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Found 511 results

  1. So I'm gonna admit this now. For the past year-and-a-half that I've had this game, I've never gone super in-depth with career mode, as sandbox is just kinda my thing. But career mode has gotten my interest for a good few months now, and I just think the mode itself with its technological progression with the tech tree has made me fascinated. Now I'll actually try to play the mode and be able to go past getting into suborbital flight. I've also not posted that much here on the forums, so I'll do more by showing off missions that I do through logs. I'll be having fun with this and I hope you do too as you read along. I'll post my first log soon, maybe tomorrow or the day after, but I'll definitely make sure I do. By the way, my career won't be completely stock, as I have a few mods (some by Angel-125, CobaltWolf, bcink, and others) along with it. Most of the time when I see other users' logs, they will have a few mods, too.
  2. I tend to run fairly heavily modded games, as ive exhausted the stock game and i need more to enjoy it and challenge me. However, with modded installs i tend to run into performance issues sometimes. I have a pretty decent pc, ryzen 5 2600, 2070 super, 16gb 3200mhz ram. With the stock game i can run it at max settings over 100 fps, but with modded installs it tends to to down, which is fine, but not as low as it is sometimes. With ksp being pretty cpu dominant, and single threaded at that, i imagine graphics mods wont affect me that much? As i have a powerful gpu with 8gb vram, and 16gb ram should be more than enough too? Im using ksp 1.8.1 at the moment, as i want to play with sigma dimensions. I was using 6.4x scale with 9.6x orbits. I was also using astronomers visual pack with the 8k textures. About 150 mods total installed with ckan. I was getting 1 fps. Not even 2. I had a few guesses as to what it could be, maybe the 8k textures, or the ground scatter being scaled as well, which was weird. But if i went eva, i got 50 fps, but not inside the ship? I downgraded to 4k textures for avp, uninstalled my skybox mod, and fixed the ground scatter, and its at 20fps roughly now, but thay may well be just cos i restarted the game. Using alt f12 and looking at the performance tab, it looks like im only using 4gb ram, with 5gb allocated? I installed this mod called heap padder, as i thought it would improve performance. I havent uninstalled it yet, but maybe thats causing a bug? All i really want is a general idea of what kind of mods affect performance the most. Part mods, plugins etc. Sorry for rambling but its getting on my nerves especially with my pc being more than up to par.
  3. So, sometimes the game freeze and the last lines of the KSP.log are: [WRN 16:25:46.084] Internal: JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old - this is not allowed and likely a leak [WRN 16:25:46.084] To Debug, enable the define: TLA_DEBUG_STACK_LEAK in ThreadsafeLinearAllocator.cpp. This will output the callstacks of the leaked allocations Any idea of what is this and how to avoid it?
  4. hello, I am going to make rp-1 for ksp2. Just to clarify, I mean new types of fuel and new parts to run on may be wondering, its at least a year before launch, so why are you doing it now? well, if I get all the mumbo jumbo before it is released, all I have to do is familiarize myself with the code and then edit it to make a mod.
  5. Ok, i'm not an absolute noob in KSP but I'm far from being a veteran. I'm the perpetual student, always learning (and occaisionally even succeeding). So here's my question: The FAR mod, yay or nay? I try to keep my install pure stock, but the idea of a more realistic aerodynamic model is compelling. Further, I'm running KSP 1.10.0 and will try to upgrade to 1.10.1 this wekend. Is FAR worth it, especially on these newest versions?
  6. is their any mods available for SLS and ORION for ksp 1.10.1?
