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Found 29 results

  1. Buenas, soy novato en el juego adquirí el juego hace escasos días, me gustaría saber si hay algún grupo en steam o en algún lugar, en donde este la comunidad de KSP en español, mas que nada para consejos, ayuda, etc. También he visto que hay un mod para multiplayer, aun funciona?
  2. Licence: MIT (you don't have to ask me for permission if you want to make a fork ) Description: Around March-2016 I started a fork of DMP to include UDP network messages but it finally evolved to a totally different program. Still, LMP would never exist without the work done by @godarklight as uses some of its concepts and some code snippets from his mod. If you want to support this project, consider donating trough paypal The mod still has some bugs but I'm confident that it can be released as an alpha. Anyway, if you want to report a issue, please do so on github If you want to collaborate testing new versions or help us in development join us in the discord chat In order to implement interpolation we need some person with maths + orbits knowledge that could help us do it Main features: Clean and optimized code architecture, based on systems and windows which makes it easier to read and modify. Multi threaded (as much as Unity allows) Settings saved as XML. Time synced between clients and the server using the NIST servers. UDP networking using the Lidgren library for reliable UDP message handling. Uses interpolation (still buggy) so the vessels shouldn't jump from one place to another. Nat-punchtrough feature so a server doesn't need to open ports on it's router. Servers are displayed within the mod. Better creation of network messages so they are easier to modify as you don't need to take care of serialization. Every network message is cached in order to reduce the garbage collector spikes Based on tasks instead of threads. QuickLZ for fast compression Caveats: Linux is still not 100% supported as we need some linux developer to help us Sometimes weird bugs appear Only sandbox mode has been tested No mods support still (please test it using stock only) Much testing is needed... Links: Oficial Github repo: Official website: Download from: Website or GitHub Wiki (WIP): Discord chat: Collaborators: @Dagger Developer @Lothsahn Developer @SupperRobin6394 Website development @godarklight Assesment & DMP code @Toonu Testing + Documentation The hellbox - Testing (linux)
  3. [1.3.1] BDDMP [BDAC 1.0.0]

    BDDMP Now with `unsafe` code and probably still as many bugs, but now with more Kraken Greetings everybody, and welcome to BDDMP. This mod does one thing. Make BDArmory sychnronise over DMP. Why? Beccause hilariously entertaining multiplayer combat encounters can now happen in mostly real time, which is fun. Background This mod was originaly made by DsonBill, then died, then was resurrected by me. Then it died again, around the time BDA introduced Radar, as that involved a total BDA rewrite, which also broke almost all of the existing code, as the mod required a forked version of BDA to function. Then on the request of a couple of forum users, and my own boredom, I though, why not, and re-built it. New Version Features? Support for BDArmory continued, since BDA was deprecated Utilisation of detours and extensions, meaning that downloading an entirely new copy of BDA is a thing of the past More features than the last one (as I re-implemented some more things) What is the point? To mess around with the powers of multiplayer. Will it work reliably over a high ping? Probably not. (Have tested it) Download Spacedock Sources Github Licencing All of my code is licenced under CC0. Any BDArmory code is licenced under CC 2.0 BY-SA. NAQ Q. Does this work with BDArmory expansion mods A. It should, if they don't use their own plugin Q. Vessels Are Duplicating A. That's due to a lag based fault on the end of DMP As always feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for reading.
  4. KSP BD armoury war

    I’m interested in doing a KSP turn based war using BD armoury, similar to “fall of kerbin” and “kollaborative warfare”. The game will require 2 or more players/teams, building there own vessels and setting up defenses and attacking each other’s bases by taking it in turns to pass around the save file. Should be really good fun! I’ve tried doing a similar thing by myself but that’s getting boring now! Will need to come up with rules. Reply if interested
  5. There was a mod called BDDMP that made BDArmory compatible with DMP but it is for 1.0.5 and that version crashes with a lot of mods as there is no x64 executable.(and itd pretty old , also unity4) Mod Link: I wonder if the new BDArmoryContinued is compatible with the DMP mod. We really want to make dogfights and stuff. Any help would be appreciated. I searched a lot for it on the internet but couldn't find anything.
