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Found 73 results

  1. What i need to unlock all parts for Lunar (Munar in this case ːsteammockingː) orbit rendezvous? I loaded my old save i not played it for a while i felt a bit like chaeter but it's my save afterall i not want start game all over again ːsteamhappyː So what i need to unlock all this Saturn V like stock parts?
  2. According to a few articles, an amateur astronomer named Scott Tilley, while searching for ZUMA, spotted some errant radio signals coming from the location of the IMAGE satellite, which failed about ten years ago. The best speculation I've seen suggests that IMAGE was briefly eclipsed by the Earth, draining its batteries, and once outside of Earth's shadow, went through a full system reboot, and cleared whatever error state had shut it down in 2005. Also reported was that the telemetry suggests at least one of its six instruments is functional, and NASA is apparently digging through its archives trying to figure out if they can restore communication with IMAGE. While the scientific return would probably not be huge, since IMAGE's primary mission had been a complete success, it could definitely be a neat story. And if they do bring it back online? Hey, free science satellite!
  3. I decided to get into modding, and decided to make some parts I wanted that didnt exist. One such part was an engine that did not need oxyg.en, but also used air to gain far greater efficiency on planets with atmospheres but no oxygen. Yes, electric engines exist, and there are some decent ones out there, however due to the weirdness of electricity in ksp, I wanted to make something without that. After searching for a while, what I discovered and later modeled for ksp which was this, a mono propellant powered single cylinder piston engine. Why Im making this post, is Im kind of lost in terms of how to balance this in KSP with the model ive made being a 0.625m 2 cylinder version of this. For power, I think my model looks just about the size of a cessna engine and the description here makes me think it wouldnt be far from a regular prop, so Ive put the power at 15kn stationary dropping to almost nothing by about 0.5 Mach. For efficiency however, I have no clue what my curve should look like and what the isp should be so I was hoping someone who could make sense of the values in that pdf might be able to help me figure out a relatively reasonable balance.

    A new era of space exploration. The X99, NASA's latest technology project. The PEGASUS X99
  5. Go For Launch: Mercury

    Hi All, I've not checked in for a loooong while but thought some people might like to see what I've been working on over the last couple of years since I dropped off the forums! (although obviously I still play KSP in my down time ) Go For Launch is a full simulation of project Mercury. It's not KSP, you don't build rockets etc, it's focus is on accurately recreating the Mercury spacecraft including fully interactive and functioning IVAs. It has support for VR although it can be played on a monitor too (all switches interact with the mouse). It's on steam early access, so just google it if you are interested! EDIT - Some confusion as to what Early Access is, it's already available to buy on Steam, right here - Here are some screenshots!
  6. Apollo Style Redux v2

