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Found 8 results

  1. CURRENT PARTICIPANTS: @KerbalKore @ @ @ PROLOGUE: BRIEF: Players must collaborate with one another in order to construct a massive colony ship with enough space and fuel to colonize another world. Each ship may be built solo or with a maximum of 3 people (see rules) The ships must be built by sharing the craft files and sub-assemblies with each other. Ships must be given a name and one of the builders then must head off into the void and get into orbit of their destination in order to complete the challenge. The Ships may be launched from Kerbin and assembled from orbit, or constructed in orbit using Extraplanetary Launchpads. The most ambitious successful mission wins. RULES: SHIP BUILDING CRITERIA: HOW POINTS ARE AWARDED: Recommended mods for the challenge (Stock is fine): This challenge is highly experimental and I would appreciate any feedback given. CURRENT SHIPS: NAME: CCS "Noah" PHOTO: TYPE: Cryo ship DEVELOPERS: @KerbalKore CREW CAPACITY: N/a DESTINATION: Nara (planet 9 of JNSQ system overhaul) MODS: restock, restock+, EPL, KSPIE, BDB, Tantares, and all Nertea's stuff. PROGRESS: Planning stage
  2. Anyone ever tried to build a craft that would be able to do everything you would as it? Like for example launch from Kerbin, land on Eve, refuel, then relaunch from Eve, go on Laythe, refuel, then go on [...]? Is it possible? I thought something that would have around 20k dV, 1.5 TWR & 1.00 SLT when simulated from Eve (since it would be the hardest land/relaunch right?), but it seems like it's harder than harder said than done. I have been struggling for a couple of hours now trying to figure out how I could get the most dV out of this beauty but you know. Here's my work yet, any ideas for increasing the efficiency? And yes this can all hold up together, all it needs are some struts that I will add at the end : I'd really like to keep the ring theme, and add docking ports on the side with comm modules on top. Also there are missing Science items but that can added after making everything launchable.
  3. A question came up recently regarding designs for SSTO landers for atmospheric bodies. Now, atmosphere immediately has me thinking "spaceplane" but the problem is people often want the lander to fit within a cargo bay of the mothership rather than docking it radially, since it keeps the CoM of the mothership centred. Having to fit within a mk3 cargo bay means very small wings and high landing speeds for field landings, unless you resort to cheese like clipping or triplane/venetian blind strake wings. Having to put a docking port on the nose means high drag - low lift and high drag mean generally poor performing spaceplane, though you can still get to orbit with high twr chemical propulsion. My problem is i've never built a mothership before. I normally just go with single stage to anywhere spaceplanes, staged spaceplanes, or use IRSU refuelling facilities. Anyway, I wondered if it was possible to do this a third way. Here is an example of a small SSTO I built, 2 nervs 1 panther. It reaches 150km orbit on Kerbin with about 1200 dv left over. With the Panther in Dry mode it could do a lot of flying around on Laythe and still have plenty left to make orbit. It has a landing speed of about 40m/s fully loaded, and it has two vernier thrusters in the belly to reduce landing speeds on Duna / allow VTOL on low grav airless moons. It has an inline clamp o tron , reaction wheel and some RCS translation thrusters. And here is the mothership i started to make for it. It has two docking ports on the end of the swept wings that my inline clamp o trons should be able to hook on to. It has just shed the launcher hardware. There is a long liquid fuel fuselage in the middle, and a cargo bay at the front , which we can fill up with whatever the mission requires before Kerbin departure. The problem is that i'm totally out of practice docking stuff, and only ever mastered basic nose-to-nose anyway. So I gave up and decided to try pre-docking so i could see if the concept at least flies. It does ! Problem 1 - you cannot pre-dock inline docking adapters in the VAB. I found an old thread that said you can attach the subassembly some other way and line the ports up with the offset tool and the two ports will then automatically "dock" once you launch the vessel. This is no longer the case. I attached the aircraft with a radial decoupler, lined the two ports up so they appear to be touching, but the ports still don't "stick". I had set the radial decoupler force percent to 0, but after firing the decoupler in orbit, the aircraft simply drifts away from the mothership. From what i understand, docking ports that aren't pre-docked , have to spawn at least 10m from each other for the magnetic attraction to kick in when they reach proximity. If they are already close when the vessels spawn, the game assumes you just undocked and don't want these ports pulling back together again. The other problem is that we're really just kicking the can down the road here. To be a functional mothership/lander combo, it needs to be feasible to re-dock after separation. In fact we need to re-dock sufficiently well aligned that the NERVs of the spaceplanes can push the mothership, like in the picture. Build guide slots out of modular wing segments or something? Or i just need to improve my skills? All this re-docking though, is making me realise why i like interplanetary spaceplanes so much.
  4. Click here for more Pictures and the download! After MANY MANY revisions and complete rebuilds. She lives. This is my best shot at flyable STOCK BeBop replica. All in all I think she's technically much smaller than the real ship, but to me it seems pretty close. Obviously it is missing the dual crane/claws that never got used in the anime (as far as I can remember). I didn't feel like adding a lot of extra parts for a mostly cosmetic feature. The signature scoop underneath can be activated after take off and doesn't seem to affect the aerodynamics in any significant way. When flying in atmosphere this ship is dependent on the 12 Vectoring engines for control. Without them, you'll just tumble into the ground! She is not an SSTO, but not for a lack of trying. I have a version with 4 extra boosters that takes off vertically and can easily make it to orbit (I'll be uploading that one soon). When orbiting with full gas tanks, The BeBop pushes about 2500 dv Let me know what you guys think!
  5. I am looking for a mod that has big garages and parts for building super large motherships, i know i can resize current parts but thats not what i want
  6. Land a mothership! Just land one, on Gilly, Duna, Eeloo or whatever. Just land it! And post pics. (Not necessary, but please post pics) Will add a badge soon! (If I can) What counts as a mothership: Something bigger than a Jumbo 64 tank. Min. mass full: 30t.
  7. Based on Project Orion from the 1950's, I built this Mothership to send kerbals to the Mun and Minmus in style! It carries 2 Mystery Goo Containers, Barometers, Thermometers, and Negative Gravioli Detecters. It also has 2 docking ports on the side to allow for landers, rescue craft, or refueling craft. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a download link as this craft is on Xbox. Here is the Imgur Album, I also made an Orion Mini so comment if you want to see that!
  8. Enjoy!