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Found 115 results

  1. Is there an easy way to find the equator on bodies? Mun is fairly easy as I can zoom out and roughly line up with it's orbit around Kerbin, but Minmus and I'd imagine other bodies won't be so convenient. As I understand it the axes of rotation for Minmus, Mun and Kerbin are all parallel, however since Minmus does not orbit Kerbin at 0 degrees inclination, it's orbit and axis of rotation are not perpendicular and so it's equator is difficult to determine. I suppose I could just Hyperedit a cubic octagonal strut around the planet at the equator, or play with Scan-Sat as I use both mods, but is there a way to judge it in stock KSP?
  2. I just started playing KSP and I'm trying to complete the very first Orbit contract on career mode. After many attempts, I finally got an orbit. However as you can see, my contract isn't getting checked off. I googled it and tried saving and quitting, going to Tracker Station and back to flying. Nothing worked. I also found that some were saying that there were specific Orbit requirements on contracts but I couldn't find out if mine had that. Is there anything I'm missing on getting this contract completed? Edit: Read the FAQ, there's this line about my problem: "Also check the AN and DN markers, if they are close to 180 you are orbiting in the opposite direction." I don't know what this means or if it applies.
  3. I came across this issue when I was trying to find out what the periapsis should be over KSC if you want to land there. I noticed the orbit and location of my ship changing each time I tried testing the mission. KSP Version: v1.4.1.2089 (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us What Happens: Orbits created in Mission Builder do not save correctly. Mods /Add-Ons: All Stock (Fresh Install) Steps to Replicate: 1) Open Mission Builder 2) Open Mission Brief - rename - click ok 3) Select 'Spawn Vessel' node 4) Choose 'Creator Built' 5) Choose 'Create New Vessel' 6) Select 'Take me to the VAB' 7) Select 'Mk1 Command Pod' 8) Leave - Click 'Save and Continue' 9) Select 'Spawn Vessel' node 10) Choose 'Untitled Space Craft' from 'Please select a craft' dropdown 11) Choose 'In Orbit' from 'Situation' dropdown 12) Change Periapsis to 38000 13) Change Apoapsis to 100000 14) Change Arg. of Periapsis to 196 degrees 15) Change Target of Mean Anomaly to 260 degrees 16) Click 'Assign Crew' 17) Assign Jebediah Kerman to the Mk1 - click ok 18) Save and Test Mission 19) Return to Mission Builder 20) Click 'Spawn Vessel' node 21) Test Mission 22) Finish the test mission by crashing 23) Return to Mission Builder - End Test 24) Click 'Spawn Vessel' node Result: Note 1 - step 18) The purpose for this is to crash near KSC Note 2 - step 18) You will notice the Target of Mean Anomaly is not 260 degrees Note 3 - step 18) You will notice the Periapsis where it should be Note 4 - step 20) You will notice Target Mean Anomaly is still set to 260 degrees, but the world viewer does not reflect this Note 5 - step 20) Changing Target Mean Anomaly from and to 260 degrees updates the world viewer Note 6 - step 22) Mission time should finish around T+ 0y, 0d, 00:18:45 Note 7 - step 24) You'll notice the Periapsis is no longer above the KSC Note 8 - step 24) Even though Mission Start Time is set to 0 time seems to have jumped forward for the orbit and world viewer after testing. Saving and playing a mission instead of just testing yields the same results of the last test. Fixes/Workarounds: N/A Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Pictures of 3 different Map Views with the same settings.