  6. Dark Multiplayer Not working

    Hello everyone Figured I would look for some help on the forum... So I recently downloaded this mod.. and well... I try to hit the add server button and nothing is happening... am I doing something wrong? I followed all of the steps for installing the add-on correctly... but for some reason every time I try to hit the button it does not work... any help would be great
  7. simultaneous career mode

    I was wondering if there were any mods that allowed for 2 different space centers and two separeated careers at the same time. Me and my little brother are going to play multiplayer by this method: It would be excellent to have 2 different careers running in the same game so we could advance at different rates and have a true space race. Dose anyone have any info on a mod like this? It would be much appreciated if you could share.
  8. Kerbal space program has been around for a while and there is still no official online multiplayer? Why? This feature is screaming to be added. For example an online sandbox mode where you can play with friends. Not only would this allow current players to enjoy this great game even more, it would generate the company more money. More people would be asking their friends to buy the game so that they can play online with them. So what is up with this?
  9. Hi, I hope that squad will finally add multiplayer in the next update, like they very long time ago said. Regards
  10. Galera, criei um server DMP online pra quem quiser jogar KSP 1.3 multiplayer. Está em modo carreira para testes, pois antigamente os contratos eram compartilhados e agora parecem não serem mais. A intenção é que façamos nossa carreira online, com interação/colaboração e mais diversão. Quem quiser participar, basta baixar a última versão do cliente Dark Multi Player Lá mesmo vcs encontram o servidor KSP Brasil, mas deixarei aqui os dados para conexão: Endereço: Porta: 6702 É permitido utilizar mods, recomendo KWRocketry + SimpleAdjustableFairings, DMagic, TAC-LS (em testes, talvez seja retirado para compatibilidade stock), KIS + KAS, K2Pod e SETIprobes. Não são obrigatórios, quem quiser jogar sem mods poderá, mas perderão certa interação com os usuários. Assim como podem acrescentar outros mods, desde que não quebrem o sistema Kerbal original (RSS ou qualquer outra modificação do sistema que não seja apenas visual). Qualquer dúvida ou comentário, só postar. []'s
  11. Hello! I am a fan of KSP, as I am sure most of everyone else here is. Recent updates have brought a lot of new features that I enjoy; however, I am really looking forward to Multiplayer. Feel free to put your Multiplayer ideas on this topic, I will be listing mine below: Space Race: (Max of 16 players) Setup: Each player chooses: 1. A flag and name for their space program. 2. A color for the accents of their kerbal's suit and/or color of suit. 3. Where to put their KSC on a map of Kerbin (Must be at least 50km from other player's agencies). 4. Game Moderator/Owner of the server decides normal game options when they make the server, and get to choose the max amount of players they want on their server. Game: Mostly the same as singleplayer, except you are competing with other players for the max amount of science (First to make a discovery gets the max amount, second gets less, third gets even less, ect.), world first milestones, and achievements like beating the other players to the Mun. Above that competing players can sabotage others or make alliances. Rockets can be used to destroy players KSC's or vessels, and force them to declare bankruptcy (a loss in multiplayer). Players can also share plans for rockets, money, and kerbals. If they really want to they can declare another person an ally, or go to war with them. Time Warp: This essentially is the hardest part of designing Multiplayer, and there is no perfect option for time warp shared with multiple people, so I have a few suggestions. 1. There is a max amount of timewarp given for each play session. (Ex. everyone has 50 days to work with during this play session.) at the end of the max amount, a player will be told that all current missions are saved, and then have the option to log out or to spectate other players. 2. At the end of a play session, everyone's time syncs up to the person who has used the most timewarp. A notification is displayed as you log out describing how far ahead you will skip. (A game moderator can decide whether or not the time a player has skipped ahead is unreasonable and talk to the player. 3. (Not my idea) Lowest time warp is used. (Ex: P1 - 4x, P2- 10x = 4x is used across the entire server) 4. (Suggested by mattinoz) Various zones or spheres of influence have a fixed warp that is higher where space is emptier. Player can slow down from warp back to normal time but only for a fixed period after which the server forces them back to warp + syncing warp to catch up with the timeline of the sphere. That way no one can get "physically" in front of the another player unless they fly faster. Others: 1. No two players can have the same color, flag, or name for their agency on a server. 2. The list of contracts are global, everyone has access to the same list, and once one is taken by another player, it is not available anymore unless it is declined/discarded. 3. Mods are allowed, but only ones that are agreed on by the moderator of a server. I am open to other suggestions, as well as ways people think I can improve my ideas. Thank you!
