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Found 51 results

  1. As the title says I'am new to ksp and I want to use mods. does anyone now good mods. I also want a mod that autopilots or automaticali does the nodes for me. thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, I want to recreate a realistic simulation of the falcon heavy and the falcon 9 but the launchers pack says it will only work with 1.7.2 so is there any way to change or make it work to the ksp version 1.2.2
  3. Take-Two Interactive doesn’t want to add a real chemistry simulator to the game? As in game Oxygen Not Includet see table. So when you flew to the planet you didn’t stupidly look into the distance and ask what should I do now in this boring game. Make it so that it is possible to build various equipment for ore search and for ore processing, the construction of its base in order to build its own spaceport and build a rocket on this new base. And during construction use real chemistry as in Oxygen Not Includet. (Consider the properties of gases.) For example: for example Add hydroponics and a true cycle in nature.
  4. Hello, Just introducing myself here, I love KSP, it is brilliant, and the community seems huge! hopefully I can learn much from the peers from here and if I can add anything of use, i will. Regards, Nk.
  5. Breaking Ground's second update is near so I have started a discussion on interplanetary exploration. So let's start by showing off surface features and bases and other cool stuff
  6. So basically... i’m not new to the game. I have a hefty 200 hours on it already. I may seem like i know most basics of the game, and i do, but one thing i never knew really was getting to orbit. I have a basic understanding of delta-v and thrust to weight ratios and aerodynamics in this game, but every rocket i design just doesnt get the 4300 delta v to get into orbit. And if it does its because the rocket is very fuel consuming and just plain bad or i use hyperedit. This sucks because i still cant get my stages of the mun lander to orbit in career. While i dont have many problems with stability and i also have a basic and a bit ineffecient way to get into orbit, i have problems with getting just enough fuel and the right engines to get there. Any help or tips? image of most effecient rocket i made for career (for getting to mun): the specs of the modded engine on the bottom (Kiwi engine from SpaceY): Edit: wait guys i just reached orbit with that rocket! It took many tries but i did. Does anyone havy any tips to make it better (or get a way better design overall)? Edit 2: For those who the pasteboard doesnt work
  7. Hey, I would like to make a mod (a parts pack to be exact) but I don't know how. I have some(ish) programming experience, but I don't know how to start, how to actually make the mod work and what software to use. It would be nice if one of you experts gave me a tutorial or something on how to get to modding. It would also help if you told me how to make textures.
  8. I think it would be very nice if SQUAD decided to implement some sort of story mode in the later versions. It maybe shouldn't be something compulsory, but rather maybe make the world have a main quest, that you can complete at your own pace (unless there is a special mission.) The story could look like this: First, you have to "compete" to gain dominance in space. This could work by having time limits in which you should reach your goal. (A little like the space race) Later on, you might have an anomaly or something and you should set up a base for research, or something like that. (Maybe have it so that the player cannot do this mission with low tech for various reasons) Than, there could be some doomsday scenario where you must save kerbalkind or something like that. Finally, here could be multiple endings to the story mode, depending on the player's milestones, tech and decisions. What are your thoughts?
  9. chat about the new elder scrolls game;_ylt=AwrC5rK1pGRczkcAsD77w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTByZ2N0cmxpBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMg--?p=elder+scrolls+6+trailer&vid=3fb2a26ac262658daa5eeda5a4c0f21a&|+Bethesda+E3+2018&c=1&h=225&w=300&l=37&sigr=11b0b20h1&sigt=127c6p28g&sigi=12r3kgotg&age=1528685841&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Av&fr=mcafee&tt=b just figures out it is in elsweyr, but i also noticed "Dovakhiin" was playing... there was a dude in a cage and a dragon as well... its probably the dragonborn
  10. There is a large lack of kerbal youtube channels that focus primarily on Kerbal Space Program Enhanced edition... So I went and created one.. But without an audience, I cannot grow (Because of how youtube algorithms work) So come support me here: I put out weekly uploads: Monday at 4:00pm central standard time!