  7. This sounds weird, but when i uninstall KSP and delete anything from the steamapps, common folder, and then reinstall it, some stuff that is not included in the base game gets installed. This problem has only occurred with mods i have installed using ckan. i am not sure that i have fully uninstalled it, but that may be the case. pretty much, is there anyway i can delete any and all files that are used for ksp or CKAN so i can have a fresh, clean copy of KSP? Also, i'm using the steam version of KSP. Just wanted to clarify. These are also some pictures:
  8. So, I was attempting to build an F-8 Crusader in KSP today, and that got me thinking: Is there anyone out there who would be willing to make a mod for KSP that adds in the right parts to make a Vought F-8 Crusader? Then, I started thinking about what else a mod like that could include, other than the Crusader's Nose-section, engine-shroud/engine, tail fins, wings, and landing gear. One of my ideas was that with this mod adding F-8 Crusader parts, it could also add in a few other cockpits, wings/control surfaces, and engines. Among these could be different variations of the Crusader nose-section (such as a more futuristic and sleek one, a larger two-seat version, etc), and possibly entirely different plane cockpits. What do y'all think?
  9. I've had an idea of a fuel tank, which simultaneously has extra service bays for fuel, craft etc. The question is, how do I do it? The model is done, just the programming is what I'm missing.
  10. Hey all. It is very hard for me to play KSP without the mods from RoverDude. I love most of the mods of USI. Anyone knows what is going on with RoverDude? I know he become part of the KSP team but it has been a while since I hang around here. I just came back to play KSP since it got the 1.10 update, I got basically most of my mods working but it seams USI mods have not been updated since 1.8. If RoverDude is still around, can you give us some info mate? Hope all is well. Thank you.
  11. I know this might be off the title of this page, but I have ksp v1.10 and cant download mods.. please help
  12. Hi! I have a (what i believe) a really useful mod idea and an even vaguer idea of how to execute it, but it involves reverse engineering an already existing squad part. If anyone is feeling extra kind and has a few hours in spare time, feel free to reach out to me on discord at Fishfinger#8513.
  13. My pc specs are: CPU: Intel Core 2 duo e7200 2.53GHz Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8490 1GB Vram issue: My graphics Card overheats After 5 minutes or less of playing KSP Mods: Luciole , ReentryParticleEffectRenewed
  14. This mod crashes my game, any help?
  15. how do i make mods please help!!
  16. Installing visual mods for myself was very frusturating, because they often were outdated and didnt work on CKAN. I would install the mods, and then they just didnt work. Because I know the struggle, I thought I would save it for others wanting visual mods by compiling all of the mods and necessities (other than ModuleManager) in one zip file. This file contains the following mods: PlanetShine: Adds a reflection to ships near a bright planet Scatterer: Adds atmospheric scattering, sunflare, eclipse shadows, etc. DistantObjectEnhancment: Enhances distant crafts and celestial bodies, and adds dynamic skybox dimming Environmental Visual Enhancements and Stock Visual Enhancements: Adds auroras, city lights (only on Kerbin), clouds, and a better Jool texture on bodies with an atmosphere. Real Plume: Adds much better engine thrust visuals SmokeScreen: Allows Real Plume to work Pood's 8k Milky Way Skybox: A beautiful skybox of the real milky way based on NASA data TextureReplacer: Allows Pood's Skybox to work I have left out ModuleManager. Make sure to install it to allow Module Manager before installing these mods. Module Manager is a necessity for most mods anyway. Here is the zip file containing the mods [snip] Instructions for install: 1. Download and unzip the .zip file 2. Copy the contents of the downloaded GameData folder (NOT the folder itself, the CONTENTS within it) into KSP's GameData folder. (Remember you need ModuleManager) 3. Open KSP and enjoy! I chose to use the medium resolution textures for stock visual enhancements, which are best suited for average systems. This works good on my pretty weak laptop. If you want to change this, follow these instructions: 1. Visit this website 2. Download your desired texture resolution (Low res for lesser operating systems, high res for good operating systems) 3. Unzip the file 4. Go to the StockVisualEnhancements folder that you have installed in KSP's GameData folder and delete the "Textures" Folder 5. Drop the new "Textures" file you have just download into the "StockVisualEnhancemets" folder If you have any questions, feel free to reply.
  17. Specifics: I have the mod "Beyond Home" Installed and I want to test how some aircraft fly. The problem is, the mod changes the default planet, so the gravity, atmospheric density, and aerodynamic forces are all different. I also have a world where I've done lots of thing with the planets in the mod. I don't know if removing the mod to work on planes with Kerbin in one world would corrupt another that needs the mod, even if I didn't interact with the modded world while the mod was uninstalled.
