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Found 24 results

  1. This pretty self-explanatory, I suck at any form of encounter with other planets. any suggestion, tips, or ideas.
  2. So, i bought KSP some time ago, and i don't know how to reach and land in other moons. The max i did was a lunar fly-by, and i only did that by discovering rockomax thrusters. Can someone help? Image of the rocket that did the fly-by: (note: this isn't the full rocket, but the 1st stage was 4 of the biggest SRB's, 1 medium Rockomax fuel tank and 1 small Rockomax fuel tank, alng with the Mainsail engine.
  3. A simple hello from a newbie

    Hi everyone I'm thrilled to announce myself amongst this great spacefaring community of kerbonauts. I have to say that a mere minutes after loading Kerbal Space Program the first time, I was thoroughly hooked. According to my wife it's a waste of time, and my two year old son just casts me strange glances and whispers to my wife: "What is dad doing?" But still, the game is simply put brilliant and I find the career mode continually rewarding. You start out without more clue than putting together a command pod and strapping a "big" rocket underneath it and watch it shoot off - and just want more, more and more as you go on building yet another spacecraft. Hope I can contribute to some interesting designs and great voyages soon. Now hopefully the coming couple of days off work will allow for planning and executing the first trip to Duna. :-D Itching to get home to get started...
  4. Greetings Fellow Astronauts, I am new to the forums but not to KSP as I have clocked 600 hours on PC version of the game. I signed onto forums today because I have been patiently waiting for MOARdv on github to release the latest version of Raster Prop Monitor ( I am hoping to see all my favorite mods get update soon so I can get back to building rockets and my space station. By the way, KSP is the best space simulator I have ever heard about or played!
  5. Hi, I'm new here and was wondering where I can go to setup a modding environment and what code this game is modded in. Thanks, Durtle02
  6. What mods?

    OK. I'm a semi-new player, and i started with ckan because once i found the "advanced tweakables" option in settings, the game got pretty simple... on ALL difficulties. but, I'm still new and with the volume of mods... basically, I'm looking for a "must-have" list of mods that are realism based, add a bit more challenge, and DON'T add too many buttons. the 70 some mods i have are mostly parts (science mostly, but also bases and colonization-type), and seti/umbm/tac... but they seem to rely on other mods that create buttons on the toolbar that get overwhelming at this point. so,.. I NEED YOUR HAAALP! lol
  7. I've decided to start making mods for KSP. Having great interest in Chinese launch vehicles "Long March" series I've decided to start from there. Note since I'm literally learning from scratch so help and suggestion (even criticism) are welcome! Starting with the YF-77 Engine, China's first cryogenic rocket engine developed for booster applications. As you can see, no detail on the model, I've yet to make textures and I'm also having a bit of an issue with UV mapping However I'm seriously enjoying the fun it gives me. Since I have exams imminent, the development will slow down until the end of May. Again, please feel free to criticize my work
  8. Hi I'm at a loss as to how to get blender to show the texturing. Last time I appear to have been pushing random buttons while sleep deprived, but a bit more knowledge would help ;-) I've got a screenshot here: I've setup (most of) the unwrapping, generated a colour image, but can't get the rendering to show. I also see a mutilated vertex in the unwrap which I can't seem to delete. Re-unwrapping it just adds another one. Any experts that can shed a light? Thanks Chris
  9. Hello everyone

    Hi everyone! I'm just passing by to introduce myself. I'm from México City, (so please excuse me if every now and then I write things the wrong way). I discovered KSP via youtube videos (Version 1.0 I think), and I was hooked up right away, I'ts an amazing game. Specially if becoming an astronaut and explore other planets has always been your most beloved dream. I don't have too much time to play games, but I use every minute available to do so. Took me about six months or so to discover the amazing mods that can be used in the game, And I'd like to thank everyone involved in the mod development. (And SQUAD too of course). The game is just twice as fun if you use mods ( and a headache sometimes). So, here I am, with some questions an hopefully some answers as well. let's have some fun rocketing around!
  10. Hi. I'm trying to make my first part - it is supposed to be a Fowler flap. I've made a model in Blender, UV-mapped it with textures, imported into Unity editor and it seems more or less reasonable there. The way it is textured is far from perfect but I'd rather leave it for later. But when I attach this part in SPH editor, it looks weird - lower part of flap has texture only when looked from below. Sides and upper surface are transparent. I tried to recreate faces and re-texture them and it has no effect. What am I doing wrong? Unity render: KSP render:
  11. Simple Mod for a Flag?

