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Found 1 result

  1. Deliver the priciest "present" possible to the North Pole. Most expensive present wins. A present consists of any number and type of parts joined together, the more expensive the better! Be creative Due to spending all our money on the present we can't afford to upgrade the KSC facilities so your craft must fit within the Level 1 Launchpad and Runway restrictions by weighing 18 tons or less. Rules: Submit photos or a video of your entry, showing the present in the VAB or Hangar for cost purposes and then delivered at the North Pole Stock and MH parts only. I'm not aware of any drastic price changes between recent versions, so feel free to use anything from 1.3 to 1.6. The craft must weight 18 tons or less Mods that are purely informational (e.g KER), visual (e.g. EVE, Scatterer) or audio (e.g. Chatterer) are allowed. Mechjeb assistance is also fine. You must start from either the KSC Launchpad or Runway (any level VAB or Runway is acceptable) Finish by detaching or decoupling the present anywhere in either Kerbin's "Ice Caps" or "Northern Ice Shelf" biome. The present must be inert and not contribute any fuel, thrust, control authority or more than incidental lift during the trip. (however EC generation is ok) No more than very minor part clipping or offsetting when making the present - excessive clipping (e.g multiple fuel tanks in the space of one) will ruin it! Any excessive part clipping, Kraken drives or debug menu shenanigans earns you a place on the naughty list. This is a lighthearted challenge and the rules can't cover every possible edge case, so try to stick to the spirit and most importantly, have fun! The coveted and prestigious "Award of the Reindeer" shall be bestowed on any entry that goes the extra mile and fulfills any of the categories below. Notes: Each AotR category is a separate award Each AotR category is awarded *once* only to the first entry that successfully meets the criteria A single entry can obtain multiple awards Watching the movie(s) of your award is not required AotR Categories: The Polar Express Deliver your present in less than 10 minutes Die Hard Blow up the VAB during delivery Gremlins Deliver the present despite something going wrong during the mission e.g staging mishap, forgetting parachute, functional part breaking Home Alone Bring all your Kerbals except one on the trip Planes, Trains and Automobiles Deliver the present without leaving the atmosphere The Grinch Deliver your present to the South Pole Scrooged Bring the present back with you to the KSC after delivery (present must still be capable of detaching) While you were Sleeping Have a Kerbal on board pass out from G-force during the mission Trading Places Swap 2 Kerbals using EVA while flying in the atmosphere Leaderboard: Player Cost AotR @dire 89,132 Planes, Trains and Automobiles