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  1. All Rights Reserved Tantares (For Kerbal SpaceProgram 1.12.X) Description Tantares is four mods! All of them standalone, and with minimal dependencies: Tantares: Soviet crewed spacecraft, space station, and LEO spacecraft *Requires B9PartSwitch TantaresLV: Soviet launch vehicles and upper stages *Requires B9PartSwitch TantaresSP: Soviet interplanetary probes *Requires B9PartSwitch TantaresSAF: Soviet Aerodynamic Fairings *Requires Simple Adjustable Fairings, B9PartSwitch The parts are made with the "LEGO" frame of mind - they fit together to make certain craft, but are flexible and generic enough to be used in many creative ways, just like vanilla KSP parts. If you're using TantaresSP, I highly recommend using one of my other mods, Neptune Camera, which adds camera functionality to probes. Screenshots TantaresLV Screenshots Tantares Screenshots TantaresSP Screenshots TantaresSAF Download Links You need B9 Part Switch for all Tantares mods. B9 Part Switch You can get Tantares on both GitHub, Spacedock, and CKAN. Craft files are included in Tantares and TantaresSP. Tantares - GitHub (Earth Orbit Spacecraft) TantaresLV - GitHub (Launch Vehicles and Upper Stages) TantaresSP - GitHub (Interplanetary Space Probes) TantaresSAF - GitHub (Simple Adjustable Fairings) Updating? Keep in mind that parts are sometimes deprecated (removed) when moving to newer versions of the mod. Though they will still load on existing crafts for at least one version after they are deprecated, they will not appear in the VAB and will not have textures. Frequently Asked Questions What's the situation with IVAs? Crewed capsules will get IVAs, unfortunately I just don't have the time to do IVAs for the large station parts. What's the balancing like? Parts are balanced against vanilla KSP parts to not be intentionally uselesss, this means the launch vehicles with accurate to RL proportions might seem pretty powerful, a Soyuz putting 14 tons into LKO, etc. Really the best solution for this is to use a 2.5x~ system rescale, JNSQ, or just enjoy the big payloads. I only want one thing, not the whole mod, can I prune it? Yes, when placed inside the GameData folder, open the Tantares (or other mod) folder, and within the parts subfolder, delete the spacecraft you don't want parts for. For example, if you don't want a Soyuz, delete the folder SOYUZ from Tantares/parts. Compatibility Tantares, TantaresLV, and TantaresSP have minimal dependences, but have patches to kOS compatibility. The parts in Tantares are balanced against the stock game parts. This might leave rockets feeling a bit overpowered in the vanilla KSP system. Playing in a rescaled solar system 2 to 3 times larger will make them feel much more true to real life. TantaresSAF requires Simple Adjustable Fairings. If you're using TantaresSP, one of my other mods, Neptune Camera, will add extra functionality to the camera parts. Recolours and Extras Special thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped out with this! Friznit's Tantares Wiki (Additional Craft Files) Roger's Methalox patch. Well's IVA patch. Credits and Thanks Thanks to everyone who has helped! Special thanks for: @Zorg - Waterfall Development @benjee10 Sokol Flight Suit SSVP Docking Port Male SSVP Docking Port Female Texturing and design assistance. @Well IVA Props Internal IVA design. Feedback and assistance. @Zarbon44 - 7K Soyuz texture, and beautiful screenshots! Thanks to the below for some great screenshots in usage: @EM23
  2. KASA Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Administration K-38 CRV [1.12.x][WIP] -This mod aims to add parts from the NASA concept and tested X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (CRV), that was proposed as a crew return vehicle from the ISS. This mod adds stock-alike X-38 parts with compatibility with several popular mods such as Habtech, SOCK, Knes, and others. This vehicle was designed to fulfill the role of an emergency crew return vehicle, supporting 7 kerbals on their journey back home. Huge thanks to @UCTech for their help with producing this mod with me! Image credit: @brickmack This mod will have Waterfall support planned for RCS and engines. The K-38 will be updated regularly, so check back often for updates.
