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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all; I'm back after a long time. Last time I was here I had loaded 1.3.1 and Real this / Real that (can't even remember now!), worked through many many install issues, got it all running, then life happened. Now, I'm kind of back to square one, and not sure yet that life won't "happen" again, so I decided to just update to vanilla 1.6 and start a career mode from scratch...and just have a little fun rather than stress. Actually, I'm not entirely sure if this install is really "vanilla"; I somehow have mechjeb 2.6.1 and kerbal engineer redux installed and running...though they both say they're not compatible with 1.6 on the load screen. Yet they seem to work fine in game with the right parts installed on the craft. So, my question is: What's the "best" (most automated) way to get to orbit these days? This is the "guide" that I either wrote to myself or found somewhere around here a long time ago, and have been using the last few days. It's very manual and tedious: By 100m/s: pitch to 85 (95 if you need to orbit the other way 'round) By 10k: be pitched to 75 (105) 20k: 65 (115) 30k: 55 (125) 40k: 45 (135) 50k: 40 (145) By this time AP should be 70k or higher. Cut engine, coast to within 25 seconds of AP (more or less depending on engine efficiency) Pitch prograde Throttle up to circularize orbit If I use MJ Smart A.S. and the above guide, I go to the launchpad, open Smart A.S., click SURF, then SURF; I launch the rocket, and at 50m/s I click the minus sign for PIT once...putting my pitch at 89. At 60m/s, click down once. 88. Rinse, repeat. So by 100m/s I'm at 85. Then every 1000m (altitude), I click the minus sign once, and do that until I get to 50k (altitude). I know later in the career I can unlock the ascent autopilot thingy in MJ, but I'm not there yet. So. Is this a viable way to get to orbit? Is there (hopefully) an "easier" way? A way with less clicking, and more enjoying the scenery? The novelty of launch to orbit is already wearing off; in real life they don't manually fly to orbit...I'd rather have it automated, too. :-) Any help is appreciated. Thanks!