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Found 316 results

  1. Just List Your Favorite Mods, Not Too Many Maybe 4 or 5 Ok
  2. Hello to all again. I'm new to the KSP forums and after searching google I'm turning here for support. I want to build a customized artillery shell but the small warhead isn't working. Sometimes it'll explode like its supposed to, but mostly it just impacts and disintegrates. Can anyone help?
  3. Pefectly spherical plantet addon?

    Hello, I've seen a post on kerbal academy showing a craft orbiting 2 m off the ground on a perfectly spherical moon with no hills or valleys. I'd like to mess around with such a planet but cannot see a mod that adds a planet that's just a ball. Anyone know how I can get this? Thank you dearly
  4. Hi! I've been struggling to find a way to install the outer planets mod for KSP, because it's my very first mod. i have installed tons of different versions of Kopernicus, and different versions of the planet pack, trying them in all of KSP's versions from when the mod was released up to 1.3.1, and i always get 3 results: 1st: everything starts out OK, as the game loads up i can see items from the planet pack being loaded, but once i get into the main menu, a screen pops up saying there was an error in the loading process, and loading your saves is not recommended, because it could corrupt them. if i ignore this message and start a new save, it leads into the second result. 2nd: everything is OK until i either continue a save or make a new one. i then get an infinite loading screen with the KSC night crickets playing in the background. i have given this loading screen hours to do anything, and nothing happened. 3rd: the game goes up to the KSC, and when i check the tracking station, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon and Plock are nowhere to be found. I have been trying to install the mod for 2 days now, and these three results keep coming up with no matter what advice i take and what combination of Kopernicus, OPM and KSP updates i try. it's really frustrating! If anyone can help me, for example a combo of KSP, Kopernicus and OPM that works, it would be much appreciated! thanks!
  5. Yesterday I was downloading some mods via twitch, so I wanted to test them and when the game finished to load it crashed, I couldnt reach the title screen, so I unistaled the mods, but when I tried to open the game it continued to crash, so now I cant start the game without it crashing, I dont know what to do, can you help me?
  6. Hello, I recently had to reinstall all my mods because I hadn't played since before 1.3's release. I didn't have much trouble updating all the relevant mods and getting them reinstalled and my game now opens and works correctly. However, the only issue I have is that when I tried to load up one of the specific ships I made earlier, it fails and says that it can't be loaded because it requires a missing component 'scienceModuleAdvanced'. Does anyone know what mod this component might be from as I may have missed one of my mods while reinstalling or something. Thanks Image of error
  7. Hello everyone. i just want to report that the mod IXS-Warpship-OS doesnt seem to work why? I have no idea and i would Love to have the mod so please send me a copy of the IXS-Warpship-OS Mod please thank you in advance
  8. Flip tank

    I've been working on tanks lately, and I thought that, hey, what if you could flip a tank with another tank's cannon? Rules: 1. The tank that you are flipping needs to survive with no or minimal damage 2. Both vehicles need to have 6 (at a minimum) wheels 3. Both tanks must have a cannon weapon (not a high powered gun) 4. Weapons MUST be from BDArmory 5. The tank to be flipped MUST be upside down or on its side, not just a little hop. Have fun and post the results in the comments!
  9. so recently ive figured out you can reduce image quality to help save on ram and increased preformance; I'm assuming it's mostly related to part/world textures, but not all image files are nessisarily part/world textures. i downloaded KER and noticed they use a PNG image file. guessing its for the GUI or toolbar icon. anyways, im wondering if KSP automatically knows how to treat all image file formats? I read yesterday that .dds files run more efficiently than the others, so is there a reason why modders use png or mbm formats? could i use a converter to turn them into dds files and ksp would still know how to treat them without much hicup? or would i have to edit some files to point them to the right direction? would it break the mod in any way? Thank you, just trying to save some ram is all, im just about at my limit. and I do understand that in most cases, the images resolution is reduced. Ive seen some threads about ram reduction, but as far as i know its in relation to actual part textures and things as such, not necessarily the other objects people might overlook like toolbar icons, or ingame GUIs, maybe it wont make much difference, but im willing to try and find out lol, unless of course someone already knows the answer :D. Thanks again guys! please correct any misinformation.(i say this because ive read the squad folder had some performance/size issues, but that may have been because the image files were not in dds format? which a recent patch corrected? basically dds files would be a better choice for performance correct?) THANK-YA! THANK-YA!
  10. Hi, Is there a tutorial for making graphics mods for ksp using eve? For example astronomers pack. Thanks
  11. Here is a tutorial on how to install Scatterer (and other mods) manually:
  12. So, I am on KSP Version 1.3.1, and I downloaded MechJeb multiple times, its been installed correctly in the files and all that. But its not showing up in game. I don't know why. Any help? I have some pictures of my folders.
  13. Hello everyone! I use ksp 1.2 and I want to make a small plane with folding wings to deploy from a bomb bay, I think I need something that allows me to fold the wings to place the small plane inside. I'm looking for any mod that has this, do you know if it exists? Thanks to all!
  14. Hello everyone, this is one of my first post so I'm sorry if I make an error. I make designs on the page, I've been doing it for a while. Recently, I discovered the Infernal Robotics mod and it was just what I needed for my latest design, foldable wings. In that mod, there are hinges that are the part I need for this, and this is where my problem starts. When I make a hinge, I mount the wing on it, and I set it up, it works perfectly, the wing moves to its configured position without problems. But when I put 2 hinges, the madness begins. In the editor work perfectly, both wings open outwardly unfolding correctly, but once inside the game the hinges go crazy, the 2 are just leaving the axes causing graphic and structural problems in the ship, do not move as in the editor and they end up breaking. I need help with this, to know if someone has happened to him, or if it is a problem with the configuration of the mod. I have to say, I have sought help and the only advice I found was 'disable Auto-Struts' (Advanced Tweakables) but I already did it and the problem is still there. Does anyone know why this happens? Before anything thanks to everyone!
  15. Best Shuttle?

