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Found 34 results

  1. Who else makes music?

    Hey everyone I'm in a band called Mean Siders we're a punk rock band from byk nyc. see I am also (slowly) working on a space themed concept album chronicling an interplanetary mission that I will set to video. I would love the opportunity to compose music for your KSP videos! just hit me up! so, who else makes music?
  2. Soundtrack Editor The latest result of the Kerbal Sound Overhaul Project, this mod allows you to add and remove music from the game, and set up playlists which decide when each song plays. Always wanted to hear Blue Danube when docking with a space station, a metal version of KSP's theme song when you start up the game, or Danger Zone while you buzz the control tower? This is the mod for you! Just drop some music files in the KSP\Music\ directory, launch the game, and use the in-game playlist editor to choose when you want them to be played. A selection of free stockalike tracks are included from musician Kevin MacLeod, who created many of the tracks used in stock KSP. Several thousand more tracks are available for free at his website here. If you find any that work well with KSP, leave a message and I'll add it to a future sound pack. A replacement for the Kerbal Space Centre birdsong ambience is also included, edited from the original recording here. Currently .wav and .ogg filetypes are supported, as well as .mp3 on Windows (still working on a fix for Linux and Mac, but .wav and .ogg work fine). Click for full album Downloads CurseForge | GitHub Broken Source included, project also available on GitHub licenced under GPL v2. If you've enjoyed this, consider donating a cup of coffee to help with late night coding: Included Tracks: Forest Investigations The Other Side of the Door Darkest Child Dragon and Toast Fairytale Waltz Martian Cowboy Mysterioso March Numiinous Shine On the Shore Peaceful Desolation Future plans Apoapsis max/min. Periapsis max/min. hasTarget max/minDistanceTarget, max/minVelocityTarget Option to wait until end of current track before switching. Option to wait until end of playlist before switching. Fix KSP issues with music playing during loading scenes. Done. Detect when reentry is happening. Can be done using velocity and atmospheric density (v4.0). "Ascending" and "Descending" options, so that fast launches and re-entry can be separated. Fix "SpaceCentre" scene also playing for the Astronaut Complex, Mission Control, R&D, Administration Building. MP3 support for Linux and Mac. Tracks for launchpad/runway load and launch. Biome-specific music. Short fanfare tracks for achieving something for the first time. Situation-specific music: re-entry, parachuting, part destroyed. Mostly done (v4.0). Save playlist position on exiting the game. Use files that are in external folders: Point Soundtrack Editor at your music library. In-game IVA music player with RPM support and optional upgradeable sound quality. Playlists for every scene, not just construction and space. Done. Celestial body-specific music: Orbit, atmospheric flight, surface travel, engine burns. Done (v4.0). Redesign of the cfg to support all of the above. Done (v3.0). Unloading tracks not currently being played from memory; streaming from disk. Done. Support for multiple shuffled tracks for situations that don't currently support them (e.g. the main menu theme). Done. Playlist priority/merging when multiple playlists are appropriate. Done (v4.0). Optional GUI elements: Playback control, track name/artist toasts, in-game playlist editor. Done (v4.0). Change log v4.3 (2017-03-01) Added text for the current value of editable selections in the Playlist Editor. Fixed Mission control ambience playlist's track. Fixed playlists only activating on leaving the scene for the Astronaut Complex, Mission Control and Research & Development scenes. Added missing AdminFacility psuedo-scene. Removed empty entries from the persistor for preloadTime, playNext, playBefore, PlayAfter and minVelocity/Altitude values. Fixed error on seeking to the end of a clip. Fixed clicking "Cancel" on the Edit Playlist entries for In Atmosphere, Time Of Day, Scene, Situation and Camera Mode changing their values. Fixed the Scene picker "Any" toggle not being able to deselect all entries. Positioned Cancel buttons constantly to the right. Fixed unexpected behaviour when track length is less than the set preload time. v4.2 (2017-02-28) Fixed unloaded tracks not being loaded correctly. Added warning message for failing to find a requested audio track. Removed unneeded log statements. Fixed error on seeking to the end of a file. v4.1 (2017-02-25) Support for KSP 1.2.x. Fixed issue with MP3s without ID3 tags failing to load. v4.0 (2016-08-19) Advanced soundtrack management engine allows you to specify conditions that different soundtracks should play in, such as underwater, during re-entry or at KSC during the night. No more editing text files! Full-featured GUI for creating and organising playlists. Audio player: See the name of the current track, skip ones you don't like, pause the sound or adjust the volume. Audio preview system: Listen to all the music and sound effects included in stock KSP, including hidden and unused sounds. Playlist priority sorting. Application launcher integration. KSC night-time crickets. v3.0 beta (2015-02-16) Completely rewritten playback management, playlists and memory management. Dynamic loading of tracks: Only the current track needs to be in memory. Environment-aware playlists: Have a specific track play when you go supersonic or splash down. Looping and shuffling. Track pre-loading. v2.1a (2014-08-08) Added x64 option with alternate folder layout. Added support for the KSP Add-on Version Checker. v2.1 (2014-01-20) Added the "none" option to disable music for a specific scene, e.g. menuTheme = none Fixed directory separators on non-Windows systems. Removed debug messages. v2.0 (2014-01-16) Added support for MP3 tracks. v1.0 (2014-01-11) Initial release.
  3. Here's the first verse and the chorus: solid booster delta wing heat shield gimbal ring supersonic rapid unplanned disassembly canard rudder elevator solar panel radiator northern Mohole southern Mohole instability rendezvous aileron RCS clamp-o-tron oxidizer kerosene and dimethyl hydrazine chamber pressure corkscrew rocket cockpit Eeloo kilopascal engine failure emergency landing We didn't buzz the tower we were always flying since the sun's been shining we didn't buzz the tower we were on your radar but we left a crater
  4. Don't stop me now! A ksp music video! Ignore the editing skills, it's my first time using Resolve! Car:
  5. Thank you Operation Paperclip!
  6. Composers Thread

