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Found 2 results

  1. fingal56

    Hello forum

    Hi all long time player here and new member on forum! I've been playing KSP since version 0.21. I still remember that glorious day when first landed on Duna.. managed to build so powerfull Mun lander it was even decent for Duna... good times Fast forward to present days, I started my second save when KSP 1.0 came out. Focusing mostly on building bases, driving rovers and transporting tourists. Once I travelled with rover from Duna equator to North pole and back, just to see graphical glitches around that place. Landing more closer was just too convenient so I didn't care. Currently I've established footholds on Pol and also in Duna system. (thanks Roverdude for your glorious mods MKS and Karbonite) I'm still long way from a functional Laythe Grand Summer Resort, but slowly getting there. I've never bothered to get to Moho or Eeloo due to lack of deltaV - shortly piloting skills. Using modded game I have some key issuse with certain mods which is the reason I joined the forum. Thinking about getting Outer Planet Mod and only time will tell. Regards!
  2. Corinthas

    Hi there!

    Hi all. Just joined but have been playing KSP for some time now. Actually joined to post in the add-on section as i am in desperate need of a contract tweaking mod. Spamming decline in the mission control building to get a handful of sensible and coherent missions together for 30 mins just isn't game play IMO.. Anyhoo.. keep adding moar boosters