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Found 1 result

  1. About: I made several 4k skyboxes in space engine and wanted to share them. Click on each imgur link to see an album with more pictures of each skybox. [NEW] Crab Nebula Download: Spacedock Galactic Core: Download: Spacedock CurseForge Blue Nebula: Download: Spacedock CurseForge Dark Galaxy: Download: Spacedock CurseForge Installation: Download and install Texture Replacer Replaced v0.4 (for ksp 1.3). Download your desired skybox. Merge the gamedata folders. Enjoy! NOTE: If you use Distant Object Enhancement, it darkens the skybox by default. This can make some of the stars and nebulae less visible. It is a fantastic mod, but I recommend disabling the darken skybox option in the config file. That way you keep the bright skybox with all of distant object's great features. If you want to make your own skyboxes, I have a tutorial here. Thank you! License: All Rights Reserved.