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  1. When I try to load Kerbal with Tundra exploration installed, B9 part switch says ‘fatal error’. Have I installed the mod wrong? Can someone show a picture of what it’s supposed to look like?
  2. so every time i start the game it gives me this error message. this happens every time. all i did was add the station parts expansion redux mod (incudes the mod itself, module manager and near future props, and b9partswitch, i tried replacing the folder i already had with the one that came with the rar file but it still didn't work)this is everything in my folder. can you guys help me? this is on 1.9.1
  3. So, sometimes the game freeze and the last lines of the KSP.log are: [WRN 16:25:46.084] Internal: JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old - this is not allowed and likely a leak [WRN 16:25:46.084] To Debug, enable the define: TLA_DEBUG_STACK_LEAK in ThreadsafeLinearAllocator.cpp. This will output the callstacks of the leaked allocations Any idea of what is this and how to avoid it?
  4. This is a stupid question, but can you use mods on ksp Xbox. Most forums say no, but the Xbox version still has a app launcher tab. I mean they completely reworked to game to make it xbox-compatible and wouldn't they remove it if it had no use?
  5. Hi there fellow Space Explorers! Recently I wanted to boost the looks in my KSP 1.11 install as many do. I already tried to follow the guides for things like EVE, Stock Visual Ench.. and scatter. However there must be something I am either doing wrong or is wrong with my installation (btw, uninstall and re-installed yesteday the game). So at the moment I find myself with just scatter as visual mod, I read the page for the mod and tryed to change a couple of parameters but still the planets with atmosphere look nothing alike the ones i see on YouTube... Below links to some
  6. I'm stuck at the main menu and i have 42 mods... help
  7. I'm @Kerminator K-100 and I am addicted to mods. KSP has an amazing community of modders who are all brilliant and never fail to come out with amazing mods. And the mods are all free! Last time I checked CKAN had about 3000 mods total and there are more on the forums, github, spacedock, and curseforge. But when I see a mod that looks cool, I instantly download it. But the mods do have a price. Cluttered part lists, ridiculous loadtimes, paralyzing amounts of options and features to keep track of. And also when an update comes out, I can either remove all mods and risk the kraken's wrath
  8. Hi folks. New to the Forum, hello all! I've been trying for no good reason other than shiggles to get a Starlink type constellation in orbit. Mechjeb2 helps me with the launch timing, orbital plane etc, but I'm having a lot of trouble with distributing each satellite throughout that orbital plane. I start with a launch that's circularized 20km low and then dispense the satellites one by one and orbit raise to 350 as it gets close to the correct location for each bird. Anyway, the point is that keeping a large constellation aligned requires a lot of management - tweaks to
  9. URL: https://SpaceDock.info FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  10. My Environmental Visual Enhancements mod does not seem to have an effect on the visual display of Kerbin or any other planets otherwise affected by EVE. All of my visual mods are up-to-date (1.10-1.11, as not all mods are updated to 1.11). Here's my Gamedata folder: The EVE icon is displayed while in-game, but upon opening complains about not having a config for certain visual mods on EVE. Now the main solution would be to download the configuration files from the EVE download page, but the only thing they have is the source code, with the following message "Note that the Config files ha
  11. These are my fav graphic and realism mods - Stock Part Revamp Smoke Screen - included with RealPlume Scatterer - https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer RealPlume - https://spacedock.info/mod/154/RealPlume - Stock Raster Prop Monitor Planet Shine EVE - https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases Engine Lighting - https://spacedock.info/mod/272/Engine Lighting Distant Object Enhancements Blast Awesomeness Modifier (BAM) - https://spacedock.info/mod/1225/Blast Awesomeness Modifier (BAM) ASET props and avio
  12. Module Manager is a pretty useful mod for practically managing mods, basically, in sarbian's words: "is mod that let you write patch file that edit other part at load time. With is you can edit squad (and other mod) part without overwriting their file." Now, again, this will mostly be for Windows. Step 1: Go to this link, and scroll down slowly to where it will say "Downloads:" And it should look like this. Link: Step 2: Find your KSP version, the latest version is pretty much 1.10, and I have that version. So I would go underneath it and click on either the zip, or dll. I do not
  13. I heard you wanna install mods. This will help you. Soon I will do a Module Manager tutorial, but CKAN in my opinion a very easy easy way to install mods. Steps: First, you wanna go to this link, and follow my instructions. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/releases/tag/v1.29.2 This will take you to something where you will see "Freedman" or something like that. Scroll all the way to the bottom. (This is mainly for windows sorry mac bros) Now, click on ckan.exe. Let it download, and then open it, it should be at the bottom like most .exe downloads are. Now, it might say like it was blocked fr
  14. Eu instalei alguns mods no meu KSP 1.10 (EVE, DistantObject, KSP secondary Motion, PlanetShine, Sigma, Scatterer e Astronomers Visual Pack), despois de instalar quando fui abrir meu save todos os contratos, tantos os ativos quantos os do prédio de missão sumiram. Não consigo mais realizar nenhuma missão e assim não consigo mais pontos de ciência. Alguém pode me ajudar ?
