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Found 2 results

  1. In KSP when trying to make engine clusters, sometimes you have to use the move gizmo to get them right. However, sometimes you can't move it all the way out otherwise the annoying top of the engine pokes out. What I'm suggesting is there to be a left click option on engines to remove this piece. (If even possible) This is what i'm taking about. Thanks -Banana
  2. Modifier For All Keys You get a modifier and you get a modifier and you get a modifier ... everything gets a modifier. So why not have a modifier for all key actions. The modifier key for windows is the Alt key, for Linux it is Right Shift and for Mac it is Option During flight there are already fifteen actions that combine with the modifier key. Snark had a brilliant idea. At one time parking brake was available by double tapping the B.key. I suggested it should be Mod + B for parking brake. Having the mod key combine with the rest of the keys available would be useful and allow actions that could be complicated to set up in VAB/SPH with action groups. Anyone have any ideas for a combo mod and key? Existing Mod Key Combinations Purpose + F12 + Comma/Period + F5/F9 + L + W/S/A/D/Q/E + X + Right-click + Mouse Wheel Debug Menu Physics Time Warp Save/Load Lock Stage Trim Pitch/Yaw/Roll Reset Trim Multiple Action menus Adjust Fild of View Suggested Flight View + Zero to Nine + B + I/J/K/L/H//N + T + F1 Extra Action Groups Parking Brake Toggle RCS Thruster Cycle SAS Function and PID Screen Shot without User Interface Suggested Map View Mod + Backspace Mod + Tab Mod + O Focus on SOI Focus on Target Place New Maneuver Node I was thinking of Mod + I/J/K/L/H//N to toggle on and off the RCS thrusters. If the Shift key could also be combined with Mod then the W/S/A/D/Q/E or I/J/K/L/H//N combo could disable the SAS function with Mod + Shift + X/B to reset. Also these extra keybinds should be spread out through the career progression upgrades. Some actions for map view such as Mod + Backspace for focus on SOI centre and Mod + Tab for focus on Target. Another suggestion related would be that certain actions are allowed when a skilled engineer is on board or sophisticated drone core installed.