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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: I don't use the forums on mobile, on all of this is for desktops. FAQ: Q: How do I embed images in my posts? A: The forums don't host images, so you have to use a photo-hosting site, like A direct link (i.e. xxxx.jpg, xxxx.png) to most images will auto-embed, or you can hit "Insert other media" then "Insert image from URL." Q: How do I rep someone? A: Rep is now called likes, and you give them by clicking the blue "<3 like this" button in the lower-right corner of a post. Q: How do I delete a quote or spoiler? A: Left-click the object, then Ctrl-right-click it and hit "Delete <Object>" Q: What happened to/where are my subscriptions? A: They were sacrificed to prevent 502s. All your subs can be found be clicking your username at the top of the forums, then "Manage Followed Content." You can duplicate the function of the old settings page with a custom activity stream, set like this: This link: works too. Q: How do I do a single line break? A: Shift-enter makes a single line break, like the old forums enter functionality. Q: What do the dots under a username mean? A: They are related to post count, not quite sure how. Q: How do I change my avatar? A: Navigate to your profile (click your username on the upper-right of the forums, then "Profile") and, in the lower-left corner of your current avatar, there is a small white icon. Click that, and you are given options to upload avatars. Q: What is this "Green Iron Crown" thing? A: Green Iron Crown was a test account made by the moderators to test negative reputation, which on the old forums was shown as a set of red bars below a username. Someone noticed the account, and a game was quickly made out of trying to give GIC a full set of positive rep bars. Q: How to I upload a craft? A: You have to use a third-party file hoster. Any one will work, but I prefer Your craft files can found under <KSP diectory>/saves/<Savename>/VAB OR SPH/<Craft file>.craft Q: What is the great forum derp/kraken attack/disaster? A: I'll let the KSP dev team explain: TL;DR, the forums were reverted back a month or so. Q: What is the "Rocket builders" and "old forum" stuff? A: In November 2015, the forums were upgraded from Vbulliten 4 to IPS 4. One of the major changes was the removal of the rocket builders section which was removed because of rule-breaking. Q: How do I edit my signature? A: Go to your account settings (Username>account settings) then click the "Signature" tab. Q: How do I edit my user title? A: Go to your profile and click "Edit Profile." Q: Adding a link to a post. A: What is copying a url and pasting it in a post, or pasting it in the pop-up from the link button in the editor (looks like a chain)? Q: Wait, this isn't Jeopardy! A: ... Editor: The editor is now WYSIWYG, or What You See Is What You Get. Most of the old BBCode works. Enter gives double spaces now. Shift-Enter makes it only single spaced ctrl-RMB gives paste options and allows deletion of embedded content including links. Tags: This allows your thread to be more easily found when someone searches for a tag. Size: Now in points instead of arbitrary numbers. 14 appears normal. Font: Arial is the default. Spoilers cannot be named anymore. If someone posts while you're writing a post, there will be a button to show the posts. (Didn't work initially, but was fixed and now works great.) No preview post button. New indent buttons! This means that we can have book-like paragraphs, like this: See? To embed images just drop a direct link (i.e. xxxx.jpg, xxxx.png) and it will auto-embed, or hit "Insert other media" in the lower-left corner of the editor, then "Insert image from URL." To link an image, you can either ctrl-RBM it and then there's an option for adding a URL. You can also click the link button, and then put something like this into it, and then you'll get a linked image: URL: Link text: [IMG=] Meta tags no longer exist. Those were a pre-selected set of tags which could be selected when making a new thread. goto bbcode tags don't work anymore. You can no longer click "Last edited by <Username> at <Time> to see a history of your edits. (It looks like mods can, though.) Double-clicking on images will give you some options. By going RMB>inspect element then RMB>Edit as HTML on <p> you can edit raw HTML for your post, allowing some options not available on the WYSIWYG editor, such as text color, but iframes, and other advanced stuff cannot be embedded in posts. Tables: Click on the icon that looks like a bunch of boxes, most of the options should be self-explanatory. You can change the size of the table when it's in the editor by dragging the squares, but you cannot add more rows or columns. Copy/pasting quotes doesn't work in chrome. When making a new post, clicking the "Poll" tab at the top of the editor will make a poll. It seems that you can't add polls to already posted threads, so make sure to add it when you first post. If you have an old post with broken BBcode in it, sometimes editing it and then saving it will fix some of the BBcode. To embed an imgur album, take the album code from an album, something like "06N4r" from "," then paste it into the box that shows up when you click the little white "i" on a black background. Temporarily