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Found 152 results

  1. To satisfy their unceasing desire to launch themselves into the void of space on top questionable rockets, the kerbals rushed to form a space program. But in their haste to get started on this great endeavour, they forgot* to give it a name. Thus, it became known only as "the space program". *) I was too lazy to come up with one. =================================================================================================== This is a career I started in KSP 1.3.1 (later updated to 1.4.5) about a month ago, and that I thought I'd share here. I'm using a heap of mods (list in the spoiler below), with MKS and USI-LS being two of the main ones. It's my first time using these in a career playthrough. I'm not sure to what extent I'll use the kolonization parts, but life support will play a big role. Running out of supplies will lead to death, and death is permanent. I'm also sticking somewhat rigidly to the rule of no reloads. The presentation style will most likely be short descriptions of events, accompanied by lots of pictures, 'cause who doesn't like pictures. Hope you enjoy! MOD LIST FLIGHT LOG VEHICLE LIST
  2. I did this music video for Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone a while back.
  3. Astronut33

    RSS Ascent Profile

    I recently installed realism overhaul with RSS and have been wondering what the optimal ascent profile is. I’ve made it into orbit a few times but each time it was a different ascent and a different orbit. What would be best for a rocket with around 9.5-10k dv, 1.5-1.7 TWR, and end up in a 150km orbit? Like what should my pitch be at different altitudes and speeds, etc.
  4. I have a relatively heavily modded install of 1.6.1, every few seconds in the editor it freezes for about a second or so, it is making the game basically unplayable and i dont know how to fix it Edit: now happens pretty much every half a second Edit: It only lags if i have a part in the editor, if it is empty there is no lag
  5. Hello, Whenever I get into an orbit around kerbin, I lose the ability to place maneuver nodes along the orbit path. Before I reach orbit, this is not an issue. This is a science game with the following mods: Interstellar KAS KIS MechJeb2 NearFutureElectrical NearFutureSolar NearFuturePropulsion Kerbal Planatary Base Systems Community Tech Tree The mods were manually installed. I have not played in a while, so has there been a change that I don't no about that requires me to do something else to use the nodes in orbit? Update: Going to the space centre then back to the ship lets me place another node, testing whether getting into another orbit breaks the system again. Update: Moving into a second orbit doesn't require the "reset", however entering orbit on a different flight (launched after the first one) does. Update: The problem seems to have slightly stopped. It no longer happens every time, but it still happens occasionally upon a Mun flyby
  6. Overview: Kerpton (kerp-tawn) Future Media was a software development company which created the popular singing synthesizer program "Kertsune (kert-SOO-neh) Miku", which many Kerbals had used to make their own songs. But lately, its founder, Hiroyuki Kerman, had considered starting a space program after playing a realistic space simulator for several months. Using the wealth he had acquired from selling so many copies of music software, he started a new organization called the Kerpton Aero-Space Development Agency, and hired several young aerospace engineers. This thread will document the various missions of KASDA. KASDA insignia, depicting a green onion (negi) flying through space KSP Version: 1.1.3 (originally 0.20.2) Mods currently in use: Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Precise Maneuver, MechJeb, Ambient Light Adjustment, Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (doesn't seem to be for 1.1.3 anymore but I have a copy), Kerbpaint (with update for 1.1.3), Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Near Future Construction, Asteroid Day, Habitat Pack, HyperEdit (for testing only), TAC Fuel Balancer, Trajectories, Taurus HCV, RCS Build Aid, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Scatterer, Stock Visual Enhancements, Kopernicus, Outer Planets Mod, Pood's OPM-VO, Planetshine, in-game Transfer Window Planner, Engine Lighting, Flag Decals, Kerbal Inventory System, NavHud. Useful calculators: Launch window calculator, Aerobraking calculator, Parachute calculator Robotic programs: Crewed programs: Mission list (if you end up on another post when you click a link, go back and click it again) (1-100) (101-current) (By the way, how do you people take screenshots? I can't move the camera to the camera angle that I want if it is paused, and I can't move the camera and fly the rocket at the same time.)
  7. Welcome to my Podracer Page! After quite a long hiatus I’m pleased to bring you the ONLY legitimate and functional Podracers from a Galaxy Far Far Away complete with demonstration videos and some light commentary on certain aspects. First is the father of my podracer line: the aptly named MK I: Craft File: The Mk I was a concept I had to make a podracer with loosely connected engines and a command pod that could move freely, it is the first successful combination of balancing drag, weight, thrust, and some mild control surfaces. It’s maneuverability is relatively limited, HOWEVER it is so far the fastest pod I’ve made topping out at 592mph!