  11. I personally really want a stock centrifuge habitat to be implemented into the newer ksp versions. I would like to see your ideas though too. @UomoCapra please consider doing this
  12. I am relatively new to the game, and after logging in about 40 hours, I have finally managed to land on the mun! It was especially hard because it was a dark side landing and I only had 6 lights to keep me for destroying all my (un-quicksaved) work. And without further ado, here are some of the screenshots that I took. I would also like to see any first mun landing post that you may have
  13. Hopefully by end of summer, should I have the game itself.
  14. Do you guys think that propeller engines should be added to KSP? Propellers would serve as precursors to Jet engines in Career mode. They would have less thrust, but would drain fuel slower. They would also be cheaper than other jet engines.
  15. Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I'm a PhD student in geology. I'm taking a class entitled Games for Learning and Simulation. We need to review an education game for class, and I chose KerbalEDU. Happy to be here, meet some new folks, and maybe get some input from long-time Kerbal players who has been using this in a classroom setting. Have a great day!
  16. Hello there! My name is Manasv. I just bought kerbal space program (well, I've been playing it for a few days before that), and it is fun, of course! I'm a high school student who aspires to be a physicist. Well, see you around! Fly safe!
  17. Hello friends! I'm completely new to space things and also KSP, but I'm loving it and enjoying everything I discover about space/rockets/orbits/satellites/etc. So I decided to buy KSP and start with the Tutorials on the game menu. It's good! The hardest thing to me was the docking tutorial, even to catch up the other vessel "Stranded". But watching A LOT YouTube videos about rendezvous and docking I finally did it! So I was thinking... "I'm a PRO now, let's try the scenario with a Space Station, undock the Space Shuttle and try to dock this again". How stupid I was, it looks impossible, I got really frustrated about it. Btw, I was watching some other videos on YouTube about Geostationary Relay Network for example and it looks even more complex to me. So my question is... is that normal as a new KSP player? Get a little bit frustrated about don't get to some "mission"? Do I need to study something or just play it and at some point all get the practice/experiencie and a more understandable overall to do even the more complex things in the game? Sorry about the long post, but I'm really loving this game, even without understanding a bunch of things and I'm anger to learn and create shuttles, rockets, space stations, rovers, etc. Thank you guys and I'm sorry about any english mistake, it's a work in progress.
  18. he guys I want to know if ksp updates automatically updates on PC or not and if it doesn't how to update?
  19. Just thought I'd share a bit of spirit with everyone! How's your year been? Did you celebrate much? Or did you stay at home and watch other people have fun on TV like me?
  20. So, i bought KSP some time ago, and i don't know how to reach and land in other moons. The max i did was a lunar fly-by, and i only did that by discovering rockomax thrusters. Can someone help? Image of the rocket that did the fly-by: (note: this isn't the full rocket, but the 1st stage was 4 of the biggest SRB's, 1 medium Rockomax fuel tank and 1 small Rockomax fuel tank, alng with the Mainsail engine.
  21. Andrew607


    Hi I am new to the forums and I love KSP!
  22. So, uh, greetings! I am an American player who has been with KSP for a few years. And I decided to make a forum account cuz why not? I don't have any questions, so this is just a hi. Happy rocket launching my friends!
  23. I was wondering...How do I get an avatar like Roverdude's? Do I go to a website or what?
  24. New to the forums here. Probably got about 300-400 hours in and getting pretty close to closing out my career mode tech tree. Still havent made it to Duna, but have pretty much conquered Mun and Minmus. Cant wait to get a Duna base and beyond. Also, have plans for future career play throughs. Hoping to do a realism overhaul with some life support stuff. For now, I'm looking forward to getting much needed help and helping others if I can... Sooo, whats the deal with the mods having to approve posts. I understand the whole preventing bots thing, but i have a post almost going on 1 week that hasn't been approved. Is this normal, or is it lost in the ether? Was trying to figure out if I found a bug or not...
  25. Ksp is kinda getting repetitive. You know, launch, orbit, escape kerbin, and so on. So I'm looking for any mods that could help spice things up a bit. Things like RSS and solar system rescale mods. Things that add a whole new way of doing things. Things that add another aspect. If you know any good mods to shake things up post them here!