disabled due to an imgur update. Notifications: To edit your notifications, hit the bell icon on the top of the forum, then hit "Options." When you ignore a user, you can select whether to ignore posts, messages sigs, or notifications. "Send me news and information" I think this sends IPS ads to your email. Everything else if self-explanatory. Posts and threads: Instead of rep, we now have likes. These only give one like to the user, but it tracks which post it was given to. You can only give out 25 likes per day. To get the post URL, you now need to hit the share icon on the post or hit the "Posted at <time>" which will go to a link to the post. The quote button works like always, but the multi-quote buttons like this: Click it on every post you to quote, and a pop-up will appear in the lower left corner of the forum, to use all the quotes, hit that. If you have a quote in your post, you can hit enter two times while your cursor is in the appropriate location, and the quote will be split there. You can now see who is following a thread, upper-right of the thread. Selecting text gives an option to quote it. 25 Posts per page default. In some pages there's a button which makes a condensed view. May be slightly easier on the eyes for some. Report post WYSIWYG buttons are weirdly messed up. To embed youtube or other common video hosts' videos, post the link, then hit enter and a player will appear. Certain weird characters will change to lasjkh%$ or something similar. The "First unread post" button now looks like this circle, or a star if you've posted in it: You can now create threads and status updates from anywhere in the forums with the "+ Create" button at the top of the forums, here: Code blocks don't have scroll bars anymore. Articles are now known as devblogs. The search is awesome now, lots of new options, but still not as good as using google and "" There is a blue line above the first unread post. I LOVE THIS FEATURE! Click on images in posts enlarges them, and lets you click through all images in a post like an album. In the PM system, you can only add around 5 members initially to a PM, but if you send the PM, and then click the picture of the "+" and the person icon, you can add as many as you like. Want to use tables like before? Let NecroBones help you: Account stuff and sigs: Sigs are less wide than before, my sig used to fit perfectly into the space provided, they are 152 pixels high. Most profile info can be edited by clicking your username at the top of the forums, then "Profile" then "Edit Profile" The cover photo is the background photo behind your name on your profile. Hitting your username, the "Account settings" will access the rest of account options. Username> "Manage followed content" will show all of your subscribed threads. Mail icon> "Inbox" goes to something like the old PMs. The grey dots below your username on posts are linked to posts, not quite sure how. Online indicators do not exist anymore, but there is a tab for online users. Avatars must be < 1 mb. Clicking the time of posting on a thread, when on a user profile, goes to the last post. Streams: To get a activity similar to the old "Settings," click "activity," then click "my activity streams" then "Create new stream" then make all the settings look like this (aside from the name): or use this link: Click the little box icon on the upper-left corner of any activity stream to enter a condensed view. All other tabs in the activity tab are self-explanatory. You can edit preset streams with the "edit this stream" button on them. Hitting the grey checkbox next to a custom stream title will make it a default stream, so you see a little link to it anywhere in the forums, to the right of the breadcrumbs. You can share one of your streams by posting the URL from it. New, and removed forums: Two new sub-sub-forums in the sub-forum "Plugin Development Help and Support", called "Plugins For Addon Devs" and "Plugin Requests and Ideas", these have only posts from .14 and .15. The Rocket Builders sub-forum has been changed so you can only see your own threads in it. Welcome aboard was moved from "General" to "Community." "Challenges" is now called "Challenges & Mission ideas." "Live from mission control" was merged with "Mission reports." "Development and support" category was renamed "Gameplay and Technical Support." The two support threads has had "Technical" tacked on to the front of them. "Gameplay Questions and Tutorials" Has been moved from "General" to "Gameplay and Technical Support." "Suggestions & Development Discussion" was moved from the old "Development and support" into "General." "General Add-on Affairs" was renamed "Add-on Discussions." "Other forums" category was renamed "Community." "International" forum has had five sub-forums removed, leaving only "Spanish" and "Portuguese." "Gameplay Questions and Tutorials," "Technical Support (unmodded installs)," and "Technical Support (modded installs)" now use a upvote system to find the best answers to a problem. There is now a new category for hot threads (lots of replies in a short amount of time). NOTE: Use this info at your own risk. I don't have time to check everything on this forum, so much of this is a compiled list of problems and fixes from other threads. I will add new stuff as I find it.