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Found 135 results

  1. To the Mun - under 500 tons.

    Hi there, I've poked my head into the KSP forums a few times, though have omitted a formal introduction as such. So here I am. I'm an engineering school dropout and had been lusting for a game like KSP ever since I had spent weeks on end playing "Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space". I've been playing KSP (badly) for a while, sandbox only. It's one of very few computer games I can still play, as I've lost most of my vision in a traffic collision a few years ago. Consequently, when I bought my present computer, I hadn't expected to play any graphics intense games again, ever. Consequently, not the hottest graphics card. Which you can see in my first KSP video. Well, more like my seventh KSP video. Just the first one that is even remotely watchable and that I didn't have "Eraser" scrub from my harddrive. What you see here: A mission to the mun. On rockets under 500 tons. Yes, the plural. I'm dead certain somebody else has done this, probably when the game version was still below 1. But here's how I did it. No engine with ISP over 310s, so in the Apollo-era ballpark. Rockets weighing about half what the RSBstock Saturn V brings. I don't play career mode, but if you have to make a Munar landing happen with smaller rockets, here's an option. The mission profile: Jeb flies to the Mun, alone, in a 2-seater spacecraft with plenty of ∆v to spare. In case something goes wrong. What would go wrong would be part of Valentina's flight. On a second rocket, carrying the actual Munar landing craft. After flying to the Mun and landing, she goes back up with the ascent stage, and then heads to rendezvous with the waiting Jeb. The rest of the mission should be obvious. Not so obvious, until I flew it for the video: Taking off from the Munar surface, Valentina had enough ∆v left to make it back to Kerbin without Jeb and his big rocket. So I might use the hardware from this video to try a direct ascent flight in a later video. If such is desired, please do let me know. Anyway, here's the video. Caution: The title is no joke. Clumsy is, also, not something you do with your hands. It's a state of mind. So even where I had the right idea about how to do something, I certainly did it in some way that will make you cringe so loud, your neighbors will file a complaint. So don't watch this if you don't wanna deal with being subpoenaed over noise pollution.
  2. I finally got to da Mun, but stranded Jeb, Bill, and Val. Should I send a colony or a rescue ship? Or something else?
  3. Okay, I have googled, and I have searched the forum, yet found no answer. Here's what it is: I play only sandbox, and I build funny little ships that I fly to the Mun, mostly. When I set up my return trajectory, I can see where it will hit Kerbin. But Kerbin will, of course, keep rotating. So I often end up burning huge amounts of ∆v in a last-minute course alteration just so that I can hit an ocean. If I don't use such huge amounts to first circularize and then set up a nice reentry. I can build my craft so that I'll be lugging quite enough ∆v for all of that. But I don't wanna. I don't need to hit an ocean. I know I can land on land, no worries. I know it was once undesirable to hit an ocean, if memory serves. But I am of the firm conviction that spacecraft that don't have landing gear go in the water. That's how I roll. Or splash and bob, as the case may be. So. What part of the game have I totally missed learning about? What mod did I not find? What is the trick? From what I understand, the Apollo spacecraft didn't exactly first circularize and then set up reentry. But were put on the right trajectory, right from the Moon. And even came down near the right aircraft carrier. If those pinkskins could do it, I'm sure the Kerbals should be able to, also. Problem is how to get me able to do it, also. I'm sure it's elemental, trivial, everybody knows about it. I suspect there might be something in the game I just have failed to learn about, inexcusable as that may be. So, as humiliating as this may be for me. Please somebody explain to me how I can aim for an ocean from the Mun. Thanks.
  4. Big Kerbal Rocket, to the Mun!

