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Found 1 result

  1. The Spice, the most powerful substance in the universe has come to Kerbal Space Program! Features several ZZZ parts and some parts from other ShareAlike licensed mods, most of which are still in need of a texture pass for visual distinction. Currently, many parts will appear relatively early in the Community Tech Tree thanks to the agent, Deep Sky, an elite in-game organization bearing access to technology decades ahead of our time, and the manufacturer of the Airline Kuisine parts and OPT WarpJets. This mod is best used with many planet/star mods installed together or upscaled star systems. The greater need for immense dV on a given mission, the better. Parts in screenshots Interstellar sub-light fusion drive and spice gas balloons; power cells and life support converters; two new science parts; ZZZ warp drives with larger bubbles Other parts include: Spice Gardens (greenhouses); a drill; spice boxes; very strong and efficient RCS; more engines; WBI Integration Some parts in MOLE, Buffalo and Pathfinder gain the upgrade ability to hold Spice Four additional LDEF wedges with spice science appear for MOLE Install just Wild Blue Tools and all resources will be tweakable in the editors; the Refinery module (1.4 only) will let you deposit to and withdraw from local caches under the KSC. Soon™ : Some engines gain Cruise Control; Part tips The Spice itself consists of: The Spice Melange Effectively an omnipotent powder. It converts very efficiently into life support resources (DeepFreeze, USI, Snacks!, TAC, IFI supported). The Orange Spice Gas The primary propellant, along with lots of EC. It enables both tiny spaceplanes and giant un-aerodynamic motherships to ascend from Eve or Tylo, make their way to Eeloo, and land back at Eve or Tylo without the warp drives and without skipping a beat. It's more powerful, more rare, and much less awkward to equip onto a ship than Karborundum. White Spice A new variant based on actual white pepper, it equates to Thorium and is used in the power cells as a very efficient, very powerful, (mostly not heat producing), and easy to spam alternative source for EC. The White Spice 3.75m reactor is compatible with Near Future and needed to power the Fusion Drive. Despite these great features, in the long run Near Future nuclear reactors still have far greater runtime than a White Spice power source. Worm Essence Leftover material from the sand worms, invented because it's beyond my talent to make working 3D sand worms. It can only be harvested with the included drill or any WBI drill, and is the main ingredient used in the Spice Gardens (greenhouses) to produce the spices at a body other than the Spice Planet. The other resources may be cheap, but this one is very expensive and its one tank is very small. Spice Planet Before you cry that The Spice is ungodly unbalanced... The Spice Planet is the only place in your KSP universe where you can mine for it. It defaults to Duna but if you have certain planet or star mods installed, a different planet is selected and you must find it. The spice planet also gains Oxygen so the Rapier and Whiplash can work there, and if it has enough atmosphere pressure, kerbals can take off their helmets. If you somehow run out of Spice Gas and you're far from the spice planet or a Spice Garden, it's time to deploy the rescue as usual. New Trait "Spice Navigator" These are pilots with much higher gee tolerance and some amount of Engineer skill(s). They primarily exist such that the warp drives only function while at least one is aboard the ship (this part doesn't work right now so don't mind this), but are also helpful to have around in cases such as absolutely needing someone to remain conscious during the later phase of a manned descent into a super-Kerbin's atmosphere, or if an ISRU is present but engineers are in high demand. The Spice integrates very well with: Wild Blue Industries: Buffalo, Pathfinder, MOLE Thor Tech Life support mods: USI, TAC, IFI, Snacks!, DeepFreeze Near Future Electric USI Alcubierre Drive OPT Spaceplane Parts (with OPT Reconfig) Station Parts Expansion Redux Select Kopernicus planet packs Come and get it! (Works fine in KSP 1.3 still). GET DEEP SKY CORE :: GitHub :: SpaceDock GET THE SPICE :: GitHub :: SpaceDock