  3. I'm adopting a collection of extensions to kOS that I've found useful and fun: kOS-StockCamera (Adopted from @hvacengi) Allows kOS to control the flight camera and map camera. Documentation: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-stockcamera#description Download: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-StockCamera/releases License: GPLv3 kOS-EVA (Adopted from @Ger_space) Allows kOS to control kerbals on EVA. Documentation: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-eva#kos-eva Download: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/kOS-EVA/releases NOTE: depends on harmony. License: MIT kOS-SCANSat (Adopted from @Ger_space) Allows kOS to interact with SCANSat. Now with anomaly detection! Documentation: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-scansat#kos-scansat Download: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/kOS-scansat/releases License: MIT kOS-Career (NEW!) Allows kOS to interact with career mode elements like contracts, building upgrades, and the tech tree. Documentation: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-career#kos-career Download: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/kOS-Career/releases License: GPLv3
  4. SSALAD Downloads Github More soon I promise Made by @Lil_Bread402 (currently) Dependencies B9 part switch Community Resource Pack Module Manager Simple Adjustable Fairings Bluedog Design Bureau Cryo Tanks Recommended mods Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit ORANGES Waterfall SSALAD is a ksp modding adding concepts from the SPS program. The Solar power satellite (SPS) program was a NASA program designed to create Satellites to power the Earth from solar power in Geostationary orbit. Currently this mod is aimed at creating the launch vehicles and crew vehicles envisioned within the concept. Currently the launch vehicles such as the Propane booster and JSC HLLV are available right now. Some more Pics Right now the mod is in active development so there may be issues with certain parts. if so any issues will be looked at.
  5. I recently downloaded KSC Extended but the ground around the KSC Extended buildings are pink or purple. Someone on the KSC Extended topic gave me the color patch, but where do I install it? Thanks
  6. [Devblog 1] [Devblog 2] [Devblog 3] [Devblog 4] [Devblog 5] **[]:** ## Fancy Fuel Tanks v0.1.4.3 Patch Notes ### Updates and Additions [DISABLED VFX] [VFX will return soon.tm] ### Enhancements and Optimizations **Texture Overhaul**: - Overhauled textures for SR813, CV411 and CV401. **Performance Improvement**: - Optimizing performance through more efficient update processes **Module Refactoring**: - Extensively refactored every class to better align with modern software design principles and to simplify the codebase. **Dynamic Module Identification**: - Overhauled the module to incorporate utilizing 3D Shader to handle the VFX. This takes the work off CPU and places it entirely on the GPU ### Bug Fixes - Resolved an issue where CV401 texture was not rendering properly -Reworked 4 textures (2 Medium Hydrogen Tanks, CV401, and CV421) - Disabled VFX ## Next Steps - Fully integrate Volumetric Vapor with Dynamic Environmental calculations - Continue to refine performance and enhance the visual appearance of VFX, aiming for seamless integration and realistic effects. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please feel free to contribute or open an issue on [GitHub](https://github.com/cvusmo/FFT). is available now on CKAN and github! Devnotes: I've never made 3D Textures before so I'm learning all of this as I'm modding. 3D textures are pretty complex for their shaders. Unfortunately there's not a guide on how to make 3D textures. I've looked and if anyone has any resources they know of that could help, that would be appreciated! For now, I wanted to update the quality of life. is going to focus on texture overhauls and adding a few more tanks. Once I have a fully functional, stable, and not-performance heavy VFX, I will let you all know. I will still update about it! The devblog #5 will be out Friday on Youtube! [Soon.tm] - VFX Overhaul - Update OAB pictures [WIP] - Clean up textures [WIP] - Improve VFX quality [WIP] - Improve Texture quality on Hydrogen Tanks (medium) [WIP] - Improve performance of VFX [WIP] Devblog #4 Below is a list of everything I've been working on for Fancy Fuel Tanks v0.1.4.1. It's been a lot of work and I'm really enjoying learning how to optimize and improve performance. Fancy Fancy Fuel Tanks v0.1.4.1 Pre-Patch Notes Here's the flight telemetry I've gathered from testing. I'll be using this data to fine tune the Dynamic Environmental VFX!