    Hello everyone! Here I am with my second challenge. My first one didn't do so well, so it's time to add another seed to the plot! The Challenge: Get a stock BFR-based rocket to the Mun, and back. Points: Hey, it worked! | Get off the launchpad = 100 points It's getting hard to breathe... | Get into thin air = 500 points Spaaaaaaace!!! | Get out of the atmosphere = 1,000 points A huge gray ball in the sky... | Encounter the Mun = 2,000 points I'm running circles around you! | Orbit the Mun = 3,000 points That's one small step for a kerbal... | Land on the Mun = 5,000 Home sweet home! | Return to Kerbin from the Mun = 5,000 points The booster has landed, where? | Land the booster on Kerbin = 500 points Hey, there it is! | Land the booster near the KSC = 750 points The booster has landed. | Land the booster back on the pad = 1,000 points Hey, we're back! | Land the main ship on Kerbin = 1,000 points I can see my house from here! | Land the main ship near the KSC = 1,500 We're back! | Land the main ship on the pad = 2,000 points Good thing the booster is coated with Power Musk... | Land the main ship on the booster = 5,000 points One step closer to a multi-planetary species. | Re-use the entire thing = 10,000 points Just in case! | Refueling capability using ISRU = 1,500 points Let the professionals do this. | Refueling capability using other crafts = 1,000 Bonus! A huge ball of snacks! | Encounter Minmus = 3,000 points Let's land, this is making me hungry! | Orbit Minmus = 3,500 points Let's feast! | Land on Minmus = 4,000 points Reddy or not, here we come! | Encounter Duna = 5,000 points Duna if we should land or not. | Orbit Duna = 7,500 points Hopefully this tastes like the bars. | Land on Duna = 10,000 points There's a starman, waiting in the sky... | Do a Grand Tour = 100,000 points Why use the ground and air, when you can use space!? | Use the BKR as a Kerbin-Kerbin transport system as well. = 2,500 points It's 2017, why didn't we have a Mun base before? | Make a Mun base = 20,000 points Shake hands! | Dock with another craft = 1,000 points Back to the roots. | Release some cargo into it's destination as well = 1,000 points Of Course I Still Love You | Land the booster on a barge = 2,000 points Just Read The Instructions | Land the main ship on a barge. = 2,000 points Rules: Don't go any farther than Minmus. That messes with my head. Unless you're doing the bonuses. Then that's okay. The rocket must resemble the BFR somehow. The mission must be fully possible in stock, so no part or part-changing mods. Notes: Unlike my previous challenge, altitudes do not stack.. Let me know if anything seems out of proportion. The brave kerbals taking upon this challenge: Mukita12 = somebody (once told me) do the math for me
  5. Getting a massive rover up there

    Hey guys! So I'm back from a long break, and I have this question begging to get answered: I see large rigs like the stock Crater Crawler, and I wonder to myself, how the heck do you deploy something that huge? It doesn't fit the biggest fairings available, so what gives It's not even assembled in LKO, there's no docking seams! So tell me: how do you (in vanilla KSP) get something really huge up there and working?
  6. Apollo 11

    Hey KSP Forum! I am, quite simply, looking for a pre-built Saturn V replica to fly. That's just about it; I've just installed MechJeb2, Hyperedit, and a sick transfer window grapher, and I want a nicely complicated mission to test all the new swag out with, plus show the game off to a few friends and maybe get them interested. Whatcha got?
  7. Everytime I try to make a manuver noee to the mun it always has the mun escape thing.
  8. it'll be my first time going there, and i was wondering which i should use.