  12. [1.2.2] Race Into Space

    As those of you who watch @NathanKell's Twitch streams may already be aware, I recently developed an asynchronous multiplayer mod, Race Into Space. The idea is that everyone in the game syncs with the server every now and then, to say "my game is at $date" and "I achieved $milestone on $date". Then, when everyone's game is past the first date on which a milestone was achieved, the server now knows who got it first, and they get some extra funds in their game (and bragging rights, which are of course far more important). One person (usually whoever organised the game) has to run the server, which is a Python program using Twisted and Nevow, and needs to be network-visible (so e.g. if behind a router/NAT you will need to port forward). The other players just connect to that server from within KSP. They can also view the game state by pointing a web browser at the server. Apart from needing a common set of contracts, the players can have completely different mods installed, although for the sake of balance and fairness you will usually want to agree on a list of allowed mods. Currently it's in beta testing, and it only has configs for RP-0 (the RSS career mod). If someone wants to write configs for other contract packs, pull requests welcome. It still has a few rough edges, like a total lack of access control on the server, but it seems to be working so far. The source code is at, and releases can be downloaded from Currently (v0.1.2) it works with the Pap-Contracts branch of RP-0; hopefully that will get merged into master soon. Network details (rule 6 compliance): The Race Into Space client KSP addon communicates over the network. It will only communicate with the server specified by the user in the in-game UI (which defaults to localhost), and its communication consists of reports on the current game state, which are only sent when manually triggered by the user (by pressing the SYNC button), requests for the corresponding state of other players (triggered by the Join, Refresh and SYNC buttons), and messages used to Join or Leave a game on the server. The full protocol is described in the file 'protocol' in the top level of the source repository, which can be found on github.
  13. I'm sure it's been suggested before! But I'll talk again! Need a coop! That more than one player can control the same base and the same ship doing different things! That a player can be taking care of the first stage while the second is taking care of the second and carrying in orbit or both doing things on the same ship! And in a space mission on some planet each one controls a character and does different things, but always free to do anything! The game is good today! But with coop of form officially without lags and problems would be perfect! Imagine people traveling through space with up to 4 friends can do everything! I realize that the problem is in the matter of game time! But you have to have a solution to have a good experience with friends! It could be a DLC paid! But it has to be perfect in the coop! Would be ideal!
  14. Hey there, this is an idea for KSP Multiplayer. What do you think about it? Missioncommander: Only Player to control Time Warp. Time Warp Markers in Orbit (Warp here) can be set by other Players. If the Commander dies, someone else will be Mission Commander. Gameplay: Every Player can choose a Class: Pilot, Ingeneur or Scienetist. Engeniers can repair rocket parts, like broken science experiments so the scientist can use them. The scientist can create navigation points so the Pilot fly the rocket to its destination. On the way to another planet events can accure. Something like small asteroids damaging the ship. Engenier needs to EVA and repair them. Before landing the scientist needs to check for biomes, so the pilot can land the ship. This way alle the different Players have to support each other. Any Suggetions?
