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Found 4 results

  1. First for those who have remembered my old threads on coding I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet and learn python soon. I wanted to ask a few questions. First I have been informed by a mostly reliable source that Python can interface with hardware such as motors and electric "stuff" in general. This is true right? Secondly I have no intention of doing this anytime in the next year but is Python capable of making an AI of sorts. I ask all of this because I want to make a model rocket that has a full guidance system as well as staging system ect and I want to make sure before I put a bunch of time into learning this code that is it worth my time and is what Im looking for. Is this true? Finally are they any pointers that people can suggest to learning this language if it is really what im looking for.
  2. Since model rocketry is the closest most of us will get to KSP in real life, I thought I'd devote a thread to it. Post all your pics, vids, and designs here!
  3. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about model rocketry. I tried to search around for some FREE (hint, hint) software to simulate my designs, and found OpenRocket ( Elated, I clicked on the download link, but I saw that the program was in a .jar format. To open a .jar file, I need Java, but can't install it because of the requirement of an admin password. Other reccomendations?
  4. a while back there was a thread where everyone buzzed about model rockets; ones they had made, papercrafts, launces ect. but sadly, it died now I propose we do some mad necromancy and transfer the soul of that thread into a new host! I sacrifice the body of this thread as a vessel. it shall live again and it lives you may begin conversation.