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Found 394 results

  1. Welcome to the KSP Computer Building/Buying Megathread. Post your Specs and Builds of your Work in Progress, Current, or Future Builds; or ask for advice on computer purchases. This is also a place for constructive discussion, Please keep it an open and friendly enviroment. No fanboys just honest facts would be appreciated. Feel free to post Anything Computer Related here. Some hardware fixes. Some videos to help you with building your rig. How Not to apply Thermal Paste. How to correctly apply Thermal Paste. Looking to buy a Mechanical Keyboard? A Nice Form to fill out if you want help from someone with planning a build. When trying to recommend a build to you, there's some information that's extremely helpful for us to know. If you could answer these few short questions, we'd be happy to help! What are you planning to do with this compuer? Please be as specfic as possible. What is your budget? Does this include a copy of Windows? Does this include peripheals (a keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, etc.)? [*]Are you from the United States or a different country? Are you ordering from your own country or from across borders? Wherever you may be from, does the store that you are planning to order from have a website? It's okay if it isn't in English, we can manage. If you are from the United States, do you live nearby a Microcenter? Do you have any specific requests with the build? Do you plan on overclocking? If yes, do you have a specific goal in mind? Would you prefer the build to be particularly small? Would you prefer the build to be particularly quiet? In general, do you prefer this to be a computer that you can spend money on now and let it rest, or a box built for continuous upgrading? Do you ever plan on utilizing NVIDIA's SLI or AMD's CrossfireX technologies? These features, with a compatible motherboard, allow a user to link multiple identical graphic cards together for added performance. In real world terms, this lets you buy a second identical graphics card down the line as a relatively cheap and easy way to gain a fairly large boost in performance. However, this requires buying a SLI/CFX compatible motherboard and PSU now, which may result in slightly higher initial cost. (OPTIONAL) Have you already looked at or considered any parts (it's okay if you haven't)? If so, please list your top 1-2 choices for each category. If you've only picked out a few of the below, just list those. CPU Motherboard RAM Graphics Card Power Supply Case Hard Drive Solid State Drive (optional) Mouse (if necessary) Keyboard (if necessary) Monitor (if necessary) Speakers/Headset (if necessary) Once again, thank you in advannce for taking the time to answer these. My Build. My parts list can be found here. Look at these temps. LOOK AT THEM.
  2. Hi Everyone, Its my first post and I have only just got into Kerbal Space Program One omission I noticed is theres no ability to detect "life" or look for potential life on a scanner in Stock. Are there any mods that provide a module for a probe to detect life and add a ton of science? Or how about a mod that puts actual simple creatures on some planets? Maybe each time you load the game up its random where life will generate/ except on moons What do you guys think? Cant be that difficult to implement surely?
  3. I'm finding as I am gaining more hours and experience playing Kerbal Space Program, that I am starting to impose rules, or at least methods of play on myself. For example, I don't like using additional reaction wheels in most aircraft (and I usually turn off stability-except for long distance cruising). I feel like my planes should at least be able to fly with as little aid as possible. That is not an absolute (I break that rule for some of my really weird ones), but it is an ideal. I know some people only play in stock. Others may eschew certain mods or only use mods like Realism Overhaul or FAR that make things harder. So, what is your limit? Are their certain parts you won't use or certain building methods you stay away from? Do you not allow yourself to revert flights? What line (if any) do you draw for yourself and why?
  4. Buenas a todos. Me gustaría recibir algunos consejos sobre esto: Dejé de usar USI Life Support porque se quedó en 1.3 y ahora estoy con TAC Life Support. Sin embargo no conozco ningún mod para complementarlo: mods de cultivos, agua, minería (en palabras simples, autosuficiencia)... Busco alguno compatible con la última versión de KSP. y con el propio USI Life Support. Cuantos más mejor.
  5. So i've been using kerbal engineer redux for a while and recently i've realized that in some rockets removing or changing the weight of a test payload doesnt effect the delta-v and sometimes even affects counter intuitively. So im trying to test a new 2 stage reusable rocket in career and in kerbal engineer redux increasing the size of the monoprop tank only decreases the deltav of the first but not second stage. and removing the tank removes about 300m/s from the second stage. NOTE: rcs is of in the kerbal enginner redux readouts. Could anybody tell me why this is happening and if it is a bug how i can fix this??
  6. Hey, I've installed RSS n stuff, but i have no idea what im doing. So far, I haven't been able to find much. Does anyone know any good tutorials for RSS? (I use 1.3.1 btw)
