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  1. Licence: MIT (you don't need to ask me for permission if you want to make a fork ) Description: Around March-2016 I started LMP as a refactoring over DMP but it finally evolved to a totally different program and different code architecture, this means that the code is totally different although it still uses some ideas from DMP like the concept of subspaces. Nevertheless, this mod wouldn't exist if it wasn't for @godarklight's job as he made a solid base and a good example of where to start. If you want to support this project, consider donating trough paypal As the mod is still in beta it might has some bugs so if you want to report a issue, please do so on github If you want to collaborate testing new versions or help us in development join us in the discord chat Main features: Clean and optimized code architecture, based on systems and windows which makes it easier to read and modify. Multi threaded (as much as Unity allows) Settings saved as XML. Time synced between clients and the server using the NTP protocol. UDP networking using the Lidgren library for reliable UDP message handling. Uses interpolation so the vessels shouldn't jump from one place to another. Nat-punchtrough feature so a server doesn't need to open ports on it's router. Servers are displayed within the mod. Better creation of network messages so they are easier to modify. Every network message is cached in order to reduce the garbage collector spikes Based on tasks instead of threads. QuickLZ for fast compression Supports science and career modes UPnP support for the server. Links: Official website: Oficial Github repo: Download from: GitHub Wiki: Discord chat: Current developers: @Dagger - Main developer Legacy developers: MalteJanz - Developer (career and science modes) @Lothsahn - Developer Sladernimo - Developer Collaborators: @godarklight - Assesment & DMP code @SupperRobin6394 - Discrod Bot development @Toonu - Testing + Documentation @The HellBox - Testing + Documentation (linux) Video (Old and outdated version):
  2. So, how do you think multiplayer, a thing we've all (or some) of us wanted in ksp for some time and are now getting in KSP 2, will work? My idea is that there might be a create server thing and after you create a server you can invite players to the server and build with them in real time. Maybe there will be a space-race mode where you can play against someone else and try and beat them to the mun or another moon or planet. But that's just my idea, what about you? (Edit: I guess this has now turned into a discussion thread, you can express your thoughts about the addition of multiplayer)
  3. This question is pretty simple, but how will consoles behave with multiplayer? Will they be cross compatible with other consoles and pc players, will they have full multiplayer but limited to other users of the same console. Will they have limited multiplayer (for example only co-op, no servers?)
  4. Download Links Release & Development client, server, updater, modpackupdater from the build server. Client and server from Client and Server download from SpaceDock Client download from Curse (New releases make take a while to show up) It's also available on the CKAN, which is an amazing community project mod manager. Go check it out CurseForge does not allow me to host exe files, so DMPServer will NEVER be available on curse. Remember to back up your GameData/DarkMultiplayer/Plugins/Data/[private|public]key.txt files if you move to a new install or you won't be able to use your old username. Highly recommended updater (source code is below if you're interested): DMPUpdater download (build server) DMPModpackUpdater (for use with modded servers that have enabled modpack syncing) DMPModpackUpdater download (build server) Public Server List: link link Installation tutorial: (There used to be a horrible video here, ignore it, either use CKAN, DMPUpdater, or extract DMPClient/GameData/DarkMultiPlayer to KSP_Folder/GameData/DarkMultiPlayer) Licence: MIT. v0.3.6.0 Changelog: godarklight: - Update to 1.10 -Remove shared science - it was horribly broken, use LMP for that instead. Pre-emptively answered questions: What is DarkMultiPlayer? DarkMultiPlayer is a multiplayer mod for KSP. It supports subspace-style (and master controlled warp) warping & career mode, with an easy-to-edit server database. Can you show me the code? DarkMultiPlayer: MessageStream: (Used for building the network messages) DMPUpdater: How do I install it? Client: Simply extract the zip into GameData. Although I do highly recommend just chucking DMPUpdater in your KSP directory and running it, It will also install DMP. Server: Extract the zip to a folder (not KSP or GameData). You can then put DMPUpdater next to it and it will happily update the server as well. Mods? Read DMPModControl.txt on the server, the file is heavily commented/documented. You can generate a DMPModControl specific for your gamedata setup by starting the DarkMultiPlayer client, hitting options, and then pressing "Generate DMPModControl.txt" Alternatively, switch Config/settings.txt to modpackMode=GAMEDATA, add yourself as an admin