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  1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Tantares (For Kerbal SpaceProgram 1.10.X) Description Tantares is three mods! All of them standalone, and with zero dependencies: Tantares: Soviet crewed spacecraft, space station, and LEO spacecraft. TantaresLV: Soviet launch vehicles and upper stages. TantaresSP: Soviet interplanetary probes. The parts are made with the "LEGO" frame of mind - they fit together to make certain craft, but are flexible and generic enough to be used in many cre
  2. Hooligan Labs Airships NEW GUI provided by JeffersonFlight Please Note this mod is now being kept as All Rights Reserved while I find a better Licence HL AIRSHIPS RISES FROM HER GRAVE!!! Brought back from the dead by the amazing @dunclaw and @SpannerMonkey(smce) for 1.1.2. I honestly can't thank them enough for bringing her back to life for me and everybody else that loved this mod so much! Updated to 1.9.1 by the WONDERFUL @Angel-125 Download: Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/638/Hooligan%20Labs%20Airships
  3. Planes With Purposes v1.4 Hello! This is my first mod, Planes with Purposes. The purpose of this mod is to make Aircraft useful. Big thanks to @inigma for making the mod that inspired this one! His mod: Link to GAP The mod is by no means finished or bug free, so please report any bugs encountered in the comments of this forum page, the Github issues thingy or my discord (Tudor#8762) Known bugs: There are no bugs because I'm the best (Anyone that says otherwise will be given an internship at the experimental rocket
  4. KSP Stockalike Hypergols A stockalike Kerbal Space Program mod to add another fuel mixture to the game for (very) partial realism. This is HEAVILY in Dev, more mod support will come soon! Until I accumulate enough support, this will remain in beta. FAQ: Q: It's not right! [x] doesn't burn AZ50/NTO! A: Shoo. Back to RO with you. Q: Does this need RealFuels? A: Nope. Q: How do I request compatibility for stuff? A: Raise an issue, ping me on the forums @Clamp-o-Tron, or make a pull request if you've done it yourself! There's a guide in the package if you want to do
  5. This pack provides realistic models of SpaceX's rockets and spacecraft, made for your Stock Kerbal Space Program installation. Crew Dragon Cargo Dragon 2 Starlink Satellite Falcon 9 with parts to make all of its versions: Block 5, Full Thrust, 1.1, 1.0 Falcon Heavy Falcon 1 Interplanetary Transport System [2016 version] ASDS Droneship "Just Read the Instructions" and "Of Course I Still Love You" Landing Zone 1 You will find all flown Merlin versions (M1Ci, M1C, M1CV, M1D, M1DV and its subsequent upgrades), Raptor and Kestrel, 22
  6. Hi Guys! I made a highly modified version of the Soundtrack Editor. It changes all soundtracks in KSP to Ost's from Stellaris! It's available on Spacedock and ckan!
  7. NOTE: the below addons have not been explicitly tested in KSP 1.11, but I'm pretty sure they should work just fine. If you have any issues, let me know! I'm adopting a collection of extensions to kOS that I've found useful and fun: kOS-StockCamera (Adopted from @hvacengi) Allows kOS to control the flight camera and map camera. Documentation: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-stockcamera#description Download: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-StockCamera/releases License: GPLv3 kOS-EVA (Adopted from @Ger_space) Allows kOS to control kerbals on EVA. Documen
  8. This post is under construction: FTL Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. FTF Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. Field Training Lab (FTL) Field Training Facility (FTF) DELETE OLD/EXISTING installations before installing new. Field Training Lab (FTL): Field Training Facility (FTF) : Continuation of Training Lab and Field Training Facility. Originally by @Efour, now continued by zer0Kerbal with support from the community. This mod provides a training system for your kerbalnauts.
  9. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod that adds weather to KSP. I am not talking about simple clouds from EVE, but more functional, essentially a continuation of Kerbal Weather Systems. If anyone knows of an up to date mod, please notify me.
  10. This is a stupid question, but can you use mods on ksp Xbox. Most forums say no, but the Xbox version still has a app launcher tab. I mean they completely reworked to game to make it xbox-compatible and wouldn't they remove it if it had no use?
