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  1. The main xx.x m/s line is still there, the mod adds (annexes) some new speed units and helpful values to the top line, depending from navball mode and the vesselType. Configurable in the settings page (difficulty section). Surface mode Rover — km/h or mph Boat/Submarine — knots Airplane — Mach number or knots or km/h or mph Airplane — IAS (Indicated AirSpeed — main (bottom) line — disabled by default) Kerbal (EVA) — trait and name All, except Rovers and Boat — Above Ground Level Orbit mode Kerba
  2. Orbital intercepts are the most difficult thing you can do in a spacecraft and a LOT of "How To's" on the topic have a very hard time sticking to a clear explanation of the stock navball and how it should be used. In this video I explain how to intercept a craft in orbit and I also share a few details related to the navball that most videos/tutorials skip over. ...and I manage to do it all with the purely stock navball. As a result, I don't really have any need for docking mods.
  3. NavBallAdjustor For KSP 1.8.x Description NavBallAdjustor mod allows you to adjust scale/colors/priorities for navball markers and configure collapse behavior. You can disaccustom navball to hide on Map View or force it to be afraid of the mouse cursor. How to use 0. Unpack ZIP to KSP game folder. 1. Start the game and click on "gear" icon on the top of NavBall. Adjust any NavBall option. 2. Go back to forum thread and like this post. Done. Change NavBall markers colors instructions Short video demonstration Pic
  4. With the 1.7 update, we got the extra pane on the map screen to see more and fine tune maneuver node information and etc. I really love it! However, when planning multiple maneuvers (or trying to plan ahead) why can't we see a total Delta V number for all planned Maneuver Nodes? Also, what about having the delta v for each upcoming node appear separately near the Navball in addition to just the one upcoming node?
  5. Guys i had a rendezvous vessel and ready to go the mun. The poblem is how to switch active navball on others vessel... Thanks.... Note : ASAP
  6. Hello everyone, after a few months I have recently started playing KSP again and for the first time I have now decided to deal with interplanetary spaceflight that goes beyond Eve and Duna. For that I now first used the Nerv engines as they are so efficient. I have built a few in my opinion quite nice spacecrafts after watching many videos on youtube and I successfully landed on Dres and even Moho already (without returning though). However during these missions and also my current mission to Moho with a new or modified spacecraft I ran into a problem that didn't seem to occur in the
  7. Hi! I just downloaded the Kerbal space program demo and everything's going well except one thing. On my navball, north is down and south is up. I don't know if this is the default way or if it's just a demo thing, but it really irritates me. When i press "W" the spacecraft rotates forward just as it should, but the marker is going downwards on the navball. If this is the default way, is it possible to change it in the settings? Thanks in advance!
  8. 1. drifting: sometimes i just launch a rocket and when i try to make my orbit by turning into a 40 degree its starts to drift (sometimes i turn it at 7000 m, when i want a lower orbit, when i want to visit a planet i turn it at 14000) 2. spinning around the navbal:l sometimes i use struts, but whenever i try, my rocket becomes instabile, and starts to make a delicate spinning around the nawball. this is very annoying because when i try to modify my orbit, its sometimes modify it vertically too. 3.making orbits: my basic method to do an orbit is to fly up to 14000 m, and then turn it
  9. Every time I have to fly a navball approach to a pinpoint target on an airless body[*] and I haven't done one for awhile, I have to re-teach myself. Let O be the top of the blue section of the navball (that's the spot directly under my "vessel" (guys, you know what I am talking about)) If I have any horizontal mambo-jambo at all, that is NOT where I am going to be later today... Let X be the target and let's assume it's on the surface of aforesaid air-forsaken body... Let + be my navball Surface prograde marker; we has to fit it in somewhere. And let V be my attitude (the
  10. I am coming back from Mun, i set up a burn to take me back towards Kerbin. I set the SAS, wait until T-10, the maneuver marker and the prograde marker are right on top of each other, but then when i fire the engine they start moving apart and my Delta-V indicator counts up instead of down. My new orbit is completely screwed up. I tried to get around the problem by setting it to Stability Assist but that did not help. I also uninstalled all mods in case they were interfering and i tried restarting KSP but nothing worked. Has anyone else been having similar problems.
  11. Hey everyone. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this, but here it is. I am - like many others - making a physical KSP controller. In my case, with my uncle on the "physical" part (soldering, connecting, wires, etc.). I'm doing all the "digital" parts. I'm using kRPC with python, connected to an Arduino mega, all using lawnmowerlatte's python to Arduino framwork, using a serial connection. Our first prototype is working wonderfully, and we're planning out the full thing (it's going to be big). The aim is to be able to fly a mission with one person being mission control - havin
  12. Not sure if i am doing something wrong but when i do an EVA it is not acting the way it used to. When i do an EVA the kerbal just spins out of control even with the RCS switched on he is always slowly rotating, meaning constant corrections and usually over corrections. Turning on the SAS also has no stabilising effect to the Kerbal. I've noticed that the navball on the screen does not link to the Kerbal either. It seems to still just show the reading for the ship i just got out of. Spinning the Kerbal around does not move the navball at all. It did used to. This is all made worse by not h
  13. Hello community. I recently reinstalled KSP and I am looking for an app or a mod that will allow me to check my in-game stats at my android tablet or second screen. I hate that I am not able to see my altitude and vertical speed at the map view, and the fact that I have to click at the fuel every time i want to check it annoys me as well. Is there any working mod or app that supports v1.3.0? PS:I already tried Kerbal Gauges for android but it seems abandoned and not updated. PS2:I don't want to install extra mods just the gauges. Sorry If that's not the right category.
