changes. - 1.0.0 Compatibility rebuild - 0.90.0 Compatibility, added minimum landed gee (default 0.05g) for landed state to imply 'exercising' - other changes see github - MainWindow is no longer an exclusive appLauncher button, so it can be moved around and kept etc, and also hiding mainWindow via the appLauncher no longer hides all the child windows - Reworked UI to be almost nice, and confirmed major functionality working - Fixed lack of fitness updates whilst in spacecenter scene, changed spacecenter button behavior to show fitness roster window, de spammed the logging on the debug build somewhat, and tidied up the applaunch icon. - Added support for ksp-avc/mini-avc, and switched to a compatible versioning scheme 0.2-alpha - Updated to use ksp 0.25 for build, removed module manager from package, switched to using app launcher, otherwise just as broken as previously. 1.0.43 - Removed some unnecessary debug log-spam, and enabled plugin during tracking station + space center scenes, as well as flight, as time passing in these scenes has become 'real' in 0.23.5 1.0.43 - Many cycles of pain later, appveyor is partially working again, though dumping packages always into the same destination 1.0.33rc1 - Interim manual build due to build host plosion - removed debug infinite fuel bobbins, modulemanager dll, and toolbar from distribution zip 1.0.28 - Moved modulemanager dll to the correct place in the installation bundle 1.0.27 - Scrubbed up the roster window (VAB/SPH/Tracking Station) to use the same style as the in-flight display, made crew displays a togglable dropdown for space, and added an all vessels display to in-flight, plus fixed a save bug 1.0.26 - Fixed bug resulting in parts not picking up their specified activityLevel correctly 1.0.25 - Removed egregious 'helloworld' window from KeepFitPartModule in-flight UI 1.0.17 - 1.0.24 - Battled the beast that is AppVeyor ([URL][/URL]) to get automated build + package generation 1.0.11 - 1.0.16 - KeepFitPartModule now contains definition of activityLevel on attached part, vessel takes 'best' activity level among component parts - Landed vessels now take activityLevel to EXERCISING - In-flight UI inspired by/copied from (ish) Alternate Resource Panel. Now displays Gee loading breakdown + fitness of active vessel crew - Fixed it, broke it, fixed it (repeat x99)
  12. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - Clouds and City Lights EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (a.k.a. EVE) is a mod for KSP that adds clouds and city lights. It is highly configurable and a number of other mods provide improved clouds not just for the stock planets, but for other planets provided by other mods. The mod works on KSP 1.3 and KSP 1.2.2, and older versions are also available. This thread is a continuation of @rbray89's original EVE thread, so that we can continue updates and discussions while we await his return (at which point we can return to that thread). Installation The mod is distributed as two ZIP files, one small one which contains the plugin and shaders, and one large one which contains a sample configuration. If you are installing another mod which supplies EVE configurations, such as SVE, you should not install the sample configs. If you use CKAN, select EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements and then choose a config (if only one is available, that one will auto-select). If you are installing manually, download the latest ZIP files from and unpack them into your KSP directory. The zip files include the "GameData" directory and so this should merge with the same-named directory in your KSP installation, such that after installing, your KSP's GameData directory will contain the "Squad" directory shipped with the game, the "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" directory which you just installed, and, if you installed the sample configs, a BoulderCo directory. Configs for other mods are generally shipped in their own directories. It is strongly recommended that you use the 64-bit version of KSP when using EVE, especially with advanced configurations. Note that you will not necessarily see any clouds on Kerbin in the main menu. Load a game to check if you've successfully installed the mod. If you wish to install for KSP versions prior to KSP 1.2, see the original thread, but note that there is little support for old versions. Compatibility with other Mods EVE is compatible with most mods, but in particular it is tested to inter-operate well with these visual mods: Scatterer - makes atmospheres realistically "haze". PlanetShine - makes the glow from planets/moons produce ambient light. Stock Visual Terrain - make the terrain detail of the stock planets much better quality. There are also a number of excellent mods that provide advanced configurations beyond the sample ones shipped alongside EVE: Stock Visual Enhancements (SVE) - high quality visuals, recommended for higher-end systems. Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack - sleek but still beautiful visuals, even less CPU/GPU demanding than the basic configuration. Be sure to remove the sample configs (the "GameData/BoulderCo/" directory) if you manually install a mod that provides all its own configurations. If installing via CKAN, you will be prompted with what needs removing. If using the Real Solar System mod, you will need different configurations, such as: Real Solar System Visual Enhancements If using the Outer Planets Mods, you will probably want to add EVE for those too, such as: Pood's Outer Planets Mod Visual Overhaul Performance EVE runs fine on mid-range systems. See the alternative configurations above for different performance characteristics. The most expensive effect is currently the volumetric clouds. You can turn these off in the in-game configuration dialog, or by editing the configs with a text editor. Obviously the more cloud layers, the more costly are the effects. By default, only cloud layers within 10km of the camera can produce volumetric clouds. Configuration The sample configuration includes a single layer of clouds and city lights for Kerbin and cloud layers for other stock planets/moons as appropriate. You can modify the configuration in-game by pressing Alt-0 (zero), though be warned that this is an advanced feature. If you save broken configs you will need to re-install your chosen configs. There is no undo. Documentation for the config files is currently pending, but note that since EVE-1.2-1, the _MinLight option has been changed. It should be set to 0 (the default) unless you want clouds to glow on the night side (eg. auroras). Also note the relatively new "UVNoise" setting, which allows adding noise to the texture look-ups, either for large animated cloud effects (see Jool), or to mask pixelization in fine detail (see Kerbin). Pretty Pictures and Videos For now, see the original thread for slightly outdated pictures and videos. If you have ones you wish to display here, provided they are short and contain no revenue-generation, just ask. Contributing If you have code changes you would like to contribute to the core plugin or shaders, please submit a Pull Request on the GitHub project: If you have major config changes you would like to contribute, these are probably best supplied to users as an independent mod, in the same way as others listed above like SVE. If you want to contribute financially, please see the original thread for a link to the original author's donation page. The original author has done by far the largest effort in bringing this mod to you and the KSP community.
  13. About: I made several 4k skyboxes in space engine and wanted to share them. Click on each imgur link to see an album with more pictures of each skybox. [NEW] Crab Nebula Download: Spacedock Galactic Core: Download: Spacedock CurseForge Blue Nebula: Download: Spacedock CurseForge Dark Galaxy: Download: Spacedock CurseForge Installation: Download and install Texture Replacer Replaced v0.4 (for ksp 1.3). Download your desired skybox. Merge the gamedata folders. Enjoy! NOTE: If you use Distant Object Enhancement, it darkens the skybox by default. This can make some of the stars and nebulae less visible. It is a fantastic mod, but I recommend disabling the darken skybox option in the config file. That way you keep the bright skybox with all of distant object's great features. If you want to make your own skyboxes, I have a tutorial HERE. Thank you! License: All Rights Reserved.
  14. I'm trying to get to Mars in RSS/RO with an heavy ship , insipired by the Constellation program from NASA (2005-2009) and the only mod that gives the BNTR (Bimodal Nuclear Thermal Rocket) engines is way outdated and all the links are broken(mod name : Constellation Essentials).I luckily got the parts from Winged, but they are made for 1.1.3 and I'd like to use them in 1.2.2.The only part that works (1 out of 4 parts) is the engine mount for the BNTRs. I don't know much about modding/fixing ,so I gently ask someone that understands coding and Module Manager to help me.Thanks! Constellation Essentials parts here: Part demonstation:
  15. Launch Numbering is a very simple mod - with one job to do. Every time you launch a vehicle, the mod examines the name. If it's seen that name launch before, it appends a number on the end. So, if you launch the same vehicle 4 times, they should all be uniquely named. Downloadable from Spacedock Source on github MIT Licensed In game settings, you'll find options on whether we use Arabic or Roman numerals, and whether we show Bloc numbers (wherein we try to identify "variants" of the vessel, in terms of its structure, and show it as a different Bloc). Now that this is doing what I wanted, I'm open to suggestions for anything that others would like to be able to configure with it.