  8. Hello everyone, I hope you can help me fix this so I can land on Mars for the first time! BUG REPORT: Version: KSP Windows-64bit Mods installed (installed through CKAN, dependencies not included, all mods is up to date): Ablative-Airbrake Engine ISP x 2 FullAutoStrut HangarExtender InlineBallutes Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Reusability Expansion KSC Switcher MechJeb 2 MechJeb and Engineer for all! Module Manager Physics Range Extender Precise Maneuver QuickGoTo Real Solar System (Texture - 4096x2048) RealChute Parachute System RSS DateTime Formatter Toolbar Toolbar Controller Trajectories TweakScale TweakableEverythingContinued Zero MiniAVC Reproduction Step: Use this spacecraft (Attached below), go to orbit, and rendezvous with Mars. Time-warping to Mars' SoI Entry and the bugs kicks in (Not responding, unable to do anything, even took me 5 minutes after pressed the Power button). Files: Craft file Log file
  9. The issue am having is that my game crashes in the middle of startup, I am trying to find out what mod(s) caused it, ill link the output log below~
  10. Cydonian Monk

    Forgotten Space Program

    Forgotten Space Program Latest Post: 2018-12-03 - Where We Left Off / Copper Gains / Friendly Warning -- It's happened again. Those well meaning kerbals ran off and completely forgot about their space program. Maybe there was a global crisis. Maybe they ran out of funds. Maybe the Kraken ate the ship Jeb and the Bs were in. Or maybe it was just snack time and the cheese dip was really, really good. Unfortunately nobody remembers what went wrong because nobody remembers being there. Space? Whazzat? And so years pass. Eventually an eccentric millionaire stumbles on the ruins of the long-forgotten program. Trailers. Sheds. Run-down labs. A dirt runway. Factories scattered here and there in the nearby countryside. Exploding barrels of fleas. Sharp metal bits. Gumball machines. Nuclear waste. The usual rust of a long forgotten industry. A few quick phone calls and some thousand signatures later and The Boss became the owner of their very own space program. And that's when the fun started. -- Table of Contents Volume 1: Forgotten Volume 1 Sequence 1 2015-12-03 - Forgotten Space Program, The Hydrogen Flights (this post) 2015-12-04 - Hydrogen's Last Blast, Noble Helium, Orbital Helium 2015-12-06 - Sweet Lithium, Beryllium Spheres, Boron to be Wild 2015-12-10 - The Age of the Universe, Boron Into The Mün, Beryllium Relic 2015-12-11 - Carbon Testing, The Carbon 6, Carbon 1 2015-12-16 - Carbon Scoring, High Carbon 2015-12-17 - The Dangers of C-4, Carbon For Who?, Beryllium-Coated Lies 2015-12-20 - More Boron Contract Missions..., :C=C: 2015-12-22 - 95 Years, 139 Days, 27 Minutes Volume 1 Sequence 2 2015-12-24 - A Nitrogen One, Thing C 2015-12-26 - A Little More Nitrogen, And A Dash Of Oxygen 2015-12-29 - Fluorine 1 2016-01-01 - The Six Moons of Kerbin, Nitrogen T-4, Thing A 2016-01-02 - Fixing Kelgee, Walking on Thin Nitrogen, Nitrogen Take 6, More Fluorine For Better Teeth, Oxygen Perfected 2016-01-05 - Nitrogen T-7 Volume 1 Sequence 3 2016-01-11 - The Bright Bright Neon Lights, Neon Sizzle, Neon Clones, Under The Heavy Neon Glow 2016-01-12 - Delayed Return 2016-01-16 - Salty Minmus 2016-01-18 - Taking Pictures For Fun and Profit 2016-01-20 - Release!, Return to Flight 2016-01-23 - Asylum Run, ... By Lunatics, ... Running An Asylum 2016-01-25 - Ferry Ride 2016-01-28 - The Aluminium Gang, Aluminium X-0 1, Aluminium X-0A 2, Aluminium X-1 3 2016-01-31 - Strange Request 2016-02-02 - Sonic Sensei, The Mother Of All Space Telescopes, Nitrogen X 2016-02-04 - Aluminium Cans of Boom, Housekeeping 2016-02-06 - More Housekeeping Volume 1 Sequence 4 2016-02-13 - Mission Improbable, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Nitrogen TC-12, Silly Silicon 2016-02-14 - Balanced Imbalance, Some Assembly Required 2016-02-16 - More Silicon More Recycling, Some More Assembly Required 2016-02-21 - Queen of the Airwaves, Tour of the Junkyard, Trafficking Hot Goods 2016-02-23 - A Phosphorescent Return to the Mün 2016-02-26 - Second Verse Same As The First, A Little Bit Louder And A Little More Rehearsed 2016-02-27 - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Mün 2016-03-05 - Slow Moves, Nitrogen Transfers 2016-03-08 - Memories of Tomorrow Volume 1 Sequence 5 2016-03-11 - The Mystic Mün 2016-03-19 - Operation Ice Castle 2016-03-20 - Contracting Smallprobes 2016-03-23 - Reentrant Aluminium 2016-03-28 - The Mün of Our Youth 2016-04-11 - The Crater of the First Kerbals Volume 1 Sequence 6 2016-04-15 - Ghosts and Things 2016-04-18 - Memories of the Storm 2016-04-24 - Two Star Detour 2016-05-01 - Familiar Voices, Building Anticipation 2016-05-05 - Anticipation Building 2016-05-10 - Titanium Flight Test, Titanium Boxes, The Münquake is in Another Castle, Kerbal Kerbals 2016-05-14 - Stellar[is] Launches 2016-05-20 - Silicon Sulphur Snack Strategy 2016-05-28 - Finishing Touches 2016-05-30 - Little House on the Minty Prairie, And Another Thing... 2016-06-01 - Departures Volume 1 Sequence 7 2016-06-05 - GLORY TO KERBIN! 2016-06-27 - Bugs 2016-07-10 - 99 Years, 343 Days, 2 Hours 2016-07-13 - Your Robots Are Ignoring You 2016-07-20 - Captain Kerman and... The Robot Invasion of Jool 2016-07-26 - Setting Up The Fireworks 2016-07-28 - One Hundred Years At The Edge Of Infinity, Thomlock's New Year's Rocket Eve, Infinity's Edge Volume 1 Sequence 8 2016-08-07 - Answers In Time..., More Pieces For The Jumble 2016-08-14 - ... Time In Riddles 2016-08-14 - No Kerbal's Sky 2016-08-22 - Wings of Fire 2016-08-25 - Sulphur Descending Volume 2: Continuum Volume 2 Sequence 1 2016-10-03 - Somewhere In The Dark..., Kerbin: North Mountain 2017-10-07 - Continuing From Where We Started, Continuum Volume 2 Sequence 2 2016-10-16 - Continuing From Where We Left Off 2016-10-20 - I Could Fly Here Forever 2016-10-30 - Fire In The Sky 2016-11-08 - The Jebediah Kerman, Remotely Controlled Kerbal 2016-11-26 - One Final Sunset, Leaving Laythe Volume 2 Sequence 3 2016-12-04 - The Bosses, Ghost Attack, Data Recovery Services 2016-12-11 - Chrome Plated, Missing Minmus Mishap 2017-01-22 - Adaptation, Burning Manganese, Cobalt Testing, Iron Birdie 2017-01-31 - Iron Supplements, Manganese Mün 2017-02-10 - Cobalt