  9. 16th July 1969 was the launch of the first crewed lunar LANDING mission. Exactly this day, 48 years ago. Due to the anniversary I decided to recreate Apollo 11 lunar landing mission in STOCK KSP (KER was used to help with orbital data). NOTE: This is not 1:1 accurate, I was limited by the stock ksp parts and physics. Thanks
  10. KSP in algodoo?

    I made a algodoo scene called Kerbal Space Program? and it was a tiny bit similar. Screenshots: After that, share your photos to me after you built your rocket.
  11. I am designing my first Mun Lander. I am using Kerbal Engineer Redux and I've had a look at the dV chart. I've decided on a 3 stage 2 Kerbal mission. 1) The lifter - Carries the two other stages to LKO ~ 3500dv 2) The transfer / return stage - Carries 2 Kerbals Lander will be docked with this. ~1500 dv 3) The Lander - Carries 1 Kerbal - has a materials bay, goo, temp, barometer, and seismograph. 1400dV (600 dv land 600dv up and 200 spare for orbit maneuver and docking ) If I'm understanding this correctly then I need about 600dV to reach land on the Mun from LMO and presumably the same to get back up plus a safety margin for docking? And I use KER set to Mun to calculate my total dV?
  12. Mun Flyby After the spectacular success of the Daredevil Pilot who went to space in his plane cockpit using nothing else than solid boosters, there has been increasing pressure on the KSC to be less hesitant and more daring. The work on a liquid fuel engine had numerous setbacks and the public is growing impatient. So a special group has been tasked with the design of a Mun flyby probe using current technologies. The lower to the mun we can get, the better for appeasing the public. The challenge Your challenge, should you accept it, is to reach an periabsis as low as possible above the mun, under the facility upgrade and technological limits described below. Ranking is done by periapsis. For those who reach a periapsis below 10km, a second ranking is done by vehicle mass (KER readouts in SPH/VAB). Minimum picture requirements for a ranking are 1. Design showing KER readouts in SPH/VAB, especially total vessel mass. 2. In flight, at or very close to periapsis. Periapsis displayed by KER or mechjeb (switch KER to partless instead of career in KER settings available in SPH/VAB). Note that the altimeter shows altitude over terrain when in surface mode. Of course additional pictures, videos, etc are very welcome. As is a link if you stream it. The restrictions 1. No R&D, SPH/VAB, Runway/Launchpad facility upgrades! (=> 30part / 9ton mass limit, other facility upgrades are allowed) 2. Tweakscale is only allowed for wings/control surfaces/landing gear/adapters. 3. No mods except the ones specified below. Visual and similar mods are exempt from this rule. 4. No cheating. 5. Science/parts restrictions as shown here (thus no liquid fuel engines, reaction wheels, etc.) Engineering101 node, use the "Alkaline Fuel Cell Mini" to provide EC when lower than 10% capacity Structural Parts node Stability Node, the "Place-Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port" can be used as an engine The mods 1. Install CKAN for a separate, clean KSP install. 2. Only select the "SETI-MetaModPack". Click "ApplyChanges". 3. Leave all recommendations selected. Click "Continue". 4. From the suggestions, only SETIprobeControlEnabler is allowed, so that you dont have to worry about a RemoteTech connection. Click "Continue" and wait for the the mods to be installed. 5. RCS Build Aid is among the recommendations, but is currently not available via ckan. You may (highly recommended) install that manually from here: 6. Visual mods are allowed at your own discretion. The ranking By periapsis above the mun: 1. @Yemo with a periapsis of ~11,667m above the mun My entry for the challenge:
  13. Well, this is close

