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Found 27 results

  1. Sorry to be bombarding this forum with questions, but I've got another one. This one is pretty straightforward, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. How do you patch an MM value with an exponent? e.g. If I want to multiply a value, I write: @value *= (a number) But how do I do that for an exponential value? Basically, I'm still trying to write a config that scales all parts up by a factor of 2. So, rescaleFactor = 2, but that means values like mass, volume and resource amounts need to be scaled up by a factor of 3. I'm not sure how to tell Module Manager to do this. Would it work to write something like: @value = #value*#value*#value I really am very new to this!
  2. I'm trying to make a Juno engine's contrail look like that of a Kickback SRB. Here's what I've got so far - //This is a cosmetic patch. It does nothing but change how the game looks. In this case, it adds a ridiculous afterburner effect to the Juno jet engine. Hilarious. @PART[miniJet] { EFFECTS { running_thrust { PREFAB_PARTICLE { prefabName = fx_smokeTrail_veryLarge transformName = thrustTransform emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.05 0.0 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.25 speed = 0.0 0.25 speed = 1.0 1.0 localOffset = 0, 0, 1 } MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE { modelName = Squad/FX/SRB_Large transformName = thrustTransform emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.05 0.0 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.25 speed = 0.0 0.5 speed = 1.0 1.2 } MODEL_PARTICLE { modelName = Squad/FX/SRB_LargeSparks transformName = thrustTransform emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.05 0.0 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.25 speed = 0.0 0.5 speed = 1.0 1.2 } } } }
  3. I would like to know how I should make a MM patch to make some Non RO parts tagged as RO. I tried with this method but It didn't work. The mod (at the moment , I'll do more RO patches in future for other mods) is NEBULA DECALS. Thank you for your help!
  4. I feel like this could be done with a simple patch but I really don't know how to use MM. Is there anybody who can enlight me about this ? Thanks in advance
  5. Almost Free Launch Clamps (AFLC) Recently, I have heard a few people grumbling about how launch clamps add to your total mass and cost of your vessel in the VAB, sometimes resulting in not having enough funds, or being overweight. "Their mass ony equals 0.1, so how can it make you overwieght?" I've seent it! Dont question me. After discussing with many experts, colleagues and kerbals, we have come to the conclusion that launch clamps should be free and not count toward your total mass or launch costs. Some mass is required to avoid physics issues and game crashes, so a mass of 0.1 has been given to all launch clamps. Anyway, ALFC makes launch clamps free. Kinda. Its up to how you play really. If you play with "entry purchases required", you will only pay the entry fee. Guys old enough to go to the club should be used to this by now. Entry prices have been raised to balance out the "free" effect with this mod. If you don't play with "no entry purchases" It's free. ALWAYS. Pretty lame. Its not hard to imagine that the launch clamps are reusable, and should technically be a part of the launch pad. We shouldn't have to continuously pay for a new set each time we launch! Functionality: Launch clamps capable of transfering fuel to the vessel can do so on the launch pad. right click on the clamp and select "Fuel On" to begin fueling your vessel. This can be considered cheaty, but I'll tell you anyway. Draining the tanks in the VAB results in huge launch cost savings and fueling up on the launch pad is free, but its immersive in the fact that you have to sit and wait for you tanks to fill up. This mod is compatible with: Stock launch clamps (duh) FASA Launch Clamps: HERE Bluedog Design Bureau (Once my pull request is merged) SpaceY Lifter Pack Community Resource Pack If there are others that you want patched, you will have to let me know To install: Just drop the AFLC folder and ModuleManager.dll into your GameData folder DOWNLOAD Public Domain
  6. Hi guys, I've not played KSP for a while and i'm starting again with what mods i use. One thing i've noticed adding a bunch of mods at once is that the module manager .dll is duplicated a lot. Should i let these duplicate with (1),(2),etc or overwrite? I'm assuming duplicate as I overwrote them last night and some mods didn't activate in game. Bonus question: Why do some modders leave the 'game data' folder in the zip file when you have to move the mod into your own game data folder?
  7. Here are the following mods that installed correctly: -DMP -Hyperedit -Module Manager The others, Mech Jeb, and Kramax Autopilot didn't. I see absolutely no resemblance of them even being installed. Below is a "TREE" of my KSP folder if you need it
  8. I am writing a module config, which replaces the stock Ablator resource with a more realistic one. I got it to replace the resource with the new one, but the new one does not ablate upon reentry. Can anyone tell me what code I'm missing? Link:Realistic Heat Managment Edit: @TheRagingIrishman, thanks for explaining the problem. @Benjamin Kerman, the current numbers are just placeholders for later.
