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Found 1 result

  1. In collaboration with SMSolutions I present my first efforts in KSP modding , HullBreach is designed to simulate flooding of submerged parts and allow them to sink. Features Uses heat "damage" to trigger the flow of water into part Parts can be set as "Hydroexplosive" - once underwater they will take on extra heat based on depth to simulate increasing pressure, used for Hulls that take on water Parts that are configured as "Crushable" will be destroyed at set depth, used for other parts that will not take on water that you want destroyed when sunk Parts with Electric charge are drained when fully sumberged Parts marked as Crushable will have their buoyancy set to 0 when fully submerged to keep from having floaty bits around Included Module Manager patches for Large Boat Parts, SMMarine and NAS Example Configurations Hull Parts Crushable Parts Notes on configuration Parts should not be marked as Hydroexplosive AND Crushable - only one is applicable Some helpful notes courtesy of @SpannerMonkey(smce) on how we designed this to work with other parts Notes to prospective users. The effectiveness of HullBreach is purely determined by the patch you write for the part, while it is very easy to get a hull to sink, getting it to sink at a realistic rate can take a little bit of cfg tuning. As mentioned in the OP both SM Marine and the LBP have been enabled for HullBreach and you can inspect the patch cfg's there, they will serve as a reference point for similar sized craft and parts For weapon mod makers it is suggested that you ensure that your turrets will not float, simply adding buoyancy = -2 to the part cfg will prevent floaty turret syndrome. Floaty turret syndrome is caused by the buoyant turrets detaching from the crushing exploding parts and floating back to the surface, this usually results in a nice outline of where the ship used to be being formed by the floaty turrets. Also has been known to mess up screenshots. nothing looks as odd as a 40ton turret bobbing in the waves All SMM And LBP structural parts are zero buoyancy to so that they will sink along with the hull. If you have a ship or boat mod or parts that you'd like to use on ships i recommend that you do the same. The only buoyant parts ideally will be hull parts, i also change the buoyancy value for things that would never float, such as girder formed masts, structural panels etc into negative buoyancy parts, so in the same way as the weapon mods add buoyancy = -2 to anything you want to sink like a stone and more neutral numbers for things that should sink slowly, i find the gradual disappearance of parts adds to the whole effect. Download SpaceDock GitHub Required Mods Module Manager Recommended Mods Large Boat Parts - You need something to sink SMMarine BDArmory - You need to make the boat sink somehow Weapon packs I like: NAS BoomSticks Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Big boats will break apart when hitting the water Vessel Mover - Gotta launch the boats somehow Reporting Issues / Support For support please ensure you are following these instructions and provide logs The Logs Github Issues - Github is the preferred way to communicate issues or feature requests, feel free to discuss in thread of course. License This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license Change Log Special thanks to @SpannerMonkey(smce) for helping me out with my first plugin and the video above