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Found 4 results

  1. This will be a series of mission reports done by the largest ship I've ever hauled to deep space, 3.75 m wide modules from Taurus HCV mod. The name comes from the ancient Greek deity of time called ÃŽÅ¡ÃÂÌνοÂ. It's a ship made of 3.75 m wide Taurus HCV parts and can host 17 Kerbals, although only 7 of them will live and work on the ship during its long voyage. Three of them will be landing on targets. The ship contains a 3.75 m laboratory and a living module. It is using a 2.5 m KSPX nuclear engine for propulsion for the sake of aesthetics (performance is basically stock like). Other notable mods used: - Deadly Reentry - DMagic Orbital Science for the instruments - Procedural Parts for the fuel tanks and adapters - KSPX for its large LV-N engine - KAS for securing everything in place and bringing stuff to the destination - ALCOR for the lander - Real Chute - Near Future Electric for the solar panels - Banana For Scale for emergency banana (later added) - Realistic RTGs - TAC life support Current ÃŽâ€v is over 8500 m/s, ship alone. My plan is to reach 9500 m/s, so that hauling a lander and a heatshield to the Joolean system and beyond would be easy. First mission is landing on Laythe's polar region and returning home. Making a rocket for this monstrosity will be a great challenge for me. Later missions:
  2. This is very simple. Place at least one Kerbal in orbit, using ONLY the LV-N engine for propulsion/impulse. Lowest launch mass wins. Go.
  3. Pls help, I desperately need to prove a point go to tylo on nervas and land with them, obviously using the lander as the tug for the fuel etc, before I get all high and mighty about how great the nerva is, is this even possible? Am I going to end up looking like a fool? Especially for you.. @Spricigo
  4. We all know chemical propulsion isn't viable for our first Mars missions, too slow, too inefficient, and too primitive, so what propulsion system should we use? NERVA? Solar electric propulsion? VASIMR? Or the Fusion Driven Rocket (The coolest one)?