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Found 5 results

  1. When I first started playing when doing missions I could see navigational markers on my nav ball as mentioned in Now I dont ever see them. Did I turn them off somehow?
  2. Well, another year and I'm starting my prototyping again. But I have realised that because I haven't really coded anything for several years I am vastly out of practice. Plus the fact that I learned too many languages means I keep getting them mixed up. Basically I need help on the KRPC to Arduino coding side! As a programmer its tough asking for help. It means I can no longer keep up with the current systems... but as they say, "If you don't use it, you lose it!" which is very true. I suppose I could kickstart my brain if I could just see some code that lets me extract the data that my navball needs. I've seen people code software versions using KRPC which looks even harder than what I need so I know it can be done. I'll post the requirements shortly because I need to go do some real world stuff. Oh and my brain is still hurting from trying to figure out stuff. Link to old Nav Ball Thread ->
  3. How do I navigate when on the ground, like when I'm driving a rover? Does it help to put the nav ball on surface? How do I know which way I'm going? I tried putting a node on a previous landing site and then setting that as a target, but when I use the autopilot to set it to target, it tends to pull the rover off it's wheels. It seemed happiest when I was driving away from the target even though I'd selected target. Mind you it wasn't 180 degree to the target that I was traveling. It was some other odd angle. I probably should mention I'm at the bottom of Minimus as best I can tell. The south pole. Not the center, but near it. I left my pilot in the rover after breaking off all the solar and running out of electricity and that thing kept picking up speed. It was going about 24 M/sec just before it had some kind of catastrophic problem. This is just on wheel idling power. How do they explain this in a simulator. You've got some kind magic force that propels you across an entire planet with no fuel being used. I dont think it was going downhill. I don't believe that any vehicle would handle as bad as a KSP vehicle on one of these planets. The main question - I landed near a previous landing site. I thought I'd visit the pilot and maybe switch with her and see her rover. I couldn't figure out how to get there. It was only about 5 km. I thought of some complicated, inaccurate ways involving the sun or my current trajectory, but it seems like there should be some simpler way of finding old space wrecks. The rovers behave oddly on the moons. What is the best way to tame this beast? Did I mention that the other day I landed a 100 meter tall rocket on Minimus and it slowly fell over but stayed intact? I then detached the rover and moved it out of the way and eventually got back in the huge rocket and took off from a horizontal position on the surface and made it back to Kerbin. I was close enough to walk to the space center in daylight. The big rocket scraped along and I ran out of gas and had to start up the next stage which gave me a little bit of angle to the ground. Of course on Minimus with a little speed you're going to be airborne for a long time so I got a little more perpendicular and gave it more thrust and pretty soon I was on my way home. I'm going to build a ball shaped cage rover with me and all the vitals on the inside. I'll put wheels all over the outside so that when it hits it'll be partly absorbed by the shocks and I won't have to concern myself with pitch and yaw anymore. If I put more wheels on a rover does it have more horsepower and go faster? Does it have better traction. So far I've been using 4 wheels.
  4. Like the title says. We all know the navball is collapsed by default when entering map view for the first time on a flight. If you bring it up, next time you enter map view on the same flight the navball will already be up. But for me, it's always collapsed each time I enter map view on the same flight even after bringing it up. I haven't played for a long time so I don't know if this is now normal behavior, or if I have a malfunctioning mod.
  5. I've started a new sandbox game and with inspiration from @ZooNamedGames, I've begun a space program for the United Kerbin Republic... As I was preparing to compose mission objectives for each of the missions in the initial program, I decided to take a page from NASA/NACA and actually set early goals for a specific number of orbits. During the first flight, I discovered something for the first time - KSP does not count the number of orbits around any body within the game! So, it's another suggestion by me so feel free to ignore it; I think that having a counter that can be toggled to count orbits when around a body within the Kerbol System would be a tremendous help...