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Found 65 results

  1. If you don't develop, test or translate the KSP mods, then you may stop reading now. These mods have no value for a regular KSP player. For those who do develop or translate the mods, some of these mods may have some value: KSPDev LogConsole. A mod that intercepts stock game logging output and presents it a bit more friendly. It also can persist it to disk so what you don't loose logs from the previous runs. Also, logs are persisted into three files: INFO, WARNING, and ERROR (configurable via settings file). This allows quick navigation between key events in the game. See more information here. Some screenshots are here. Also, read the Log Console Wiki. KSPDev Utils. An assembly with a bunch of useful methods that may make your life easier (or harder, you never know). Basically, it's a constantly extending library of the best practices and common task implementations. It's distributed under the Public Domain license, so you don't need to bring the whole binary into your project: you may just copy/paste the code you need right into your code base. See more information here. Also, see the API documentation. If you want to use this library, then you really need to read the documentation! KSPDev ReleaseBuilder. A handy Python script that gathers the mod's binaries and resources into a single ZIP archive suitable for the release. The script builds and automatically updates MinIAVC version files basing on the data from AssemblyInfo.cs. The release project can be configured either via a JSON settings file or directly from the Python code. See Release Builder Wiki for more information. KSPDev_LocalizationTool . A mod that can help you managing the mod localization. It's useful for both: the authors, and for the translators. The best resource on learning the mod abilities, is reading the Localization Tool Wiki. I did my best to describe the most useful use cases, but feel free to ask here, in the thread. How to install KSPDev LogConsole. From CKAN (highly recommended): Install and run CKAN. Search for "LogConsole" or "KSPDev", then install the mod. Occasionally run CKAN client to update LogConsole to the latest version. Manually (discouraged): Download the release ZIP from: GitHub. Spacedock. Ensure all existing files are deleted. Do not just copy over! Unzip the contents. By default console is activated via ` (back quote) key. It's configurable via KSPDev.settings file (sorry, I didn't put comments there). KSPDev Utils. If you like reusing code via copy/paste then: Read the docs, find the module, copy the code, have fun, and add a Like to this post. If you prefer using pre-built assemblies then: Get latest DLL and docs XML from Github (note that releases are usually a bit behind the trunk). Add the assembly into your project as a reference. If you use a modern IDE then IntelliSense and help topics should become available. Always put the DLL into the same folder as your mod, this way you'll never get hit by a versions hell. KSPDev ReleaseBuilder. Download latest release archive from Github. Copy the Python script into your repository and setup the project settings. See Wiki for the help and examples. KSPDev LocalizationTool. Read the installation instructions in Wiki. Mods that use KSPDev Utils: KAS 1.0 Beta Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) KSPDev Localization Tool can be your mod... License All code and binaries are distributed under Public Domain license. You're absolutely not restricted! Source code location LogConsole and Utils Github repository. ReleaseBuilder Github repository. LocalizationTool Github repository.
  2. Gordon Fecyk

