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Found 2 results

  1. So, what new planets do you think will be in KSP 2? We know there is already the stock system, but it seems there will be even more planets and possibly stars to visit since it seems there will be interstellar travel in the game. I hope there will be a ringed planet system you can visit in some distant system away from kerbol, but what about you?
  2. ...Is a mod that changes the Kerbol System to absolutely new star system with new planets and new challenges. Backstory: In 666012 Kerbol became a red giant and life on Kerbin became impossible. The Kerbalkind was needed new home. In 666013 the interstellar cruiser with a 50 000 kerbals on board had started from dying Kerbin and went to find another home for kerbals. After 3 years of searching Kerbals had found a small blue-white star and a little green planet orbiting it. They called the star "The New Hope". In 666017 the 12 droppods from the cruiser had landed on a planet orbiting The New Hope. This planet became the new home for Kerbals... Their "Eden". There are some screenshots: The mod link will be provided when the mod will become playable