with /admin add playername, and type /upload when connected to the server. Why did you create this mod? For one reason only, I want to play multiplayer too!. What do I do if I find a bug? * Report it on the github issue tracker * Get it contact with me directly on discord Are there any server lists? Yes. and the ugly backup list at How can I contact you? Easiest way is discord Credits: * TheGimp666 - If it wasn't for KMP, we'd most likely still have insta-locked threads for talking about multiplayer, Squad may-or-may-not be talking about it, and DMP definitely would not exist . * RockyTV / JoshBlake / dsonbill - Contributed rather large parts to DMP * Dazoe - I borrowed his chat-doesn't-stage-or-control-the-vessel fix from KMP. It's a nice way of getting around a unity/KSP bug. * Ryannathans/ChronicSilence - The mod system is implemented nearly the exact same way as KMP. It made sense to remain compatible with the file format. * Hyperedit / persistent trails - I've referenced off these mods quite a bit during my KMP orbital branch, DMP uses that same orbital mode positioning. * Wisper - For motivating me to get around to shared science * The #DMP channel for helping me find any bugs / test new features, especially MrFreake for running a career mode server on the other side of the planet to test networking (And it made me actually play career mode too!). * Squad: For Kerbal Space Program, and their top-notch API documentation.
  5. As multiplayer will be a thing, a large number of people will be setting up roleplay and PVP-enabled servers, so, that presents them with a very interesting set of challanges. The most important one is transportation. The best option i see is a mod that facilitates FTL travel, or some kind of kraken drive ( to reach ~C ). What do you think the community will prefer? As for weapons, the stock parts can provide good (but limited) weapon capabilities. Some that come to mind are : Mini-missiles Engine plume accelerators Reaction wheel cutters Deorbit claw Colony irradiator Kraken drive interstellar missile Weaponizable Kraken glitch creator Kessler syndrome generator, mass debris cloud deployment Concentrated directional debris cloud driven mission launch disruptor satellite station. For ground defense, i think most efficient approach would be a missile with a fairing containing thousands of small struts, or cubes, that would be deployed in a cloud to destroy any incoming object, kind of like the distuptor satellite, but with a much higher debris density(this could also be deployed by a ship to protect itself). This only works if the part-breaking system remains similar to KSP-1. Some cool mods that not only PVP, but all modded servers would benefit from: Energy shields (for ships and colonies) Missile Shields Detection satellites Just disabling the ability for people to break other people's ships or Safezones. So, what do you think combat will look like? Those weapon ideas are made on the spot. What can you come up with? What about defending against them? How will large interstellar Warships work? Physics exploits? Mods that add in FTL drives?
  6. I am thinking about Playing KSP with some of my Friends and now have these questions about the mods that exist: "Which is the best mod ?" Do they work over hamachi? Do they support other mods? How easy/quick can the server be set up? Should i suggest my friends, who don't own KSP, buying KSP1 or should we wait for the KSP2 Release? How does time warp work? How is the game performance with the Mod? How accurate is the syncing of the crafts? Can multiple players launch rockets with a dockable payload simultaneously from the equator and then dock them in orbit?
  7. I play on PC, but my brother plays on XBox. Since KSP 2 IS going on XBox, would the multiplayer be cross platform for PC and XBox?
  8. Hi, I hope that squad will finally add multiplayer in the next update, like they very long time ago said. Regards Changelog: - [21.04.19] changed version to 1.8 - [25.12.18] changed version to 1.7 - [16.10.18] changed version to 1.6 - [09.03.18] changed version to 1.5
  9. Hey fellow Nauts, Wanting to see if anyone is down to play some multiplayer? We can do pure stock or even add in some BDA or whatever. Luna Multiplayer is what I planned on using. Let me know, I am so red eye to play!
  10. KSP version: - Windows x64 The problem: When I and another player enter a dark multiplayer server, we can't interact with each other, for example: we can't see the physical shapes of the ships, If someone's base was damaged, the other one can't see it. Installed mod: Dark Multiplayer v0.3.3.0 Reproduction steps: Download the D-MP "Client" version, then install it by placing the folder named: GameData(this folder you will find in the downloaded zip file) into the "Kerbal Space Program" file. Also you should install the D-MP "server" version, make sure the port forwarding was successful. After the installations, open the server, let 2 players enter and, as one of the players, you may not see the player, his ships, or any damage he made to the base. Note: I had an internal IP, and the other player had an external. I will appreciate any help, thank you.