  14. I open the navigation ball in the Map section but it closes again when I go back to 3D view and come back again, how do I fix it? I apologize for the bad english translation with Google Translate.
  15. Like the title says. We all know the navball is collapsed by default when entering map view for the first time on a flight. If you bring it up, next time you enter map view on the same flight the navball will already be up. But for me, it's always collapsed each time I enter map view on the same flight even after bringing it up. I haven't played for a long time so I don't know if this is now normal behavior, or if I have a malfunctioning mod.
  16. Navball docking alignment indicator (Community Edition) To begin with, it is just fair to say that @mic_e is the original Author of this mod. His thread can be found here. As stated in this thread as I personally like this mod alot and he wasn't online for 3 Months I decided to pick it up and continue it's development in his absence. License and all will be kept exactly the same, the only difference will be the name (added Community Edition for clarity) and the sourcecode obviously. Now a little bit about this mod, what it does and what you use it for. Ever had the
  17. I was doing some atmospheric pressure tests from the launch pad, and I wanted to keep my test craft pointing prograde so it stayed on a ballistic trajectory. At certain altitudes and speeds the game switches the nav ball from Surface to Orbit modes and thus 'prograde' changes direction. Yes I could switch it back, but how quickly I switch it back introduces an extra variable in my tests. Is there a UI setting I missed that could turn this feature off? Or maybe there's an add-on for that? --
  18. (I'm using 1.1.3 as I'm finishing off a campaign and I'm waiting for 1.2.1 because my KSP is reasonably stable right now and I don't trust dot releases) I know this topic keeps coming up time and time again, it's even referenced in http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Rover#Navigation but I have yet to find a satisfactory answer. When I build a simple 4 wheel rover with the RoveMate (e.g. just some wheels and a battery), the navball points straight up. In fact it even drives the wrong direction, I'm forced to either invert the steering or the drive direction. This is inconvenient
  19. The way stability assist seems to work at the moment is it holds your position based on some universal plane; while this is great for orbiting celestial bodies, it is a pain in the atmosphere. I suggest changing the plane of reference when surface mode is engaged to lock onto the current angle and orientation of the navball. If you wish to hold 20° vertically while travelling east, face east and aim at 20° then engage stability assist in surface mode. When the navball is changed to orbital mode then change the plane of reference back to its normal behavior (the way stability assist works
  20. Hi, I have built a spaceship in orbit, but when I first wanted to try it out I saw the navball going crazy. As you can see there are 3 orange tanks connected with 2 side docking ports. All ports connect and hold it together steady but the navball showing wrong direction (gaining speed on progade, target and manouver nodes totally offset by 180°). Game is 100% vanilla, no mods. Is there a fix, so I can use my ship's navball? Or forget those double docking port aligments...
  21. I'm a newcomer to Kerbal Space program so I'm half convinced that it's just something that I'm doing wrong and half convinced that my mods are causing a problem. First the problem - I can't find a destination target icon on my navball when flying rocket based missions (Launched from VAB) I've flown a number of "survey this location" style missions using airplanes. 1) I build the plane, 2) hit the launch button in the SPH to take me to the runway, 3) go to map mode and click on my target destination 4) I can then see a target icon on my navball. However
  22. I would like to put a ship into orbit around minmus with a minimum of fussing around. I've heard that a 'direct launch' is the lowest dV way to get where you're going. Basically, skip the parking orbit and just go for what you want. Okay. Fair enough. What I want is a rendezvous orbit around Minmus with this here tanker, so that it can refuel an on-station lander. This means that in addition to burning directly into my minmus rendezvous, I also want to have inclination. I'm assuming, since I have zero control over where the KSC is that flying directly into the minmus enco
  23. Is there a rule of thumb for getting a rocket out of Kerbin's atmosphere? All that I've gathered thus far is that powerful rockets can get into space at shallower angles. Alternatively, a rocket solely designed for Kerbin orbit requires about a 45 degree angle when it's all said and done. Since target assist is not an option from launch, how do I know from rocket to rocket what the angle should be? Also, does career mode build off of the tutorials, or am I better off playing around in sandbox first?
  24. Situation: in space with slow rotation authority. Wanting to point to any of the navball markers (e.g. Target, Retrograde...) manually. On the navball, I only see the markers that are currently in front of me, so I have to actually turn the ship (sloow) to find out where the others are (i.e. to find out which direction I have to turn to). Is there some sort of hidden feature so that I can "look around" on the navball prior to turning? I can only think of putting parts with "Control from here" ability pointing to various directions.
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