  7. “Within the darkest depths of the sea, we rise to the challenge of leaving our prison of a world.” Alienation promises to become what is possibly the first planet pack out there to take place on a hycean planet. The homeworld, Thalass, is a water world 10x the size of kerbin with 1.5x the gravity, making it a huge challenge to navigate and an even greater challenge to escape. This planet pack is currently early into development. Follow for updates. BETA DOWNLOAD: Alienation - V0.0.1 REQUIRES: Kopernicus, EVE, Scatterer, NiakoUtils [Click]
  8. With these specs icy very smooth .1g rings?(mabey) between eeloo and dres 1 inclination 0 eccentricity thin atmosphere no water no moons
  9. kOS Scriptable Autopilot System v1.4.0.0 for KSP 1.12.x (This is a continuation of the old thread about the kOS mod: ( 1.2.2 kOS scriptable autopilot system ).) kOS (Kerbal Operating System) is an autopilot you script yourself. kOS is to programming, what Kerbal Space Program itself is to rocket science. You don’t have to know what you’re doing to get started, but you may find yourself learning a lot by accident as you play with it. And if you already know a lot about programming, it will still be able to hold your interest. kOS is meant to scale with the skill level of the user. You can start off doing very small simple things with it, and get more and more into using its features as you go. Example: print "Launching". lock steering to heading(90,80). lock throttle to 1. stage. wait until altitude > 5000. lock steering to heading(90,60). wait until altitude > 15000. lock steering to heading(90,45). wait until altitude > 25000. lock steering to heading(90,30). until apoapsis > 80000 { print "apoapsis is " + round(apoapsis,0). wait 0. } lock throttle to 0. // ..etc... What it does kOS introduces a few new parts that each contain a simulated computer capable of running programs written in its own scripting langauge called kerboscript. The computer has powerful smarts built in to the hardware that allow it to do complex spacecraft operations in one command, thus making it possible to make complex programs with only a few lines of script text. The intent of kOS is to be a fully in-game item that lives inside the Kerbal’s universe. The program isn’t running on your own gaming computer, but rather it’s being run in a virtual machine that is simulated in the underlying Unity engine. History kOS was originally begun as a mod by a single author, Kevin Laity aka Nivekk. Although the project has undergone massive changes since then and now has a very different underlying archetecture and is under active development by a different set of people, none of that would have been possible without his original vision and work. Changelog Source Downloading: From Curse From SpaceDock Direct from the GitHub Project
  10. SORRY [0.4] - Added Sound, MK2 VTOL Engine & RCS Blocks Also added a new vacuum engine, reworked the plumes, fixed the dragcubes & the gridfins YOU'LL NEED LFO 0.2.0 or newer If you're having troubles installing the mod, try CKAN! Current Parts Gridfins! - from S to L they provide control on atmospheric flights! great to steer loooooooooooooong rockets! (Brakes to activate them) Nosecones with rcs ports(Tank/RCS) - they come in XS to XL, equiped with a big fuel tank and a smaller Monopropellant tank to use along side with its 4 RCS ports. Steer your rockets in space! Kheap-02 & Reiptor-12(Engines/Methalox) - Lifter engines meant to stick together and cause bigger explosions! High Thrust Low ISP perfect for lifter stages meant to come back safely! BLNKT(Structural) - cover your engines from the cold space! A set from M to XL of procedural engine covers, Any configuration you'd like!!! BUH-4(Engines/Methalox) - A High thrust engine based on BE-4! Reiptor-12 Vac & Kheap-0(Vacuum Engines/Methalox) - A very efficient engine for all your vaccum needs, doesnt work that well on atmosphere tho HexaBIGFly(Tanks/Methalox & Gridfin) - Teran inspired, set of gridfins and tanks with slots to make your crafts look sleek M-34 "Pursina" (MK2 VTOL Engine) - Vertical takeoff? AND LANDING? ON MK2? M-Puss "RcSass" (MK2 RCS Block) - It also includes a bit of fuel to make your plane extra heavy RC-5 (Heavy RCS Block) - 12.5/25kn thrust (ASL/Vac) for all your spacey needs =============================================================================== Links Github - Latest Release - Source Code Spacedock Spaceplane: Recovered SORRY: for the explosions... =============================================================================== Dependencies BepInEx (comes in SpaceWarp) SpaceWarp [1.1.1] LFO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommended LOABE Changelog Credits: Descriptions and part names: Dreamliner & Shorki License