  15. War multiplayer

    Are there any war servers out there that have active players on for us to dogfight battle or destroy with hyperedit kax airplanes plus and bd armoury or procedural dynamics
  16. Thema: KSP im Multiplayer mit Mods! Hi, mein Name ist Norman ich bin 29 Jahre alt und habe über 2000 Stunden KSP. Ich bin sehr Aktiv und Täglich mehrere Stunden online und erreichbar. Da der Dark Multiplayer derzeit ziemlich gut läuft suche ich mitspieler für meinen KSP server mit Mods! Aktuell habe ich 3 bis 4 Aktive Mitspieler und ein paar Gelgenheitsspieler. Der Server ist seit dem 25.10.2016 online und ist 24/7 erreichbar. Teamspeak3 steht zur verfügung. Nun zu dem Server. Wie bereits geschrieben ist er 24/7 online, Server einstellungen sehen wie folgt aus Jeder spieler startet mit 250.000 Funds Reptutation verschlechterung ist wegen Bugs ausgeschaltet Jeder verdient sein eigenes Geld und Science. Mit absprache könnt ihr solche auch Tauschen / Handeln what ever. Das KSC teilen wir uns, wenn einer ein upgrade macht. Bekommen das alle. Kerbals werden ebenfalls geteilt. Wer tot ist, ist tot. Durch bugs gestorbene Kerbals resette ich jederzeit. Verbindung besteht nur zum KSC, keine zusätzlichen Boden-Funk-Stationen. Entry Pruchase ist an. Man muss teile nach dem Freischalten von Science also auch finanziell einmalig freischalten. Ansonsten ist alles auf Standard. Zuletzt habe ich mal eine Aktuelle Modliste angelegt und werde sie des öfteren bearbeiten. Wer Interesse hat mitzumachen kann hier gerne drunter schreiben oder sich bei mir Privat melden. Steam name ist der gleiche wie hier im Forum oder schaut mal im Deutschsprachigem KSP forum vorbei für Aktuellere Informationen: mfg Schtiebuu MODLISTE: (kann auch von Dropbox heruntergeladen werden)
  17. One thing I would love to see is a collaboration version. Something were multiple people can participate on the setup sharing the same model. Each part you add carries your name on it as it was your addition. It would be great if others could join as an observer so people can watch but not limited to watch only because streaming would do that easily but also for people to have read only rights where they can inspect and visualize but not modify. It would be also great if the people playing together could see when someone added something new... for example, when you log in everything that was added new shows up in a list and you can clean the list after you see. I think this would leave to fantastic ships been built and could even be an additional module/expansion. I would definitely pay for that.
  18. SYNCRIO – by Caylis1397 KSP Version: 1.2.2 , 1.3.0, and 1.3.1 Current Mod Version: v0.9.0.1/v1.0 Beta 4.1 Download(SpaceDock): Client Server Download(Github): 1.2.2 1.3.0 Download(v1.0 Beta 4.1) 1.3.1 Source code: GitHub News: v1.0 Beta 4.1 is now available on Github. DESCRIPTION: Syncrio is a modification of Kerbal Space Program that features multiplayer-style scenario syncing. The multiplayer-style scenario syncing allows you to sync your scenario data (funds, reputation, science and tech trees) to a group so that other players in the group a sync from the group and have the same scenario data as you. You can have many groups on a server, this allows you to have competing space agencies or if you want to play coop just have one group. Syncrio is mostly meant to be used with DMP to achieve a true multiplayer experience. Although