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Found 8 results

  1. Does anybody knows any site explaining new parts detailed specifications? (like ksp wiki, but for consoles)
  2. I know the game is made to build rockets n stuff but i personally the 75% of the time i play is just to make planes, helicopters or space planes so i think some new airplane parts could be nice, like: - New Engine for planes -A new set of wings? (like the structural wings but more bigger) -some landing gears maybe -a new fuselage?! thats some thing i will like to see in the next big update (1.4.6) or even 1.4.7
  3. This is just my new account, so I don't need any "welcome to the forums" comments So a few days ago, I was hanging out, thinking about how to solve the problem of larger SRBs. Then an Idea came to me: instead of large 2.5 meter ones, what about 1.875 (in the middle) SRBs? I then thought of a great look and idea to go for: What about the titan 3-E rocket SRBs: The titan 3-E had a central LR-87 engine (We have it as the Bobcat in making history). The two side SRBs are what would be added. It had a LR-91 second stage (cheetah). It also had a third stage (concealed by the fairing) with two RL-10s. The point I'm trying to make here is that It would go along well with current themed parts, along with other purposes. Now what did the titan 3E do that is memorable? Isn't this just a boring rocket that did boring things? No. This rocket launched two amazing firsts: Voyager 1&2 with too many records to count (Including one on the spacecraft!) and Viking 1&2, the first probes to land on mars! This is a pretty historic rocket, so It solves many problems at once. With these side boosters, you could recreate the first landings on mars and Voyager far better, and use it on everything from better looking space shuttles or just as "larger SRBs" -Kerano Kerman
  4. Hi all, The following post is related to suggestions regarding more/better rover ideas. I have been wanting to design rover in Kerbal Space Program ever since I heard of it (which was before I even purchased it). I see now that it is very hard to create rovers in KSP. I can build better rovers now, but when I was a beginner trying to figure out how to get to Duna with a rover name Kuriosity, I found out quite quickly that building a rover in KSP is extremely difficult. I do understand that there is the Probodobodyne RoveMate™, but it is still hard to build rovers. I would really value a tutorial implemented in a further update that walks a new user through making a rover. I understand that with the Making History Expansion that Missions can be downloaded, but not everybody has the DLC required to use the Missions. And although there are mods made by the Community (Some especially good ones from SQUAD member RoverDude ), some people like to use a stock KSP.Perhaps some new rover parts can be added alongside a new tutorial? Thank you for considering this, Skywalket Kerbal Enthusiast and Elon fan
  5. Will we ever see decouplers for the Mk3 series parts?
  6. it would be nice to have some new nuclear engines, like a 3.75 cluster of nervs, or a whole new type of fuel + roster of cryogenic engines to add to the stock game, thoughts?
  7. it would be nice to see some new solid rocket boosters like a 2.5 wide super-booster, or a small booster like those on the Delta-III rocket.
  8. I think, new set of parts would make this game more impressive. I would welcome a new set of parts, which would be orientated horizontally. These would fit better for rovers and bases. Lab (horizontal), Storages, and etc. And of course a big rover command pod.