  15. The Challenge: Build a military aircraft that falls under one of the following categories and submit it in your post for the most points possible: Fighter (Baseline, 5 points) Bomber (Baseline, 5 points) Transport (Baseline, 5 points) How to submit: Different submissions have different point bonuses. Choose one of the following ways to submit: Cinematic (Showcase Video with soundtrack, +20 points) Showcase Video (Show off your design in a video, +15 points) Image Gallery with Stats (Have a series of images of your aircraft with its in-game st
  16. When I installed it correctly, it started make parts looks weir is it a a bug or I install too many mods (Real plume, Tundra exploration, Kerbal planetary base, and scatters)
  17. Hi, I have Modular Launch Pads, and I tried to use the Saturn V from the bluedog design bureau, and when i try to launch, the saturn 5 is stuck to the launchpad. I can confirm that this is the launchpad, and not other things. https://i.imgur.com/52kj5EO.png. That is my gamedata folder. https://imgur.com/a/LyEZnCn. that is some video footage. If there is more information, feel free to tell me! Thanks for all of your help! EDIT: Fixed. Missing B9PartSwitch dependency.
  18. So I installed some mods on from ckan and then deleted ckan for some reason. I opened up KSP days later to find out I rigged my whole game with random mods. I deleted the steam version of KSP and reinstalled it again but it still didn't remove the mods so could anybody tell me how I could actually remove ALL the mods from my game since I can see them in ckan?
  19. Launch Pad is a CKAN Client written for macOS. It allows you to download and install mods for Kerbal Space Program, including dependencies. If you play KSP on a Mac, and find it hard to use the official CKAN application using monodevelop, give Launch Pad a try! The app is still being developed, so while you can install most mods with it, you can't upgrade them right now. The app uses the original CKAN Metadata Repository, so all mods that are available on CKAN are also available in here. I'd LOVE for some adventurous Mac users to try it out and leave feedback though. Mo
  20. Ok, i'm not an absolute noob in KSP but I'm far from being a veteran. I'm the perpetual student, always learning (and occaisionally even succeeding). So here's my question: The FAR mod, yay or nay? I try to keep my install pure stock, but the idea of a more realistic aerodynamic model is compelling. Further, I'm running KSP 1.10.0 and will try to upgrade to 1.10.1 this wekend. Is FAR worth it, especially on these newest versions?
  21. I'm designing a couple of SSTOs and I'm testing them with different fuel levels for re-entry, to see if they are stable, but it is a hard thing to test, I remember installing Ferram Aerospace Research and it had a cool assistant that displayed some useful aerodynamic coefficients. What I'm looking for is a similar mod but for the stock aero model, I did a couple of google searches but couldn't find much.
  22. Can someone make a mod that allow you to control multiple crafts from on craft
  23. What are the mods that add the most realism after RSS , RO and FAR ? And that don't suck that much resources.
  24. How to use Textures unlimited mod? I've downloaded it and placed it in game data folder and I also have module manager, but the mod is not loading in ksp.
  25. Hi, i want to make a ksp mod to simulate the proverse yaw effect caused by the bell-shaped lift distribution formulated by Prandlt. As a layman, i have no idea how to program and create a mod to do that, so, maybe i can get some help. The mod would be very simple, it would create trust at instead of drag when aileron is applied, and it could also have UI that allow you to switch on and off this effect and control its intensity. The bell lift distribution create this effect, as you aply aileron to generate more lift on the wingtip you also generates more trust, thus yawing in the same direction
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