  9. I've made plenty of stable and meta-stable rockets with stock fuel flow in my time, but while attempting a fully reusable career play-through I decided that this particular mechanic had to go. I'm aware of the workarounds using fuel pumps, tank locking, and even the TankLock mod being maintained by the illustrious linuxgurugamer: However, what I would really like is for rocket engines to just behave like jet engines, having the "resourceFlowMode = STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE" property which causes fuel to drain evenly from all of the tanks in the current stage. To that end I made a Module Manager patch with the following text: This should change the resource flow mode to the desired mode in all engines which use ModuleEngines or ModuleEnginesFX (every rocket and jet engine I've inspected the .cfg of), but it had no effect for me. I've only ever seen resourceFlowMode defined for jet engines (ModuleEnginesFX), and it's always defined as "STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE". Is this node simply not implemented for ModuleEngines, or have I made a silly mistake in my Module Manager syntax? Thank you.
  10. Hi I'm trying to write the config for the planet through Мodule Manager , I wanted to change the name and description of the planet (only from mods!), but my experiments did not help, I need guides on patching PLANETS I found, I can tell you what has to be done in the config. Thansk.
  11. Hi. I've been trying to replace a texture on @raidernick's Huygens probe with one I edited in GIMP. It's saved as a .dds, though strangely it's five times the size of the original skin, and the edit is just the ESA logo replaced with the NASA logo. I have tried to use Module Manager to perform the texture swap, but nothing I tried work. The texture that the game used would always be the default one. My last MM file looks like this: @PART[rn_huygens]:FOR[RN_US_Probes] { @MODEL { %texture = huygens_main, RN_US_Probes/Cassini/huygens_main_NASA } } I'm not at all familiar with Module Manager, but I did read the tutorial. Tried to use no symbol in front of the texture line and then tried the %, but neither worked. Today, I tried renaming my texture file to the one the game uses. What I got was a Huygens probe that was grey. I'm overall unsure exactly what the problem is since I don't know enough about texturing and Module Management to troubleshoot further reliably with a major time investment. I will likely continue to work at the problem myself, but I feel I'm just missing something simple that a more experienced modder would see in an instant such as a syntax error or misuse of Module Manager config files. If anyone can give me some feedback, I would be really appreciative of that. Overall, I wonder if either my .dds is too large (5.4MB vs 1.3MB for the original file), or my MM file is trying to find the wrong part.
  12. Stock Fairing: Personal Defaults

    Good day to all. I've gotten a bit back into KSP once more; been launching satellites for an RT comm network/constellation in the Kerbin system as well as my first real space station. (The only other "station" I ever attempted was just an orange tank with basic craft utilities bolted on as a fuel depot...) For once I wasn't using SSTO spaceplanes that much. (Just for the initial three KEO sats for a basic network so unmanned launchers could be used without issue.) Lots of rockets this time. (Seems I've gotten pretty decent at doing gravity turns using KER readouts and mimicking what I saw the GravityTurn mod does...) Lots of rockets = lots of fairings. Suffice to say, I got sick of adjusting the fairing settings to my personal default every time I grabbed one from the parts list. Module manager to the rescue! I made catch-all MM CFG where you can change a few settings to whatever you like so you can save yourself some time in the long run: Number of Sides Ejection Force Clamshell Usage Max Length of Sections Visibility of the Interstage Nodes and Truss Here is the MM CFG itself: // This MM Config sets some defaults for your fairings so you don't have to all the time. // The FINAL is there because I make all my personalized MM configs run last after all the mod configs. // I figure it makes sure I catch all changes and mod parts that use/apply/edit the same settings I'm modifying. // Probably safe to remove if you wish. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleProceduralFairing]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleProceduralFairing] { %nArcs = 2 // Number of fairing sides. In-game Editor Tweakable Limits: 2-6 %ejectionForce = 1000 // Self-explanatory. In-game Editor Tweakable Limits: 0-1000 %useClamshell = True // Self-explanatory: True/False // The next setting controls the max length of each section. // I'm applying a multiplier here to the part's stat. // If you want a hard number, delete the *. // Not a normal tweakable, so I don't know the limits. @xSectionHeightMax *= 3 } @MODULE[ModuleStructuralNode],* // Needs indexing wildcard here since each node is using an instance of this module. { %visibilityState = False // Visibility of the Truss(?): True/False (Related to "showMesh" below; change in tandem.) } @MODULE[ModuleStructuralNodeToggle] { %showMesh = False // Visibility of the Truss: True/False (Related to "visibilityState" above; change in tandem.) %showNodes = False // Visibility of Nodes: True/False } } As you can see, I made sure to annotate it with notes so you (and I) know (remember...) what does what. Just copy it into a plain text file (.txt), then rename it to a .cfg file. I really wish the stock part configs had more notes in them... Where do people get info about modules and such to make proper configs? The official Wiki is kinda half-assed and mildly out-of-date. License is PUBLIC DOMAIN. (It's just a practical config file with some commentary from me...) I'd stick up a file download, but I don't really have anywhere to place it; it's just a text file anyway. (Seems like overkill for me to upload this to something like SpaceDock.) BTW, the config looked A LOT nicer in NotePad++ (Tab spacing here is bigger.) I have a couple of other genericized MM CFGs I made for myself. Dunno if anyone would be interested in them, though: RemoteTech Probe Core Support - Adds SPU and passive antenna to any unmanned command module from any mod. RealPlume "Engage" Audio - Changes the activation sound for RealPlume'd engines (because I shouldn't hear an explosion when at zero throttle and turning an engine bank back on. Too loud for my tastes.) SurfaceLight Replacement - Just replaces the stock ModuleLight with the module from the mod SurfaceLights and sets a default color. I technically have a generic MechJeb config (adds it to all command modules), but I got that off the forum here (MechJeb Embedded).
