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Found 2 results

  1. Choice // SLOTH Airlines

    Nighttime // Planes thread

    I wanted to create this topic because i want to see your pictures of flying a plane in night time, you can also share the craft file if you want to :-) I want to see pictures like these ones: If i posted the topic in the wrong spot, just move it (i'm new to this forum, but been playing ksp since 2013)
  2. What the title says... Crickets really need to hum louder. I had to put my volume 3x the usual amount to just barely hear them. Since ppl might complain they are too loud if you raise the volume too much, how about an additional slider "Cricket volume" in the settings ? At any rate, it's nothing compared to the birds and it's a shame... I am rather found of Crickets in RL too, until my cat eats them all at any rate Oo