  7. Original tutorial on my website: Graphic Mods: SVE forum: SVE download link: SVE Textures: EVE Download: Scatterer: Kopernicus: SVT (planet textures): SVT Comparison: Stock Part Revamp (better part textures): Stock Part Revamp comparison photos: Real Plume: Smoke Screen: Raster Prop Monitor: Texture Replacer: Skybox (download from dropbox): Other skybox (not used in video): Galileo's Sun Flares: Installation: First of all you have to open up KSP installation directory. To do it open up steam, right click to kerbal space program, properties, local file and browse local files. I highly recommending you to make clean ksp installation just for this purpose. And all downloaded mods you will be putting into GameData folder. (Default KSP location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData) So let’s start by downloading first mod called scatterer which will add some awesome looking fog, reflection of water with waves and much more. So if you have it downloaded you will now need something which can work with archives, for example WinRAR or 7-Zip. So open up that downloaded scatter file and copy inside of a folder gamedata into KSP gamedata directory. Scatterer: Next up will be mod SVE or Stock Visual Enhancements. So download the base mod also with textures. From SVE textures you can choose between high, medium and low resolution textures but I will use high resolution. SVE forum: SVE download link: SVE Textures: Then you will also need to download EVE or Environmental Visual Enhancements but do not download configs. There are config files already in scatterer so if you will download and use both you will end up with overlaying textures and very bad performance. But if you will don’t have any clouds after I will show you all these steps you can try downloading EVE with configs. It may fix the clouds in some cases. EVE Download: So let’s install these mods. First one will be EVE, again open it up and extract its content inside the KSP gamedata directory. Do the same thing for SVE and SVE textures. Next mod will be Texture Replacer which was surprisingly updated and we will be using it for changing the skybox. So download it from GitHub then open it up and extract it into KSP gamedata directory. Texture Replacer: For that better skybox I will be using Rareden’s real 8k skybox. You can download it from dropbox also link will be in the video description. If you want to use different skybox you can but you need .jpg or .png file types. From what I know texture replacer will not work with for example, .dds files. There is also another skybox mod available but as I said it was not working for me, but you can give it a shot. To install it copy all photos inside the texture replacer/default folder. Skybox (download from dropbox): Other skybox (not used in video): Next up we have Galileo’s Sun Flares which will make the Sun or in KSP Kerbol looks much better and you will also have that nice realistic lens flare effect. To download it you can choose from a lot of different colors. And then just extract it into gamedata directory as every other mod. Galileo's Sun Flares: Now let’s install mod Kopernicus which is for modifying planet textures and other stuff. Again download it and then extract everything to gamedata directory. Kopernicus: To install better planet or terrain textures download SVT or Stock Visual Terrain and extract it inside the gamedata folder. SVT (planet textures): SVT Comparison: Now if you want some realistic engine effects, you can install mod Real Plume along with Smoke Screen. But the new KSP 1.4 with updated unity particles is already very good. So it is optional if you want to use it. But to install it download the latest real plume and smoke screen. And extract everything from Smoke Screen to gamedata directory but from Real Plume extract only Real Plume and Real Plume-Stock, do not extract smoke creen from real plume because it is outdated. Real Plume: Smoke Screen: Another mod called Raster Prop Monitor will make cockpits look much better and it will add functional displays. Installation is again the same. Extract JSI folder to gamedata directory. Raster Prop Monitor: To improve stock part textures, you can use this quite old mod called Stock part revamp and surprisingly version for ksp 1.2 it is working totally fine even on 1.4.1. So download it and now pay attention because from my old videos I know that this mod was causing a lot of problems because it was not installed properly. So when you will download it inside stock revamp master folder is folder gamedata, ignore all other files and folders only one important is gamedata which you need to copy into KSP installation gamedata folder. And now you should be done with the installation. Stock Part Revamp (better part textures): Stock Part Revamp comparison photos: Now I like to launch KSP from launcher only for the first time to set graphic preset to maximum and then you must use 64bit ksp launcher called KSP x64 located in the installation folder or you can just use steam and select 64bit version during the launch. If you will don’t use 64-bit version game will be probably crashing or it will don’t work at all. If you did everything correctly now you should have awesome looking kerbal space program. I want to mention that all new parts even from DLC are working totally fine so you can still change the color. Your Gamedata folder should look like this:
  8. Ok so i have seen a lot of mod showcases recently, and some seem really cool to me and i think they should be added into the stock game. I know this topic it mentioned a lot, but this list of mods is truly special. 1. Kerbal Reusability. Currently in the stock game, it it difficult to land boosters without completely destroying them. The mod Kerbal Reusability being added into the stock game would make reusing spacecraft much easier. 2. Trajectories Mod. The trajectories mod is a great mod that adds atmospheric trajectory predictions to make landing easier. 3. That one mod that adds boat parts. Sorry i forgot the name of this mod, but it would be useful in cooperation with Kerbal Reusability. 4. KER. This mod adds readouts and is very helpful. So yeah. Thats the list of mods i want to become stock. Feel free to comment and suggest additional mods to be added. Oh and also i think the MK4 part mod should be stock
  9. Duck McFuddle

