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Found 7 results

  1. A Noob's Journey to Jool

    Hello! EvilEmotaku here. You can probably tell by the title that I am inexperienced in Kerbal Space Program. I want to go to Jool. So. Let's make it happen. In this thread I, along with any potential readers, will with follow the journey to Jool. I'll skip past the initial game. Y'all won't need to read any of that boring stuff with the Flea SRB or anything. I'll start posting updates and a summary of the prior events once LKO has been achieved. Please note that these updates will be irregular, as I am still in school. Writing, homework, and missions take take time, too, so again, don't expect daily updates.I hope you enjoy the accomplishments and blunders that will follow me along my way the the big, green planet. I also want to say that any constructive criticism is welcome, as it will help me to gain experience, and speed up the trip to Jool and its moons. Again, enjoy this thread. So basically, my mission is to land at least one manned and unmanned mission on each of Jool's moons.
  2. First Post

    Hey everyone, First started playing KSP back in 2013 and just happened to remember I bought it when it was only like $20. So, hoping I could redownload it, I got on and sure enough, we were all set. As an aircraft Mechanic by trade, I enjoy planes mostly (for reasons lol), however I dabble in rockets from time to time. Looking to connect and further the fun through these forums, so, feel free to message me! -Bryce
  3. Starting fresh with 1.2

    Hey there forum! I was introduced to this game through the PS4. What a mess. I went out and bought a computer just to play this game! To my point... Can you tell me what mods I need? Is a flight stick recommended? Thanks in advance my friends!
  4. Best_JAxeel Stronk!

    Hi I'm Best_JAxeel! I usually stay in live.warthunder or in the KSP area in the War Thunder Forums showing off my weapons of mass destruction. I have been playing since 0.21 so I can build a good rocket, a nice plane, and a stronk Helicopter or VTOL! Have landed/ orbited: Mun, Minmus, Dunna, Jool and landed on the Sun (whoops)
  5. Hello there! I am Vysionone! I am relatively new to Kerbal Space Program, and I just wanted to say hi! I'm bad at this game (Haven't even landed on the Mun), and I just want some tips on how to build a lander that can acutally land on something other than Kerbin, and how to get to the specific planet that I want to land on! Cheers!
  6. Hello guys I have installed the Mechjeb 2 mod and it seems to be working fine but when i try selecting a target for Mechjeb, Mechjeb doesnt recognize the target and keeps asking me to select a target I switch to map view and try selecting the station or capsule but Mechjeb doesnt recognize the target. What could i be doing wrong,do i need to upgrade anything. Thanks for the help guys
  7. Keep stranding kerbals on the Mun

    Ok well I'm a bit of a noob to KSP (playing on career mode) and as such have been unfamiliar with the quicksave function till now which I tried using forgetting that it prevents you from being able to revert. As a result I have permanently stranded a bunch of kerbals on the mun in 2 separate trips. 1st mission I forgot to ensure that the fuel lines from the propulsion system I loaded were all connected and it crashed destroying everything except the kerbal I had intended on sending up with the rover to do a mission. Oh well I figured, I have to send some tourists up anyway and I just loaded a new rover up on another rocket I had planned on sending anyway. I accidentally over staffed the craft making my rescue attempt futile (oops), but I ran out of fuel anyway and damaged the engine on landing... So... not sure where to go with this. If the craft had a working engine it would just be a matter of refueling it and getting a winch up there to stand it upright. The craft doesn't have any docking ports at all, so I don't know if I can get these tourists out if they can't EVA. Any ideas? I could easily send a craft to pickup my crew but have no clue how to deal with the tourists. Also, my rover is pretty far from my the location I wanted to science for the mission and it moves slowly in addition to being a pain to pilot around craters. What are other people doing with rovers? is there a way around this? I think I have to move it like 1/40th of the way around the mun, but at 16 m/s max speed taking a long route it is kinda arduous. Also, what are others doing to prevent this sort of thing with quicksave? Maybe I should just not use it, it definitely seems to be a problem for me.