  18. I like to make fighter jets from real life, but I was wondering if anybody knew any mods (besides BDarmory or airplanesplus) that could help with that.
  19. KSP Version: 1.8.1 Craft Download: A-10 Warthog I tried to make the A-10 as realistically as I could, and I think it turned out pretty well. Some issues: The shading on the two engine nacelles break a lot, but that's just visual, and it may be a problem with some other mods I have, or with my version of PRE. Mods: (most mods 1.9.x are backwards compatible with 1.8.x btw) -BDArmory continued 1.8.1 -PhysicsRangeExtender 1.8.1 -AirplanesPlus 1.8.1 -KerbalFoundries (tracks and wheels) 1.8.1 -ProceduralParts 1.8.1 -Pwings 1.8.1 images:
  20. So I'm using several mods in my game including MKS from USI, however I can't seem to be able to transfer enriched uranium between storage with docked vessels or even within the same vessel. I've seen a few posts about using 'maintenance' function to transfer it but I haven't been able to get this to work. I'm probably missing something really simple! Thanks!
  21. the title says it all, im looking for professionals who can build epic space stations to collab with me and other professionals who can take kerbals to every single planet in the kerbolar system, if you want to collab with me you will need, restock, restock+, space station expansion parts redux, and planetary base systems. The space station will take kerbals to everywhere and jebidiah will land on every single one of the kerbolar planets, i know this is quite a bit of a challenge as i can just do it myself with a ion powered craft but i want to explore the kerbolar system in style, think about this, would you rather go to laythe in a boring old cramped spacecraft or would you go in a gigantic mothership that has alot of space, and plenty of things to do for the kerbals, you can use visual mods like scatterer if you like but thats pretty much it, im hoping we can get into a group chat and once its done we could stream it live on twitch, invite your friends to come see, and it will be split into 4 parts and the final craft cant be more than 1200 parts if its more than 1200 parts then im gona ask someone else (with a better pc) to fly the craft anyways i hope we can get into a group chat and build the station of our dreams.
  22. Every time I try to add a parachute to a spacecraft I have no option to deploy it or set altitude parameters, I only have the ability to change the name tag . The deploy and altitude parameter functions have always worked in the past but suddenly this seems to happen. In the recent time I have installed a few mods such as kOS, Procedural Parts and Module Manager, but because of this error I am now forced to do propulsive landings. I just wanted to know if anyone else has/had this problem or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!
  23. Upon loading a new save/world I encounter a black screen. It's not frozen, I can still move around my cursor and the thingy spinning around in the bottom right corner still spins. I've tried waiting 20 min once and it didn't change. Also when KSP has loaded, into the main menu, it gives me a error of kopernicus which is my only clue. Could this error message have something to do with this? I am playing with mods, in version 1.7.3 After Kerbin/Beyond Kerbin. I want to include my KSP log but I could not find it so please help me find this aswell so I can include it. I found something called "output_log.txt" in "AppData/LocalLow/KSP" or whatever. I think I should also say that I am using CKAN. I've tried finding a solution for this, for a while now, nothing has worked. Some things I've tried: Changing the desktop size and position to see if it was some problem with KSP not finding my monitor, I tried removing Module Manager Cache. It's really getting to me that everytime I try something new it doesn't work. At all. Crashes, errors, Black Screens, Infinite Loading, etc... Again, if you could help me find the KSP logs too that'd be awesome. I mean it doesn't seem to be here? - The Logs folder. EDIT: KSP Logs: "output_log" and "Player.log" - (I think this should work, first time using dropbox )
  24. Whenever i try to load up kerbal space program it gets to the end then stops. and says, "Loading expansions/Serenity" and it just sits there log file?: I am not very experienced So let me know if you need anything else I will put a picture in soon. Picture:
  25. Is there any shuttle mod for 1.9 that doesn't require CKAN? Please reply! Also I hope the one who reads this has a good day. I'd resign with anything from KSO to STS mod or even to the aeronautics ones. Thanks!