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Found 1 result

  1. I'm currently designing a multipurpose rocket destined for Minmus. It's actually a ship, a science space station and a science rover, all on the same rocket. The issue I have is that there are not enough custom action groups (CAGs) to cover all the things i need to do on all three craft. I had a few ideas for workarounds but was wondering if anyone could save me some time and maybe explain how things work behind the scenes. I'd considered that building the science station and science rover as separate craft, configuring the CAGs and then merging them with the main rocket might store the CAG configuration for later when they separated and became independent spacecraft again, but I don't know if KSP is that sophisticated. I'm also unsure of the exact behavior of the preset action groups (PAGs). I know that the game automatically adds things like toggles for landing gear and lights to the appropriate groups, but even when there is nothing visible in the RCS action group, it toggles all relevant devices on/off. Does it only do this when nothing is explicitly added to that group or will it always do that in addition to the actions added to it. Do any other action groups act that way, as well, such as Stage? I just don't want to find out mid-mission that activating the Stage action group will blow off a stage in addition to whatever other actions I configured in that action group. Thanks in advance for any insight.