it works just fine on its own, you just won't be in the same kerbal universe. Known Bug(s) and Issues: Anti-Keyloggers and Comodo auto-sandbox are known to crash Syncrio. You have been warned. If you find any bugs please report them. And if you do report them please follow this guide on making a bug report. Thank you. SUPPORTED MODS: DarkMultiPlayer -Note: By default this is turned off. To turn it on in the server run the server once and then go to the config folder then open the settings.txt file and set DMP-Coop-Mode to true and then on the client side in the connection window click settings and enable DMP Co-op Mode. COMPATIBLE MODS: Historical Progression Tech Tree. Although any tech tree mod should work great with Syncrio, but I have only tested it with HP Tech Tree. So I can't say for sure. Planet packs should work too, but I have not tested any yet. SPECIAL THANKS: @godarklightand the DarkMultiPlayer team for their great work on DarkMultiPlayer! @Ippo for the Open Node Parser. And Squad for KSP! REQUIREMENTS: Windows or Wine / Mono (if you have a Linux or Mac OSX) -Note: Wine or Mono should do the trick if you have a Linux or Mac OSX, but I have no way of testing it. LICENSE: This mod is released under GPL version 3. UI Pics(Old):
  19. Looking to do a test

    Hi there Kerbalister I'm looking to test how many people can simultaneously connect to my DMP server - I currently set the limit to 2000 and I wish to test if I can reach that high with a great server stability you can connect with the following IP : Its a Sandbox so feel free to let beautiful creation around
  20. So I've been thinking about making a Multiplayer Career for a long time, so much that I've tried to do it with some friends I have IRL, but failed, as they aren't Kerbal players. I've asked this on reddit, but got few responses (1), so I'm asking here, on the forum, if anyone would want to play a Space Race Career with people. This Multiplayer career would consist from 2 to 4~5 people playing Kerbal in a Multiplayer mod (DMP or KLF if the first is too unstable) using the following mods: (They can be discussed) Dark MultiPlayer (DMP) or Kerbal Life Feed (KLF) Kerbal Konstruct Kerbin Side Ven's Tantares and LV TweakScale Procedural Parts ALCOR landing pod DMagicOrbitalSciences KIS KAS Near Future Tech Mk3MiniExpansion HabTech ScanSAT 2K System (Every body is make 2 times bigger) Any that you would want but RemoteTech ---------------PROPOSED--------------- FASA FTP SpaceY KWRocketry x1 Size Kerbol system (Stock) Each person would get 1 or 2 launch sites in a specific part of Kerbin. No one would be using the KSC. Cooperation is allowed, but not at the start (As if we were in a Kold war) If you want to play in this career you have to put this on the comments: Amount of free time: Ability to open a server if needed: Any mods you recommend/dislike: Where you live (So it's know when each one can play): Also, you can use a custom flag. The thing will take a little bit to set up, as I'm in finals exams and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Also, sorry if I'm very plain, If you want to contact me, my Skype is "pkmniako" Candidates: Vulkasitos - Afternoons - Can host server - (GTM+1) nosirrbro - Free teag2 - Free - Could Host a Server if needed Kuansenhama - Can vary if free or not - Could Host a Server if needed -(GMT-7) - Would like FTP and SpaceY amarius1 - ??? ZooNamedGames - Has Left. ...