  11. Docking Alignment Display Adds a new instrument providing necessary information to dock with precision! Download: SpaceDock | GitHub Installation: It is highly recommended to use CKAN (Download Here) to install Docking Alignment Display! Dependencies: SpaceWarp UITK for KSP 2 Manual Installation: Download the latest release of UITK for KSP 2 Drag the contents of UitkForKsp2's .zip file into your KSP2 directory, commonly located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2" Download the latest release of SpaceWarp Drag the contents of Space Warp's .zip file into your KSP2 directory, commonly located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2" Download the latest release of Docking Alignment Display Drag the contents of the mod's .zip file into your KSP2 directory, commonly located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2" Usage: Planned features: Basic docking informations: tangent offset, misalignment, basic metrics Relative rotation indicator Relative velocity indicator Setting to toggle between linear and log scale for the offset indicator Docking Mode indicator Simple selector for nearby docking ports to target Changelog: Links: Source code License: MIT
  12. I'm trying to add a new B9 part switch texture to a part, but it keeps running into a problem. The part is the OV-100B cockpit from SOCK, and when I added a new subtype to the cockpit texture, it broke the name types and they all appear together, and the new subtype doesn't appear. How do I fix this?
  13. Questaria Aerospace A general parts mod for KSP2 Downloads SpaceDock Dependencies SpaceWarp (v1.4.1 OR GREATER!!!) Lux's Flames and Ornaments Current Parts - Condor Engine (Medium sized lifter) - Parrot Engine (Medium sized lander engine) - Godwit Engine (Medium sized Nuclear thermal engine) - Skylight Cupola (Small cupola) - More to come! Special thanks to @LuxStice for helping me a ton while making this mod! *Plumes are modified from SORRY's plumes until plume editor is out* All Assets licensed under an All Rights Reserved License.
  14. KESA SOLAR PANELS ARE REMOVED AND NOW PROVIDED WITH KESA SOLAR MOD !!! Current parts CSP-CLUSTER : Curved solar panel (for CLUSTER probe) CLUSTER : Probe JUICE : Probe (can use DSPF-J1 with) EUCLID : Telescope (without science not active in KSP2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download https://spacedock.info/mod/3409/Kesa or CKAN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots https://imgur.com/gallery/LjSflsw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dependencies BepInEx Spacewarp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KSP2 Missions https://kesaspace.blogspot.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks KSP2 Modding Society (Lux:Stice, ShadowDev, Munix, ...) PassivePicasso : Thunderkit Spacewarp Team bbepis : BepInEx
  15. (Version: 0.2.3) - This mod is still a big work-in-progress Please post any balancing changes or bugs you find. It would help me a lot to improve this mod. About: This mod adds a unique FTL drive, called the Nexus Realm Explorer (NRE) Drive, which features two distinct modes. The drive is inspired by the Frame Shift Drive from Elite: Dangerous (yes, this is also a reference to NullReferenceException, these occured quite a lot during development) To use your NRE, you must first charge up the drive. The Charge Status is indicated by the progress bar on the top of your screen, which is shown when you start charging it. After that, you have two options: "Supercruise": Functions similar to an Alcubierre drive. Operates in speeds between 30 km/s and 2 c, only works in space and is affected by planet's gravity. Additionally, you can rendezvous with other vessels when in Supercruise (if you are