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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Guys, I’m new on the forum, and I have been in love with this Game since was released. You know is simply amazing. All you know that. and I know probably I’m asking the same stupid thing, but guys! This is a great Game, and I do not have an Xbox One, or a PS4, nor a PC. All that I Have is a: Nintendo Switch. so here we go again (I think): (I know all the technical Stuff and how difficult is to port it, I Know is a Heavy Software) but, Do you think there will be a Chance to Have KSP on the Switch? and if an admin is reading or someone of the staff, you know, you will have my Money ready for KSP on the Switch and you know very well that will not be only my Money.
  2. Much to my delight, USB gaming controllers became readily available online for peanuts. Thus I bought a NES and a SNES one to use with NES/SNES emulators. Then an idea came - let's try using them with KSP. Both controllers are sadly incompatible with KSP when it comes to the joypad, but other keys work just fine and are mapped as joystickN key, where N is a single digit integer. SNES controller is way more useful than the NES one for obvious reasons, so now I'm using that. Best layout for me seems to be: Kerbal EVA: Y (left), A (right), B (backward), X (forward), SELECT/START (jump) vessel translation: Y (left), A (right), B (down), X (up), SELECT (translation/rotation), START (hold SAS), BOTTOM LEFT (forward), BOTTOM RIGHT (backward) vessel rotation: Y-A (jaw), B-X (pitch), BOTTOM L/R (roll), SELECT (translation/rotation), START (hold SAS) Controlling Kerbals' jetpacks is mostly useless because, for some reason, developers ignore adding locked view to Kerbals for years, even though Kerbals are also vessels. One could use an additional NES/SNES controller for stuff like staging, aborting, too, or the same one, just be sure to map everything correctly. I can say final rendezvous and docking are now much more interesting.
  3. Great Fox Download Now! Click for a GIF and more images Fight against the forces of Andross with your own Great Fox battleship! Great Fox is a flyable rocket-plane. She does not have forward landing gear so instead you will have to use the jet system to hover the front end as you taxi down the runway. She flys under her own power without VTOL engine jet assist once you clear 100m/s. She cannot make orbit on her own, a booster assist system is required (which is currently still in development). She will seat 36 kerbals with 2 additional exterior seats, her large guns also act as personal rocket vehicles. There are countless docking ports of all sizes located all around the ship and inside the 3 cargo bays. Please don't let Andross take over Corneria, you are our only hope!