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Found 2 results

  1. If you haven't noticed, there is a super-nerd trying to build his own liquid fuel rocket engine. He has posted his ideas in the science section of the forums and he is a KSP fan. If he manages to build and test his motor, I would like to suggest Squad gets his data and makes a part (porkjet!) that players can use. So far his math looks pretty cool. It is also a cool way to motivate people to build stuff at home, play KSP, etc. Since he is building his rocket at home, I imagine it's performance wouldn't be stellar (Nyuk Nyuk) but it's cost would be very low.
  2. Problem. ------------------------------------------------------I have ran into a very frustrating problem. In Kerbal Space Program, there is no way to attach ships to planet/moons. This means my ships never really land on Gilly, also, some amazing ( or insane ) person who wanted to build a Dres space elevator, found that the claws wouldn't attach. --------------------------------------------------------- A possible solution --------------------------------------------------------- A new part, called the mk2 claw. Able to grab all things in the game, beside water and Jool, and the sun, etc. And no resource transfer through planets or moons because that would be really cheaty. --------------------------------------------------------- -W. Kerman