  21. Have been reading the multiplayer thread and whilst i think it would be a mistake (personally) it got me thinking of what seems to be the underlying gameplay constrains of the game. Multiplayer adds randomness and narrative (mainly)... but comes with the issues of warping and aggressive players Currently the game is driven entirely by the single players imagination with little narrative apart from the repetitive contracts (especially once you're past the science tree). The game could address some of these issues add interest further down the line. i.e at some point make the game a bit harder with new skills to learn? I'm not massively interested in new parts etc as it doesn't IMHO add that much (although expanding the ISRU stuff would be great), it's game mechanics that will make this game last even longer. Solutions aren't easy but i'm sure it must begin with K
  22. Pass the save (wartime)

    Alright I am looking for two to three players to go to war with in ksp. Essentially with the mod kerbal side we would divide up the bases and territory of Kerbol, then Using BDArmory we will build defensive or attacking units. There are rules of course. Rules: Your reinforcements are based on the amount of bases you have, divided by five rounded up to the nearest 1. (no more than 10 reinforcements) 1-5=1 reinforcement, 6-10=2 reinforcements, 11-15=3 reinforcements, 16-20=4 reinforcements, 21-25=5 reinforcements, 26-30=6 reinforcements, 31-35=7 reinforcements, 36-40= 8 reinforcements, 41-45=9 reinforcements. You may not attack the first round, the first round everyone places down one unit at each base, there are about 45 bases, so if 4 people join everyone will have 11 bases and 1 person will have 12, so everyone gets 3 reinforcements on there turn unless they loss more territories and fall into another category above. First round you can put down only one defensive unit at a base, and you may launch one of two things into space, a com sat, to communicate with others, or a spy sat, which allows you to look at enemy troops, that it passes over. (note: you can combine both into one unit and launch it.) A com sat will have either a Communotron 88-88 or a coms DTS-MT, a spy sat will have a M700 Survey Scanner and a coms device, a communotron 16 is a spy sat com only, if other comms are used the spy sat is also a com sat. You can shoot day a spy sat, but not a coms sat, if a sat is both it cannot be shot down, a spy sat will be able to be shot down after and on the agreed turn, a coms sat will be able to be shot on the same turn we decide to use nuclear devices. War councils are convened to decide on new rules of war. The first one will take place on after turn five, and can be brought up in case of emergencies, other wise will take place after every other turn. Ex after turn 5, then after turn 7, then after turn 9 and so on. On round two you can attack for the first time, to take a base you must destroy the defensive units, or disable them, you may not take a base if the defensive unit still works. Then you take down the flag and out down your own. Defensive unit cannot be made out of indestructible parts, since I cannot remember them all, any indestructible parts found being used will be deleted, the person who owns it notified, and they will get a chance to put a new one down, and replace any others using that part. This is only replace old ones with new ones, after they do this the attacker will resume at the start of his/her turn, after he/she got his/her reinforcements, so he/she will not get more reinforcements. You can take two bases, one enemy and one base you had at the beginning of the war. You fire upon a total of 4 bases. If you get shot down you cannot retry your attack by reverting the flight, that is used for going back from glitches, or in other special cases to be decide by war council. You can retry with another vehicle. War council will decide the turn when this number can increase. Quick saving and loading is allowed, to get around glitches, any other uses are forbidden, special cases can be taken to the war council. Note you may only take part in the war council if you have a coms sat, you can only make treaties or contact people who have coms sats as well. Spy sat can only see unit that they pass over, so a non polar orbit will not see everything. This is one example where you can quick save, fast forward to see what unit your spy sat passes over, then quick load back. The units your spy sat passes, over are the only ones you can look at besides your own. There is no part limit or cost limit, however nothing to big or extravagant, it must be able to be destroyed, it can be really hard to be destroyed, as long as it can be. Note you may create another world save separate from the war save to test your vehicles and defensives. You have up to one week to make your turn. Additional time may be granted by the war council in special cases. Note that reinforcements are addition units you can launch on your turn, if you still have units out after your previous turn you may restock them with ammo and missiles without using up reinforcements, you may also reuse vehicles you have left by refueling them, without using up your reinforcements, and you can attack with them and keep using your reinforcements for defensive purposes. You can carry up to four probes or turrets with you at one time. The turrents make only have two PAC-3 Intercept missiles, and two Vulcan Turret guns attached to it. All these rules can be subjected to change by the war council, additional rules can be added by the war council. There are only two ways to win, one is to take all the bases and control Kerbin, or all the governments left in the war must have a diplomatic treaty of non-aggression. That last for 10 or more turns. Example being there are four governments blue, red, green and yellow. Yellow is taken out, blue and green sign a non-aggression pact till red is gone, red is defeated. This is not winning cause blue and green's non-aggression no longer stands as valid, they must make a new one. The war council can also change the turn limit on this as well. You can record this series on your channel, as long as your willing to list others that do this as well. One person can be decided on by the war council that can make a playlist of all videos in order of turn order. Turn order and bases and territory will be decided by a pre-war council before the first turn, everyone must have the same mods with some exceptions made by the pre-war council, and the same version of KSP. If anyone want to join and willing to play fair and by the rules can reply, please respond with what your government name is and if you get selected you will asked to provide a unique flag or pick a stock flag from the game to use.