    I made a Bandcamp account yesterday to post my compositions on. I'm curious if anyone else here has compositions of their own to share and talk about!
  7. Maiking YTPMV with KSP!

    Hey! I made YTPMV with KSP! Anyone didn't think about it right? And here is a one. Have fun!
  8. Replacing KSP Music

    Hey there, I would love to replace my KSP music with some badass music from interstellar, does anyone know how to? Thank you very much for your attention!
  9. Music Inspired from KSP

    The soundtrack outside of Kerbin's atmosphere gets old after a while, we all know that. What I've been trying to do is create a soundtrack of sorts for each planet's SOI (possibly excluding moons) just for me and whoever wants fitting music to listen to. The primary challenge I face is to compose unique, extended themes without having them be tiresome or repetitive. The lesser challenge is that my only musical software is Musescore, which means no mix tracks or smooth gradients of pitches. For instance I want Jool to have a grand brassy chorus in the key of C and Eve to have an orchestral section in the key of Bb. Even if the unique theme idea isn't entirely fitting, then at least the existing space theme could be slightly modified to add a fresh twist. I'm an amateur composer and I'm still learning how to be more patient with myself while making music. I attached something I made in around an hour or two of being creative. A musical doodle if you will. Does anyone have any ideas? Any composers I can connect with?
  10. Hey guys! As some of you may know, the Stock Community Space Program had a member land a small rover on Duna. A few weeks later, and we realized it was exactly on the other side of Duna from the Newley proposed landing site. So, for 6 hours, I took @Baybrawler's tiny Duna rover across that planet. Boy that thing likes to flip. Hope you enjoyed! Please tell me if you'd like to see more videos like this. DMSP out.
  11. So kinda my first post here, going to make an intro thread shortly but this was kinda exciting and I couldn't really wait. I was doing a stream last night and listening to music, and the song, Monody by TheFatRat came on right as I lauched a probe to go to the mun, and I started making some actions that were lined up with the song. What do you guys think?
  12. Best nocopyright music for KSp?