    I think [and I am sure I am wrong] that it would be easier if I can be shown / instructed on how I can create a mod for my flag? Yep, I know I can just copy the flag into the GameData\Squad\Flags folder, but I think it would be slightly easier to just have a folder for my "mod" for this? Yes or no? Also, if this is already covered in another thread, please point me that way. thank you.
  12. I'm a relatively new hand at modding and have updated my first mod. How do I get it set up on GitHub? What do I need to do to set up the folders, etc?
  13. My first 10-ish hours in Kerbal Space Program have been an absolute blast. Since I'm not the biggest fan of simulators I didn't expect to be drawn in this fast and deeply, but lo and behold if I didn't have last year of vocational school and other social responsibilities, I'd be playing it non-stop. My 10 hours have passed as such: First 2 hours spent flying one engine rockets and or blowing up the faculty buildings (sorry scientists and engineers). Then for 3 hours collecting data and unlocking new parts to toy with, also made my first airplane and took it for a joyride (landing is okay except the tail is too long and always breaks on touchdown). Around my 6th or 7th hour I achieved orbit and started setting up a satellite network, gotta get paid yo. With the new dosh I upgraded most of the faculty buildings. Now with second level tracking and administration building I can set maneuvers and I've spent the rest of the time flying towards the Mun, by the Mun and once even into the Mun. Just 15~ mins ago I managed my first Mun landing, it involved a lot of bouncing and non-important parts exploding since I ran out of fuel when it came time to break. Now Jeb is stuck there with the remnants of his rocket and our company flag. Pictures of Jeb on the Mun -> And I already have ideas on what to do next (set up a satellite network on the moon so Jeb can talk to his wife, get a rover somehow on the Mun and if there's time, get him home). Also to those wondering, the amount of dead Kerbans (Kerbals? Kerbins? Kerbonauts??) is: yes
  14. Greetings, I come in peace

    Hello Kerbies, Completely new to this, but have been glued to YouTube videos from the game, in particular Scott Manley's feed. All help greatly appreciated
  15. Eve Return

    Hi, I am reasonably new to ksp. I won't attempt this in my career save until the patch but I was wondering : Just what does it take to return from Eve?! I have a KSP calculator app, the dV to return from Eve is massive. Do you have to set up a mining station to refuel? Or maybe an orbiting nuke tug?
  16. What does ISRU stand for?

    Might not be the right forum for this but I keep seeing the abbreviation "ISRU" around the forum. I tried googling it but it just brought up a bunch of forum posts using the term as if it's understood what it means. So my question is. What does it mean?
  17. I am new to the game and enjoying it so far a lot. However, progress is kind of slow: I am overwhelmed by all the info available about keyboard shortcuts, mods, etc. I reckon I could use some in-person tuition to clear out my initial mistakes and give a direction to my progress. Is there anyone in Glasgow that would be willing to undertake the task? I can put in some (very reasonable) financial remuneration, if it will seem worth the case. Thank you for your attention.
  18. I am playing the demo and following Scott Manley's tutorials. I have this nice two-stages rocket that reaches a decent height. Unfortunately, when I try to create a maneuver in the M view, I am unable to click on the top of the parabola and start the maneuver widget: I click it either left- or right-, but nothing happens. I see a few options: - buy the complete game, hoping it will let me get the maneuver widget (but I read that the demo should be sufficient to get into orbit!) - keep updating the tracking station until the maneuver correction becomes possible (I am currently at level 2) Can somebody point me in the right direction?
  19. Moin Moin from Germany

    Hello, I just registered to this board as a new addicted player of KSP for one week now. I had my troubles with mods etc. and had to get used to how everything works. But now I have a browser-related problem: Just for posting this - my first post - I had to use Internet Explorer and log in there. Normally I use the Pale Moon browser (26.2.1 64-bit). I added exclusions for AdBlock Plus, NoScript etc. but it's impossible to reply to a thread or open a new one. It looks like this then: And the tabs "Content" and "Poll" are unclickable etc. I tried changing the user agent to a Firefox alike but that didn't help. btw typing this I also recognized that this board software does not give the possibility to show a preview of a posting - never seen this feature missing on any other board before... And also no img tag button, only Imgur album... btw btw and I don't know how to turn off the damned auto correction inside Internet Explorer to avoid capital letters (I didn't type them)... ah it's the main Windows Settings (crank).
  20. What are the basic principles of rocket design, as to be able to accomplish orbit, etc. and, more importantly to avoid an Apollo 1 situation (i.e. blowing up on the pad), or a challenger situation (i.e. blowing up less than a minute after liftoff)? I also find that when I add an extra fuel tank / engine toward the top of the stack, immediately below the command module, that I have these sorts of problems, despite adding winglets to the extra fuel tank. (note that I'm running an early demo version of the program).
  21. Hi all, I'm starting playing Kerbal Space Program now and I'm loving it! However, I'm failing miserably to achieve some of the contracts. So, that why I have the question: what is lost reverting a flight in career mode? Reputation? Money? Thanks, Davi
  22. Orbiting

    I am new to the game and don't understand things like delta-v. I am having trouble getting into orbit, most of the rockets I build either flip over halfway to the edge of the atmosphere, or run out of fuel after they have left the atmosphere, what am I doing wrong?
  23. Ok so the latest delta v maps for 1.04 and thus 1.05, suggest an efficent lift to 80km LKO is 3400dv. SO the problem is my flying. At the moment I can build a rocket with enough dv to get to orbit, but I can't get it anyway where near! I'm not pushing past at-mos efficiency but i'm not close to it either. I'm in my early career and this is my first time back since 0.9 so the atmosphere is er fun. I can't make good gravity turns, the rockets fly out of control and even Jeb can barely hold em. Does anyone know really good vid of a 3400 dv lift to orbit, using only the basic rocketry parts? (Actually I think I have it unlocked to the fl-200 tank and the lt-45 engine. I don't have the inline stabiliser unlocked yet. I know this is an easy question, but I've tried searching youtube and can only find vids of people doing it in more advanced rockets or in much earlier versions of ksp! help!