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Found 1 result

  1. As a very passonate,and now experienced replica builder, i have always had a dream of making the perfect replica, something that could be described as fotorealistic. And this time i decided to achieve that, while also testing a new concept of mine. Basically, Just like the Lego UCS (ultimate collector series) models, i made a huge scale fotorealistic (you'll be the judge of that) replica of the Hurricane that even has a realistic wing profile that isn't just the usual flat one. It also has a new type of control system that i don't think anyone else has used before. The control system that this big bird has, uses no elevons whatsoever, instead, it uses Rotatrons and wings to manouver itself around. The new and innovative control system is perfect for replicas like these, because you can create control surfaces of any shape and size , given that your aircraft is large enough to fit them. But as far as usability goes , the biggest draw back is the lack of self centering. Roll is also quite slow (that's why it has vernor thrusters on the wingtips), meaning that you have to use the rudder in order to do efficient turns. It really is quite a handful to fly this plane, cause not only do you HAVE to use all your controls at the same time, you also need to make sure that your control surfaces point the right way . The aircraft itself has been built form stock parts, excluding the IR parts ofcource, with an aim for perfect accuracy with part count (to some extent) and "cleanliness" in mind. Because of this part saving effort, and because it would be pretty much hidden at all times, it has no interior. I could have also used my custom turboshaft engine to power the propeller, but again, i wanted to save parts, and i kinda taught that it would have been a pretty pointless gimmick (plus, there's all that smoke). The propeller is instead powered by a docking washer. It produces enough power to speed the aircraft up to 18 m/s on its own. Witch i think is quite good considering that even after pairing it with 4 "Qoliath" engines, in only got it to a speed of around 70 m/s. One of the other special special things about this replica, is it's wings. as mentioned above, i wanted to make sure that the wings would look exactly like the would in the real one, thickness and profile included. And let me tell you, it was quite the job trying to get the wings to look as clean as they do now. Everytime you rotated something to fix a nasty looking seam, a new one appeared. It sorta just became this game of finding the right balance of clean and not so clean seams. While making this, i noticed that just how difficult it can be to make a replica of this size and type. Because you'll be thinking "Of cource it's easy to make it perfectly accurate because the scale is so large". But that's where the challenge lies, instead of picking a complete cockpit, engine, elevons and what not, you have to make those yourself out of dozens of parts. I can tell you that just getting started took quite a while cause i had to figure out how to create these huge shapes with these tiny parts. The engine was basically the one that i started with, making the propeller-hub my root part and the scaling everything off of that. All and all, im very happy with the end result, everything worked out the way i wanted it to , except for one thing . Due to the weight of the thing, my IR powered landing gears didn't work, so to get around the problem, i had to use tweak scale and make the main gears bigger. I also had to add little gears on the gear doors to stop the main gears spawning inside the runway (tough the gears and their hit boxes get bigger with tweakscale, the game will still use the original hit box to detect where the lowest point of the craft is). Specs: Top speed: about 70 m/s. Stall speed: about 30 m/s. Length: 45.5m. wingspan: 51.8m. Height: 13.8m. Mass: 114 tons. Parts: 843. Mods used: Infernal robotics and tweakscale. Download link: Hawker Hurricane MK_I.craft?dl=0 And that about wrappes up this little project of mine, i hope you enjoy it . PS: if for some reason any of you want to have ago at flying this aircraft, i will be happy to share it. PPS: And sorry for not posting any crafts here for ages. I was just far too busy because of school and a move to a new house, and quite incredibly lazy as-well . But, normal services should resume and new stuff should be coming pretty soon .