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Found 6 results

  1. Kerbal Mythology | Chapter 3:

    Kerbal Mythology: Chapter 3 - The Creatures The Kerbals loved creatures, until they went extinct, here they are: Griphon: The Griphon was apparently a very rare creature, it had two wings an eagle's head and a backside like a lion's. They lived in nests on the tallest trees, called Pandrus. They ate small mammals and reptiles. Their eggs are 7.75in (20cm) in diameter. They were ridden by Kerbals.
  2. Kerbal Mythology | Chapter 2:

    Kerbal Mythology: Chapter 2 - The Alphabet The ancient Kerbals had there own alphabet, and here it is: α - Arti Δ - Durbe γ - Gammya ψ - Siei η - Ethar π - Pyro τ - Taur ι - Ipsil μ - Micrun ν - Nania λ - Lamm φ - Frei Σ - Sona ρ - Roqet ε - Epier Ξ - Χilof θ - Thimo Ω - Zebri Chapter 3 HERE
  3. Kerbal Mythology | Book 1:

    Welcome to Kerbal Mythology, where you shall be taken on a magical journey through time. Chapter I: The Gods The Kerbals believed in many gods after the Religious Revolution in the year -2514, where, for some reason, they suddenly became religious. According to the legends, the gods lived in a temple on top of the massive Mt. Himalæia. Sorry I'm very busy. (on vacation with Jeb )
  4. Kerbal Mythology | Chapter 1:

    Kerbal Mythology: Chapter 1 - The Gods There are 17 gods in Kerbal Mythology, and they all lived in a temple atop Mount Himalaeia the tallest mountain in the world, here they are: Kerbollo: Kerbollo is the Kerbal god of light and heat, he wore a crown nearly the size of his head, which in the center, had the Star Gem, he had blonde hair, and his face was half orange (heat), fading into yellow (light). He was the king of the gods. Muh: Muh is the Kerbal god of the underworld (Mogho), he symbolizes death, and wore a horned crown with a skull-shaped gem, called the Gem of Mogho. He had brown hair, and a dark vermilion face. He was banished by Kerbollo. Eva: Eva is the Kerbal goddess of beauty and acid, she wore a small tiara, and a necklace with the Terran symbol of Venus, inside the hole was the Acid Gem. She had light brown hair and a purple face. She had a son, Gili the god of smallness and shrinking. He wore a little crown. Kirbea: Kerbea is the Kerbal goddess of life and space, she wore a crown with the Mountain Gem inside. She had black hair and a green face. She had a daughter, Muna, the goddess of the Mun, and a son, Minimo the god of cold and ice. Dune: Dune is the Kerbal god of war and injuries, he wore a kerbium helmet, that inside had the Blood Gem and had an iron sword, he had brown hair and a red face. He had a son, Ike, the goddess of strength. Cress: Cress is the Kerbal goddess of farming and harvest, she wore a tiara with the Karrot Gem inside. She had blond hair and an orange-green face, and was the lesser-treated of the god/desses. Juele: Juele is the Kerbal god of thunder and lightning, he wore a crown with the Lightning Gem inside, he had brown hair and a dark green face. He had four sons, Laize (water), Tyle (deserts), Bope (invsibility) and Poll (loneliness); and one daughter, Vall (music). Eilu: Eilu is the Kerbal goddess of hatred and selfishness, she wore a crown with the Hate Gem inside, she had black hair and a white face. She was also banished by Kerbollo. Chapter 2 HERE
  5. The big questions

    How do we explain all of the claims of magic being real? There are several thousand videos and images and audio recordings of supposed magical entities and objects and locations and events, and so many of them go unexplained! I've put together some hypotheses of how "magic" might be real here: My bet is on 2. ok this was a mistake mods move this to the lounge
  6. If you are going to have a virtual planet you might as well have virtual race of earth destroying aliens on it. hmmm, mythology, theoretical astrophysics, religion . . . . . I think I may have hit a common theme here.