  11. Galera, criei um server DMP online pra quem quiser jogar KSP 1.6 multiplayer. Está em modo sandbox para testes. Quem quiser participar, basta baixar a última versão do cliente Dark Multi Player (Link do Space Dock: Lá mesmo vcs encontram o servidor KSP Brasil, mas deixarei aqui os dados para conexão: Endereço: Porta: 6702 Discord para comunicação: Não utilizem mods que quebrem o sistema Kerbal original (RSS ou qualquer outra modificação que não seja apenas visual). Como está em fase de testes recomendo utilizar o jogo em stock/vanilla, opcional Making History. Qualquer dúvida ou comentário, só postar. []'s
  12. Aside from the discussion of whether and how multiplayer is possible and whether or not the devs are going to implement it soon, let's find out what the community thoughts are on how it would be served by such a feature if it had to have timewarp limited to some extent or even outright ditched.
  13. Hello my fellow Kerbals, I wanted to create this thread to test the waters and get an idea of the amount of people who would be interested in taking part in a persistent shared space program. For years me and my two brothers (all early to mid-20s with various career paths from engineering to accounting) have conducted joint space programs together in the standard KSP manner of coming up with mission ideas and passing around the share file. We have traditionally made our space program a USSR themed Soviet era type space operation for kicks. I thought it may be fun to make this more formal and open it up to the community. If you are interested keep reading I have come up with some ideas on how to keep this organized as well as the general game guidelines. 1. Space program divisions and Chain of Command 2. File settings and rules * File Settings: -The file would be vanilla KSP no mods to keep sharing simple -File would be backed up when shared, the backup would only, be used if someone was to intentionally spam the file i.e. destroy all our space stations, launch a bunch of rockets without approval etc.. * Game Settings & Rules: -Biggest rule- DON’T KILL JEB I love that crazy little guy. -The game would be set to hard (no quick saves revert flights perm death etc..) again don’t kill Jeb -Game will be set to sandbox mode (don’t worry operations Division 2) will keep you busy -To keep things “realistic” all Kerbals would have a 5 year contract, example being if Jeb goes to a space station on year one a retrieval craft needs to pick him up on year 5. A tracking sheet (see section 3) would be kept for all Kerbals on mission and the HR director would be responsible for communicating with operations to ensure all Kerbals are being relived -Be Honest, its ok to crash, leave a Kerbal in space etc.. It keeps things interesting. Division 4 (Investigations) will conduct a formal investigation but you will not be kicked off the team. Repercussions will consist of anything from temporary license suspension to license downgrade. -When in possession of the file only conduct approved missions, if possible record the operation of the mission. -Only Use Approved Space craft’s see section 3 for further details -All approved missions will be added to the mission tracker (see section 3) Control specialists will be able to request a mission with the Mission Control head. If they are found adequate they will be assigned and given the file along with the file checkout/in sheet see section 3 for further details 3. Approval Forms and documentation -ugh paperwork, I know this sounds boring, but I have designed a system of approval forms and documentation in order to keep the file updated and organized. See below for the required forms by division. Forms will be in word docs and retained and passed along with the file. Division 1 Mission Control- -File checkout/in sheet- Every time a mission specialist is given the file they will be issued a file check in/out sheet where they will record the mission they completed (or failed to complete) as well as Kerbals used/ spacecraft used and start and finish time of the mission (Kerbal UT time). These forms will allow us to actively track the file and its progress so we are not just playing hot potato with the file. -Licenses – Control specialists once they have passed initial mission flight tests will be given a license to conduct missions to their degree of skill. Division 2 Operations- -Mission Request form- can be submitted by the community will detail the objectives and purpose of the mission, operations analysts will read these and submit them to the operations head for approval. If approved it will be added to the open mission log to be completed at the discretion of the mission control head. Division 3 Engineering- -Spacecraft Approval form – Can be submitted by the community or engineers will include the capabilities i.e. delta V, TWR etc.. purpose, and also a checklist to ensure it has all the basic necessary components to function engineers will be allowed to approve Crafts from the community, the Engineering Head will oversee the engineers and also have ultimate approval. Division 4 Investigations – -KID report (Kerbal Investigation report) - KID will provide a report on the results of all investigations conducted. Division 5 HR and Admin – -Kerbal Tracker- will track all Kerbals currently on mission in order to keep track of when their designated contract is up. If a Kerbal is due for relief a mission request will be sent to operations for their recovery. -Mission Tracker- obviously KSP tracks all active missions but this will list and track missions that have been approved but are still open. This will be open to the Control specialists so they request passion of the file -File Tracker- Will utilize the file check in/out sheets to track who has the file and progress made. **Request this request that Blah Blah I know this sounds dumb but it will keep the file organized so we can have some fun! Section 4: conclusion: All positions are currently open YAY! And I am looking for some motivated people who would like to get this kicked off. I have more ideas but I wanted to keep this as an overview to see in anyone is interested. Comment below or message me if you are interested. Additionally please note that due to forum policy rule (2.2.j this post is strictly for recruiting
  14. Hey guys, It's my first post- and I want to kick off this journey with a new idea! The idea of multiplayer is not new at all. Many players have suggested it before, but the level of difficulty cooperating with other players would be nearly impossible. What I'm suggesting is a race to the science tree, and other Celestial bodies. The players would _not_ interact with eachother, however. They would only be connected via leaderboard. Each player would have their own save file. Time warp would not be an issue. (See scoring) I haven't quite though of a scoring value, but I think it would be a ratio of some sort. Maybe science per price of missions(efficiency), Reputation per science points(Public interest)- still needs to be _thought though thoroughly_ Its also vulnerable to cheats. Cheats = _bad_ Again, first post!
  15. Kerbin Kollapse is our attempt at starting a stock multiplayer war in KSP. We're using a discord server to organize the war and keep track of everything. The link for the discord is down below for those who don't need more info and want to jump right in. Kerbin Kollapse isn't entirely stock. It has to take in use a few mods to make it work. The most important of these are LunaMultiplayer and vesselmover. There's no part mods or anything that makes the weaponry and such easier to make. All the vehicles need to be made fully functional in stock version of KSP. It might be hard, but the challenge is the entire point of it. You can choose from a small number of nations. Each one has borders that can only be expanded by taking land from others. You will need to play tactically. This is not like those small dogfights and such we have right outside the ksc. It will happen all around Kerbin. (Note that this war will not have space combat. Inside atmosphere only.) You can ally with other nations and form alliances if you want, but you have to talk with the rest of the players in your nation/team before allying someone. Your can also do trading with other nations. And example would be exchanging a tank design for ore (ore is the resource required to spawn in crafts). We are not very strict here and will help you with anything you need. Can't make a good autoloader, gun, or warhead? Need better tracks, engine or turret mechanisms? Ask for ideas. Don't be scared off. The game is complicated, but you'll understandt it quickly. We'll explain any questions you might have. Minor details can be found in the discord server. Kerbin Kollapse is still w.i.p. By the time of this post we still have no LMP server up running, but we're working on it. Kerbin Kollapse is not flawless. There's still some stuff to be done. Discord link: - TheNordicToast - General Incompetence
  16. Hi, in order to implement a safer interpolation mechanism on LMP I store the orbital positions in a queue and replay them after 2 seconds have passed. The code looks something like this: var startTime = KspOrbit.epoch; var targetTime = Target.KspOrbit.epoch; var currentPos = KspOrbit.getRelativePositionAtUT(startTime); var targetPos = Target.KspOrbit.getRelativePositionAtUT(targetTime); var currentVel = KspOrbit.getOrbitalVelocityAtUT(startTime) + KspOrbit.referenceBody.GetFrameVelAtUT(startTime) - Body.GetFrameVelAtUT(startTime); var targetVel = Target.KspOrbit.getOrbitalVelocityAtUT(targetTime) + Target.KspOrbit.referenceBody.GetFrameVelAtUT(targetTime) - Target.Body.GetFrameVelAtUT(targetTime); var lerpedPos = Vector3d.Lerp(currentPos, targetPos, LerpPercentage); var lerpedVel = Vector3d.Lerp(currentVel, targetVel, LerpPercentage); Vessel.orbit.UpdateFromStateVectors(lerpedPos, lerpedVel, LerpBody, Planetarium.GetUniversalTime()); KSPOrbit is the first packet Orbit, Target.KSPOrbit is the next packet, and on every fixed update frame that code is called. In order to ignore FlightIntegration issues I only call this when vessels are PACKED (OnRails) (I will deal with FI later) The LerpPercentage is a value between 0 and 