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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not sure If anyone else has this problem, but can you inflate the inflatable habitation modules (with USI) during flight? The button seems just to be not there. I wanted to get a habitation ring in orbit for my journey to Duna, but I cant extend it mid flight (space). Thank You!
  2. Hi guys, do you know how to use those weldable ports correctly? I've tried to do this for last 6 hours, and I cannot find it out.
  3. Hi all, I'm having trouble with the inflatable parts of OKS while building a space station in the VAB. I searched and was unable to find a solution so hopefully someone can help me out. Anytime I add an inflatable part, the OKS Habitation Ring for example, it inflates automatically in the VAB and I cannot right click it. I've tried putting it in between different modules, etc. Here is a list of my mods: Filter Extensions, USI Tools, B9 Aerospace (Part Switch included), Community Resource Pack, Firespitter, ImpossibleInnovations, JSI, KAS, KerbalJointReinforcement, KIS, Klockeed Martian Gimbal,MechJeb2, SmokeScreen, SpaceY-Lifters, SpaceY-Expanded, TweakScale, UmbraSpaceIndustries. Thank you anyone who can help me out here. Roverdude?