  23. DMP Server Online!

    NOTE: if all of you want to join one specific side, no one will be selected because there have to be equal players on both sides. You have to post a reply with DMP username. If you want to be part of the upcoming Kerbol War between me (AE) and KS, then submit you vote on whose side you will be on, and give me your DMP username. There will be a random selection of people, who will be sent a personal message saying you are qualified. Server address and port will be in the message. Goal: conquer all of opponent's bases. AE-Atlysian Empire: I rule all of space and the KSC. I can eliminate any space assets of the other side, and will win this war! KS-Kerbal Separatists: I own most of Kerbin except the KSC. I am great at land warfare. Mods: Adjustable landin' gear BahaSP (included with adjustable landing gear) BahautmoDynamicsArmory BetterBurnTime BetterTimeWarp DMP DistantObject FTLdrive Hyperengine KSP KerbalEngineer KerbalFoundries KerbalKonstructs KerbinSide KIS LandingHeight PortraitStats ShowAllFuels SpacePotatoes Squad Starfire StarWarsMod Trajectories VesselMover Vessel mover is not for moving, but for spawning vessels. You can only spawn a vessel if you have a craft with: a drill, IRSU, and ore tank.
  24. Okay I thought I posted about this before but I guess the kraken got it, so here it goes, apologies to KAC for stealing the screenshots from it's manual. What I propose is a new UI element called the timeline, a multi function tracking center and map view utility that combines functions of KAC, warp control, mission updates, and yes even multiplayer warp control. Now i'm not an expert UI guru, so i'm sure this whole idea could be made much cleaner with context sensitive displays and such, but essentially it should be handled like a video/audio editor track that you can 'scrub' and change the scale of on the fly to suit your needs. Okay the First image shows a fairly low time scale, You have time markers, you have the zero line (but you can scrub left or right to view different sections if you want) A mouseover (see Kerbal X) an icon will show it's time or more details. The actual timeline should have pretty basic icons to keep it from getting too cluttered. You can compare the icons on the timeline to the ones in the KAC window. On the far right you see an arrow, this could signify user created maneuver nodes or alarms that are off screen in the future. In this case the SOI and transfer window alarms. Maybe in the real UI you'd just mouse over the arrow and it would show the details in a text popup. One of my ideas for multiplayer timewarp would be to integrate it into the timeline, in addition to hotkeys (which could be treated like the game 'defcon' where the game runs at the fastest speed of the slowest player), you'd be able to que up warps (similar to KAC or mechjeb warp helper). In this example, the player (blue bar) qued up a warp 20 minutes from now to some point in the future, but the 2nd player (purple bar) wants to warp sooner (looks like around 12m30s) but the green bar represents the agreed upon overlap, so thats when it will warp. So maybe the purple player can go get a sandwich. ;P This Shows a longer timescale, Since the alarm clock is so close to zero at this time scale, there should be some advanced info on it, maybe it blinks red with a timer indicator under it, since at a 3 hour gradation you'd never be able to tell when a 3 minute timer would pop just by looking. Again mouseover shows more time detail. In this example our Transfer window is still way out, so it's got the right hand arrow indicating it's off the scale. In this example you qued up a warp 8 days from now till around 18 days, and since player 2 wants to warp to the foreseeable future (Boy are they mad at you!) You're entire warp is approved since it overlaps, note we won't necessarily track warp in the T minus part of the scale since it's pretty pointless, but I guess you could. Final picture shows the last idea. And this is we could have context buttons (see transfer window icon lower left) That would show non user-created info on the timeline. In this example we're dealing with year scale timelines, so our SOI transfer and alarm clock are Red flashing since they're happening sooner than the lowest gradient, and since the alarm is happening sooner, it's time is displayed, and once it pops, the SOI transfer time will show