  4. Hey guys, so I am working on my first mission and thought to create a rather oldschool mission to reach a stable orbit as efficiently as possible using a specific craft, the "Efficiency Star". There are still some bugs like messages not showing up in the end graphic. It could be a mission builder bug but I'm not sure! My workaround is to work with dialogs that pop up next to it! The way I have designed the mission is quite complex because there are some nodes missing yet. For example a node that returns a resource number so that I could directly turn that number into a score. I hope that will be implemented! So right now the score can only jump by 100 points when you reach certain milestones. To achieve GOLD you have to reach 2400 points which is for the pros! You need the latest KSP Making History Expansion to play this. All you have to do is to unpack the zip file into your KSP/Missions folder. Example path: Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\Missions\Efficiency Star Challenge I hope you enjoy and post your result here! Remember, this is not as easy as it looks. Mission Download (I get a possible virus alert on my browser but it's just the exported zip file) --- edit: I fixed an issue where it would show a success allthough the player ran into a fail condition. Explosions are not bugs! ;P You should always get a message when something went wrong.
  5. I did the flyby mission, then accepted the next one for going into orbit of mun (while my ship was stil on a flyby), I switched back to the vessel, circulised my orbit and... well.. nothing happend: Next try, next fail:
  6. How the heck do I get my satellite to come close to matching this stupid orbit? Heres a pic. I've managed to get get the orbit to approximately 1 or two degrees, but everything I do to try to adjust and match the green orbit only seems to make things worse. Edit: Here's a bit more info: Its totally a polar orbit.Thats how I got into this predicament in the first place. The issue is that I have no clue how to fine tune to match the objective orbit as closely as possible, even with mechjeb. I kinda am a bit dense in the head when it comes to these things. When It comes to fuel, I think I got plenty. I've got two stages on the satellite you see in the picture. ~2400 m/s of dV on stage 1 and about ~2360 m/s of dV on the Final Stage. Unless I do something really stupid, I should have plenty to match the orbit, and possibly a bit left over in case I decide to do anything else with this satellite (not likely) Also, I got the picture uploaded. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! I always had a problem with stations, as i wanted to make an orbital artillery platform for fun, but i wanted to make it face the planet, because if its not, it will be bad for my movie. Is there anyone who knows how to do that? With best regards, TheSpacePlaneArchitect
  8. This is the core of an inter-planetary spacecraft, other parts will be docked with it in orbit. It is also the heaviest part of my planned spacecraft so if i can get this into a safe orbit the other pieces should be easy but i just can't seem to make it happen. The rockets either do not have enough thrust or are too unstable and crash. I looked at the rocket equations on the wiki but since i am not a physics or mathematics major, they are kinda confusing. Any suggestions? (If you are wondering how a Rockomax 64 only weighs 26.8 tons its because its only carrying liquid fuel, this is going to be an atomic rocket when it is finished.)
  9. Hi there. A really annoying bug have occurred many times in my KSP. Sometimes while im in orbit i can't save a game or recover vessel or do anything but load another save. I'm able to steer my ship and do what i want with it. This thing happens even sevral times in a row: i saved my game while i was on trajectory to Mun and i couldn't saved anymore when i was on Mun's orbit. I tried to load previous save but it happend again. Please do something about it.
  10. I created an SSTO which works fine in Kerbin atmosphere, has plenty of fuel to get into orbit, however, when trying to circularise the orbit and using the nuclear engines in orbit, the SSTO keeps on pitching up, even when all control surfaces are turned off. Any help please? The SSTO has a mass of 56.3k kg, 4900 units of liquid fuel and 880 units of oxidiser, with 4 rapier engines and 2 nuclear.
  11. Trying to rotate spacex's Tesla in space

