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Found 470 results

  1. Hi , So , I play KSP for a bit of time now , and I want to try some mods . The problem is ... I don't know were to start ! What do we have to do to install mods , how to play to lots of mods at a time , and finally , which mods shall-I choose ? I have no idea which mods exist and which mods are the best . If you know the answer for one or more of my problems , can you answer me , please ?
  2. Hey KSP People! First Post, so I hope this is the right place. Lately i've been trying out some graphics mods like "Spectra", "Astronomers Visual Pack", "Environmental Visual Enhancements", "Stock Visual Enhancements", "Scatterer", ... as well as different Skyboxes. However, sadly, they all looked absolutely terrible. Especially the terrain on Kerbin was so awful thaat I just instantly quit. Some of them looked worse than the Vanilla game. I've installed all of them via CKAN, trying out their different configurations on different versions of KSP, but there's just not been a single mod that really convinced me. I'm currently on KSP 1.9.1 Am I doing something wrong? Are there any better mods that I don't know of? Do I need special configurations for those mods to work properly? I really hope somebody can help me with this, I've seen KSP look better in some YouTube videos and just can't achieve that level of visual realism it seems
  3. I have tried many cinematic and camera mods but nothing worked back in 1.7 and now I'm again finding these types of mods but no one works(I have 1.9 virsion) please help! Or do anyone have any camera mod which still works on 1.9 please tell
  4. I was finding any mods which can give me flight profile in graphical form like altitude vs time graph, acceleration vs time graphic etc. Like dude in this video I just died finding this thing but looks like it doesn't exist
  5. Whenever i try to load up kerbal space program it gets to the end then stops. and says, "Loading expansions/Serenity" and it just sits there log file?: I am not very experienced So let me know if you need anything else I will put a picture in soon. Picture:
  6. As the title suggests I tried installing Modular Kolonization Systems and Life Support by Umbra Space Industries yesterday, but for some reason some parts didn't show up in the VAB but they were there when I looked in the folder. So I tried uninstalling mods and reinstalling them to see which one was the culprit and apparently it was ReStock and Restock+. I don't know what causes this problem maybe a patch from Module Manager I don't know. If anyone has any input or any ideas so I can have all of these mods work together please let me know.
  7. Any body know of any good suit packs for texture replacer I found some but the download link doesn't work
  8. Hello, I want to recreate a realistic simulation of the falcon heavy and the falcon 9 but the launchers pack says it will only work with 1.7.2 so is there any way to change or make it work to the ksp version 1.2.2
  9. In ksp 1.8 kerbal engineer is no longer compatible so I still use ksp 1.7.3 , I do this for other mods as well squad please make mods like raster prop kerbal engineer that are no longer supported by the developer compatible again.
  10. KSP: 1.8.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Hinge leads to pinwheeling, see linked video. Mods installed: Both DLC and below. All the mods are current according to CKAN 1.26.6. Those marked are pre-1.8.0: AutomatedScienceSampler Chatterer ChattererExtended ClickThroughBlocker CommunityDeltaVMaps DistantObject DistantObject-default DockingPortAlignmentIndicator EasyVesselSwitch EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements KerbalAlarmClock KerbalEngineerRedux KerboKatzUtilities ModuleManager NavballDockAlignIndCE PlanetShine PlanetShine-Config-Default RealTimeClock2 Scatterer Scatterer-config ScienceRelay StageRecovery StockVisualEnhancements SVE-MediumResolution SVE-Sunflare TacFuelBalancer TextureReplacer Toolbar ToolbarController Trajectories TransferWindowPlanner PRE-1.8.0 TriggerAu-Flags unBlur PRE-1.8.0 UNDOCKINATOR PRE-1.8.0 VaporVent WaypointManager xScienceContinued Reproduction steps: I have a station en route to Minmus. The station uses 2 of the hinges to deploy solar panels. Launched, extended and performed trans burn no problem. Switched to Space Center and a few Kerbal days later switched back. The result is here, sort of amusing (10 second video, about 14MB). Anyone seen this before and short of redesigning without the hinge, how can i fix it? My mod list is above in case one of these is the issue (I sort of doubt it.). Note that in the same game save I have a hinge in a shuttle as part of a grabber arm and it works fine. Update: Reduced mods to just these two, as they have parts on some of my craft. KerbalEngineerRedux ( VaporVent (1.1.10) Switched to station and still pinwheeling. Homer
  11. The development thread for the continuation of the beloved Aviation Cockpits Original Thread by @Mallikas: From The Original Thread: Adds 9 new cockpits - Eurofighter Typhoon - Interceptor Inline Cockpit - Training Jet Cockpit - F8F Bearcat cockpit - Fw 190 Cockpit Twin-seated cockpits: - Su-30 - Mirage 2000 - S39 Cockpit - F-104 Cockpit Pics: Pics of prop plane cockpits: Rasterpropmonitor is recommended for working dials and huds: Download: Pre-Release Released! No part changes from the original yet... Optional Addons: Still working on getting the latest versions, will be updated sometime after release. Planned Features: Full BDA support, will be released as a extras folder. Criticism Welcome.