    "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown Welcome to Apollo Style Redux! This is the second version of this heritage challenge, a reboot of a reboot by @Xeldrak The rules are: You MUST use your own rocket NO orbital construction OR refueling You have to have a Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (LOR) mission design, (in the case of Kerbals, probably MOR) You NEED a separate Munar Excursion Module (MEM) and a Command/Service Module (CSM), consisting of a Command module (CM) and a Service Module (SM) No MechJeb, KOS is permitted for all phases of the flight PLEASE note that visual mods (EVE, Scatterer, SVE, SciFi Visual Enhancements, etc.) are NOT considered modded, with an exception - mods like VSR, which replace models of the parts, making craft incompatible with stock saves Mods are allowed, but you will get a modded badge You MUST document the mission in one way or another, I don't care if it's video, pictures, or anything else (just please don't make 2-hour long videos!) NO unintentional decoupling NO SRBs or LRBs (radially decoupled) The main goal is to land a Kerbal on the Mun and return him back safely, but not in any way - Apollo Style! You start with 50 points, but can gain or loose points by achieving the following mission/design goals, achieve negative objectives, like killing Kerbals, which greatly lower your score Goals The 3 Little Kerbals - 3 Kerbals on board the spacecraft (1 remaining in the CM, while the other 2 land on the Mun) +20 A Flag on the Mun?! - Plant a flag on the Mun (Non-cumulative, 2 flags do not get 10 points) +5 Mun Buggie - Have a Munar Roving vehicle (MRV) on board +15 Abort! Abort! - Have a Launch Escape System on the top of the rocket +15 Konked Out! - Kill a Kerbal -25 points per Kerbal Return for Free - Have a Free Return trajectory on the way to the Mun +10 No More MEM! - Dispose of the MEM by crashing it into the Mun (without Kerbals inside of course!) +5 Up, Up, and Away - Make the MEM two-stage, leaving the descent stage and its engine on the Munar Surface +20 Look on the Bright Side! - Land on the bright side of the Mun +10 Shut Away From The World - Put the MEM behind some sort of fairing +5 Down Under - Put the MEM under the CSM during ascent +20 Splashies! - Splash down in the ocean on Kerbin +5 MEM Hugger - Dock to the MEM using the CSM +10 SubSat - Deploy a small sub-satellite before returning to Kerbin (Like the PFS sub-sats deployed during Apollo 15 and 16) + 10 Minmalist! - Do it on Minmus -5 No More Docking? - Decouple the docking port on the CM right before deploying parachutes +5 Parachute Problems - Have 3 main chutes and 2 drogues on the CM +10 Saturn-Alike - Make the launch vehicle (LV) resemble the Saturn V (S5) Additional Goals Landing Accuracy Land within 5 km of the Neil Armstrong Memorial (NAM) +5 Land within 500 m of the NAM + 10 Land within 50 m of the NAM +15 Land within 5 m of the NAM +20 I was roving on the Mun one day... Test Drive - Drive beyond 100 meters of your lander +5 Proper Shakedown - Drive beyond 2 kilometers of your lander +10 Gone drivin' - Drive beyond 5 km of your lander + 15 Are we there yet? - Drive beyond 10 km of your lander +20 Munar Scientific Experiments Package (MunSEP) Your MunSEP must have a power source that can keep it alive for at least 6 hours, at least one science experiment, and be controllable (have a probe core on board) Minimalist - Deploy one MunSEP at the landing site +5 That'll Do - Deploy two MunSEPs at the landing site +10 For Science - Deploy two MunSEPs at least one kilometer from the landing site (at least one kilometer from each other) +15 Science Extravaganza - Deploy four MunSEPs at least one kilometer from the landing site (at least one kilometer from each other) +15
  7. Real Life MAV

    So I saw the mars direct in a nutshell video (linked later) and I was wondering if anyone could make a MAV and ERV based on the video here it is for reference:
  8. How it was possible that in Houston in late 60's they have all this charts and graphs on big screen while i had my first computer in 1996 and i mostly need write all commands in command line and get most output as text ?
  9. Some Kind of Stuff! A Kerbalized look at some real spacecraft and my best replication of them. So, in addition to my small obsession with Eyes Turned Skyward, I also find myself leveraging my OCD level of attention to detail building and flying other spacecraft, and for the purposes of doing stuff not specifically related to Eyes Turned Skyward (which is going to be a rather large series in its own right once it gets there) I'm going to do this new series, Some Kind of Stuff! So what does that name mean? Obviously, its a parody of the idea of the "Right Stuff". The attitude, charisma, skill, and intelligence to be an astronaut. So when it comes to Kerbals, I imagined they have to have some kind of stuff. Hence the name! Anyway, this series is going to be touching on the other things I build and fly in KSP, starting with the Space Shuttle, my first demonstrated launch of which is below. In this series we'll most likely be covering other things, and in particular I know I'm eventually going to cover Apollo with this, and that'll be fun. But without further ado, here's STS-1. A semi-replication of the very first Space Shuttle mission using my new Shuttle that flies like a dream.
  10. I know that was dress rehearsal before apollo 11, i heard that Apollo 10 Lunar Module the LM4 "Snoopy' was deliberately under fueled to make sure astronauts not attempt unsanctioned lunar landing, but this a bit lame, it was like when US government forced Von Braun to put sand bags on his Jupiter C rocket to make sure he not make unsanctioned satellite launch with result that Soviets go there first I wonder why NASA not attempted Lunar Landing at first possibility and does "Snoopy' was deliberately under fueled?
  11. SpaceX vs NASA