    Modder Appreciation Post

    Is there a more appropriate place to post this sort of thing? If so, I can repost it there. So I was thinking about how I've spent more money donating to KSP modders than I've spent buying video games ever since I bought KSP from Steam. But after looking at donating to @ferram4 yet again I realized I didn't show enough love to other folks. So I busted out the gold card and went through my installed mods list. These are the folks who had donation links: @Athlonic, @ferram4, @cybutek, @Thomas P., @sarbian, @Valerian, @pizzaoverhead, @blackrack. I sent along what I could afford today. Thanks so much. And there were the folks who deserve donations but didn't have donation links I could find: @maja, @MOARdV, @Waz, @DMagic, @ExtremeTrader, @jrbudda, @linuxgurugamer, @OhioBob, @Nhawks17, @Galileo, @westamastaflash, @shaw, @TriggerAu, and @whale_2 who probably single-handedly saved my KSP 1.4 experience.
  3. (sorry if this is in the wrong place) Hey everyone, so I've been wanting to make a mod for some time, but being me, I'm absolutely useless at Blender (how do you select something again? ), which seems to be the go-to program for part modders. However, I don't want to let my sparse, at best, knowledge of Blender stop me. I am pretty familiar with Sketchup, as I use it for 3D-printing. I was wondering if it is possible to make modded parts on Sketchup, and if so, what its advantages/disadvantages are. Thanks!
  4. Hello, i had once installed a mod, which changed the planets in its orbits and moons, to get a stock version of the real Solar System. For example: Kerbin just had one Moon, the stock Mün, but the inclination and the distance were changed, to match the real worlds moon. I saw that there is a mod called SSRSS, but it uses the textures of RSS, while the mod im searching for used stock textures. Another thing i can remember, is that the KSC was moved, so that it wasn't alligned with the equator any more. Does someone know this mod, and if yes: is it updated for 1.4.4?
  5. I am pretty new in the modding community and i couldnt find good tutorials for making IVA's. The only thing i know is that you need a model for the outside and one for the inside. What would interest me is : - How do you make the inside - How do you manage it in Unity (parenting etc.) - What cfg scripts do you need - How do you integrate mods like [JSI/A.S.E.T/MAS/NearFutureProps] It would help if you could make a tutorial like this I know there are some guides on how to do it on the forum but they are either very old or just confusing. Thank you for your help IceTitan
  6. I've looked through the forum and found no complete guides or tutorials about how to make solar panels in KSP. There are some bits of knowledge here and there but no complete tutorial and most of them seem to be obsolete. Hence my question. From start to finish, how do you guys create your deployable, non deployable, suntracking and static solar panels? Do you animate the deploy animation in 3d modelling software or do you do it in Unity Editor and do you need a specifically named animation or set up pivots/bones in specific places for it to work with KSP? Do you have to name each part of the solar panel in certain way? Do you have to parent them to specific gameObjects for it to work? Which direction should solar catching parts face to face the sun? Which direction should hinge parts face or how should they be named to only rotate around desired axis? Can you specify a maximum angle for a hinge? What I'm trying to do is create a deployable solar panel that's meant to be used on ground. It would work and look similarly to solar panels in the game Surviving Mars. I'll post some pics after I get it to work, hopefully PS. First post on new forums hype!
  7. I got enhanced edition the day it came out and I've been loving it, but I've been wondering is it possible to maybe get mod support for KSP on Xbox/PS4? Thanks!
  8. I am interested in creating a mod. I want to to create a part/ parts pack mod and a contract mod. i have heard that it is best to start with contract configurator when starting with modding. I would like to know the best tips and tricks on starting with modding.
  9. I'm making a mod that adds modern realistic weapons such as the Avenger II GAU from the American A-10 Fairchild [not all that fair irl, you hear the shell impact before the gun] muzzle velocity aside I neee help with models and animation I'm skilled in neither [i can animate with things I've drawn] however this is very different. I also need to know how the hell you can read .mu files. Cya, KenjiKrafts
  10. You know how when you place a decoupler on the bottom of an engine, a fairing shows up around it? Well, as the title says, an engine in a mod I'm making shows the engine fairing in the preview. When I use the part without a decoupler, the engine displays like I want it to. How do I hide the faring in the preview? P.S. Should I just say what my mod is about? I was planing to keep it a secret so it could be more of a surprise. However, if it's a hindrance to keep it a secret, I can say what the mod is about.
  11. SlimeOfSteel

    Creating new fx?

