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Found 6 results

  1. OPT Reconfig Supplies highly needed config files to keep OPT Spaceplane Parts useful and alive in the absence of the original modder, @K.Yeon and in the changing KSP gameplay landscape. This modlet affects both OPT Main pack and OPT Legacy so be sure to always have this. Do not use this with my modlets OPT_USI, OPT_WBI, or OPT Legacy v1.0.9 or lower Do not use this if you have an OPT FAR config already. Or if you have one, delete it. This mod also contains an OPT FAR config. Both will run and will cause serious problems Required by OPT Legacy 1.1.0 or higher Requires B9 Part Switch or WBI Pathfinder for tank options Requires Community Resource Pack for the resources in the tank options Adds a higher tech tree node than Experimental Aircraft Engines for the most OP of engines Makes all main pack engines less OP or more challenging to use Makes the weaker engines stronger at reasonable cost Replaces dirty old Firespitter configs with B9 Part Switch and Wild Blue Tools (WBI) (much easier to add the tank types you want to all parts in OPT Main and Legacy) Integrates USI Life Support, TAC and Snacks! through B9 or Wild Blue (absorbs the OPT_USI and OPT_WBI mods) Integrates Kerbalism through its own mechanisms for crewed parts and B9 Part Switch for all other parts Delivers the fabled OPT FAR patch at last Gives gimbal and proper thrust and Isp (more of each) to the linear aerospike (makes it actually usable) DOWNLOAD OPT Reconfig! DOWNLOAD OPT Legacy! Engine reconfig (OPT Main) full details: OPT Legacy last changelog:
  2. I've been tackling this plane for sometime, although it has proved itself to be troublesome, and the project took way longer than expected(still haven't really finished by this point). Anyway, presenting the ADF-11F Raven: The ADF-11F Raven is an advanced unmanned air superiority fighter boasting phenomenal maneuverability, laser weaponry, and ridiculous loitering time. Designed with "ultimate survivability" in mind, the Raven is actually an ADF-11 drone nose unit with a RAW-F air supremacy wing unit attached, together forming the ADF-11F. The combined Raven would always attempt to take damage with the RAW-F wing unit, and when being damaged beyond combat capable, the nose unit would detach and retreat, bring back crucial combat data for further tactical advancements. Front and rear: Missile bay and laser weapon: ADF-11 nose unit detaching: Detaching in progress: The Raven is unmistakably MASSIVE, even surpassing the Tupolev Tu-28 in maximum takeoff weight. Detaching the ADF-11 from the Raven is like ejecting a Dassault Rafale on top of an F-22. For a size comparison, we've asked Jeb to roll the Aeris 3A in front of the SPH for a photo shoot: Jeb even agreed to pose for a photo: And don't trust the blue ball, it can and will deceive you... The delta platform is rather stable even without vertical tails. Bit of a surprise for me there.
  3. So, I've always wanted a black version of mk1 and mk2 parts to build planes with, because SR-71. And after seeing @stali79's "night" texture work in OPT Legacy, and @Avera9eJoe's Spaceplane Corrections, I've been inspired to make it a reality. So I present my first mod: Back In Black! Adds switchable black textures to stock mk1 and mk2 plane parts (command, fuel, structural, and utility), regular, airliner, and shuttle wings, all areo parts excluding heatshields, fairings and the size2 nosecone, the "Wheesley", "Whiplash", "Panther", "Juno" and "Goliath" engines, landing gear, and the retractable ladders. All parts with texture switching can be found by searching for "stealth" in the part search bar. Download from SpaceDock For mod support, download the Back In Black Mods texture pack Requires Module Manager and IFS (Included) Changelog: 1.2 - Added fairing bases, with an optional patch for fairing panels (which can't be switched in-game) - Added shrouded solar panels, Communotron DTS-M1 shrouded antenna, fixed radiators, 2.5m nosecone, and LV-N engine - Blackened some of the M2X nuke parts - pluto/rontgen/reactor - Updated IFS BIB Mods Changelog: v0.6 - Added Lack's SXT, everything besides most of the rocketry/orbital parts - Updated Ven's Stock Revamp compat (fixed radiators, shrouded solar panels, fairings, 2.5m nosecone) - Fixed medium ALG gear License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 To Do/Future plans: Mk3 Expansion, AirlineCusine, KAX
  4. I'd like to call myself a very big fan of OPT Spaceplane Parts and give much thanks to @K.Yeon for starting this mod, @stali79 for maintaining it, and @Mycroft for confirming that there are others who really, really love this mod. Your ship doesn't have to be built entirely using this mod, just most of it or the most important parts. Come on then, show us your stuff. Spoiler contains old OP content.
  5. I'm running the OPT parts mod as well as firespitter. Every time I load in this particular vehicle, which is using parts from the OPT mod, it spawns about a KM in the air above the runway. Looking at the debug menu gives me the error "ground contact! - error Moving Vessel up 997.025m". I'm willing to bet that its just a part i have on the plane acting up and i'm gonna do some more testing but I was wondering if there was a known fix for this or if there was a way to stop the game from trying to self fix any ground clipping issues. It seems kind of strange for the game thinks that the solution to the problem of ground clipping to spawn the craft a Kilometer into the air. Sidenote: I did some research on this problem before posting this and one of the fixes that someone found was to just remove the Firespitter mod. I tried that but it still didn't fix it. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that OPT is out of date, however I put all of the parts that I have on my current craft onto a completely new craft in a new file and it worked just fine.
  6. Hi everyone, I have the OPT Spaceplane mode. Whenever I design a spaceplane or any cargo plane with a cargo ramp, it spawns like 500 feet above the runway and starts falling. If I replace the cargo ramp module with a normal tail, the craft spawns correctly on the runway. Anybody seen that and knows a fix? Regards, Chris