1 that increases on every fixedupdate call The movement is very fluid BUT the positions are displaced kind of "backwards" This is for example a screenshot I took with 2 clients side by side: Here the player 1 is flying above that wide line in the runway: But the player 2 sees this: I understand the GREEN distance as the vessel is 2 seconds behind and it will take some time to reach the runway but I don't understand why it's displaced sideways (red distance) Also, I tried to set this code: var lerpTime = LunaMath.Lerp(startTime, targetTime, LerpPercentage); Vessel.orbit.UpdateFromStateVectors(lerpedPos, lerpedVel, LerpBody, lerpTime); But then the orbit is rendered in real time (not 2 seconds behind in time) and the vessel goes inside Kerbin a lot of times and there are weird movements. I think there's some orbital calculation that I'm missing but I can't find how should I proceed on this... I even tried specifying the position manually as: Vector3d vector3d = Vessel.orbitDriver.driverTransform.rotation * Vessel.localCoM; Vessel.SetPosition((planetPos + Vessel.orbitDriver.pos) - vector3d); But I didn't had luck Does someone have an idea of how I should implement this? It's honestly one of the oldest LMP bugs and I've been dealing with this for months and not making much progress. EDIT: If I reduce the interpolation delay time to 300ms or so the movement is almost perfect (there's still that sideway distance altough much shorter) but I want to set a 1 or 2 seconds delay for bad connections
  17. Kerbal space program has been around for a while and there is still no official online multiplayer? Why? This feature is screaming to be added. For example an online sandbox mode where you can play with friends. Not only would this allow current players to enjoy this great game even more, it would generate the company more money. More people would be asking their friends to buy the game so that they can play online with them. So what is up with this?
  18. SYNCRIO – by Caylis1397 KSP Version: 1.2.2 , 1.3.0, and 1.3.1 Current Mod Version: v0.9.0.1/v1.0 Beta 4.1 Download(SpaceDock): Client Server Download(Github): 1.2.2 1.3.0 Download(v1.0 Beta 4.1) 1.3.1 Source code: GitHub News: (4/19/2018) Because of life stuff I am no longer going to be working on Syncrio. I changed the license to MIT, and uploaded the progress I had on the complete rewrite of Syncrio. The rewrite is incomplete, but it was mostly working as of KSP 1.4.0. If anyone want to pickup where I left off, then feel free to do so. However Luna Multiplayer is beginning to replace Syncrio. LMP already has some basic career data syncing complete. I want to thank you all for the support and the chance to be a part of the KSP community. I hope that one day somewhere down the line I will have time to return, but it wont be for quite a while, if at all. Again, Thank You. DESCRIPTION: Syncrio is a modification of Kerbal Space Program that features multiplayer-style scenario syncing. The multiplayer-style scenario syncing allows you to sync your scenario data (funds, reputation, science and tech trees) to a group so that other players in the group a sync from the group and have the same scenario data as you. You can have many groups on a server, this allows you to have competing space agencies or if you want to play coop just have one group. Syncrio is mostly meant to be used with DMP to achieve a true multiplayer experience. Although it works just fine on its own, you just won't be in the same kerbal universe. Known Bug(s) and Issues: Anti-Keyloggers and Comodo auto-sandbox are known to crash Syncrio. You have been warned. If you find any bugs please report them. And if you do report them please follow this guide on making a bug report. Thank you. SUPPORTED MODS: DarkMultiPlayer -Note: By default this is turned off. To turn it on in the server run the server once and then go to the config folder then open the settings.txt file and set DMP-Coop-Mode to true and then on the client side in the connection window click settings and enable DMP Co-op Mode. COMPATIBLE MODS: Historical Progression Tech Tree. Although any tech tree mod should work great with Syncrio, but I have only tested it with HP Tech Tree. So I can't say for sure. Planet packs should work too, but I have not tested any yet. SPECIAL THANKS: @godarklightand the DarkMultiPlayer team for their great work on DarkMultiPlayer! @Ippo for the Open Node Parser. And Squad for KSP! REQUIREMENTS: Windows or Wine / Mono (if you have a Linux or Mac OSX) -Note: Wine or Mono should do the trick if you have a Linux or Mac OSX, but I have no way of testing it. LICENSE: This mod is released under the MIT license. UI Pics(Very Old):