    I want to create new FX (like rocket flames), but I don't know how. Can I use GIMP? Is there a specific file format I need to use?
  12. I'm having trouble with the new parachutes. They're great and fun to use, but I want to deploy them without right-clicking on my kerbal. So I took to the code. I searched the landing gear, lights, and RCS-related parts and couldn't find anything related to action groups. So how do you set them? I know it's possible to assign action groups and staging to kerbals, just get in an EVA seat. I know next to nothing about this stuff, so a video tutorial would probably help the most but I'll take any help I can get.
  13. I got enhanced edition the day it came out and I've been loving it, but I've been wondering is it possible to maybe get mod support for KSP on Xbox/PS4? Thanks!
  14. Hey Guys, I just installed a ton of mods today (i will make a list with the mods if anyone want). But im wondering how the tech tree will be filled with the inofficial modded parts. i know mods like Community Tech Tree and others but is it guaranteed that EVERY modded part is Correct implemented in the tech tree? sometimes i think the parts that are not implemented in the tech tree are just not available in the career mode. Can anyone give me an answer about that? And sorry for possible english mistakes. its not my main language
  15. Do you have unused blender models for KSP ? Here you can post all your works of art that you have given up on/don't have time to finish. Maybe someone else will make/integrate them into a great mod. ORIGINAL POST{outdated}
  16. I have tried so many times modding ksp in the past two years with BD armory, mech jeb, and other mods, but its never worked, no matter how many times I have watched videos, I have not a clue how to do it right. I do not know if there is any automatic installers, but I downloaded Ksp from the Ksp website. Can someone help me learn how to mod manualally?
  17. This is my CFG, and I need a down-facing node. No matter how much I try, the node doesn't want to face downward: @CobaltWolf @Beale Maybe you could help?
  18. Hey guys, so I try to add a few parts to KSP for fun. It all works great but now that I want to add a bumpy texture I run into an issue. It works in Blender and Unity but is very bright and flickering in KSP (The control thing up top). I generate a normal map from a bump map in Unity and as mention it works well inside the Unity editor as you can see below. The texture I use besides the normal map is just the regular on is use for the other parts aswell. Maybe that's the problem? I read another forum post where somebody said I would need to somehow mix the specular and the color texture into one? I'm not sure what that means. Thanks for your help! The Solution: Somehow the Unity internal Normal map generator from greyscale images doesn't work well with KSP. I downloaded the software xNormal and it works flawlessly when I generate normal maps with it. What a pain that was.. Nope, I changed two things at once and the real reason it didn't work before was I exported my textures to TGA files. THat works on regular textures but bump maps apperently go wild using these. Using MBM as a texture format works!
  19. Rocketry_Science

    KSP (Random Things)

    Random Stuff to talk about.
  20. Rocketry_Science

    KSP (Random Things)

    Random Stuff to talk about. Tip : When hosting battles in KSP with BD Download the mod, burning together, It can make setting up battlees way quicker!
  21. So, I'm attempting to combine two engines in my mod into one with a mode for each engine, like the Afterburning Turbofan. However, I'm confused at what I have to do, even after looking into stock CFGs with multiple modes. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  22. I apologize ahead of time if this is the wrong forum section, however I see nothing that would fit this better. Im trying to get into modding so through very loosely following the wikipedia guide to parts and a few other video tutorials ive reached the point where I have a textured model made in blender (Its a single part count landing gear unit because its something ive always wanted and the only one ive seen was a helicopter skid), but now Im unsure of the steps between here and the game. Small note: There are 3 simpler models over the main 3 wheels and body for collision models, which arent visible in the video. The scale is also reasonably sized for 1.25 parts though hopefully I can make this tweakscale compatible as well. Following this guide I know how to export it into a fashion where it can be seen in game, but Im a bit lost past that with regards to getting the animations to work in game/setting up the configuration file to activate them, setting node locations and there really arent any start to finish guides that explain this that ive found. Any help would be appreciated, particularly if there is a video explaining this, or perhaps just an explanation of modules and their interactions with animations along with what modules do perhaps.
  23. How can I make 3.125 m parts in Blender? The radius would have more decimal places than Blender can handle. Does anyone have a solution?
  24. Hi, I've been working on an engine mod, and I would like to know how I would change the animation of the Mainsail engine exhaust to that of the ion engine exhaust. I would also like to know if I can scale up the animation to fit the 2.5m part. Thanks!
  25. The stock of engines and other parts available to me in my build of KSP RSS RO RP-0 (still 1.1.3, can anyone help me out here?) has become boring. Engine mods provide many of the real engines, but more obscure engines (e.g. the HM4, MGM-5 Corporal engine, Wasserfall engine, AJ-260, et cetera) are nowhere to be found, and I want to make fictional engines for my spaceflight-related fictional universes and alternate histories (like engines burning supercooled 100% ethanol and liquid oxygen, hydrofluor, et cetera). I am also bored of the non-editable historical probes, thermophobic RCS, and the lack of generic heat shields beyond Lunar-rated, though not as much as I am about the engines. I have no intention (currently…) to develop mods for other people. I also have no intention to create new models, animations, plumes, or sound effects, just to use those already in existence scaled according to size.