Blue, The Award, Into The Unknown Volume 2 Sequence 4 2017-02-25 - Infinite Departures 2017-04-16 - Finite Arrivals 2017-04-25 - As Is Only Fitting And Proper 2017-05-08 - Whispers Volume 2 Sequence 5 2017-05-14 - Mission Report, Wooden Nickel 2017-05-23 - Crazy Talk, Manganese Station 2017-06-19 - Science Supplies / Lucidity / Downwards / Through Fire Volume 2 Sequence 6 2017-07-03 - Ghosts On The Ice / The Other Side 2017-07-14 - Into The Abyss 2017-09-13 - The Hook 2017-10-19 - Out In The Cold 2017-10-23 - Late Arrival 2017-11-28 - Late Departure 2017-12-04 - Exit Vall, Stage Outwards / Pol-italicized Pol-lution2018-01-31 - Children of Bop 2018-03-19: Where There's a Whip... / ...There's a Laythe 2018-03-27 - Will the Last One Leaving Jool... / ...Please Turn Off the Lights / Year 100, Day 336, Hour 2 Volume 2 Sequence 7 2018-07-16 - Shadows and Whispers / Nickel and Dimed 2018-07-24 - Council of Copper / Another Nickel's Worth 2018-08-03 - Controlling Copper / Supplying Chaos 2018-08-12 - Project Copper / Culpa de Cuprum 2018-08-19 - Copper Loss 2018-09-16 - Titanium: The Next Generation 2018-12-03 - Where We Left Off / Copper Gains / Friendly Warning (Hey, dude, remember. It's Shift + Enter. Crtl + Enter submits the post.) -- In something of a departure from my usual routine, this will be a mod-"heavy" playthrough focusing largely on the wonderful Engineering Tech Tree. Expect frequent and smaller posts, usually the same day of the mission or a very short time later. I will attempt to keep this save going for the indefinite future, but can make no promises that I won't forget what I've done and start over again. Again. And, seeing as none of the kerbals know what's out there, we may see some relics and wrecks from my previously forgotten space programs. Difficulty is my usual fare, a Career Mode game with the normal difficulty settings, no crew respawn, etc: Mods in Use (as/of KSP v1.4.5) Note: Many parts from mods not listed (or listed under previous versions) are still present on spacecraft, in flight, but are "retired" and have been edited (by me) so they no longer appear in the VAB. Older Mods in Use (for previous KSP v1.3.1) Older Mods in Use (for previous KSP v1.2.2) Older Mods in Use (for previous KSP v1.1.3) Older Mods in Use (for previous KSP v1.0.5) Let's get this show on the road now, ok? -- The Hydrogen Flights The "exploding barrels of fleas" were apparently not made of fleas, but were instead created to dispose of them. (Which might explain the fire and smoke.) As far as the geniuses in the engineering department could determine, the intent was to aim the open end of the barrel at the fleas and "watch them burn." The Boss thought of a different use after three interns and one such barrel flew violently through the wall of the lab and into the waters of Booster Bay. The little green geeks quickly dug around to find the parts they needed: gizmos to measure air pressure, a gumball machine painted a dark grey with a "computer" stuffed inside, a flea barrel to strap it all atop, and a large silk blanket to carry the gizmos safely back to the ground. The "computer" was little more than a couple of vacuum tubes and an alarm clock, all held together with loosely assembled wires. The clock was to ignite the flea barrel, trigger the gizmos and detach the gumball machine; the vacuum tubes were there to make it look awesome. Lacking a clever naming scheme, The Boss painted "Hydrogen 1" on the side and the three formerly flying interns rolled it to a nearby mound of dirt. Only they must've messed up the clock while moving the H-1, as the flea barrel ignited late, flew off in a weird direction, and the gumball machine detached early. Regardless, the gizmos took proper readings and proved The Boss right: These barrels weren't built for killing fleas, but for helping them fly. Science points galore! Somewhat unexpectedly, a representative from the Kerbal First Record Keeping Society showed up to give The Boss a few shiny plaques: First Launch, new Speed Records of 25m/s and 80m/s, and First Landing. The prize money was spent on some bags of corn chips and the interns were sent back to work. There was still time enough in the day for another launch. Same gumball machine with a big barrel of science (which had been previously tested on the mound), all atop yet another flea barrel. The Boss named it the "Hydrogen 2" and everybody lined up to watch it fly. The H-2 flew higher and slightly faster than anything yet recorded (that one catapult accident doesn't count), resulting in yet more plaques from the record keepers: Altitude records of 500m and 2km. The money was just enough to buy some queso dip to go with the corn chips, and The Boss kicked in a few extra kerbucks for soda. And so on the first day they partied, and The Boss was happy, for The Boss saw it was good. Navigation: Next Post
  11. I just recently made a large modded install of KSP (1.5) after a long break and the game usually runs fine even with 120 mods. (32gb Ram, GTX 1060, i5 7600k). The problem I'm having now is when ever I'm in the VAB and place down more then one command module, or any other part with crew space, the games frame rate drops down to sub 10. The memory usage maxes out to the point where it's unplayable. As far as I know all my mods are up to date and the only pre 1.4.x mods are just part mods. Log: Here's the mod list:
  12. I was inspired to make a Mig 15-like plane in my career mode. Here it is: It is called A-3 Buzzard. It is my third aircraft in the career and like the first 2, named after a bird. Top Level flight speed (at 11km): 434m/s Absolute Top Speed (diving): 523m/s Max flight altitude: 13 km Altitude record: 15.6 km This here is the long winged version, the A-3B Buzzard: In High atmosphere: It is slower than the short wing version but can fly 2km higher. It is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear. Craft File for Short Winged version: Craft file for Longboye: Required mods: Procedural parts, Procedural Wings B9, USI Life Support, Ven`s Stock Part Revamp (find the newest fork), Unmanned before Manned, SXT I seriously see no reason to download this but I included the craft files just in case. It does require some messing with mods so it is more work than it's worth.