  16. Hello everyone, i don't like squads idea of batteries. The parts in the game called "batteries" actually behave like capacitors: unlimited re-/charge rates, and low EC storage capacity. My idea of a new mod: increase the available EC-storage per mass, and to keep the balance: a) limit the "fuel" flow rate (if that is possible) or b) convert EC to another type of "fuel" and thus enable some sort of re-/charge rate. I present: Real Battery Imgur album: With this mod you get a realistic battery behavior: Charge and discharge rates are limited (dependent on battery tech ie. Lead_Acid or Li_Ion...) and is displayed in the right click menu Charge rate degrades, if the battery comes close to full charge or becomes too hot/cold (see wiki for detailed behaviour); Heat behaviour is customizeable in the cfg file EC range of operation is configurable in RealBattery_mm.cfg file; What this means: Discharge RealBattery until EC is at xx% level, and recharge until EC reaches yy% level. defaults are 10% and 90%. Much higher EC per mass ratio than stock "batteries" Stock batteries are currently cloned and enhanced with the new behavior RealBattery uses Stored Charge (1SC = 3600EC) Fits perfectly in the realism suite of RO, RSS or RP-0. Compatible with Ven's stock revamp mod altering battery models Support for @Nertea's DynamicBatteryStorage DOWNLOAD and CKAN SOURCE WIKI Required Addons: Community resource pack (not provided) Module Manager (not provided) Todo: Balancing (done some with v1.1.5) Single use batteries (currently lead acid) DONE with v1.1.4 a nice model(currently using stock battery models) charging behavior dependend on soc DONE with v1.1.0 different classes of battery DONE: Li ION with 1.1.2 1.2 upgrade system (lead acid -> li ion -> future...) stock heat system (fast initial discharge, slowdown when getting too hot/cold) DONE with v1.1.1 load balancing algorithm DONE with v1.1.3 License: MIT
  17. Need More Rotors? Apart from Firespitter and KAX, I felt there wasn't enough rotarywing parts. This mod is my attempt to answer that. Introducing K.R.X. (Kerbal Rotor Expansion). DOWNLOAD From SpaceDock! Videos: Included in this release: Heron: coaxial rotor Sparrow: 3 blade rotor (left and right rotating versions) Osprey: 3 blade tilt-rotor style (left and right rotating versions) Seagull: 6 blade super heavy rotor Tail Rotors: 3 Blade, 6 Blade, and Fenestron Issues: Some tuning and balancing is still needed. Co-axial rotor (Heron) has a problem with one of the rotor switch/prop-blur, a limitation of firespitter. I'm working on a fix. Recommended Mods: Throttle Controlled Avionics: For single rotor use 'unbalanced thrust' on the main rotor and 'manual' on the tail rotor. For intermeshing, tandom, or quad, etc. configurations, use 'thrust'. Change Log: Version 0.31.1 Minor Update -Fixed Crash Tolerance on Fenestron tail rotor -Fixed Spelling Error on Osprey rotors -Increased torque compansation in Osprey rotors Version 0.31: -Added Fenestron tail rotor -Corrected the direction of the Osprey rotors -Increased the thrust of the Osprey rotors Version 0.30: Added 2 new tail rotors: -TR7 tail rotor to compliment the Sparrow main rotor. -TR24 tail rotor to compliment the Sea Gull main rotor. Added specially rigged gimbals to main rotors to emulate cyclic. Remodeled the Osprey rotors. Version 0.25: Initial release. Additional Credit: Snjo and RoverDude: for FireSpitter (*.dll Packaged with K.R.X.) Keptin: The sounds were made by Keptin (tweaked by me) and for much of the inspiration of this mod. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  18. Latest Release Spacedock Source Original mod by: @tgruetzm Continuation by: Angel-125 Snacks was originally published by tgruetzm in August of 2014. It offered a novel and lightweight solution to life support for those that didn't want the complexity of more sophisticated mods like TAC Life Support. Two years later, the game has advanced and while the original author appears to have moved on, it was time to give Snacks an update. Snacks Continued retains the simplicity of the original mod while adding new options. You can configure things like snacks consumed per meal, meals per day, enable/disable recycling, recycling efficiency, and various penalties for hungry kerbals including reputation loss, fines, and partial loss of vehicle control. You can even enable/disable random snacking if desired. Just like with the stock CommNet, the penalties won't brick your mission- or your save. And if you're new to Snacks Continued, please consult the KSPedia. KSPedia images License Source code: The MIT License (MIT) Snack Tin artwork by SQUAD/Porkjet: CC-BY-NC 3.0 Portions of this codebase are CC-BY-NC 3.0 and derived from Taranis Elsu's Window class. Module Manager by Sarbian Installation Delete any previous instances in GameData/Snacks Copy the files in the zip folder over to GameData/Snacks