  13. MM question

    Hi all, I've developed a Kerbalism profile, and i'm getting ready to update it but want to simplify the process for its installation. Can someone please point me in the right direction for how I set up a MM patch to adjust Kerbalism's settings.cfg? I've looked through the MM wiki and I'm so lost! I want to change the line: Profile = default to Profile = simplified Thanks for your help! Peace.
  14. Okay guys, I've been beating myself up trying to understand ModuleManager and I'm at my wits end. I'm simply trying to move the RN_US_Probes around and out of the generalRocketry node. Unfortunately, all I've done is duplicate the parts in the desired nodes, but I've not eliminated them from generalRocketry. Below is the MMconfig I'm using for the Galileo probe: From the literature, I was under the understanding simply that using a % would replace. Let the edumkating begin. //Galileo Satelite @PART[gdish_actual] { %TechRequired = largeCommunications } @PART[gdish_intended] { %TechRequired = largeCommunications } @PART[galileo_mb] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } @PART[galileo_aprobe] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } @PART[galileo_probe_parachute] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } @PART[galileo_aprobe_bot] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } @PART[galileo_hs_bot] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } PART[galileo_hs_mid] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } @PART[galileo_hs_top] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } @PART[galileo_probe_hs_parachute] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned } @PART[rn_galileo_scanner] { %TechRequired = advUnmanned }
  15. Hi everyone, looking for module manager experts here. I'm trying to make a patch to support the life support from Kerbalism in some Contract Configurator contract packs and I need to change, via a MM patch, the NEEDS section of a node defined elsewhere. To be specific, I have for example this in the contracts : CONTRACT_TYPE:NEEDS[TACLifeSupport|USILifeSupport|IFILifeSupport] { ... } And I need a way to turn it into : CONTRACT_TYPE:NEEDS[TACLifeSupport|USILifeSupport|IFILifeSupport|Kerbalism] { ... } Is there any way to do this ? I tried the edit syntax, don't seem to work... : @CONTRACT_TYPE[example]:NEEDS[TACLifeSupport|USILifeSupport|IFILifeSupport|Kerbalism] { ... } and copying the whole node, doesn't seem to work either : +CONTRACT_TYPE[example]:NEEDS[Kerbalism] { ... } Thanks !
  16. How many Module Manager patches can you get?!?! Lets have a bit of a competition to see who can get the most MM patches while loading. So far I've got 1672 with more mods on the way. How many do you have?
  17. I looked at the Module Manager patches available for stock parts, for instance, adding low level power generation to command pods. These just hack part CFGs and that's pretty neat. There's a similar Module Manager patch to add Burn Together functionality to command pods instead of requiring special parts. Is there a way to do this to kerbals on EVA? Enable Burn Together functionality for that? I've already tried EVA Follower, and this can be used to set kerbals on walking paths and such, but the following behaviour is odd where the following kerbal swaps between running and walking when the leader is always running. And there's wanting to be silly, like putting several kerbals into a marching division or dance troupe. --
  18. TANKS, BUT NO TANKS Download: Spacedock No clutter! Clean out your parts list in the editor so you can find the parts you want! A Module Manager config to hide stock tanks when you have other options available. In flight craft should not be affected. Does not prevent textures from loading, so other parts that rely on the textures will not be affected. Removes 1.25m, 2.5m, 3.75m LF/O tanks and inline monopropellant tanks. Does not affect radial, spaceplane, or other "fancy" tanks. Dependency Module Manager (Not included) Recommended These mods add more versatile parts to replace the stock tanks. SSTU Procedural Parts Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul Future Plans Add support for mods such as Lack's SXT which add lots of great parts but also have fuel tanks that are not needed. Please suggest other mods to add. License: Unlicense
  19. I'm trying to do this: @volume = #$../RESOURCE[Kerbolene]/maxAmount$ And it says this in the log: [LOG 19:34:41.286] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key volume = #$../RESOURCE[Kerbolene]/maxAmount$ I don't understand, any help? Edit: Mods, can you move this to the Help and Support subforum please?