  11. Asbury Western Stars Industries This mod aims to the Kistler K-1 reusable launch vehicle,as well as other NewSpace spacecraft. It will be balanced like other stockalike mods like BDB and Tantares, for a 2.5x solar system. WIP Images: My future plans for this mod include COTS proposals, Masten Xephyr, t/Space capsules, and XCOR piston rocket engines, as well as proposed K-1 upgrades and development. Development Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/K8hEbLjW/asbury-roadmap I am open to suggestions. Please feel free to (respectfully) let me know about stuff yo
  12. Eisenhower Astronautics This mod aims to add the Angara launch vehicle and it associated upper stages to the game. It will eventually include more modern Russian rockets not already in Tantares. It is meant to mesh well with Tantares and other stockalike mods. Angara A5: URM-1: URM-2: RD-0124: Angara Development Plans: Angara 3, Angara 5, Angara 7, URM-2V, RD-0150, RD-0146, KVTK (A-5) I will only include the upper stages specifically associated with Angara, so this won't have any Briz or Blok D upperstages. However, my Anga
  13. A splinter faction of the renowned Tantares Space Technologies company, started in the backyard of an ambitious defector, this foundling space agency is slowly growing to become a competitor with the big boys. Q & A: Q: What is "Notantares Space Industries?" A: "Notantares Space Industries" is a mod intended to expand upon the extremely diverse and popular mod Tantares (Much like CONTARES does), including spacecraft and/or rockets that are not included in the main mod (eg: The "Big Soyuz," etc.), as well as various other additions. It is designed to be completely independant
  14. Description This mod adds one small gas giant, the titular planet Helvica, and its moons to the space between the orbits of Duna and Dres. While it may not be as far from Kerbin as Jool or gas giants added by other mods, Helvica does have one trick up its sleeve: It orbits in a retrograde direction. Because of this, you will have to carefully plan your trip in order to get an encounter. It has a few other features as well, including large rings, three moons, one submoon, PlanetShine and DistantObjectEnhancement support, and multiple science biomes for each body. As for compatibility with
  15. As from 2018-0606 and under @jandcando agreement, I'm the New Management(TM) for Impossible Innovations. From now on, it's all my fault. In a Hurry: Releases: on GitHub on SpaceDock on CurseForge Old thread: on Forum. Project Yes, it works with KSP 1.10.0 (with Making History and Breaking Ground) Current Release: Install Instructions. Announce. Source: on GitHub ChangeLog: here. TODO list Introduction: Impossible Innovati
  16. Latest Release Spacedock Source Original mod by: @tgruetzm Continuation by: Angel-125 Snacks was originally published by tgruetzm in August of 2014. It offered a novel and lightweight solution to life support for those that didn't want the complexity of more sophisticated mods like TAC Life Support. This new version rebuilds the original code base in order to: Configure all sorts of options including snacks consumed per day, snacks per meal, and recycling rates. Days are calculated based on the homeworld's solar day, not the default 6/24 hours per day. Rescaled
  17. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - Clouds and City Lights EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (a.k.a. EVE) is a mod for KSP that adds clouds and city lights. It is highly configurable and a number of other mods provide improved clouds not just for the stock planets, but for other planets provided by other mods. The mod works on KSP 1.8, and older versions are also available. This thread is a continuation of @rbray89's original EVE thread, so that we can continue updates and discussions. Installation The mod is distributed as two ZIP files, one small one which contains
  18. URL: https://SpaceDock.info FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  19. ここは日本語対応を希望するMOD開発者と、その作業が出来る日本語スピーカーを結び付ける為のスレッドです。 様々なMODが多言語化の協力を必要としています。お互いに協力し合ってKSPのプレイの幅を広げていきましょう。 ※直訳ではなく、KSPの世界観を活かした日本語対応を目指しましょう。 MOD多言語対応のメインスレッド: 上のリンク先の 「Localization supported; translations needed - Links point to the primary assets in need of translating:」 にリストされたMODのうち「Japanese」と書いてあるMODが日本語対応を必要としています。 ローカリゼーションが必要な行数と単語数も記載されています。 作業手順: MODまたはMODの開発者の要望を確認します。 MODの開発スレッドに書き込んだり、もしくは開発者にDM(PM)して、日本語対応の作業を申し入れます。 このスレッドに、MODの名前と作業開始の報告をして下さい。その内容を私が下の例のように書き込みます。 メインスレッドのリンク先にあるGitHubもしくはテキストファイルから作業を開始します。GitH
  20. Download Here EVE is bundled, but be sure to check EVE page for updates as i will not be updating this mod often. Pics: (some may be outdated, will get updated as i get good screenies) Features: *Minimalistic design with focus on performance and full scatterer compatibility (not required to run mod, best to not use it when performance is an issue). *All planets but Gilly and Bop (geometric limitation) have atmospheric scatter or glow effects rendered via EVE cloud layers. Colors are generally hi
  21. Has anyone tried to do a mod for KSP featuring a rocket from one of the saddest episodes in Courage the Cowardly Dog, "Remembrance of Courage Past"?
  22. Pay to Play (or get ready for the consequences) Download from Github or via CKAN Tested on KSP 1.8.1, 1.9.0 and 1.10.0 Dependency - Module Manager Recommendation - KCT (14 Jul 2020) Compatible with: Kerbalism (kerbalism's engine reliability is removed) Procedural Parts (SRBs) EngineIgnitor (ignitions number is handled by P2P) ReStock+ (configs for engines) SETI-Rebalance and SETI-ProbeParts (configs for engines, including proc. HRB) Licence - MIT What is this? This is a brand new mod to mak
  23. So I installed KSC Extended, and it worked. Mostly. I've noticed things disappearing from the different launch sites. From the launchsites TCS05 to TCS19 there is meant to be a runway. Yet there isn't. I need help, it just is gone. Is it something related to my terrain settings? I've tried restarting the game. Any help appreciated!
  24. Dear Mod Makers, if you want to find a translator for your mod quickly - please just leave a message in English in >this< thread with instructions and feedback way. Thanks! KSP tiene ahora oficialmente compatibilidad con la localización de varios idiomas, por lo que nuestros modders están tratando de convertir sus trabajos en una versión multi-idioma. Este tema está diseñado para ayudar a la comunidad modder a completar más rápidamente la localización correspondiente, con el fin de permitir un mayor círculo cultural de jugadores que puedan obtener la versión nativa de cada país
  25. So I copied the rear_hover and hover cfg from the Lynx parts that are part of a rover mod into a new folder as new titled parts. Near the middle is "max thrust" and "thrust speed" and when I attempt to change the value to be higher; it will not reflect in game. I can change the scale to 0.25 as I wanted, can change the electric charge used, even the description; but the thrust will not change. There is no min thrust anywhere. Also in the cfg files the thrust says 80, but in game it is 100? And on the second engine it says 130\\80. Where can I actually change the value of thrust and
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