instead, possibly the alarm would blink since it's happening within 15 minutes, and the SOI would be less dire because it's still 1 day out. So this example shows something you could do with mission info (Launch, staging, part heating, destruction, failure, landing, eva) with the proper context button. But in this case we'll use Transfer window (but you could do SOI, whatever) So say you click the transfer window button, now it'll show a dot for each Transfer window upcoming from your current location, maybe a pop up key will show a different color for each body. But in this case we'll use muted green dot for every planet with an upcoming Transfer. In our example we clicked Duna, note that Eeloo is below it (the muted green dot under the bright green dot) because they're nearly the same time window. Since we selected Duna, in addition to showing it's nearest transfer, it now projects out the next 4 transfer windows (represented by bright dots that fade from green, to yellow, to red) So you can visualize the time scale of the Kerbin Duna transfer in context of your other markers, alarms, etc. In this example I further demonstrated the Warp overlap Mechanism, both players have layed out warp ques, but only the agreed upon areas are going to warp. I suppose the player could hit the warp hotkey when they are within player twos warp que and it'll just automatically add say 5 minutes of warp or whatever till they run out. If there is going to be 'surprise' warp, there should be some 10 second warning in which the other player can change their mind, so you can change your mind. Anyway So this is the Summary: Timeline, different time scales and positions selectable by player. KAC functionality built into it, place alarms by clicking on timeline, select context buttons to show all SOI, Transfer windows, closest approach, AP, PE, etc. Place an alarm just by clicking icon. Mission Timeline also shown on this with context button. Icons to represent evens, so Launch Icon, Stage Icon, Landing Icon, Recovery? Park failure icons. Mouse overs show details, Possibly multiplayer support with a muted or different color to optionally show the other players launches, disasters, etc. Also if there is life support, this would be a HUGE factor also, big indicators to show estimated life support range, warnings for specific flights. Easier Time warp, just click and drag on the timeline, it'll warp during that time segment. Maybe time warp hot keys just add an automatic time segment to the timeline, the longer the segment, the faster the warp Show upcoming Transfer windows, SOI changes, AP, PE, etc based on context menus. Anyway i'm done, what do you think?
  25. I know many people are anxiously awaiting multiplayer mode for KSP. To be honest though, I'm not sure I would play it a lot. The thing is, however well it works and whatever ingenious ideas are used to solve the time warp issue, space is still really really big. Apart from some relatively rare occations where you meet up with other players (which is already no easy thing to do), you will still spend most of the time alone. I can see it working with planes, but I mostly play Kerbal Space Program, not Kerbal Aircraft Program. However, there's another kind of multiplayer that I would really enjoy, and that's having multiple players in control of the same ship. I know that sounds stupid at first, but imo KSP is a lot about learning (and teaching). Wouldn't it be great if an experienced player could act as a driving instructor on your ship, give advice in real time and take over control if necessary? I've been in this situation quite of few times. Right now, the best solution is to either use some streaming service like Twitch or Steam (resulting in horrible delay) or use a desktop sharing program like Teamviewer (with horrible quality and sometimes also delay). An in-game sharing feature should work much better since there's actually not that much information that has to be transmitted. Such a "Mentor Mode" wouldn't have to be limited to flying, it could also work in the VAB. Of course there are details to be worked out (Like for instance how would one player hand control over to another? Or should one player's input always overwrite the other one's?), but I see no major technical obstacles. What do you about this idea? Has anything like this been suggested to and/or been taken into consideration by the devs?