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Found 2 results

  1. Stumbled about this on NSFF and since it sounds cool i just drop it here:;topic=43344.0;attach=1438419;sess=0 Basicly it is a combination of a termal nuclear rocket feeding linear aerospike nozzels sitting on the turbine-fans of a turbojet-engine... or something like that XD Have fun with it ;-) PS: i want it for KSP!!! PPS: the guy who designed it was senior engineer for the Raptor engine...
  2. On the Use of a Pulsed Nuclear Thermal Rocket for Interplanetary Travel Basically, they propose using brief bursts of extreme output - the kind that gets 100 Wt reactors to megawatt levels - to boost Isp's, potentially to ion thruster levels, approximately 13800 sec, heating the exhaust beyond core meltdown temperature through neutron flux heat transfer.