  19. Oh hi there. This is the development forum for my pack I'm making, the Challenge Planet Pack. It includes so far: Nulleff: a super-tylo with no atmosphere and 2.6 gees of gravity. It also orbit 30% farther than Eeloo on a inclined and eccentric orbit. Good luck. Pebbles: a space pebble 3 km wide wide, with surface gravity 50% lower than gilly. Orbits Nulleff in a Polar Orbit, close in. Fun.... Hel: a molten world skimming above the sun with a lot of atmosphere. We're not sure why it's there or how it's atmosphere is staying. The size of dres. Ira: a Small, Young brown dwarf that is very hot. You will not reach the surface. either you will be crushed, melted, or krakened into oblivion. Inclined orbit, so much harder than jool. I might make Nullef it's Moon, and Pebbles another moon of it. Credits: @NickRoss120 Naming Nulleff and Pebbles their Appropriate Names. The Creators of Kopernicus for the Planet-Making Software! STAY tunned! Official Release Page:
  20. -NOT OPEN FOR REVEIWAL- I thought I would make a planet pack for KSP with Kopernicus. So, decided to start on it recently. This is just a thread to sort of act as a development log, and will be updating every time a new major change is made. Planets that will be added: Nibrek: An active world with dark terrain and lava. This planet is geologically active and orbits the sun in Kerbin's L3 point. Num: This moon is a very beautiful world orbiting Nibrek. It has rolling hills, huge mountains, wide oceans and a Kerbin-like atmosphere. Sumnim: A disgusting looking red moon orbiting in a distant inclined orbit around Nibrek. Very spikey terrain. This mod was inspired by Antichthon, a hypothetical planet thought up by the ancient Greeks that supposedly orbited on the exact opposite side of the Sun. Completion before first release: 90% Completion before being done having new stuff added: 24.4%
  21. Hey guys, can you help me? Since the introduction of Commnet in KSP 1.2 I am looking for a mod that lets me say to a probe: "Do this action (for example Retro-burn) in 30 minutes". This is because I often have the problem that I can't circularize my orbit because I am not connected to KSC because the planet is in my way. Are there any mods that let me do this?
  22. The Challenge Planet Pack(CCP) is A Kopernicus-Based Modification that adds a total of 4 New Objects(As of v 0.1). From the hottest oceans to the lowest gravity, CCP is sure to give some challenge! [more soon] Note: When Downloading V 0.2, download 0.1, run it once, and then replace the textures provided by 0.2. Download from Spacedock! Compatible mods : OptionalAtmosphere by @SamBelanger This mod adds atmospheres to planets and moons which don't have any. Check it out! Development Thread V
  23. This mod adds flames and smoke to certain parts' joint break event. At the moment, these parts include: -anything with "wing" in the name -anything with "fuselage" in the name -anything with fuel or oxidizer as resources. -engines. Download from GitHub Source License: CC0 Author: @BahamutoD Contributors: @jrodriguez @SpannerMonkey(smce) Video by Space Scumbag:
  24. AutoRove Mod for Kerbal Space Program A KSP Mod to give the Protodyne Rove Body the ability to move a landed vessel towards a target coordinate autonomously in the background. Right click on the Rove Body and activate AutoRove. The speed of the rover is the maximum speed the wheels can tolerate, scaled down for lower gravity worlds (but not up for higher). This mod is redistributing ModuleManager and Mini-AVC License: MIT Source: Bitbucket Download: * Bitbucket * Kerbalstuff * CKAN File Changelog: v. 1.0.3: - should now work if the Rove Body is not the root part - fixed a bug with rovers having a speed of 0 v. 1.0.2: - should now work if generators are attached - minor cosmetic changes v. 1.0.1: - AutoRove works now properly around the KSC - fixed the .version file v. 1.0.0: - initial release Known Issues: * does not track energy use for moving * only numeric input for target coordinates, no mouse over * does not move the active vessel, only unloaded vessels * no visual display for the target
  25. Help getting game crashed mistake while opening the game game crashed file link please help me