    Just wondering who you guys think will send humans to Mars first.
  13. Hi guys! I just wanted to share with you the new project I'm working on. It's a YouTube series called "The Story of Space Exploration". In this series I'll talk about and explain the most important missions in the story of Space, with some help of Kerbal Space Program. I made 2 trailers and just published the first episode, "How does a rocket work?". I'll put the links below just in case you're interested: Trailer 1 Trailer 2 How does a rocket work? The Story of Space Exploration ep 1 Please let me know what you think
  14. Hi all! hope you are having a great day! I just wanted to share a cool new interactive feature by NASA that shows all the incidents and close calls ever occurred in human spaceflight! I am still discovering the microsite myself but I can tell you already it is really cool! Hope you enjoy it!
  15. What is a Swizzle Stick?

    I recently came across the following NASA image of the instrument panels for the Gemini spacecraft. I would like to draw your attention to part "A" in the upper left, to a specific component labeled "swizzle stick" Repeated internet searches yield nothing helpful on the matter. Anyone have any ideas what that is for?
  16. IXS Enterprise!

    Yay! the IXS Enterprise is a reality! I made this from scratch. I am pretty sure people have made this already, but I wanted to make my own. mods: Mechjeb 2.0 and KSPI-E. Any questions? Just ask. You may need to add a few fuel canisters. I left them out so you could do a little Work for yourself. You can use my craft however you like, just credit me. Any questions? just ask! Craft File
  17. Look at this video!

    Wow. Just look at it. Worth mentioning that the footage presented was made by HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Enjoy~
  18. Doing It Orion Style

    One wise kerbal once said, " Reach for the stars, and you will be successful." So, the KSP took it literally and decided to reach for the stars with their "amazingly awesome" spacecraft. The Challenge: Do the Orion missions listed below Orion Command module should be accurate and have 3 seat for stock, 5 seats for modded if possible. Following bonuses apply to all: Chute-O-Matic 3000 -- Have three main chutes and two drogue chutes, just like the real Orion does. * + 15 points * If using mods, and restricted to less, please note that in your submission post. Then, I may give you an exception. If not noted, but in the aforementioned situation, you WILL NOT get the bonus Note: You must complete previous mission to continue on to the next one. EFT-1 Badge: Go into a highly eccentric orbit of Kerbin to test high speed reentry Exploration Mission 1 Badge: Build an SLS Block 1 launcher and mate an Orion Spacecraft to it. Then send them to the Mun (Orbit Only). Europa Clipper Build the SLS Block 1B Cargo and launch a probe to fly-by Laythe multiple times. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deep Space Gateway (DSG) Mission Objective: Assemble a ship to go to Duna using the SLS in elliptical polar Munar orbit with AP above Munar south pole. Also, develop the SLS Block 2 Cargo and Block 1B Crew. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MISSION OBJECTIVE (REQUIRED) +50 points ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PHASE 1 EM-2 to EM-5 PHASE 2: EM-6 to Duna mission More Missions Coming!
  19. Where does everyone think space flight is going, and who do you think is the future of space flight is gona be? Btw, feel free to comment more company's to add to the poll.
  20. The Journey to Mars

    Re-creating the journey to mars with STOCK parts and i need help, ideas, and every craft will be able to be downloaded and will be as real as possible and i will update and post updates and images and videos (possibly) and i also do live in Huntsville Alabama so i do have a huge interest in Space and Rocketry i also space x and elon musk's stuff
  21. Can somebody make statics for Kerbal Konstructs for making some real life space centers like Kennedy Space Center(NASA), Guiana Space Center(Arianespace), Satish Dhawan Space Center(ISRO) and Kosmodrome(Roscosmos) and many more. I'm not good in modelling but can help in the texturing part. This addon can be a great boon to Kerbal Space Program's Engineers and Rocket scientists........ After all - Conquering the Space was Never this easy................... We need this type of well established Space Center, custom launchpads, lightning protection towers and many more.....
  22. watching now !!! ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment
  23. These Microthrusters from NASA take precision position holding to a whole new level. The increment between levels of thrust is just 0.1 micronewton! Interesting piece from PS makes caps lock look a little silly in comparison!