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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to all! I'm new to KSP forums and have been playing KSP for about 3 years. While my skills at navigating the Kerbin system remain subpar I recently found I have a pentiant for recreating Ground Vehicles from Warhammer 40k. That said I've been posting the craft files to KerbalX, showcase videos on YouTube and albums to Imgur. On Imgur I seem to get troll bombed with a couple down votes almost immediately with no explanation or suggestions as to why. I typically link KerbalX and YouTube in the Imgur albums...can anyone give me some media posting tips? I'm not looking to start an internet career, I just want to share my creations with other KSP fans. Is this the place to do it? My Imgur profile: KerbalX: Youtube:
  2. Now you can travel across the solar system in style, as the Epsilon rover is coming to your local spaceport! The Epsilon rover is a lightweight rover, designed to go anywhere in the solar system (Kerbol or not*)! It can withstand the searing hot temperatures of Venus, the frozen landscape of Triton, or anywhere else you can think of! The Epsilon rover comes with two high gain antennae, one radioisotope thermoelectric generator, many cameras, and a few basic scientific instruments. Not to mention, it has been outfitted with all sorts of safety gear! It has four radiators for high-heat environments, six wheels for any accidents, and three batteries, just in case the generator gets damaged. Have you been sold on this marvelous rover yet? If so, there is a download link below! Instructions: First, click the link below to download the craft. Second, open up your KSP folder! Then, open saves, and open which save you'd like to have the craft in. Place it in the VAB folder, and you're set! However, this is a modded vehicle. You will require Hullcam VDS in order for it to work. And if you're looking for a little fun, you can download the Kerbin-scale version of RSS and have some fun adventures in our very own solar system! So get on out there, and have fun! Download here! Here's a promo video as well. Note: There are action groups for this! 1 is to activate the antennae, and 1-6 activates different cameras! P.S. Some of the camera angles are a tad odd, sorry for that! I just wanted to make it look nice, even if it was a bit odd. There's only one that is odd, thankfully! *I use the Kerbin-scale version of RSS, so if you're planning on putting it in the real version, I doubt it'd work! Sorry!