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Found 1 result

  1. SIRIUS SPACE PROGRAM Our house may be Kerbin, but our home will always be the stars- Adton Kerman Hello, and welcome to my very first mission report! I've played KSP for a while, and have been burnt out for roughly 2 months. On a whim, I started a new playthrough, with no Original Four, no reverts, respawns and 120% penalties. CommNet is on as well as G-Force tolerance, everything else is unchanged. This is a stock install (aside from SETI Contracts and Unmanned before Manned) played in KSP 1.3.1. Inspiration: @Hotaru first and foremost for her excellent mission report (which inspired me to write this one) @Ultimate Steve @Cydonian Monk @Kerbalstar same as above @RealKerbal3x @spaceprogrammer and @HansonKerman who are also doing mission reports at the same time- go check theirs out! Micron program - first sounding rockets. Contract from RoveMax. Grasshopper- first aeroplane flight, and pilot training. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO DESIGN A LOGO AND/OR MISSION PATCHES please contact me via PM if you have some designs.