  13. Something weird has happened to the 2.5m RCS fuel tank (the FL-R1). In my install, it looks like this, and it's been this way since 1.4. As far as I can see, it's using the new texture on the old model. I'm not sure how to fix this -- I've even had a look in the config file for this part, but I'm not sure what to change in there to fix it. I'm using Firespitter Core as a dependency for another mod and that's the only mod I have that could be causing this. (I can give you my full modlist if you want though). Any ideas??
  14. I’ve been happily messing with KSP for several years now, regularly returning to start a grand new campaign with a slew of interesting mods. For one reason or another (real life, .exe instability, mod quirks) I’ve tended to hit a wall shortly after going interplanetary in previous attempts, but with the (relatively) recent arrival of the 64-bit client on Windows and a more mature crop of mods I’m gearing up to try once again. I intend keep a diary of sorts here, in part to motivate myself and in part to act as a sort of tutorial to others who are interested in playing with similar setups but are unsure how to bolt all the pieces together and convince them to play nicely. Situation I’ve chosen to start these reports a little way into the campaign, as there is already a wealth of material covering the first steps of a campaign. I have just unlocked the first KSPIE technologies, Nuclear Propulsion, Nuclear Power and Advanced Electrics. These nodes contain the earliest nuclear engines, reactors and beamed power parts respectively. There are currently small ‘Tortoise’ rovers carrying basic science equipment on both the Mun and Minmus (BonVoyage is my new favourite toy) crawling around doing science. In addition, the ‘Makellan’ series of early SCANSat satellites remain in orbit around Kerbin and its moons to act as makeshift communication satellites until more permanent infrastructure is in place despite having served their original purpose of mapping the surface. Going into month 5 (I’m working with 30-day months), there are two main projects I’m planning to work on. First and foremost, deployment of some lightweight interplanetary probes powered by the recently developed CANDLE engine in time to catch transfer windows to the Urlum and (possibly) Neidon. This might also require the deployment of a dedicated communications network around Kerbin to ensure continuous connection. RemoteTech's Root model (under which antennae can communicate at a range equal to the square root of the product of their individual ranges) means you don't need much of a network to get out to the moons provided you use the flight computer to make sure you don't miss your capture burns. Due to the immense range of the ground station at KSC, probes can maintain a connection for about 50% of the time. I am going to have to put at least a simple network around Mun in order to explore the far side with the munar Tortoise rover though. Secondly, and perhaps more interestingly in the long-term, development and deployment of a basic beamed power infrastructure around Kerbin, with the aim of using thermal receivers to launch lighter payloads to orbit more cheaply than currently possible. This is going to involve a fair amount of experimentation to find a sensible arrangement (I haven't messed with this area of KSPIE since it was reworked), but that's part of the fun, right? Mods My CKAN list currently shows well over 100 mods installed, before counting my personal tweaks and a few older mods that remain compatible despite their protestations to the contrary, so I’ll just provide the highlights here and leave the full list in a spoiler below. Interstellar Extended by Freethinker et al. I’ve loved the idea of this mod ever since I got it way back when Fractal was still developing it, and I’m looking forwards to playing with the new toys that have been added in the mean time. This is the mod I think people might find most interesting when covered as a tutorial, since the existing documentation is either scant, obsolete or simply absent. RESCALE 6.4x by Galileo Or more accurately a very slightly tweaked personal version that produces a Kerbin with a 12-hour day and a 540-day year. It makes orbiting a little more interesting and gives all those beefy advanced drives from KSPIE something worthwhile to do. MKS (and most of the rest of the USI suite) by RoverDude This has just gotten more and more enticing over time, and the integration of Extraplanetary Launchpads and Ground Construction provides some interesting possibilities for a budding space program. I’ve recently switched over from TAC-LS after finding it doesn’t mesh particularly well with Kronometer and after learning USI-LS now has habitation timers. Monthly Budgets by severedsolo I’m a sucker for strategy games and this mod provides both a pleasant bit of medium- to long-term planning and reduces the necessity of grinding contracts for funds. I have it set to decay reputation each month and have Play Your Way (Galileo) set to provide reputation with gathered science. The intention is that as I clear out Kerbin and its moons, I’ll need to set up other revenue streams (munar/asteroid mining operations perhaps). Kerbal Construction Time by magico13 This mod actually makes a campaign feel like a grand undertaking as you watch your space program grow over time. The broad customisation options don’t hurt either. SETI Rebalance & Unmanned before Manned by y3m0 I like what this set of mods changes about the game generally, and have had an interesting time with the new custombarnkit settings in the recent version. RemoteTech 2 by neitsa et al. Mostly because I haven’t dived in to learn the ins and outs of CommNet, and from first impressions RemoteTech is more intuitive and I’m already used to it. I have it configured so extra omnidirectional antennae do increase range and am using the Root range model. In addition to the above mods, the main other factor altering gameplay is a tech tree plugin of my own design that massively increases the cost of the more advanced tech nodes and adjusts the science available on each planet. At time of writing, the final tier of KSPIE technologies cost 100,000 science each. The intention is to force me off Kerbin and to avoid unlocking the entire tech tree with a few missions to the Mun and Minmus. Accompanying this are a variety of tweaks to where parts appear on the tree so I don’t, for example, need to finish a Joolean tour before being able to unlock thermal rocket nozzles. Full Mod List
  15. I installed some visual mods to make my game a bit nicer to look at, but now I found out the kerbals visors are pink. I dont know why, or what mods are doing this. help? Here is a screenshot that I had to upload as artwork because Steam Overlay hates me and is broken: Installed mods: (As seen in the GameData folder) BoulderCo CalmNebula EnviromentalVisiualEnchancements KerbalVisiualEnhancements Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator Reflections & Skybox scatterer Squad (of course) TextureReplacer
  16. Barzon Kerman

    BDB Craft Repository

    As there is no craft repository for BDB, and the hangers on KerbalX were outdated, I decided to make a new thread for people to post BDB replicas and non-replicas. If you post a craft, add a link for people to download your craft, unless you don't want to, then that is OK. Enjoy! EDIT: Your crafts can use any other mod you want!
