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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to propose that in Career Mode when a mission is over, success or failure be presented in the form of a newspaper screen. It could come spinning into view like in the old 60's television shows. The headline would be regarding the failed or completed mission and the sidebars could contain information on the status of current ongoing missions. If only for such as rescues and 'world firsts' I think it would add a level of entertainment. I don't think it would be that difficult to add a little detail, ship's name, Kerbal in command any easy data collectable upon completion or failure, so that you will actually be reading about 'your' mission and not just a standard screen that quickly becomes boring and so clicked through. Perhaps most useful of all could be information about future launch windows presented as a query - Are the boys at KSP are going to take advantage of it on such and such date? I was thinking when I splashed down the other day that there should be a ship or ships waiting for me just add to the realism a bit. but I figured that there would be not much chance you chaps would go for that so I thought maybe a news headline would be doable.