  19. I play KSP for many years and we still waiting for the multiplayer features. I know somes mods who mimic a ''Multiplayer'' but it has somes flaws with the warping's gameplay but i had a idea today to fix that warping gameplay issue in multiplayer ! For the Time Warp issues; the solution is simple; Play with friends on One Ship at a time or design rockets and ships when your friends are flying ! Your rocket can hold 4 kerbals ? Then you can Coop with 3 friends. We all Warp together ! All we have to implement is a system to share each controls separately and give them exclusively for each player. Example A : Player 1 : Control WASD Player 2 : Control SAS's Force Player 3 : Control RCS Player 4 : Control Thrust and Staging Example B : Player 1 : Control Piloting stuff : WASD + SAS + RCS + etc Player 2 : Control Sciences stuff : Execute minigames in flight to conduct sciences experiments Player 3 : Control Engineering stuff : Execute minigames in flight to stabilise the rocket's components and temperatures Player 4 : Control Recording Camera : Move around the camera to record epic adventures and stream online. Docking and Undocking Phase In a radius on 50 Km, the player can split into many group to take control of others vessels. If others players exit the 50 km radius around the Player 1; they are teleported back into the Player 1's Vessel ( Player Only, not the Kerbal itself if he was in EVA ). In Radius Coop mode, the time warp is limited to X speed and only Player 1 can Warp if all others players are inside and accept the Warp Vote. It's simple enough to be implemented in the next Update. Sincerly; i don't know why Squad didn't implemented that Solution yet. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: That sounds like it might work on a planetary transfer with a large ship, but with something on the order of a small Mun lander, with the controls all in different hands? Coordination sounds like a nightmare! Then throw in a bit of lag at the wrong moment. Answer : This isn't the point of making a Coop ? Getting challenged ? Nasa pilots doesn't have member to assist him ? For the Lag issue ; can we consider them like malfunctions and communications noises ? B: This sounds somewhat more logical a way to divide tasks, but Science seems a bit thin to justify a player dedicated to it. Same with working the camera. Answer : That's why we need to implement minigames and more sciences test in flight. More than a simple clic experiments. Enough to make the scientist rushing to get all science he can in one flight. Same for the engineer, he must watch and tune fuel balancing and temperatures at same time to solve malfunctions warnings with the scientist. For the Cameraman ; he must have plenty of options to record a nice video with post-effects and transitions. Cameraman, it's a career, he will have plenty to do if you want a nice stream on twitch. Four players, three seats on the ship. This leads to a problem. Also, "Player Only, not the Kerbal itself"? What does the "disembodied" player get to do then? Answer : Consider Players as ''AI'' who can get control of Functions or Kerbal. If the ''AI'' go to far away with a kerbal; the ''AI'' came back into the Player 1's vessel and the kerbal need to be rescued like a normal rescue mission. All Players ''AI'' will get access to a HUD panel where he can cast a vote for each functions he want or the Kerbal he want to play. Player 1 will accept or not the requests.
  20. As those of you who watch @NathanKell's Twitch streams may already be aware, I recently developed an asynchronous multiplayer mod, Race Into Space. The idea is that everyone in the game syncs with the server every now and then, to say "my game is at $date" and "I achieved $milestone on $date". Then, when everyone's game is past the first date on which a milestone was achieved, the server now knows who got it first, and they get some extra funds in their game (and bragging rights, which are of course far more important). One person (usually whoever organised the game) has to run the server, which is a Python program using Twisted and Nevow, and needs to be network-visible (so e.g. if behind a router/NAT you will need to port forward). The other players just connect to that server from within KSP. They can also view the game state by pointing a web browser at the server. Apart from needing a common set of contracts, the players can have completely different mods installed, although for the sake of balance and fairness you will usually want to agree on a list of allowed mods. Currently it's in beta testing, and it only has configs for RP-0 (the RSS career mod). If someone wants to write configs for other contract packs, pull requests welcome. It still has a few rough edges, like a total lack of access control on the server, but it seems to be working so far. The source code is at, and releases can be downloaded from Network details (rule 6 compliance): The Race Into Space client KSP addon communicates over the network. It will only communicate with the server specified by the user in the in-game UI (which defaults to localhost), and its communication consists of reports on the current game state, which are only sent when manually triggered by the user (by pressing the SYNC button), requests for the corresponding state of other players (triggered by the Join, Refresh and SYNC buttons), and messages used to Join or Leave a game on the server. The full protocol is described in the file 'protocol' in the top level of the source repository, which can be found on github.