    so I got this mission on a reentry course with 3 units of fuel left. just wanted to share
  14. I cant seem to reenter without everything exploding, i face retrograde with a standard heasheidl but it does not help. Here is my situation and im really low on fuel. What can i do?
  15. Finally got to the mun just to realize i had no power left because my panels are somehow "blocked by aero shielding" what does this mean? The panels worked before i got to the mun, it said status "direct sunlight" but once i got further it gave me that error
  16. This mission completed for submission to the EM1 Mission of the Doing It Orion Style challenge. Only mod was TweakScale. I went a little overboard trying to match all the elements of the real SLS + Orion, down to the count and placement of the RCS thruster blocks. Definitely pleased with the final product, though! View from the VAB. Standing tall on the pad. Igniting the SSMEs first. Booster ignition and clamp release! I always love these kinds of shots. I don't much like the SLS myself but it is a nice-looking rocket to be sure. Look familiar? Halfway through the SRBs and just now supersonic. Not going to get rid of the launch tower until after the solids are jettisoned. Really starting to get some heating now, right at burnout. Gees will drop soon, though. Booster staging aided by some sepratrons clipped into the nosecones. Boosters receding; about half my launch fuel and pulling two gees. Throttling down to fine-tune my ascent. Fairing and LES jettison! Now I just need to go a little bit further... MECO in a disposal orbit. Separating the core. Nice shot of the ICPS here, compare to this. Extending solar panels as the core recedes. Circularizing. As you can see, I have 13 cubesats mounted around the ICPS decoupler. Orbit circularized. Testing out my RCS blocks. Note the placement is identical to here. Really good view of the ICPS. Went ahead and threw an antenna on here since it is unmanned. Extending the antennae on the KubeSats. KubeSat 1 away! These each consist of a probe core, an antenna, and an instrument of some kind. I plan to deploy them in low Kerbin orbit, kerbostationary transfer orbit, Munar free-return, and Munar orbit. I only brought 13 KubeSats because that's the number of adapters on Orion's Stage Adapter. Deploying a few more KubeSats: Let's see, where were we? Planning Munar Free Return. ICPS reignition! TweakScale is almost perfect, but it didn't adjust exhaust plume length. So it looks a little weird. Deploying another KubeSat with a slightly higher apoapse. Yet another. You can see the orbits of the individual KubeSats. Deploying KubeSat in Kerbostationary Transfer Orbit. There it is in KTO! Throttling down to finely adjust the free-return. And there's my free-return! Got a pretty good Munar Periapsis for a free-return. Releasing more KubeSats now that I'm in a free-return trajectory. Nice shot of the service module here too, along with the large battery to show I have backup in case the solar panels fail. Approaching cismunar space. Nice shot of the loop around the Mun; you can see that the KubeSats I released have spread out nicely. One of the KubeSats is on an impact trajectory, the others are not. I went ahead and used the ICPS for this burn so I could save some KubeSats for deployment in Munar Orbit. Deploying! Finally separating the ICPS and Orion is flying free! Nice swarm of KubeSats here along with me. Let's head a bit closer to the Mun. Tightening up that orbit... Much better! Did a few orbits until I was lined up to head back to Kerbin. Getting ready for the return burn. This is the first really good shot of Orion by itself. Starting the burn. And now my periapse is below the surface! This will be hot. Farewell, Mun! Earth approach. Separation from the Service Module. Hope I don't overshoot and come down on land. Very warm. Hitting the drogues immediately to try and get a splashdown. Popping the mains. This is gonna be close! Dropping the heat shield. Cut the drogues. Aaaaand... Splashdown!
  17. The Grus III is a long-range SSTO capable of Mun landings, though according to my Delta V calculations it can easily go well beyond that. It can get into orbit very easily due to its high TWR while using its Rapier engines. Its (roughly) estimated Delta V in LKO is about 4,270 m/s. Specifications: Part Count: 97 Mass: 80.545t Height: 5.8m Width: 22.8m Length: 25.6m Here it is on The Mun. It can make the trip easily as it was designed for bigger missions. It is also equipped with four science experiments, located on the belly of the craft. Here it is in the SPH. Some (kinda) strange features are its extra pair of engines. While very helpful during the initial ascent, extra reaction wheels are needed in space to prevent the Grus III from flipping all over the place due to the weird Center of Thrust. (At least this isn't the case with the nukes, though. That would be bad.) The Grus III completed the Mun trip with quite a bit of fuel left over. I am currently taking it to Duna, and I plan on finding out just how far I can take it. (Gravity assists, here I come!) Download here:
  18. Jeb is on a trip to plant another flag to Mun. But oh no, the engineers forgot his descent engines! The lander has only ascent engines, which of course don't work while descending. Thankfully the engineers installed a cubic octaconal strut and strut connector dispencer in the lander pod. All Jeb has to do now is to install as many struts and cubes as needed to land the space craft intact. And that's your job! Modify the craft to save Jeb. Don't be intimidated by the rules and instructions, all in all it's just a couple of clicks and you're good to go. Instructions: -KSP must have excactly one mod: Hyperedit. -Get my savegame file from here (download button is on the upper right corner!): -Extract the zip to your savegame directory (in my case it's C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\saves) -Load the game, switch to craft "Jeb's Trouble" and see how it crashes. It should go in a crater and hit the downslope of the crater quite gently. -Go to VAB and load the craft "Jeb's Trouble" -Use as many Cubic octagonal Struts and EAS-4 Strut Connectors as you like to protect Jeb. -Add one small OX-STAT solar panel. -Do not modify the craft in any other way. Yes, the bottom tank is supposed to be empty! -You can only attach the parts to MK1 Command Pod and to each other. -Take note of part count. -Rename and save your craft -Go back to KSC and reload the game "Jeb in trouble" -Go back to space center, go to VAB, load your craft and get it to launchpad. -Open Hyperedit and click the following buttons: Orbit editor -> currently editing: Select -> Active vessel -> Rendezvous -> Target vessel: Select -> Jeb's Trouble -> Apply -Be warned: Do not use time warp now! At least my game weirdly stuttered a bit and the lander missed the downslope of the crater. -That's how we pretend that Jebediah is making the modifications in-flight. Instructions with pictures: Rules: -Pilot must survive -Before the craft has stopped, you are not allowed to use ANY thrust, nor go to EVA. -Exception to above: you can be a wuss and apply thrust after your craft has bounced off Mun's surface and you'll to go straight to Kerbin. Points will be reduced! -Plant a flag on Mun, and/or get back to Kerbin alive in the same craft. -If your craft stops upside down, you can do whatever it takes to flip it upright. Without any cheating of course. Send a rescue vessel to push it, if you like. -No cheating of any kind. Use Hyperedit only as instructed. Scoring: -Minus one point per part added (original craft is 12 parts) -Landing on mun safely: 100 points -Planting a flag on Mun: 1000 points -Landing back to Kerbin alive: 500 points
  19. Mun Problems