  17. And here comes the very special post just a day after a very special day (22.10. my b-day). As the title suggests, you will get to see a super detailed replica of a German WW1 airship, aswell as a 1.6m long 3D papermodel of the same exact ship. HISTORY AND TECHNICAL DATA OF LZ 45 L 13 The LZ 45 (as it was known by it army register) L13 (as know by its navy register) is one of a series of 22 P Class Zeppelins built for the german army to serve as navy patrol ships and bombers. Technical data LZ 45: Length:163.5 m Height:21.962 m Width:25.789 m Diameter: 18.69 m Volume:32000m³ Engines:4 x Maybach C.X, 210hp, 1200 rpm Mass:21470kg Crew:18 to 20: (Executive Officer, Commander, Navigator, Sailmaker (responsible for gasbags), Chief Engineer, 2 altitude coxswains, 2 steering coxswains, 8 engineers) Armaments: 7 or 8 machine guns: water-cooled MG-08 (navy version), air-cooled Parabellum MG 14 (army version). 2,000 kg bombs (a greater load could be carried with reduced fuel load). The design of P-Class ships varied between the years. For example, LZ 72 and LZ 38 had earlier gondola designs and LZ 60 had experimental ones. There where also some differences in rudder design. The LZ 45 portrays the most common design configuration. LZ 45 was built by the Luftchiffbau Zeppelin in hall 1 at Friedrichshafen and entered service in July.24.1915. It survived thru the war and and served as a training ship for a while (a white stripe was painted on the nose), and was also the first of the airships to bomb London, dropping a total of 20,667 kg of bombs during its career. The ship and its commander Käpitanleutnant Heinrich Mathy logged a total of 159 flights, 17 of witch where bombing raids and 45 of witch where reconnaissance flights. Lz 45 was decomissioned in late April 1917 and was scrapped in the December of that year. GENERAL INFO ABOUT THE P CLASS The P class was a new design that was larger than preceding designs and introduced enclosed crew accommodation (open on preceding ships). It also introduced a new more aerodynamic design. These included a front command car with a glass house like command room, a radio room and a captains rest area with two large openings with MG-mounts on either side. Connected to that is the front engine car, with a single engine that drove a propeller trough a reduction gear. These two cars where connected with a strip of fabric, this was done keep the vibrations of the engine out of the command car. The rear gondola had three engines mounted in line. One drove a propeller at the rear similar to the front engine car, while the two others drove propellers mounted on the side of airships body trough a reduction gear. The propellers on the side where slightly offset to one another due to the position of the reduction gears into witch the propeller axles had to connect. Large openings for MG's can also be found on the rear engine car. 3 defensive MG's where on a platform located on top of the bow of the airships body, this could be accessed by a long ladder that went from the top of the ship to the corridor at the bottom of the airships body. This corridor also connects the two gondolas and has the bomb-bays in it as-well. Amount of bomb-bays varied between army and navy versions. It is believed that army version witch needed a greater range to reach places like London had fewer bomb-bays, while the navy versions had more as they where mostly used in patrol missions. You can read the Wikipedia article about the P Class if you want info on the structural design of the hull and history of other P Class vessels. Some of the P Class vessels where converted to the Q Class witch was nearly identical, minus an extra 15 meters of length to allow the airship to have a larger volume witch allows it to fly higher making it harder to shoot down. CAMO PATTERNS As,with anything military related, P Class airships sported a variety of different camo patterns. INCASE YOU WHERE WONDERING Some of you might be wondering that "hey, i think ive seen this in Battlefield 1", Altough it may look very similar, the behemoth in Battlefield 1 is an R class "super zeppelin", the L30. THE PAPER MODEL Time to go to the actual project. The Model that i built was designed by Thorsten Brand and can be found here if you want to make you own. But, i warn you, it one of the most difficult models ive ever seen, and also one of the most well researched and detailed. It would have been almost impossible for me to do properly in it's original scale witch is 1:144, that's why i printed it in A3 at school, it made the model 40% bigger, thus making everything a bit easier since the parts aren't so tiny anymore, and you-know, bigger is better right . Well, making the body of the airship would have become easier since it's not so huge, but the gondolas would have been tiny. I didn't realize that just how big it would be until about a month ago when i got re-motivated and started to build the body of the airship. I originally started by building the Gondolas first as i wanted to see if i could do those without them looking like garbage. They turned out quite well. The only thing i was kinda dissapointed with was the fact that i couldn't cut the windows open on the windscreen without ruining the window frames completely, i instead applied a bit of gray color to make them at-least a bit more realistic. I also decided to leave the interior mostly empty as it would have probably looked messy and wouldn't even be seen that well at the end. The MG platform took almost an entire day to cut and assemble as there was a lot of tiiny tiny pieces that had to be put together, but in the end it turned out pretty good aswell. The external props and their support struts/frames was a new thing to me. The instruction advised to use plastic sticks to make them, while i only had iron wire and cocktail sticks. I also only had two choises for putting the thing together, either i put them together using tape, or hot glue. I deside to go for the hot glue option as it produced a cleaner result, tough it did leave some pretty nasty blobs of glue that can be seen a little too well. Once i started making the Skeleton of the ship and the skin surrounding it, i didn't realize that just how much my lazyness was gonna bite me in the ankle. I was pretty confident that i didn't need all the provided supports to keep it together as there where a ton of supports that where supposed to be built. The skeleton should have had 19 longtitudal spars and nearly three times the amount of bulkheads. I did notice once i had hot-glued all the bulkheads onto the core that, if picked up from the middle, it would bend and buckle. I was figured that applying the skin would help keep it together. It did stop the body from turning in to a banana, but turns out that the body would get crushed under it's own weight causing a very flattened look. Because of this, i had only one choise, i had to install some ropes and hang it from somewhere. I didn't want the MG-platform to be unseen at all times, so i couldn't hang it from my ceiling lamp like the way i did with the Fiddlers Green B-36 Piecemaker, instead, i wanted to build a custom "display stand" so i could have it hanging over my computer screen. So, with help from my dad, we built a custom display stand for it using couple upside