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Found 1 result

  1. Do you still fly with keyboard? ...What??? This is a continuation of Analog Control mod by @Crzyrndm The mod enables mouse controlled flight in KSP, i.e you can use your mouse as a joystick. License: GPLv3 KSP version: 1.4.1, 1.4.2 Source code: on GitHub Download from Spacedock General usage: Press [Enter] to activate the mod. Green target HUD showing deadzones around the neutral area will appear. Press [O] to unpause controls. Now control surfaces move according to your mouse movements. You may press [O] at any time again to pause (i.e. freeze) controls at current positon and unbind them from mouse. [Tab] switches horizontal control from roll (airplane) to yaw (rover/rocket) mode. Press [Alt]-[O] to bring up settings (if the mod is active, deactivate it first by pressing [Enter]). Changes made to the original mod: v2.1.3 Fixed restoring of control state when loading from space center v2.1.2: Added toggleable mouse wheel throttle control ([NumLock] by default). Check out Alt-O window for advanced settings on this key action. v2.1.1: Added a configurable extra hotkey for parking brake (Alt - <brake key> by default, release as usual by the <brake key>) v2.1.0: Added control surfaces and steering response scaling - a pair of new settings for control sensitivity. Try and you'll see that steering can be amazingly precise Added control state persistence on quicksave/load - you don't need to quickly grab controls when loading right into the final approach, now the mod will load with controls paused in the position that was when you saved v2.0.0: Added temporary pause of control while holding right mouse button for mouse look. Now you can quickly look around without having your vessel go crazy. Added wheel steering to the "Yaw" mode Target area color changes to yellow when "Yaw" mode is enabled Marker point color changes to green when control is active and to red when paused Meaning of "Inverted pitch" setting changed to opposite: when enabled, moving mouse down makes the nose go up, so check your settings Key for "pause" is now [O] by default KSP 1.2.2 compatible