    Missing parts

    So I wanted to download a few mods, specifically Environmental Visual Enhancements, Kerbal Engineer Redux, and Outer Planets. I put them all in the Gamedata Folder, as well as the squad folder, and only KER Worked properly. EVE and Outer Planets did nothing. I then gave up and tried to simply delete the mods and play without them but soon found that I could not get rid of KER and Outer planets. EVE Went away, however. If I watch the files while KSP is loading, I can see them re-downloading into the folder. So I decided to leave it and forget anything happened. BUT, when I went into the game I found that all of the "Thermal" Parts were missing, the storage bays reverted back to their old models, and a duplicate RCS tank without a texture. I have tried many times to uninstall the mods but no luck. Can anybody help me?
  10. Partperpart

    What mod do you use?

    The mods I currently use are: ProbesPlus, Mechjeb, Module manager, Kerbal Inventory System, Kerbal Attachment System, Planetary Base Inc, DMagic Orbital Science, And Finally, Space Taxi.
  11. Carzy2998


    Hi can any one recommend any mods to enhance my current career save mods I already have include all MkS/usi including ls, opm, kis/kas, pathfinder, scansat, planets shine, eve, extra solar, scatterer, chatterer, all near future, svt, dpai, doe, planetary base, kerbal engineer kac, sep, d magic, ferram and too many others to name off the top of my head have over 3000 hours looking for complicated mods to further build up my colonies or other planet or systems that will not conflict with the ones i already have any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Currently using version 4.3
  12. quasarrgames

    "The Essential" Mods List

    So i've been wondering, if someone was to put together a "universal" or "essential" mods pack, for mods that only ever add to the quality and breadth of the game and are compatible with pretty much everyone's playstyles, what mods do you think would be in this pack? I know it's a pretty wide stroke to paint, but i'm sure there are some mods that could fit in the list. I think the best "essential" mods would be Kerbal Engineer and TimeControl, followed by slightly slimmed down versions of Firespitter, EVE, NearFuture, InfernalRobotics and OPM, maybe with some B9 in there too. What do you think?
  13. dedelamitaine

    Recherche de mods

    Bonjour je me sent un peu limiter dans ksp c'est pour ça que je vous demande si vous connaissez des bon mod de pas de tir et de tour de lancement avec cordon ombilical, etc.. Merci.
  14. StrandedExplorer

    USI Systems - Visuals

    I just added the USI mod packs through CKAN and now when I launch vessels at the space center I am stuck seeing this gray fog, kinda like the ocean washed Instagram filter over my screen. It extends all over even in space, Please help it's not bad but very annoying. Thanks!
  15. So as i said in the title when i launch my game a title showes up and says ; Incompetible Mods Detected update your mods bla bla by DarkMultiPlayer~~~i dleated all my mods exept DMP but i still get this mesage and mod dosen't start i tried 64x and 32x launch opinions but same result please help asap. ( i tried updateing)
  16. Soo, I have MKS installed but planetary logistics don't seem to work, or I don't know how to access this part of the mod in kdp1.4.1, can you help me out please?
  17. I'm looking for a good atmosphere/clouds mod for a relatively low performance laptop. I just thought it would be nice to touch up the textures while being friendly to my i5. If there aren't any that work decently, then I guess I'll just save for a gaming pc.
  18. RealKerbal3x