    Ok so I need some help. I have been sending lots of missions to the Mun (R.I.P. Valentina Kerman), and I keep tipping my lander over. I use a service bay to fling me back up, but how do I avoid tipping it in the first place? Also, on re-entry to Kerbin my first mission worked but the second one I almost instantly exploded. Any help on that?
  20. The origin of life

    About to land my (odd looking) lander probe which will do research of the craters in the Mün.
  21. This is my Report in my Mid-Early Carrer and Late-Early Carrer, about my exploration of mainly focused on Mun. Some of mods i used are MechJeb, SCANSat, KER (Not used in main missions), KIS (not used in main missions, Charter (was testing, Rarely may find) and Stratergia, Contract Configrator, Taiser Space Tech, Dmagic's Maneuver Node Extended I was first determined to recreation of original Appolo Program and Gemini Program, with extension of SkyLab. But later, I found it Time consuming, Costly and very InEfficient so i Later Droped the Idea and Used the originally Abonded Plans, which was Effective and Less Costly. The Mission Starts with First Munar Probe, Muna-1, a Sputnik with 4 panels and 4 HG-5. Send to mun flyby on A experimental NERV. 2nd mission (Some are not Included, as Probes) Include A Direct Descent Lander, with experimental Spark. This is first Manned Kerbin Orbital Mission, After a Failed orbital try, which re-enter after a few mins. This is first time a planned launcher, JOOL-I, Launcher was planned To be SSTO, but reached only 200 M/sec Delta-V of 100×100 KM circular Orbit. It was to send to Mun Cis-Lunar Orbit but, It had 10% fuel left to be later, used to Rendezvous and Docking. This is First Space Station, Kalyut-1, This was used to Practice Rendezvous and Docking, JOOL-I, docked Kalyut-1 in two mission and the Whole monolithic Station was docked, Reentered and Recovered. A Expansion of JOOL-I, with Additional Boosters and A Transfer stage, JOOL-II, made it possible for Manned munar mission, Crew Capsule however was not ejected but it needed to get in. It had first EVA, Orbit and Returned after gaining A LKO. JOOL-II launched three times. With a Mockup Test of Delta-II (Vidhyoot-II) with Lander Probe my Second launch send MUN LAB-1 Station (Monolithic), in 50×50 KM mun Orbit, its temporarily Turned OFF due to operational Cost. JOOL-II launched twice, Docked and Transferred Crew, Jeb alone. Vidhyoot-II launches the Kalyut-II as a Power House for Landers, Docking at Kerbin, stages fill the EC, MonoProp and A Bit Fuel. Transfer crew, Gergich/Valentina (Pilots) and Bill/Bob (Enginner at 1st and Scientist on Second), Transfer and docks Mun Lab I. Where Jeb enters and Gergich Takes us as Mun Lab-I Lead. Mun Lab-I Mun Lander-1 lands somewhere on 1 year, 5 Day, 4 Hrs, I did use time carefully, It took no Science but Crew Report, EVA Report, and Surfce sample, Its Ascent Stage docked Mun Lab-I, Lander was Destroyed by KIS Explosives. Vidhyoot-II launches another Kerbin Station, which is first time a Modular, later launches Mun Lab-II, which docked Mun Lab-I and renamed whole station as Mun Lab. Originally not to be modular but time makes us to rush. Mun Lab-II Mun Lander-II was heavy, Science Lander near Dark, Cratered South temperate, with all science, no Seismic sensor. It was Solar Power, All before were Fuel celled, Stations were Solar and optional Fuel Celled. Research started, JOOL-II ferred till, i consumed almost all funds on Station and Probe Exploration of Kerbin System. Now, Research is stopped, Stations Turned OFF, And planned 3rd Landing Cancelled. I will recover this soon, as i accumulated enough funds for lots of landings, stations, ferries and Exploration. JOOL-I, Vidhyoot-II are still operational, while JOOL-II is holded for MUN LAB Activation. I don't know how to put images directly to Forums, it dont work and My Imgur is Lost, I'm trying to reconnect and put some pics and expand the mission further. Plz help me putting some Images here.
  22. I just started using the KerbalNet to look for Easter Eggs. I went here to see if it was listed in wiki and it was not. ( Mun - Schiaparelli's Impact Latitude: -9.83569712969825 Longitude: 25.9216365170866 Altitude: 1470.4854433143 Images located here: ( )
  23. Good Evening all, hope you're having a pleasant night. I was wondering, in all of your opinions, what is the optimal altitude above the Mun that you should start your landing descent?
  24. So I made a rover and I would like to take it to the UFO on the Mun to see it for myself but I can't find any coordinates online, can someone help me?
  25. 50 Sub Special: TO THE MOON!

    Yo, lads! I'm Maland, a new dude on these here forums, but CERTAINLY not new to KSP! I've been playing KSP for quite some time. (Why I'm just joining the forums now is beyond me.) ...Anyways, I just wanted to share this video here, my 50 sub special! I made a rocket, and flew it to the Mun. And, I didn't die! (It did take a few takes, though.) Hope you enjoyed, and I'll see y'all around. Glad to be here.