  21. So I looked over the first 5 pages of this thread and couldn't see anything related to Multiplayer so... I for one would very much like it to coop with friends on joint missions and goals. • Have I missed an update, has MP been mentioned of late? • Is it time to revisit Multiplayer? • Now Making History is done, what is next?
  22. hello I've been a player of ksp for a long time and I think it would be good to add a multiplayer. I think these multiplayer features would be the best and serve for ksp: first off adding friends this is simple we have a online username account that well be used to pull up the players account page and you can add friend or join game which means the player is playing with the other players. groups this can be made by any player and a group can serve as just for friends or it can serve for a certain amount of players only like 20 multiplayer players and the user wants 10 he can do that you can also just do you and a friend. this multiplayer wouldn't be a mod it would be built in the game. I hope you consider making this you'll make me and so many other people happy thank you ksp team. any other feature the ksp founders would like to add this is unlimited because they made the game. my opinion I've played a lot of games and I've seen that multiplayer is a lot of fun it can get boring playing a game by yourself this adds a new experience in gameplay there is gonna be dog fights, wars, racing, flying together, operations and so much more this little add will give a huge amount of fun and gameplay and its gonna be so many kingdoms of players are gonna arise and buy the game I know because I have friends and a brother me my friends and my brother we buy games we like that have multiplayer ones that don't we usually look for another one but I really like this game and so does my friends and brother I really think this would help. thank you for your time. for the gamers of ksp multiplayer would add so much fun and a huge experience it would be epic and fun think of the gameplay that would be possible wars and big wars, operations you plan, huge fleet of planes flying, and so much more with our imagination's and what we want to do In the game we can do some pretty awesome stuff thank you community for reading.
  23. Every time I browse the suggestions thread I see a multiplayer thread and decide to check it out to see if anybody has even played the already existing multiplayer mod. Timewarp timewarp timewarp... If you don’t know how DMP handles timewarp, it’s a little tricky at first and isn’t very orthodox. But it works. Basically. Every person gets their own time reference frame. You can warp just like in single player, but you disappear to everybody else not in that time frame. When you get out of warp, people will be behind you in time. Don’t think about it too much, just as long as you can’t travel backwards in time (wich you cant) there won’t be any huge paradoxes. Other people can view the multiplayer menu and “sync” to your time frame. Now you can see each other again. They get pulled very rapidly into the future and everything is dandy as long as you aren’t sub-orbital. If they warp ahead, they can no longer see you, you have to warp to them. You cannot sync to people in a past time frame, they have to sync to you. mods? Mods are easy to handle. Have stock servers and modded servers. Have a mod list for each server (only part mods matter). What’s wrong with DMP then? It’s biggest issue is that it’s a mod, it’s not stock. (It’s got framerate issues and teleportation bugs and whatnot) The games code could easily be optimised and tweaked to work well with multiplayer, but you can’t tweak base code from a mod. All squad has to do is adopt the mod like they did for so many others, and all will be happy. Imagine it though.. building a base with your bud on pol.. or maybe a rival space administration.. The KSP system is too big to explore it all alone.
  24. Are there any good stock servers? And how do I fix "no such host is known?"
  25. There was a mod called BDDMP that made BDArmory compatible with DMP but it is for 1.0.5 and that version crashes with a lot of mods as there is no x64 executable.(and itd pretty old , also unity4) Mod Link: I wonder if the new BDArmoryContinued is compatible with the DMP mod. We really want to make dogfights and stuff. Any help would be appreciated. I searched a lot for it on the internet but couldn't find anything.