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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Fellow kerbonauts, I just borrowed the Oculus Rift from a colleague of mine so I could play some cool 3D games (namely Subnautica and ye olde Skyrim). This morning I had a moment of clarity and wondered if there is a VR mod available for KSP! To my surprise, there is!!! It’s called Kerbal-VR: Does anybody have any experience with this mod? It looks like the mod is made for the VIVE.. does this also work with the Oculus Rift? I saw a pretty neat video of a guy flying in a Kerbal plane, but of course I would love to get a real SPACE ship to another planet (preferably without vomiting)! Any tips and tricks are also welcome off course
  2. Hi, There is any possibility to play in vr mode in ksp (version 1.3.1 and up)?? Some mods, open vr drivers / libs etc.
  3. Hey guys! I'm trying to find old mod versions for 1.1.3. Everything on github like raster prop monitor or mechjeb isn't a problem. But I can't find ASET Avionics ASET Props Is there a mod archive website I haven't found yet? Or can anyone upload the ASET versions compatible with 1.1.3? In case you're wondering why, the Kerbal VR mod only works for 1.1.3 and I got it working with my Rift Thanks!
  4. Dear Moddingcommunity, Ive been following the KSP-Moddingcommunity from the quietside and decided to go live now! My prefered Playstyle is "fly everything from IVA - Feel like a real Kerbonaut". For this I use the great mods out there like RPM, ASET IVA improvements, ALCOR etc etc etc It also happens to be that Im a so called "VR-enthusiast", having a Dk2 and that VR-fanboy stuff like a razer hydra etc etc As I got VR partly working now with KSP and hopefully Implementation will even get better with the unity 5 upgrade incoming I decided to blow of the dust from my Hydras and to mess around with ksp props in unity. This resultet in the following video (I know what Im talki9ng about is a bit unrealistic, but please let me dream a little bit...): I sadly have no idea about coding or modding and Im making my way right now throug basic tutorials. But I have yet no Idea where to start or what to do in general to get the above shown input to work. So my Question is: Is there some experienced guys beneath you who could give me hints about what to do, where to start or even work with me together on this? Hoping for many answers; Poldor