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Found 6 results

  1. I usually go with Greek gods and other ancient mythologies for rocket and/or spacecraft names. Here are some: - Artemis II Heavy Rocket - Osiris IV Medium Rocket - Hercules Crew Pod - Phoenix Mun Lander - Icarus Rescue Capsule - Atlas Duna Landing Vehicle - Capricorn Eve Ascent Rocket Anybody got something better? I'd like to hear them.
  2. This is small, just a little idea I had: the scientific classification of Kerbals. Domain Eukarya- cells have nuclei Kingdom Animalia- moves, eats Phylum Chordata- Has a spinal chord Class Virentia- Latin for "green things"; a cross between Mammals and plants Order Primates- walks upright Family Kerbalidae- Kerbal-Like Genus Kerbo- Kerbalized version of Homo Species hebes- Latin word suggesting at Kerbals' not-all-that-intelligent-ness. Thus concludes the scientific classification of Kerbo hebes.
  3. That's pretty much it. What do you think the adjective to describe [body]'s [thing] should be? Here's my personal list Kerbol => Kerbolar Moho => Mohite Eve => Evian; Gilly => Gillic Kerbin => Kerbian, Mun => Munar, Minmus => Minmal Duna => Dunian, Ike => [?] This one's tricky... Dres => Drian Jool => Joolian, Laythe => Laythian, Vall => Valic, Tylo => Tyloite, Bop => Bopic, Pol => Pollar Eeloo => Eelite So, what do you guys think? (I may update my list if you find good names for some)
  4. I need help naming a gas giant system in Universe Sandbox 2. I'm stumped with names: I've used names for Greek and Roman deities, important French figures, art objects, minerals, elements, Russian names. You name it, I've done it. Here's the list of bodies that I need help naming: Entesti: A rainbow-colored gas giant that has a geosynchronous ring system and rotates on a near-90 degree angle. It is the 7th planet in the Sena System, so basically an Uranus analogue. Also, it sounds like a body part, like Uranus. Spes: A large blue moon orbiting close to Entesti, even closer in than its geosynchronous ring system. It is mostly blue with some large yellow spots. It is most likely volcanic. Tascumnu: A boring gray-black bodied moon that appears to have had extremely large deltas and a large canyon which is possibly a crater. It may be a past moon. Tascumnu is a normal-looking moon. Horsa: A very colorful blue and yellow planet that relatively looks like moldy Papa John's pizza. It's a quite large moon and also has a sub-satellite named Icarnax. Icarnax: Looks like its orbital parent, looks like slightly molded Papa John's pizza. It may be a result of an asteroid impacting the surface and taking a large amount of dust and orbiting Horsa. And last, and actually least: Romanus, the smallest body and moon in the solar system. This cute and lonely asteroid somehow got intercepted by Entesti, while orbiting at an extremely far distance. So far, that you probably couldn't even see Entesti from the surface of Romanus. Legend has it that if you spot Romanus with a telescope as a small child, you will spot it in the exact same position as a fully grown adult 19.4 years later. It orbits at an absurd 27 million kilometers.
  5. Currently this is my naming list: Base Aztec Gods Manned Aerial Vehicle Hindu Deities Manned Space Flight Famous Generals Relay Sat Greek Islands Rescue Mission Cuban Cigars Rover Egyptians Gods SSTO Zodiac Signs Station/ Multipart Vehicle Greek Gods Testing Vehicle/ Mission Prep Angels Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Knight rider themed Unmanned Space Flight Mythical characters I can't wait to send a manned rocket to Ike called 'Eisenhower' (Eisenhower's nickname used to be Ike). Do you have any subtle (or not so subtle) names for certain missions?
  6. So, I have this small problem of what theme I should use for my rockets? My themes of the last game: Manned: Aztec gods (not a good idea, quite long names like Quetzalcoatl or Huitzilopotchli) Unmanned: Lakes Relay System: Indian tribe names Exploration: Officers of World War 2 Testing: Gemstones Any ideas for my new vessels? New Naming scheme: Manned: Greek gods (Gaia: mother of all flights, Artemis: God of the moon) Unmanned: officers of ww2 (Nimitz, Eisenhower you name it) Relay systems: Capital cities (Ottawa, Bogata etc) Exploration: Famous writer (Verne cant wait to go to Jool with it!, Tolstoy etc) Test vechiles: Disasters (Hindenburg, titanic etc) Refueling Station: Germanic Gods (Odin, Frea etc) Space Station: Norse gods (Loki, Thor etc) Planes: Bird of prey (eagle, condor etc) Tourism: Names of 'our' planets (Mercucry, Neptune, Mars etc)