down table legs and a couple garage tire mounts (or whatever those things where supposed to be). This project really shines, not only because of the fact that it's now the biggest model ive ever built, but also because of the fact that it's by far the longest project i've ever done. While some of the bigger project like the Tamiya 1:350 USS Missouri model took me about 4 day to complete, this project took me about a weeks worth of work or maby even more to get it cut and assembled. Even tough the end result is a bit messy and how you doing in some places, im still quite proud of the end result . KSP VERSION And now for the KSP part of the project. I wanted to make a KSP replica of the LZ 45 ever since i started making the paper version. But, didn't get around to it as the airship parts that i had were a bit too small, so i had to search down the comments and found a set of custom Tweakscale configs. After i go those installed i could start making the thing. But before i could even use those, 1.3.1 came and i had to wait for a little while as the mods i needed where getting updated. Luckily it didn't take more than a few days. I also wanted to complete the paper model first. Because the custom tweakscale configs for the airship parts that only allowed me to scale the thing to 10, 20, 30 and 40m sizes, the KSP version is actually bigger than the real one. I desided to go for a full interior on the gondolas, and as an extra made the two steering wheels work, and also added a captains view (a Kerbpro camera on a docking washer). Yes, it has two steering wheels, one is for the rudders, while the other one is for the elevators. The front gondolas alone ate 500 parts, so that's why the rear engine gondola is missing some details on the inside, it all in an effort to save parts. I also ignored the offset on the outer props and made them mirrored instead. I feared that if they where offset, it could cause some control issues. To eliminate the risk of constant crashing, i built the bow and stern of the ship separately and brought them together at the end and added the bomb-bay doors, the MG platform and the logos onto the ship. I turned basically the entire front engine gondola into a sub-assembly and then built the rear engine car around that. Here's a little flying demonstration video. I put some vernor-thrusters into the nose to aid in turning cause as you can see on the video, with the rudders alone, the ship turns very slowly. The album didn't appear correctly so i put a link to it instead. Technical data LZ 45 (KSP): Length:206 m Height:37.7 m Width:28.3 m Diameter:20.0 m Engines:4 x BA-4U Cyclone piston engine Mass:287.102 tons Crew: Unmanned Armaments: Unarmed Parts: 1140 Mods used: Heisenberg Airships pack, Infernal Robotics, Tweackscale, custom tweakscale configs for airship parts, Hullcam VDS. Overall, i'm very pleased with how it turned out , just wish the servos that make the dummy propeller spin wouldn't be so annoying and loud . I have plans for more airships, but i'm not sure witch or when i'm gonna make em. And yes, you may get to see a fully working U.S.S Macon. And there it is for you, a giant paper model and a super detailed Zeppelin all in one. I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post .
  18. R-3A Schwall: Unparrelled Air Dominance Delivered Developed under the Republic of Kerbalia Air Force Advanced Frontline Fighter program, Adler Defense Systems presents its 5th generation Air Superiority Fighter, the R-3A Schwall. A lethal package of stealth, speed, agility and next gen sensor fusion, the R-3A achieves unquestionable airspace dominance through unmatched overall performance. Stealth: Advanced radiation-absorbent materials and metasurfaces, along with internal weapons bays and sophisticated shapes all help ensure the survival and combat effectiveness of the R-3A in hostile airspace, giving allied forces decisive operational advantages. The vertical tailless design strengthens the R-3A's stealth to a greater degree. Speed: The lethality and high survivability of the R-3A is further enhanced by speed - capable of Mach 1.4 supercruise and prolonged Mach 2.3 afterburner dash at extreme altitude ensures rapid insertion and extraction over hostile airspace and air defenses. Agility: R-3A brings forth superior aerodynamics through an unconventional forward swept wing design, canards, and 3D vectoring. The R-3a possess great agility at subsonic speeds, its blazing acceleration and razor sharp turns leaves any competition behind in ashes. Sensor fusion: The R-3A's combat mainframe can autonomously collect data through hundreds of on board sensors and share it among all allied forces through secured data links, providing real time high-fidelity battlefield surveillance for commanders and coalition partners, ensuring joint operation effectiveness starting from zero hour. The R-3A features an enclosed cockpit system, favoring external cameras linked to the pilot's HMD and spherical monitors inside the cockpit, providing unobstructed views and augmented reality, enhancing pilot awareness and combat effectiveness. R-3A Schwall flying in formation with the R-5A Schnee of the Support Fighter Program currently under development. Specifications: General characteristics Crew: 1 Length: 21.1 m Wingspan: 15.1 m Height: 1.95 m Wing area: 85 m² Empty weight: 14,853 kg Loaded weight: 23,164 kg standard air superiority loadout* Max. takeoff weight: 30,120 kg(limited by landing gear safety load) Fuel capacity: 9,673 kg internally, or 12,993 kg with two external 1.66 kL fuel tanks Powerplant: 2 × Lyulka AL-31FM turbofans with 15 degrees 3D thrust vectoring Dry thrust: 76.2 kN each Thrust with afterburner: 122.4 kN each *MTW-IR-100 x 2, AIM-120 x 6, 73% internal fuel Performance Maximum speed: At altitude: Mach 2.5 as limited by engine temperature limit Supercruise: >Mach 1.4* @ 8,000m Combat Range: >3,500 km on internal fuel, standard air superiority loadout Combat radius: >1,000 km(with ~800 km Mach 2.0~2.3* afterburner dash @ 15500 m ~ 17000 m, supersonic exit & subsonic return) Ferry range: >4,000 km Service ceiling: 18,000 m Thrust/weight: 1.08 Maximum design g-load: 11.0+ g *Would require a few minutes to accelerate to desired speed Armament Guns: 1× 20 mm M61A2 Vulcan 6-barrel rotary cannon in right LERX root, 650 rounds Air-to-air mission loadout: 4× AIM-120A AMRAAM, 6xAIM-120C AMRAAM compressed 2× MTW-IR-100 Air-to-ground mission loadout: 2× 1,000 lb (450 kg) JDAM or 8× 250 lb (110 kg) GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs 3× AIM-120 AMRAAM 2× MTW-IR-100 Hardpoints: 2× under-wing pylon stations can be fitted to carry 1,660 L drop tanks or weapons. Non-fiction: 1.I basically made the plane by mashing many planes together, be it realistic or fiction. 2.Thrust vectoring is essential for maintaining artificial yaw stability for certain roll maneuvers, so I couldn't use the more powerful F119s. Hands up for "please add 117S or izdeliye 30 to AJE". 3.Stock SAS can't fly the plane at all, atmosphere autopilot is a must. 4.I tried fitting spin recovery chutes to it, only to find out it just doesn't work at low altitudes, so they are simply drogue chutes for landing now. If you're a good pilot you might be able to land it on a carrier deck without arresting gear. I'm not though.