  20. hi guys, some time without KSP and now I came with a lot of updates ahead. so, to my savegame work I need some parts of some mods, but I don't want the entire mods anymore. Is there a way to make a module manager file and make it ignore some parts on loading? can you make an example code please, I'm not very good on scripts. also, is there a way to, for example: "ignore all B9 parts except S2 cockpit" thanks
  21. Wasn't sure if this or the development subforum were more appropriate. Tried searching, but the only relevant stuff I could find was from CollisionFX, which isn't really what I'm trying to do. Having a hard time finding documentation on the particle effects. Modding experience: 3/10. I've only ever played around with a few .cfgs, mostly with rescaling and adding modules. I duplicated the "Puff" engine and turned the copy into a sparkler using fx_exhaustSparks_flameout (like those used to burn off excess hydrogen underneath the space shuttle). Problem is that this is a flameout effect, and it only sparks once every few seconds. Is it possible to change this particle effect to a running effect? I need a constant stream of sparks. I feel like there's something intrinsic to the particle effect itself that won't allow this, but I don't know how to actually edit the effect itself. Here's what I've got. Note that the , running at the end of the fx_exhaustSparks_flameout doesn't have the intended effect. Here is the whole .cfg: +PART[omsEngine] { @name = sparklers -fx_exhaustFlame_white_tiny = 0.0, -0.2816985, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, running fx_exhaustSparks_flameout = 0.0, -0.2816985, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, running @title = Excess Hydrogen Burners @description = Getting RUDs because you forgot to burn off the excess hydrogen that built up under your rocket? Just throw some sparks down there to burn if off! It'll totally be fine! @MODULE,0 { @minThrust = 0.00001 @maxThrust = 0.00001 @heatProduction = 0 allowShutdown = False @PROPELLANT { @ratio = 0.00001 } @atmosphereCurve { @key = 1 100 } } }
  22. What does Module Manager exactly do? I have tried searching the internet but i cant seem to find anything useful so im turning to the KSP community for help In advance thank you
  23. Stock Part Fixes For a long time I wasn't happy with attributes of some parts that nearly prohibite us to use them. So I compiled some inconsitencies and created some Module Manager scripts to change the data. Here is the "Suggestion topic" This is not really a mod, but a script which will need Module Manager, which you can find here Download the mod (ZIP) This zip contains 3 files Consistency fixes : it'll fix many mass and few temperatures inconsitencies. It also add 50RCS to the inline docking port and extend the interaction range of Goo experiment and Lab Jr. Science changes : increase mass of many experiments, size Atmo scan and narowband to match goo canister size and mass. Only small experiments keeps their physicless atribute. ISRU are also more heavy. Delete this file if you don't like it Dubious changes : Basic fin has be buffed to a real fin and Airbrake is now more resistant. Those 2 modifications may change the game play, so delete this file if you don't like that. Feed back is very much appreciated. Further more, I would like to change some data on drag for some parts, but I don't know how to do it. Science rescale (atmo sensor and narrowband scanner) Inconsistency fixes details Science changes details Dubious changes details
  24. Module manager exampels

    Collection of exampels for module manager "Why do I have to perform some experiments multiple times at the same location to max out my sciencegain?" When I asked me this question the Xth time, I started looking arround for a solution, and I found it: module manager. This neat little "plugin" allows you to write custom patches to change the behaviour of parts and some mechanics of KSP. With the help of the official Handbook I figured out a way to achieve my goal: Now, even this is a verry simple patch, it took me quite a while and some help from the community to figure it all out. So I thought for people like me I just post a few things I've done so far and just hope some others do the same to help everyone who wants to learn how to make custom patches. Here is another thing I did: If you need some help finding ideas or a parts name here are 2 usefull links: A basic one Click Me! and a more detailed, advanced one Click Me! It would be nice to see some things other people have done since thats what I'm looking for. So if you have something please share it (doesn't have to be a rainbow like mine) So the "rainbowthing" might have been a bit too much. However: IF you like to post some patches (and I hope you do) please do it in the following format: Give the thing a title, make that title bold and and set the font size to 16, then make a spoiler and put the code inside the spoiler. Awsome Example:
  25. My son has been playing KSP on our computer for a while. Starting in recent days KSP will not load. The progress bar at the bottom of the splash screen chugs along, gets to about 50%, and then resets to about 1/3rd and shows "Module Manager" and will not progress any further. Apologies for not knowing what to do but this is all new to me and I'm just trying to reduce frustration in our house. Any guidance on what to do, short of uninstalling and reinstalling, would be greatly appreciated.