    Hey all. I did it again. Went to look at the "Starman" in his car. Drifting away from the Earth. And my right hand reached for the arrows on my keyboard and tried to rotate the car around so I could see the other side and a better view of the Earth. Too much KSP obviously. Anybody else care to admit to it? ME
  12. My First (Sandbox ) SSTO

    Hey guys, Bit of advice needed. I've been following Matt Lowne's video on making a basic SSTO So I made the craft he builds ( pretty accurately, same fuel tanks engines and a good COM / COL position ) but I'm having real trouble getting it into orbit. Now I'm very aware this video was made in 1.05 and I'm playing 1.3.1 - Are there big differences between the two versions that render the craft non viable or do I just need a lot more practice? Matt doesn't seem overly precise in his wander into LKO and onwards. I've yet to hit LKO. Here's my craft file: On the runway I set the winglets on the end of the wings to have authority of 10% or it gets a little roll happy.
  13. Kertimis Mission

    Today I tested the Kertimis Rocket! In case you were wondering, it didn't work. I don't know what went wrong, but I think one of the parachutes overheated and exploded, dooming all of my Kerbals to a firey death. Thank god for the Revert button! I'm still working on the Kertimis II, but it will be even bigger and even better than the Kertimis I! (note: I don't have any pictures)
  14. The challenge is as follows make the longest craft possible, and make it orbit. I want to see how far we can push the limits of this game. I will keep track of the scores in two classes: Stock parts only and Anything goes. To qualify for Stock parts only class you must adhere to the following rules: 1. All of your crafts may only use Stock parts (Obviously) 2. You must launch the craft from KSC into orbit 3. You may build it giant on the ground and launch it in one piece, or make lots of little pieces and assemble them in orbit. 4. No mods or cheats that alter the physics of the game or the parts. - Mods like mech jeb, navyfish docking alignment indicator are accepted. [5. No excessive space between parts] <-- should I add this one? (I think so) 6. Pictures or video of each type of craft at the launch pad, as well as pictures that validates your claimed score. To qualify for Anything goes: 1. Mod it, hack it break it, do what ever you want. 2. Picks or it didn't happen. To measure your craft I recommend you to use the navyfish docking alignment indicator. Take a separate craft and align it with one end of your long craft, set a docking port on the other end as your target, and read out the distance from the mod. If you have a different method however I will accept that, as long as I deem it rigorous enough. Top scores: Stock parts only: 1. neistridlar [600m] 2. 3. Anything goes: 1. qzgy [999 999 900m] 2. EpicSpaceTroll139 [ 6 973 597 m] 3. neistridlar [600m] 4. 5.
  15. Hello guys. Im new here . I've been playing KSP for about 22 hours now and It was amazing and I love it so much. So I pick this one contract and its called World's First contract. I've done a lot of World's First contract such as launching the first rocket,Orbiting kerbin and escape the atmosphere. But this one contract that don't understand.Which is the "Return to Kerbin from Orbit". Click "Note" and it says " Slow Down a vessel in orbit and return it to the surface to achieve this goal" . How? What kind of ship should I design? Thank you
  16. There's over a dozen threads in the technical support section reporting that several tutorials are bugged, the most prominent being the getting to orbit tutorial. Most of them have 0 replies and range from 2014 to 2017, a span of 3 years. This is not even counting the numerous threads on Steam and Reddit. I just tried the suborbital and orbital tutorial today after the latest update and it is still BUGGED. Even if you activate SAS targeting mode and manage throttle as per the instruction, you run out of fuel every single time. I don't think that the space craft is even capable of getting to orbit. Are the tutorials going to get fixed or what? It's not that hard to build a space craft capable of orbit. For a beginner it is the most frustrating thing ever. I remember trying it for a whole day in 2015 and eventually not touching the game for half a year.
  17. Ground track

    I don't know you but each time I have to launch into a specific orbit inclination for contract mission, going to Minmus .... I am facing the problem of when will the ascending or descending node will past over the KSC to permit a clean direct orbit inclination without modification once in orbit. I asking you if there is a way to do that in the stock game or if a mod allow you to know that and if it is not ,if it is possible .
  18. I've recently started a science save on my game, however I feel like I never have enough fuel to get into orbit. I fear if I add more layers the weight will be too much to return
  19. so i got a contract to get an unmanned space probe into an equatorial orbit around the mun, but it wont complete. it says my apoapsis must be 232,000m and periapsis 211,000m and i have met these down to the nearest 100m and my inclination must be 180° which for all i can tell it is, give or take 5°. any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  20. so i got a contract to get an unmanned space probe into an equatorial orbit around the mun, but it wont complete. it says my apoapsis must be 232,000m and periapsis 211,000m and i have met these down to the nearest 100m and my inclination must be 180° which for all i can tell it is, give or take 5°. any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  21. how can i make that my two Rockets are on the same place? (in orbit) point (green) (blue)
  22. So I recently borrowed a friend's internet to update my KSP from 1.0 to the current version and get all the mods I plan to use, and I'm noticing that some techniques I used before to get things into LKO are not working anymore. So my question is this: I have a large (180 ton) interplanetary science vessel parked in a high orbit around Kerbin and, after returning from a low space flyby of Eeloo, it has just enough DeltaV to deorbit itself, and not much else. It runs on nuclear engines and I need 16,000 units of liquid fuel to top it off, but I am having a DEVIL of a time getting that much fuel into orbit. I guess I was so excited to finally get it into orbit and do some 'splorin that I didn't think about how I would refuel... Any tips? EDIT: I suppose I should clarify what exactly the problem is. I'm trying to do this in as few launches as possible to avoid running out of funds. I guess I could do a bunch of rescue missions and whatnot but I just want to fly around in my capital ship lol
  23. Space stations

    This may have been asked, but is there anyway to establish an orbit around a particular space station?
  24. Nukes to Orbit

    This is very simple. Place at least one Kerbal in orbit, using ONLY the LV-N engine for propulsion/impulse. Lowest launch mass wins. Go.
  25. I just bought KSP yesterday, and I can not create nodes of maneuvers, my apoapsis points should be blue except that they are gray, so I can not create a node by clicking. Can someone help me?