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Found 2 results

  1. Will Squad Ever make another Kerbal themed game? that would be . I mean A full on game, no DLC stuff. What I mean is Maybe a sandbox or Sims style game based on Kerbin and kerbals?
  2. I have what could be one of the most interesting suggestions ever created by man. The idea is, taking the KSP universe, and adding a Story to it, along with adding player choices and dialog(Subtitles) ETC. You could play as all 4 of the main kerbals(Jeb, Bill, Bob, Valentina) through their story of getting into spaceflight/the missions that they do. The player could make certain choices such as, add moar boosters, or add moar struts, or something else along those lines. And play through a select amount as missions as the kerbals from their pov. Some of the downsides to all of this is that it would be extremely linear(as a lot of telltale games are), as well as it would remove the sandbox aspect of the original game. But, some of the upsides to this idea would be, It would give the community a lot of backstory to each main kerbal. As well as it would expand the universe significantly and would confirm or deny a lot of speculation in the KSP universe. It would be an awesome experiment to attempt, as well as very rewarding, but it would without a doubt come with its hardships. Would it be a good idea on Squads part? Probably not, but I think that it shouldn't be completely ruled out for the time being. So what are your guy's thoughts on this? How would you make this idea better? Or, what other style of game would you have made?