    Hand-picking mod parts

    Hi, I have a question about mod parts. I really like this centrifuge part from @Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts mod: However, I'm not that interested in the rest of the mod, so ideally I would just add this part to the game without needing to install the rest of the parts (which I won't use). I've seen people do it before, so it's possible, but how exactly do you do it? I assume I'll need the dependencies for the mod installed for it to work. Thanks (And moderators, please move this if it's in the wrong place)
  19. This is a thread that is completely focused on the console version of K.S.P. I started this request thread because I feel that it is unfair that us console players are restricted from mods from a game that has one of the best mod support. So in this thread hopefully it's reviewed and considered by the devs is a list of mods that i think should be added to the console edition as stock parts and features. K.A.S (Kerbal attachment system) so players have better attaching options. K.I.S (Kerbal inventory system) so players can have more inventory items BD Armory continued to give players more diversity with flight. Giving them more things to do with space planes. Hullcams vds because what is space without telescopes. And cameras are everywhere now so let's bring kerbol to the 21st century. Magic smoke industries Infernal robotics so that we can have more robotic parts an control over them. B9 Aerospace and airplane plus giving the player a wider variety with space plane parts Kerbal planetary base systems giving the players better base modules to build on planets Feline utility rovers for better Rover builds. Tac live support (as a difficulty option) to give the players a more realistic space travel experience. If you support this notion please leave a list of your own requests or comment about why certain request should or shouldn't be.
  20. I have a few mods installed on my KSP at the moment - about 10 I think. However, while I may use a certain mod in my main sandbox save, I don't use that mod in my career save. So my idea is that each savegame has its own mod folder, and they can each have a completely different mod set to each other. This would mean that you could have super-modded GPP on one save and totally stock on another, essentially removing the need to have multiple installations of KSP. I'm not a game developer by any means, so I'm not sure how it could be made to work, or if it would be at all possible. But it would be great. Any thoughts??
  21. donalddahlen


    W.I.P. ver. 1.3.1. First part of a exploration Vessel from the NASA. Nautilus Exploration Starsystem for travel. Command Modul : Reactor : Tank Modul : Atomic Engine : Complete Vessel
  22. I'm new in ksp. I really don't know were to download mods for this game. Curse Forge was the first suggestion I get in google. Are there other sites offering more mods?
  23. I am not a very creative person and I really want to make a mod for KSP. If you guys have any concepts plz tell me and I'm gonna probably make a mod out of it.
  24. MjrLeeObvious

    Optimization Mods

    I have noticed a great gaping hole in the KSP modding community. We have a devastating lack of Optimization Mods, for players like myself who have lower end PCs, KSP can be more like a slideshow than a game. What I am looking for is a mode that does for KSP, what Optifine did for Minecraft. Does anyone know of any mods for 1.4 or newer that do this or any projects that are working to build a mod like this? Cheers!
  25. Luc1fer

    Vessels dissapearing ...

    Hello fellow kerbaliers! Thank you for taking a moment to help this poor kerbonaut So here comes the topic itself, i was playing 1.3.1 with a set of mods (all about BD armory and army stuff) and i was doing a test with my new stealth plane, to see what distance the AESA radar takes to detect me; I made an anti-aircraft s-400 based vehicle with some interceptor missiles, the AESA radar and other stuff, i moved it to the island next to kerbin main base (the one that has a dirty runway), I moved my stealth plane to like 15 km behind kerbin, that's when the weird things started happening... Literrally set up the autoengage on the ground-air went back to my craft using the ''['' and '']'' keys as always, i aproached the s-400 and i noticed that in the ''vs'' window of bd armory the s-400 was gone, it went to another dimension?!?! I tried again and the same, so i realised than when i get more far away from the ground vessel than over 10km it dissapears without any reason My face when i realised was like :roto2: EDIT: I forgot :roto2: was a spanish meme, here you have a pic of him so you can imagine my face