within 300km of them). "Leaping": Allows you to jump to a celestial body (if it is massive enough), while expending a large amount of fuel. Media: Coming Soon™ Download/Source: Github Spacedock Now on CKAN Disclaimer: This is a continuation of a similar mod I stopped working on ~2 years ago. I finally got enough motivation to reboot it, and this new "Attempt" is much more polished, debugged and feature complete. That being said, the Mod is still not complete and still requires some balancing, it's own parts, FX and sounds. These will come in the near future. Credits: @Cyne for annoying motivating me to pick up this project again Changelog: License: All Rights Reserved
  16. URL: https://SpaceDock.info FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  17. Picture by @Vals_Aerospace Stockalike Angara and Post-Soviet spacecraft for KSP v1.1.0 (26 May 2021) This mod adds the Angara launch vehicle and it associated upper stages to the game. It will eventually include more rockets developed in the Post-Soviet era. It is meant to mesh well with Tantares, Bluedog Design Bureau, and other stockalike mods. Gallery DOWNLOADS Spacedock Github DEVELOPMENT BUG REPORTS WIKI ROADMAP Made by @EStreetRockets Support from B9PS and SAF provided by @blowfish (Un)official wiki maintained by @Friznit Special thanks to @PickledTripod, @CobaltWolf, @Beale, and @DylanSemrau, as well as many others who aided development. I am open to suggestions. Please feel free to (respectfully) let me know about stuff you think would make a good addition to the mod. Make sure check the roadmap before you ask. As of now, the scope of this mod is Russian spacecraft in the Post-Soviet era. Dependencies (included in download, check for latest versions!): B9 Part Switch (2.17.0) Community Resource Pack (1.4.2) Module Manager (4.1.4) Simple Adjustable Fairings (1.12.0) DeployableEngines (1.3.0) Installation: Merge the GameData folder in the release .ZIP with the GameData folder in your KSP installation. All of the dependencies come included with the mod. The "Eisenhower-Astronautics" folder, as well all dependencies, should appear alongside the "Squad" folder. Recommended Mods: Eisenhower Astronautics comes with support for the following mods: WaterfallFX - A cool way to create and drive engine effects more effectively. If you want cool engine plumes, get this mod. CryoTanks - This provides a set of patches provide fuel-switching features for the most basic LF/O tanks as well as orbital fuel tanks specially designed to contain cryogenic fuels. I recommend you use all of them for a complete experience. Frequently Asked Questions How are the parts balanced? Parts are balanced against stock KSP parts, which means the launch vehicles might seem overpowered. The parts are best suited for a 2.5x~ system rescale or JNSQ. Will you add feature/part xxx? I certainly accept pull requests. Please target all such things to the dev branch though! Or, you can make a constructive suggestion on the forum thread. Please check the roadmap above before asking. Licensing:
  18. Picture by @Zarbon44 Stockalike Astra Rocket 3.x v1.1.1 (26 May 2021) A Small Collaboration Between @Beale and @EStreetRockets This mod adds the Astra Rocket 3.x to the game in a stockalike style. It is meant to mesh well with Luciole, Bluedog Design Bureau, and other stockalike mods. Gallery DOWNLOADS Spacedock Github Bug Reports Support for SAF provided by @blowfish Dependencies (included in download, check for latest versions!): Simple Adjustable Fairings - used for hard fairings. DeployableEngines - provides small modules for engines. Installation Merge the GameData folder in the release .ZIP with the GameData folder in your KSP installation. All of the dependencies come included with the mod. The "EStreet_Rocket3x" folder, as well all dependencies, should appear alongside the "Squad" folder. Compatability Ziegler Launch System comes with support for WaterfallFX. You use it for a complete experience and better engine plumes. Frequently Asked Questions How are the parts balanced? Parts are balanced against stock KSP parts, which means the launch vehicles might seem overpowered. The parts are best suited for a 2.5x~ system rescale or JNSQ. Licensing:
  19. v1.1.0 (10 June 2022) Full Screenshot Gallery Currently the mod adds 12 different engines. You can read about the engines in the Wiki. You will notice that they run on a variety of fuels. These fuels provide advantages and disadvantages compared to stock Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer, having different efficiencies, thrust ranges and storage volumes. You can check out my roadmap of engines that potentially could be added. DOWNLOADS Spacedock Github Wiki Bug Reports Dependencies (included in download, check for latest versions!): ModuleManager (4.1.4) B9PartSwitch (2.17.0) Community Resource Pack (1.4.2) DeployableEngines (1.3.0) Installation: Merge the GameData folder in the release .ZIP with the GameData folder in your KSP installation, by placing the GameData folder in to the 'Kerbal Space Program' folder. All of the dependencies come included with the mod. The "RocketMotorMenagerie" folder, as well all dependencies, should appear alongside the "Squad" folder within 'Kerbal Space Program/GameData'. To install the Extras, place any or all of the subfolders within 'Extras' into 'Kerbal Space Program/GameData'. Recommended Mods: The following mods are strongly recommended for an enhanced gameplay experience: CryoTanks (1.6.0) - This provides a set of patches provide fuel-switching features for the most basic LF/O tanks as well as orbital fuel tanks specially designed to contain cryogenic fuels Waterfall (0.6.3) - A cool way to create and drive engine effects more effectively. If you want cool engine plumes, get this mod. Frequently Asked Questions How are the parts balanced? Parts are balanced against stock KSP parts, which means the launch vehicles might seem overpowered. The parts are best suited for a 2.5x~ system rescale or JNSQ. Will you add feature/part xxx? I certainly accept pull requests. Please target all such things to the dev branch though! Or, you can make a constructive suggestion on the forum thread. Please check the roadmap above before asking. Licensing
  20. [KSP 1.8.1-1.11.X] (V0.4.1) Interstellar Technologies [Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion Engine Powered Interstellar Spacecraft - Kepler] An Interstellar Propulsion System mod, made by Kepler- At long last, after months of hard work practicing modeling, and after finally unlocking the secrets to textures, The mod is finally released. This parts pack will be used to expand from the mod Kerbal Space Program Interstellar Extended. Those parts are extremely imbalanced with going around the stock system. The engines are made off the base of the KSPI-E engines' statistics, [DEPENDENCIES] All of the required mods for Interstellar Technologies to function properly is now in the main mod folder. Note that the KSPI-E folder is stripped of some of it's parts, due to complaints of complexity of KSPI-E. [RECOMMENDATIONS] Those are recommendations to download to play with the mod. They are NOT required. - Far Future Technologies - TUFX - MEV Heavy Industries - Galaxies Unbound - A Stellar Odyssey - Interstellar Extended (The whole pack in order to get all the parts) - Near Future Mods by Nertea - Singularity (For Galaxies Unbound) The parts pack will be updated quickly, releases will be *quick*. I will be available in the KSPI-E discord server and the Galaxies Unbound discord server, please @ Kepler (No spacing) to make suggestions for future changes. Special thanks to @Cyne for helping me with learning to texture models. [Some of the Parts include...] - Daedalus Inertial Confinement Fusion Drive (v.0.1.0) - Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion Drive (v.0.1.0) - Kugelblitz Drive (Black hole drive) (v.0.1.0) - Laser Core Antimatter Drive (v0.1.0) - Multi Mode Interstellar Afterburning fusion drive (v0.1.1) - Multi Mode SSTO Fusion Engine (v0.1.6) - TRIGA Core Static/Pulsed Trimodal Nuclear Thermal Rocket (0.1.7) - "Coaxial" SSTO Fusion Engine (0.1.7) And so much more as the mod updates! [SCREENSHOTS] [DOWNLOAD] Primary (SpaceDock): https://spacedock.info/mod/2674/Interstellar Technologies - A KSPI-E Expansion For Additional Bugfixes and all (Probably mostly for science mode and that) please contact me through Discord through the KSPI-E or the GU discord server. The mod uses the CC BY-NC-SA License.