  19. Not exactly "fanart" per se, but I guess a ragecomic can count?
  20. i used ckan to install my rss/rp-0 install, but when i opened ksp the loading froze at at the Terobee_Decoupler file, so i deleted it. when i launched again the kerbin was still kerbin. no earth. i installed all suggested mods for a ckan rp-0 install. help
  21. Past the Haze main lobby Please Note: Due to the loss of the original image uploader website, and my failure to keep a backup image folder, many of the pictures on pages 2-3 are permanently lost. Introduction: Hi. Before the story starts, I'd like to speak for a little. I have... commitment issues, and have started several stories here, but never progressed far on any. I want this topic to be different from my other ventures, but if it goes dead, that'd be why. My intention is for this to be a series of probably-not-that-short stories using my current science mode game. The premise? I'm kinda making this up as I go along, but so far it involves a space program attempting to survive in a Kerbin previously hit by an unnamed series of disasters (AKA the installation of visual mods), and get to the bottom of the convoluted story of why the planets look so different. All the while, Kerbin itself might not be safe. Quality and enjoyment are nowhere near guaranteed, and there will be early installment weirdness, but I'll do my best to make something decent. Story will start on the next post, listed here is the table of contents, a current modlist, a (WORK IN PROGRESS) character list, and a (WORK IN PROGRESS) organisations list. Table of contents: Story 1: Night Rescue, Chapter 1: Exposition Much? Story 1, Chapter 2: Undeniably Majestic Story 1, Chapter 3: Buck Story 1, Chapter 4: Alone at Sea Story 1, Chapter 5: Kerbal in the Water Story 1, Chapter 6: Fishing Story 1, Chapter 7: Contact Story 1, Chapter 8: Return Story 2: Phoenix II Story 3: Network Story 4: Oculus Station, Chapter 1: Core Story 4, Chapter 2: Minor Hiccups Story 4, Chapter 3: Onboard Story 4, Chapter 4: Telescope Start! Story 4, Chapter 5: Science Run Story 4, Chapter 6: New Mission Story 5: Eve probes, Chapter 1: The Plan Story 5, Chapter 2: Summit 3 Story 5, Chapter 3: Inquirer Story 5, Chapter 4: Survey Story 6: Shroud Lifted, Chapter 1: Hollywood Science? Story 6, Chapter 2: hey cool we found a dot Story 6, Chapter 3: New Guy in Town Story 7: Test the Waters, Chapter 1: Notions of an Idea Story 7, Chapter 2: The rest of the Idea Story 7, Chapter 3: Assembly Story 7, Chapter 4: Set sail Story 7, Chapter 5: Enroute Story 7, Chapter 6: Some assembly required Story 7, Chapter 7: Fission mailed Story 7, Chapter 8: On the road Story 7, Chapter 9: The pumpkin pie planet Story 7, Chapter 10: Can I go home now Story 8: Explore from a safe distance, Chapter 1: Recover vessel* Story 8: Explore from a safe distance, Chapter 2: Going coastal Modlist: Characters (spoilers): Organisations (spoilers): Situation report: Unfortunately, due to numerous obstacles and problems, including losing a great deal of pictures and the game deleting many of my story-important craft, Past the Haze is over. However, as soon as I get my gaming computer up I'll reboot it under a new title.
  22. My KSP program has not been used since 1.2. So now I've come back to it and added my usual mods, and now the game continues to crash no matter what I do. I read the output of the crash file but can't seem to understand what is causing the game to crash. If any of you can help me with this it would be very appreciated! output log: Raw Pastebin
  23. I am curious about how I can set up my joystick. I use PC KSP, 64 bit and have loads of mods. These include: MAH, BDB, DiRT, [x] Science!, TU, KRE, the NFT mods, all of Angel-125's mods, KIS, KAS, DMagic Orbital Science, Distant Object Enhancement, Kerbal Atomics, RealChute, Realplume (Stock), Planetshine, ScanSat, reDIRECT, Heat Control and Old School Fairings. I also have Making History installed.