    Well, after playing for stock so long, I decided to add a challenge and go ASET IVA, love the instrumentation and the cameras! Added mechjeb for boring automated stuff, plus I hate when you have inactive stuff in your new IVA panel , but lets face it, NASA flys by computer, do why not at this point? Ok, so then I found CXA Aerospace aprts, love the APAS, etc. But ... I have no shuttle and arm to go really build up a station, I was "Launching" parts by using rnv cheat to place 150m and then docking, but witht eh realism of the parts and ASET IVA, I'd like to go for a real time station assembly as the new way to enjoy myself. Current mods installed in 1.3.1: ASET, CxAerospace, RPM, mechjeb, DPAI, prob control room, SCANsat, and vessel view. Any recommendations? I know for most I'l lbe adding more dependancies, but with to give this a shot. Thanks beforehand. Marc
  16. So I got Infernal Robotics from CurseForge (99% sure I got it for 1.3), and all of the parts show up in my tech tree and the VAB. I can attach the parts to my crafts, but right clicking on them only gives me my TweakScale options and nothing else. Right clicking on them after the craft is launched does nothing, so they are pretty much just structural parts right now. Am I missing an install of something, or is it possible that I have the wrong version? Thank you for any help.
  17. My KSP game has a few mods (Mostly USI mods) and was working fine until yesterday! Now when I attempt to launch a Vessel the game crashes. I’ve created new saves within the game, reinstalled the game all together, and reinstalled the mods but it still continues to crash. Any help? Mods I’m using: Habitat Pack, easy Vessel Switch, USI Pack, HL Airships, science relay, x science, KAS, KIS, Scan sat, Kerbal planetary base systems, environmental visual enhancements, stock visual enhancements, scatterer.
  18. whats your RAM usage? lol

    just curious. realized ive been using 50% of my ram. so thats 8gb for me. I have 128 downloads from ckan, AVC tells me I have 96. I know I may have a problem...
  19. I personally have a penchant for planet mods...209 planets installed and counting. (and other mods in general, but particularly planet mods...ironically i have neither kss nor gpp) This is a list of all my planets. As you could probably expect, there are a good number of transfer windows that happen. I estimate there to be around one every week on average. Naturally, from all the probes I send out, there is a lot of debris. 183 pieces, to be exact. (it's been going up more slowly ever since i began my reusability program, but even still.) I want to see how bad everyone else's saves are too, so post your best (or worst ) pictures here!
  20. so i have installed the BDarmory mod i have got all the weapons and guns ect but i cant find the Weapon manager module which prevents me from firing my guns. missles and bombs are unaffected be this. i'm using ksp version: and BDArmory version: . i have here my gamedata log: i someone can help me fix this because i would like to play whit this mod and use the guns
  21. Ksp keeps crashing before the main menu after updating. Here is my logs if anyone can help ID the problem
  22. I'm getting a consistent crash since I've been updating to 1.3.1 and re-installing various mods. Here is the link to my output_log file. I don't know how to read these files to identify where the crash is happening. Anybody can help? Also, if you can tell me how you actually see where it crashes, that would be a HUGE help too.
  23. Essential Mods?

    Hi! This is actually my first post... be nice for my sake! So i've been playing KSP for about a year now and have devoted a lot of that time to finding decent mods. I have a relatively powerful iMac (2013-14) so the size of capabilities of the mods don't matter. Right now I only have two installed: TweakScale MechJeb I would like to find a mod that is easy to understand and useful as well. Thanks in advance!
  24. I recently used kcan to reinstall "Engineer redux" and "for science" however they don't seem to work. I had older versions of them in there that I uninstalled and deleted the folders before installing. When I try loading the game I just get blank white squares where the mod icons should be. Strangely engineer redux is up and running but I can't use the icon to close it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting, changing screen resolution. Not sure what else else to try.
  25. Maritime pack question: sub

    I have this submarine that I'm working on, and it just goes into an uncontrolable dive whenever I start diving. Any tips on how to fix this?