    What's the best nocopyright music for KSP video. Let me know your opinion and suggestions.
  13. KSP Music Playlist

    Hi Guys, I'm sure like me most of you like the in game music but at time i find i need some more upbeat or inspiring music playing for my next kerbal creation, I use spotify at home so below is some of the playlists i have running in the background whenever i play KSP Sci-Fi Ambience This is my current go to playlist, it has a decent mix of up beat and mellow sci-fi related themes, from old school Blade Runner to modern day Space Music Found this one last night, some nice tunes for running around the kerbal galaxy, some are a bit to beety for me but most fit well Let us know what you listen to, feel free to add your own here as well
  14. A tribute music video

    A tribute video to Kerbal Space Program
  15. Music to Launch By....

    This thread had it's origin in Just Jim's ongoing 'Saga of Emiko Station' (which is far, far from over, and getting further from over even as we speak!) You need to read it. It's ok. I'll wait. Awesome, isn't it? and when Jim intro'd a sinister sentient rover vehicle, KSK was inspired to pen this: _______________________________________________________________________________________ [(included with the author's encouragement...that does count as permission....doesn't it...?) Ohhhh - he's been a mad rover on Bop's rugged shores. Spent all his sanity, gobbling down ore. Now nickel ain't bad but blutonium's best. Blowing up Kerbin t'was only in jest. And it's no, naaaaay, never. No, nay, never no more, Will he be the mad rover On old Bop's rugged shor] ________________________________________________________________________________________ So I proposed we HAD to start a thread in Fan Works of KSP inspired songs! an KSK and Just Jim agreed, it was a great idea. No. seriously, they really did. Honest! Ummm....where'd they go...? oh well.... So.....without further ado....(or would that be much ado about nothing..?) In the town where I was born, lived a Ker-r-bal with mighty brains, And he thrilled us with his plans, to go soar-r-ing in rocket planes, So we built the KSC, and with Doc Von K to set the pace, We collected delta-vee, and we built the first step into space! We all live on the first step into space.... First step into space.....first step into space....(repeat) And our friends have all signed on, many more of them than we've got ships, So we build them night and day, to accommodate that many trips, As we blast into the sky, carried on by our guts and wits, You can't win unless you try, even if you blow yourself to bits! We all live for that first step into space... First step into space.....first step into space...... (repeat) Now the Mun is all we see, and we'll ge-et there.....eventually! Out from home we Kerbals race, on our fir-r-st steps out into space! We all live on our first steps into space.... First steps into space....first steps into space....(repeat as many times as you can get away with.) (sung to a popular song by Paul McKerman performed by the Keebles. I forget the title....) Before anyone says anything, yes I know the second verse contains an instrumental break...but most of us don't travel in the company of a military brass band. It's ungodly how much they eat, and they tend to get inappropriate on long road trips. Just saying.
  16. I'm looking for some background music to put on my KSP YouTube videos, (it needs to be free and under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, (having a non-commercial bit is fine), or a similar licence), I've checked some of Kevin Macleod's website, but I don't have the time to look through all of it.
  17. Hi, we all know music is one of the worst features of the game. In fact, many players (including me sometimes) play without any music neither sound. But more flavor would be added to the game if each celestial body had its own music,..
  18. Who's your favorite artist (music)?

    Simple: share what you like to listen to with us! I've been listening to Disturbed recently. Absolutely magnificent. (BDArmory in a nutshell, really ^) What about you?
  19. A thread for Composers!

    A thread for discussing each others music! It doesn't have to relate to ksp, or it can. Feel free to post compositions here! songs below this are used in my upcoming cinematic.
  20. Kerbal Space Program Theme

    Er, it's what the title would suggest, my own version of KSP's main theme. It's as simple as that.
  21. Is there a mod that disables music and sounds in space? (not in: Tracking Station, at KSC or at Main Menu). Please help.
  22. Anybody play an instrument?

    long time no post for me, im curious, does anyone here play an instrument? if so what do you play? (and do you have proof? ) ~Kozak Maybe i'll be active on the forums again. i dunno.
  23. Rate the song above you!

    Another rate thread! And it's about music. Pretty simple, rate whatever/whatever. The thing you're rating is a song. It can be any song on the whole planet. Here's a Minecraft one by C418! Have fun.
  24. NASA rock radio station

    NASA has a rock radio station called "Third Rock Radio". That's what I put on while playing KSP. I just thought that I'd mention it, since I haven't seen it mentioned before.