  12. Hi guys. You may heard about/loved the Lack Luster Labs mod. @linuxgurugamer and @LeLeon worked on it a lot tto, revive/update it, but still there's a lot to do. Since @Lack left the mod long ago and the models are gone, the two mentioned above has a hard time to update the LLL mod to 1.8+ Is there anybody in the forum, who can modelling parts with blender or other adequate program? I cannot, 'cause I'm dumb for programming/modelling. Every necessary info you can find here:
  13. Hello there, Does anyone know of any mods that are compatible with 1.6.1 (yes I still use that, too lazy to find the updated versions of the 200000000000000 mods I have installed.) that add RANDOM FAILURES into the game? (capitalisation solely for dramatic effect) I want to add some realism into the game so, yeah. Also could anyone be so kind as to provide the link for Deadly Reentry's 1.6.x Release? The oldest I can get is 1.7.x Thanks and I appreciate it.
  14. I downloaded all nedded mods. I create all files. and i got this eror :1 error related to Gamedata/EquentRevived/config/equent Help me pls here cfg file :
  15. Same as title. I've gotten 11000 patches when I got 60 mods. Also, 1 problem that I plan i fixing.
  16. This is just for everyone's general opinion. If one isn't in the poll, please say who it is in the comments as polls are restricted to 20 options.
  17. I've been thinking about creating some KSP mods for some time but, I don't really know where to start. One question I thought of so far is what kind of application(s) should I use? A couple mods that I've thought of making are parts mods and mods that just change things in the game.
  18. I have installed the "After Kerbin" mod and I wish to remove it I was able to delete everything in it except "sigma" I tried deleting it multiple times and it's still has all the planets from the mod
  19. I've noticed in my updated 1.7.3 install, that it takes much longer to switch from Flight mode into Map view. Is this a known thing with any specific mods? I've tested a stock 1.7.3 install (only mod is Hyperedit) versus my fully modded install, and the stock install is practically instantaneous. Modded install takes approx. 5 secs, which doesn't seem like a lot... but it's painfully obvious. So most likely something is going on with my mod interactions and the Map View loading... Thanks for any input, advice, or troubleshooting direction! Here's my list from CKAN for reference: Most recent log also provided for reference: KSP Log 092619 T1016.log
  20. So I'm playing KSP in version 1.6.1 and I was just wondering what the recommended total amount of mods I would be able to use that my game/computer can handle. Specs: i5-4570 3.20GHz CPU 930gb ram
  21. So I'm trying to start up KSP, but it stops halfway through, specifically at the stock jet engine for some reason. Is there something wrong with this part? Are there any conflicting mods? Mods I'm using: Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System including their dependencies as seen on the GitHub page. ( Real Solar System Visual Enhancements including its dependencies.
  22. So I wanted to Hype up for KSP so i took some mods (Much mods) and played i Created a mun base and noticed i cant use the Swivel Engine and some Thrusters in General or I cant Change how much fuel is in the Most Tanks Which mod is causing this? On This Picture you can See that i cant do it Here you can See what mods i have installed Just Tell me if you need more information