  24. Chapter II: Probes To Iota Chapter III: More Money = New Rockets Chapter IV: Jeb Wrote The Textbook Chapter V: New Prospects Chapter VI: The Search For More Money Chapter VII: A Home, But In Space! Chapter IIX: Project Iron Sands Chapter 8.5: The Big Reveal Chapter 9: Making The Public Interested Chapter 10: The Atomic Age Begins Hey everyone! Following my old Galileo System career save accidentally being replaced by another KSP folder (downloaded another ksp, stuff happened), I decided to this time go bigger. 3.2x was small enough so that I didn't need huge parts, but big enough that I could get some spacecraft parts with a more practical use. This will probably seem a lot similar to the KABOOM! Kronicle. I got a lot of mods from him, and so there's that. I will try to spice it up the best I can however, I just loved the mods he was using for the 3.2x Galileo System. Here's that series if you want to check it out. This guy is amazing. Ground Rules: No alt f4ing. Everything that goes is final. No testing in a sandbox mode. Everything will be tested on the grounds of the ksc, or on an actual spacecraft. I will try to hire more Kerbals when I get the money, as to not focus on Bill, Bob, Jeb, and Val for most of my missions. Realistic progression. No crazy missions off the bat. The more crucial, interesting the mission is, the more images of it there are. Have as much fun as I can making this! Anyways, here's all of the preliminary data for the career: And My Mod Folder: Let's get into it! Our first flight was the Auklet I, a very small spacecraft. If got up to 10km before flipping the other way. A good start. The Auklet II managed to snap the first pictures of the upper atmosphere, almost meeting the 98km mark to reach space. We were getting a decent bit of money from each mission, but the next step was to get into Orbit. I typically go a poor job of the gravity turn, etc, so I packed this thing with 6000 m/s of dV, 600 more than what is needed to Orbit. And finally, the Auklet IV is the first spacecraft to reach orbit of Gael! In fact, I had enough dV left that I managed to get this spacecraft on an escape trajectory out of Gael. Not too shabby for the 4th flight if you ask me Using Strategia, the Iota Probes looked incredibly promising, so I accepted it, and made the Canary II. With upgraded technology, it was prepared to be the first spacecraft to fly by another world. The flyby was so close, you could even see some ground scatter! After using the last few units of fuel, it was recognized that the Canary II was going to do an accidental flyby of Ceti. More science, but since the Iota Probes contract is on, I will get less money from world firsts. Bummer While we are almost done with Chapter I, we haven't touched manned space travel yet. With new technology, the Sheppard I was created. Immediately, Jebediah was the first to actually want to be a testdummy pilot of the spacecraft, so he was assigned the mission. Following the long 4 minute burn with the tiny spark engine, we are in orbit! To celebrate, Jeb goes on a little spacewalk, being the first of many to touch the stars in a 2 ton metal flying machine spacecraft. After 3 hours in space, he heads home, and marks the first successful mission with a person to space and back! That is all for Chapter I. I would appreciate feedback or questions. I will probably end up bring in the Impact! Mod for the next chapter, but I'm not sure. I might stick with the mods I have. Thanks!
  25. Jebediah Kerman First KERBONAUT By Walter Kerman – The Daily Planet – Eelops 1, 720 The first day of the new year sees an exciting new breed of Kerbal. At the Kerbal Space Center, Jebediah “Jeb’ Kerman becomes the first Kerbal to become a kerbonaut. The new title refers to crew members of the Kerbal Space Center's (KSC) fledgling space program. Jeb, as he prefers to be called, has been a test pilot before joining the KSC in the role of kerbonaut pilot. He was tasked with being the first kerbbed crew on a rocket propelled vehicle. The new vehicle, titled Kerbin I, was launched into the sky on a plume of smoke and fire in the early afternoon. The rocket travelled 10km into the sky before slowing down and returning to Kerbin’s surface. The return was aided by a parachute on the top of the “command pod”, a gum drop shaped capsule on top of the rocket. The kerbonaut and his vessel broke height and speed records on this historic first journey. Gene Kerman, Flight Director for the KSC said that this mission was an important first step for future space exploration. Gene said, “Kerbin I, while only going up 10,000 meters, proves that we can use rockets for powered launches. This one small step is actually a giant leap for all kerbals.” Gene also stated that this launch will be only the first of many with the goal being an actual Kerbal in orbit around Kerbin. After his return, Jeb Kerman described his historic flight. “The lift off couldn’t have been more perfect. I was slammed to my seat and felt some gee’s [Gravitational Force] like I haven’t since my test flying days.” Jeb also talked about the sheer joy of knowing that his experience would allow kerbals to explore the space around Kerbin and in time, the other planets as well. When asked if the program could really reach other worlds, Jeb said, “certainly. Getting into orbit is half way to anywhere you want to go. We could get to Mun before the end of the year.” Whether the claims of kerbals on Mun are the stuff of science fantasy or within the grasp of the Kerbal Space Program, one thing is sure this day. The new year promises to be an exciting ride. Profile of a Kerbonaut Jeb Kerman is a decorated test pilot. Flying everything from prop-powered crop dusters to turbine propelled jets, it was once said that “if we could get a tin can to lift off, Jeb could fly it.” He joined the Kerbin Space Center (KSC) as a consultant on aerodynamics and flight controls. He eventually spent more time in simulators than designing them and the decision was made to make him part of the “First Four” flight crew. Gene Kerman said that Jeb’s natural bravery, coolness under pressure, and willingness to “push the envelope” made him a perfect fit for the “First Four”. “Jeb was a Dev send. When he came on, we were mostly scientists and engineers. His flight experience and degrees in Aerodynamic Theory and Avionics have been crucial in both kerbbed and remote piloted endeavors,” Gene said. He also stated that Jeb’s skills helped the KSC solve problems they didn’t realize they had. During his off time between design and piloting, Jeb gives tours around the fledgling KSC to school groups. His ability to explain the complex concepts of Thrust to Weight Ratios and Orbital Mechanics to primary school students is incredible. Often, young kerblits are seen leaving the KSC campus looking up. Jebediah “Jeb” Kerman. First Kerbonaut. The Kerbin I An unassuming craft. The Kerbin I, named after its home planet, is a simple looking piece of hardware. A Mk1 Command Pod sits atop a RT-5 solid rocket booster. On the top of the Mk1 pod is an industrial grade parachute. Along the bottom of the RT-5 is a set of four control fins. Gus Kerman, head of Operations, said that the Kerbin I is the last leg of a long line of smaller rockets and the first step in a new breed of larger rockets. “We have been testing with sounding rockets for some time,” Gus said. “But this beauty puts them to shame.” He explained that the capsule is state of the art with guidance data licensed from KER, vacuum rated hull, and life support systems provided by Umbra Space Industries. The RT-5 has a maximum thrust of 162.9 kN of force on the launch pad. Gus Kerman was quick to point out that the RT-5 was not set up to maximum thrust for the Kerbin I launch. “With SRB’s [Solid Rocket Boosters] like the Flea [nickname for RT-5], we have no throttle. No control on the gas except for how much it can push”, Gus said. He explained that tests at maximum caused “poor results” from test bags of potatoes. As work is completed on Kerbin II, the next vessel in the program line, the RT-5 and Mk1 Pod will continue to be a stable of KSC exploration. Mod List