  21. [Licensed with Mozilla Public License 2.0, more information in the License.md file] KerbalFunds: You just need that small amount of Funds/Science for upgrading/building/researching? You can get it easily now, using KerbalFunds! In the uploaded version, you can press L at the KSC to get the menu and press submit to close it. This video isn't the current version, the uploaded one can also add science points. Here is the spacedock page: https://spacedock.info/mod/3326/KerbalFunds Source code repository on GitHub: https://github.com/jdopss/KerbalFunds Changelog: 0.1: initial release 0.2: taskbar support button added, licensing
  22. Latest Release Spacedock Source Original mod by: @tgruetzm Continuation by: Angel-125 Snacks was originally published by tgruetzm in August of 2014. It offered a novel and lightweight solution to life support for those that didn't want the complexity of more sophisticated mods like TAC Life Support. This new version rebuilds the original code base in order to: Configure all sorts of options including snacks consumed per day, snacks per meal, and recycling rates. Days are calculated based on the homeworld's solar day, not the default 6/24 hours per day. Rescaled homeworld planets are supported! Provides a penalty system that won't brick your game. Run multithreaded simulations on your vessels to estimate how long your Snacks will last- ElectricCharge production & consumption are included! Maintain the lightweight feel while offering lots of customization. Want more challenge? Check out the addons in the LifeSupportResources folder: Air - Kerbals need Fresh Air to breathe in addition to Snacks to eat. They’ll faint and die without it! Your vessels are automatically equipped with a supply of Fresh Air, and you can make more from Oxidizer via the stock ISRU parts, or recycle Stale Air using the stock Hitchhiker. Stress - Cramped quarters can stress out kerbals and they’ll refuse to work! They aren’t tourists, they’ll just stop using their skills to help your mission. Other events cause Stress as well. Reduce Stress by hanging out in the stock Hitchhiker- but kerbals won’t have their skills available while they rest. Or make your own life support resource to track using the above config files as examples! If you're new to Snacks, please consult the KSPedia. KSPedia images License Source code: The MIT License (MIT) Snack Tin artwork by SQUAD/Porkjet: CC-BY-NC 3.0 Portions of this codebase are CC-BY-NC 3.0 and derived from Taranis Elsu's Window class. Module Manager by Sarbian Installation Delete any previous instances in GameData/Snacks Copy the files in the zip folder over to GameData/Snacks
  23. https://spacedock.info/mod/3377/Toggle Notifications#changelog https://github.com/cvusmo/Toggle-Notifications/releases/tag/v0.2.5 Report Issues/Bugs here; https://github.com/cvusmo/Toggle-Notifications/issues [0.2.5 Release Notes] Fixed game pause and it is now able to be re-enabled by the player Reorganized, restructured, and optimized backend Updated Harmony Transpilers to target only necessary notifications But this is what I've made so far and I'm really proud of it. It will get better!
  24. Arcana Sidera The Arcana Sidera star cluster is a small star cluster in the Scutum-Centaurus arm of the Kerbal Galaxy. Located directly in the shadow of the galactic core and orbiting at a distance of 229.81 lightyears, the cluster went unnoticed for millennia until the exploration of the Sagittarius A system, where it was located by one of the scientists on board the expedition. Long thought to be a single blue giant star, upon further observation the cluster was discovered to actually be three stars orbiting a blue giant star - The binary system Quatuor and Temporum, a red dwarf named Rubrum and another unidentified star orbiting very closely to the blue giant star, which has received the name of Phoenix. Upon discovery, a single unmanned craft was sent to the cluster for research, being able to map the systems and identify the main properties of each star and planet in the cluster. Originally, you were going to start in the Quatuor Temporum system, but the starting system has been switched to the Phoenix system and Phoenix has received a size change for gameplay purposes Current functional celestial bodies in the mod: Remember, more are coming soon, these are just the ones that I have functioning Most of my other planets are either massively unfinished or too glitched to show, so it will be ended here. Whenever a new planet gets a major facelift or becomes functional enough to show here, I will edit the post. (this was originally posted in KSP1 Mod Discussions, I moved it here since I realized it was in the wrong spot) This mod is NOT ready for release yet. I might find some people for playtesting but it is not currently ready to be released to the public.
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